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In Topic: [PP20] Number 5: Doom Chimera Dragon and Pendulum Halt

Today, 04:50 AM

New boss for Artifacts perhaps? Easily an get 3 monsters for it.


Pendulum Halt could be pretty good, but not being able to add more could hurt a lot of Pendulum Decks, since it seems like they want it to be a card that starts your plays back up again. Still, not bad.

In Topic: [Link Vrains Box] Tactical Exchamber & Gouki Deathmatch

Today, 02:55 AM

Not sure if it's worth the extra spot when Quick Launch gets it out better and we already have Squib Draw to destroy them, while Special Summoning instead of drawing can be nice, I feel that it's not something you will do too often regardless. Can target any face-up though, so Tokens can be use for that I guess. I dunno, still wish they had made them searchable, would make rokket so much better.


Deathmatch is gimmicky, but I kind of like it, you either Special Summon a bunch of monsters and destroy quickly, or you wait while only using one monster to get the most of out it. 5 monsters, plus you get to search with all of them could be worth it, even if it's slow.

In Topic: [Link Vrains Box] Formud Skipper

Today, 02:50 AM

Huh interesting, with this you could take advantage of monsters that require specific types and Attributes, also indicating that we'll have some that require names at some point (though could be for Archetypes as well I suppose). Searching is a nice addition, though we do need some better high Level monsters first.

In Topic: [Link Vrains Box] Trickstars

Today, 02:47 AM

Both are pretty good, floating into another Link Monster could be pretty powerful. An Equip Special Summoning card that Special Summons even more on damage is also quite nice, can also get Link Monsters, which is great.

In Topic: Topologic Tulisbaena

Today, 01:34 AM

Also if anyone cared it isn't a OPT... and it's a burn effect. Something is going to exploit this.


Also find any Call of the Haunted effect silly with this effect, since it says "if" so it doesn't miss timing. So you use it at the end of your opponent's turn once they set everything, and your Call of the Haunted just became a Quick-play banishing Heavy Storm. FUN.

Would matter if it said when, as it's mandatory regardless. They never use "when" for mandatory effects anymore anyway, so yeah.