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In Topic: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

Yesterday, 05:14 AM

That gym battle theme is interesting, EDM music like this may not seem to fit, but England does have a big EDM scene, not sure if it's a coincidence, probably and there have been a variety of genres in the music over the years so may just be them trying something new.

In Topic: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

14 June 2019 - 12:48 PM

I have never cared about the feature, though I always thought it was a neat feature, and that it made you want to keep your team forever, and I believe I read that you can still transfer them to Home, just not to Sword and Shield, I know that people want to use their competitive teams, so that sucks, especially due to how difficult it is to get a team together with max IVs and all that stuff.


That being said, I personally don't want to use the members, if I were to do it early game, that would defeat the purpose of a whole new world to explore, and late them, it just feels like cheating, the only thing is to fill out the Dex, though it feels a bit cheap to just do that instead of catching the Pokemon instead. It doesn't have any impact on me, and won't ever have any.


I doubt they'll change it too, while people did manage to make them change Mario Maker 2 to allow online co-op, this feels like a more design oriented decision from the get-go, since they have said that they don't want so many Pokemon that it feels overwhelming, and that the amount of work that goes into 1000+ Pokemon animation is just getting out of hand, especially when moving unto a whole new platform, I can get that, and it was probably inevitable. it doesn't look great for them, and I don't really know how they could have handled it better, because the decision was probably made a long time ago, they most likely have thought about doing it for a while, but that now with new system in place, they had little choice in the matter.

In Topic: [ANIME] Roboppy's cards (Appliancer)

13 June 2019 - 08:57 AM

I would have figured these would be Cyberse, but I guess he is from the real world, kind of. These are pretty fun, I hope they become real cards, though it's hard to know in this series, since most characters don't seem to get IRL cards.

In Topic: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

05 June 2019 - 12:26 PM

I am digging the new Pokémon designs here, there remain a simple style closer to the older games, but also have a newer game element too, they all look pretty neat and interesting, and I for one, will be getting a Wooloo as fast as possible.

In Topic: Overwatch

04 June 2019 - 05:37 AM

So I discovered that you can be AFK in gungame as long as you at least move somewhat, so by putting the controller down and making sure the stick is continuously pushed, you can grind exp, and so I wanted to test how long it worked, so this is me coming back after 3 hours and the game still going on, so figured I would see if I could still win, and turns out that yes, I could. Sadly by timeout right when I get Torb, but I count it anyway. Skip to 4:00 to where I come back. Yes this is a weird video, but that's what you get. Ok byeeeeeeeeee