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Yesterday, 06:01 AM

HUZZAH IT IS HAPPENING! I am contemplating whether or not I should upload all my Link Monsters and other cards that use the Extra Monster Zone. Also, nice to see that Cyberse is now on the type chart, and that you can paste card names as well, very nice.



Well, uploaded all my Archetypes to there, not sure if I'll do all the single cards I have made since then, since this took a good part of my day. Below is the ones I uploaded in case anyone wants to play with them.



I decided to upload my single cards as well. I am doing them in reverse order and only a few at a time, as this is going to take a while, so having the newest first is going to make it faster, as the older ones are going to need to be updated, since they may not even work, as I was still learning how the new rules worked at that time, as well as the way the PSCT works for them. Below are the cards I have done so far, as said, it reverse order from most recent to least recent.


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23 February 2018 - 08:12 AM

Have introduced a new function that allows you to get to the full editor quicker.




You'll now see "Use Full Editor" button on posts and the start of threads, this will allow you to get to the standalone editor without having the need to click edit and then clicking use the full editor.


Let me know how you guys like it :)

This may be strangely helpful to me, as I have some quite long threads, like my PSCT thread, and sometimes when I hit edit and then full editor, because the editing is still loading, it takes forever to load up the full editor. I don't have amazing internet, but it's pretty good, but it does tend to shit the bed when it has to do things like that, so maybe this will help me.

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23 February 2018 - 07:54 AM

Ancient Millennium PSCT news:


Heavy Metal Raiders has an interesting text, saying that a monster only gains the ATK while it remains face-up, which is kind of like the opposite of cards that say they keep the ATK gain, even if the card leaves the field. This is a Continuous Effect as well, which I am sure is why they felt the need to clarify it, as giving a monster a gain like this as a Continuous Effect isn't as common as ones that just apply as soon as the card is on the field, like most Field Spells do. I don't really know any other cards that are similar and would need an update, feel free to post some, as this is interesting. Anyway, the text: "The first time each DARK Machine monster you control would be destroyed by battle each turn, it is not destroyed, and if you took battle damage from that battle, it gains that much ATK after damage calculation, and keeps that ATK gain as long as this card is on the field."


Thought I would mention Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, which uses the word Duel in a different way than normal, in that it mentions the cards must have been Special Summoned this Duel, though it doesn't have to be the exact card you used, since it can banish them from the hand as well, where their Special Summon state would not be noticed, so play around with that, could make for some interesting cards. "Must first be Special Summoned "from your Extra Deck during a Duel you Special Summoned both the above cards, by banishing the above cards from your hand, field and/or GY. (You do not use "Polymerization".)"


VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon has something a bit odd regarding Flip Effects, as they were changed to say "(Flip monsters' effects are not activated at this time.)" though this says "(Flip Effects are not activated.). There does seem to have been a few examples of this happening before, with Shadow of Eyes and Evil HERO Dark Gaia, though both were released with PSCT was still mostly experimental.  If there is a reason other than them forgetting that they normally use the other text, feel free to tell me.


They seem to continue the trend of them using the "(this is not optional)" for mandatory effects in the GY and what we saw with Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath having that word salad effect, which Illusionist Faceless Magician also has.


Just saw that the Org has posted a new article about some cards that have had their database entries update to reflect the new Crystal and Armed Dragon cards. I was going to mention that Rainbow Dragon was updated, though that isn't really anything special, but I do suggest checking out the article, as I didn't know they had updated other cards:



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22 February 2018 - 02:34 AM

Seem utterly unremarkable, while it can deal with a lot of monsters if you have Pendulums for days in the ED, it is just not worth it with how Performapal already have, even the Tribute Summon version may disregard it, dunno about that.

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22 February 2018 - 02:32 AM

I haven't touched Fluffal since Links, but I figure they were probably hurt a bit, when they are already not the best Deck around. This card is pretty good though, I don't know how much they Pendulum Summon, I don't recall doing that often, but the free Special Summon is nice.