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It means it has to be on the field, and not, for instance, in your hand. It also matters for Trap Cards that apply the effects of Trap Cards in the Graveyard.


This was introduced with Rise of the True Dragons—over a year ago.
It likely exists to help differentiate between effects that negate the activated effect of a monster even if that monster activates that effect by removing itself from the field, from effects that negate a monster's effects while that monster is face-up on the field.

Set thing: Hm, I suppose that makes sense, since you could not activate it from your hand since it isn't in a column at that point. Niche, but important I suppose.


Negate thing: Which is why I wish people told me about changes, I didn't pay much attention to the changes for long since they rarely made any, though I now check all new sets due to amount of changes they are introducing lately.

In Topic: OCG/PSCT Thread: Writing your card properly!

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Updates from Circuit Break:


The term "Link Material" and "Link Rating" has been added to the "Word List, Explanations and Usage List".


A weird thing I noticed, Fuse Line says "While this card is Set: Target 1 card on the field in this card's column; destroy it." which confuses me, since other Traps never say the first line. Maybe has something to do with the column aspect, as Broken Line also says this, but I don't know.


I also noticed that cards that say "its effects are negated" or similar say "it has its effects negated" instead. Why they do this I'm not completely sure about though.


Also, X-Krawler Qualiark is another monster that use the +2 term, and Lyrilusc - Recital Starling is an Xyz Monster that uses the term as well, which I figured was going to happen anyway.

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18 October 2017 - 06:04 AM

Something I didn't know I wanted, but I love it now that it exists. Easy Plant access, search power, protection from battles, access to Synchro and Xyzs. Sylvan can also take advantage of this card to some extend. Good stuff.

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15 October 2017 - 05:29 AM

Okaaaay then, so Link Monsters for every Archetype? That's cool, I like that they are doing that, interesting that all of them have the same Link Arrows (except one). Well, let's go over them:


Qliphort Genius, also a Link Monster for any Machine Deck, which is pretty rad, since Geargia, Ancient Gear etc. could use that. Anyway, the card is interesting, good that they made it unaffected, since they like to negate their own effects, negating effects of your face-up cards helps Qliphort gain back their ATK of course, and also more searching for Pendulum Summoning is nice. Should add what Qliphort lost, without overpowering them. Good stuff.


Gladiator Beast Dragacius, hm so it protects Gladiator Beasts when they attack, I suppose that is useful enough for a Gladiator Beast Link Monster to have, I was hoping for a bit more, though it is neat that you can attack with it, then Special Summon monsters, activate their effects, then Link Summon this card again.


Cherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyss, also Level 3 support, so nice for things like Phantom Knight, and for other Decks that use Level 3s every now and then. It's interesting that it's a Fairy and not Fiend. So it protects them from being destroyed by card effects, which I guess is alright. Protection that also triggers other effects can be nice too, though the last effect is really amazing, use the Ritual Monster to really boost itself.


Kyrios, Dominion of the Lightsworn, I don't like Lightsworn, so whatever, it is a LINK-3 though, so can't abuse it too much, I guess it's nice that you can use it outside of Lightsworn as well. Anyway, the card seems decent enough I suppose, the fact that you can choose what you send should help them a lot since they are based on luck most of the time. Last effect is quite good too, can re-add itself so that's nice.


Crystron Halifiber, neat, a generic one for any Synchro Deck pretty much, and that Special Summon effect helps out a lot. The last effect is interesting to say the least, Blackwing could take advantage of that for sure as well. Not bad for generic Synchro support really.


Hieratic Seal of the Celestial Spheres, one for Dragons as well, though they kind of have support already for Links, but still good to have. Anyway, being able to Tribute itself as well is nice, even if it's only in the opponent's turn, though 0 ATK so won't stick around for long anyway. The fact that it doens't negate or is Normal Monster only is pretty good too. Not bad.