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In Topic: [DPR] I Equip your GY to this card, and then attach it to this card as a Xyz Material

Today, 08:16 PM


In Topic: Multi-Colour Facade ~ Generic Attribute-Weakening Field Spell

Today, 07:13 PM

Since the card is underpowered (and you know it's underpowered) I would make it so the effect is activated OPT so you can use it the turn it's activated, and then have it last until the end of your opponent's turn so it can keep in effect for as long as you need it to.


The most interesting bit about this card is that it can destroy your opponent's monsters instead of this card, meaning that you can activate MST on this, and then destroy a monster instead. Cool concept that I might have to toy with eventually because the idea is awesome. If you're adding any effects THAT is what it should synergize with.


So yeah, cool idea.

In Topic: [Written] Constellar Nebula

Today, 05:26 PM

Constellar could probably use a searcher.


OCGrammar Editing:


Add 1 "Constellar" Card from your Deck to your Hand. You can Banish this Card from your GY, except the turn it was sent there, target 1 "Constellar" XYZ Monster and 1 "Constellar" Effect Monster in your GY, Special Summon the first and attach the second to it as XYZ Material.




Add 1 “Constellar” card from your Deck to your hand, except “Constellar Nebula”. You can banish this card from your GY, except the turn it was sent there: Target 1 “Constellar” Xyz Monster and 1 “Constellar” monster in your GY; Special Summon the first target, and if you do, attach the second target to it as a Xyz Material.


Most of it was capitalization and colon/semicolon/comma placements, but the last bit was a bit obscure so I can’t blame you for that. For more help on Official Card Grammar, Zaziuma made a really helpful post in advanced card design here. (Don’t read it all at once it’s pretty long. Read it episodically so you don’t get overwhelmed). Also, searchers should never search itself. Seriously that would be a hassle. Toon Table of Contents is enough for Exodia.


Mechanical Reviewing:


The card itself is fine and supports what Constellars do, but tbh what they really needed was a card like Advanced Heraldry Art where you can instantly Xyz Summon using Constellars in the GY. I think instead of using only Summoning Xyz Monsters from the GY, it should be able to Xyz Summon “Constellar” monsters from your Extra Deck using cards in your GY as a GY effect so you can use it earlier in the game rather than later.


That isn’t too necessary though. It already searches a Constellar card so I suppose it’s good enough. Might add a once per name clause just so the card doesn’t go too crazy with the searching power.

In Topic: [DPR] Marauding Captain ++, Special Summon ALL the monsters from your hand.

Today, 03:43 PM

"When this card is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned by a monster's effect: you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand, it is treated as a Zombie-type monster, and it's effects become this card's effects."

  • Monster's would be redundant
  • After a Colon, the first word should be capitalized.
  • Modern card typings don't list "type"


The "and its effects become this card's effects" bit I'm still working on since there isn't proper OCG I can find that has a wording like this, but if you find a link to a card with a similar wording that would be nice.


Vendread Houndhorde and Strix especially might love pairing with this, especially since this can help set up for their Rituals lickedy-split and their effects either A) transfer to Ritual upon being used on the field, which Catchy Plague enables with the quickness, and B) have GY recursion effects that could ladder you more Rituals/Links in short order. 


Considering the fact that Vendread don't really use their Effect Monsters in the first place, this is probably fine (also this was supposed to just be Zombie support for the DPR where they don't have access to Mezuki and other card's you'd expect be exploited). 


Really, the main thing to look out for here is that Zombies don't get the hand-searching game up too high, cuz then the card you end up comparing this to won't be Marauding Captain, it'll be Ojama Red/Agent of Creation - Venus. A ladder to utter ED degeneracy, really, and one that almost swerves those two cards' faults entirely (Red uses up the Normal Summon, this doesn't have to, and Venus costs you 500-1500 LP not counting recycled Shine Balls, which this doesn't need.)


Ojama Red, not Venus. Venus Special Summons from Deck so that's WAY better. My main reason why this card isn't broken is because this Special Summons from hand and negates their effects. Ojama Red doesn't negate (tbf though there isn't much to negate), and Ojamas have A LOT of cards that can search said Ojamas, so I would say he's much better in the context of the Deck. Even then this card promotes a card disadvantage since you're exhausting your hand but without the same recovery as Pendulum Summoning (maybe I could even make this into a Pendulum monster for more fun).


I'd almost suggest a hard OPT, maybe even a OPD for this, but I'd like to see the effect recur in its Summoned monsters-just not multiple times on the original Summoner, because a well-placed Maxx "C" could spell banhammering for this card.


Alright, that gives me an idea (not sure if it works though). How about adding a "You can only activate the effects of this card's name once per turn. and only once that turn" so those monsters can't activate their effects in the GY that turn (since they gained that effect and activated their effects). This also adds skill in that the last monster that didn't use the effect can be used if it gets sent to the GY. Would that be nice and dandy?

In Topic: [DPR] Marauding Captain ++, Special Summon ALL the monsters from your hand.

Today, 10:58 AM

Updated OCG (but not the important part of it). Seriously though BUMP