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In Topic: [SOFU] Diana the Light Spirit

13 July 2018 - 11:23 AM

I mean, I know Thunder Sea Horse locks you out of your SS's, so you wouldn't be able to summon this, but would it really have killed them to make this have 1600 ATK instead? I dunno, this being 100 ATK outside that card's search range just really nettles me...

Other than that, I suppose the card is fine. Outside Thunder decks I guess it fills in the same niche as Ghost Ship while being a better level.

Well, it has 1700/1000 just like The Rock Spirit and Spirit of Flames, but Garuda the Wind Spirit and Aqua Spirit have 1600/1200 instead. Perhaps if we get a DARK one, we'll get one with 1600/1200 again. Possibly, they are going to make support for monsters with these stats, like they have done so in the past for Monarchs, Jigabyte and Fairy Tail has done that.

In Topic: [SOFU] Diana the Light Spirit

13 July 2018 - 01:28 AM

WAT?! I literally just made an Archetype a few days ago that supports the Spirit Attribute monsters that are Special Summoned exactly like this, it's Level 4 too, it works perfect for my Arcehtype, what the hell? Well anyway, something I wanted, not just for my own stupid thing, but being able to banish a LIGHT monster from the GY is great, and as said, Thunder makes it work great with Thunder Dragon, though its art does not seem to indicate Thunder in any way, but whatever.


Relevant, but still shameless plug!


In Topic: [SOFU] Orphegor

12 July 2018 - 08:56 AM

What I find interesting is that the Trap Cards don't have "World Legacy" in their names, and instead are Orpheger cards. Presumably because they didn't want Galatea to search World Legacies?
As for the archetype: It's incredibly boring.

Wasn't that just a thing Mekk-Knight did and the rest have their own plus 1 that crosses over?

In Topic: [SOFU] Orphegor

12 July 2018 - 12:47 AM

The monsters seem quite powerful, but they do restrict you to DARK, so if you plan to use other World Legacy support, that's going to be annoying, and right now, you need to, since their support isn't super great, the two Traps seem last minute really, not sure what or how this will be very useful to them, the Link Monsters seem alright, both able to return their banished stuff. It's nice to see a Deck that encourages linking to your opponent though as negative effects to them. Of course, they are still Machine/DARK, so the support for them is out there, but still needs a little something to not make them another Krawler situation.

In Topic: [SOFU] Orphegor Orchestrion

11 July 2018 - 07:10 AM

The heck is this? An orchestra-themed DARK/Machine archetype? And one of their big members is a levitating stage? I like the concept already.

From this card I can only guess they like to be banished. Unless the rest of the archetype is floaty, I don't think this is that good, though: 4 monsters for a 3000 ATK beater, the protection should be easy to play around nowadays and the other effect can neuter at least 2 monsters or an entire Link-based lock. Still, it should be fine as an emergency board-breaker button to have in the Extra Deck? IDK.

It's a Link Monster for a World Legacy theme, so who knows if it's going to be DARK/Machine. I hope not, because Machines just have so damn many Archetypes at this point, but we'll see.


Anyway, having another music theme thing makes sense I suppose, looking closely, I can see that it actually is a church with a rainbow-like light coming in through the windows, presumably referencing Mekk-Knights. As Palladion is referencing Paladins, as I understand it, is related to Christianity, having a church with an organ, which is most often associated with that as well, we seem to have a somewhat Christian theme going on, with Qliphort previously being Jewish, which is pretty neat seeing a meta relation here.


Now, for the card itself, there is not a lot to go on, could be another Knightmare situation, but for the good guys, since World Legacy have those Machine monsters, and there is a semi-banish focus there, perhaps the other Orphegors will be Extra Deck only, which I kind of hope not. Returning banished cards to the Deck though, that isn't something I see very often in an Archetype, I wonder what they'll do with that.