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In Topic: [YA06] Primordial Timelord Vulgate

Yesterday, 06:49 AM

Z-ONE doesn’t exist in the 5Ds manga. This was used by the major antagonist Eve in the Arc-V manga. There is also due to be an Armityle inspired Fusion and a Utopia expy known as Number XX. The three work together to annoy their opponent, which is why this doesn’t actually work with Timelords.

Oh, okay. Maybe I should read the manga, because it sounds like it's completely different from the shows, but it's just harder to get a hold on I feel. As for where it is from, feels weird to have there be a guy who uses Timelords, when it's such a huge part of someone's character in 5Ds, but what do I know, maybe it makes sense in the manga.

In Topic: [OCG] Results of Choose a Theme

Yesterday, 06:45 AM

Interesting that Fire Fist is the least voted, I figured that due to them being popular back in the day, fans wanted more from them. Also, HERO is high up, but expected higher than D/D at the least, Harpie Lady is also a fan favorite, so that makes sense. The rest make some sense too, though Magical Musket I feel should be higher since they are so new and they had a short-lived popularity and need more cards. Speedroid won, not sure I saw that coming, especially since their Deck already seems like it worked fine, I do like their toy theme though, and you can make them for as long as there are toys, so yeah that should be fun, just hope they aren't so generic that they get banned. I guess I just don't understand what the people actually want, but hey, I guess we'll see some more Speedroid now.

In Topic: [YA06] Primordial Timelord Vulgate

Yesterday, 02:11 AM

A Timelord Synchro eh? Didn't know this was a thing, in the manga it seems, though it's kind of not usable in their Deck? I suppose we could get other stuff, but I wonder what the point of this is when their Main Deck stuff can do the same kind of thing. I suppose the good thing is that it is one that actually stays on the field, but it can't do any damage, so getting another Timelord out will be annoying.

In Topic: Overwatch

16 September 2018 - 05:31 AM


Yeeeeeeeeeees! After so long it happened, and on a shitty match too. I already had the original ones that gave me Platinum, but lacked this one, so until a new hero comes out I have 100%

Picture of my 100%:

In Topic: [SAST] Borreload Savage Dragon (Shinkuro Shōkan)

15 September 2018 - 09:18 AM

No, you cannot Link Summon to zones a Link Monster that's equipped to a monster points to, there has already been rulings about this previously asking the same question, I believe in regards to some Relinquished stuff, I can try to find it, but shouldn't be hard to Google it yourself.