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In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

27 July 2018 - 06:44 PM


For better or worse, things have been extremely inactive here lately.  After looking at the archetype, for the most part, it looks fine, but... well, it kinda doesn't work as you described it.


The way you described it makes it sound as though, when you attack, you can immediately trigger one of the attack target's effects as though you control that monster.  It is a cool concept, but what your cards actually say is that they literally steal an effect.  Further, because the effect is "overwritten", they simply keep the effect and cannot overwrite it with anything else (i.e. your big boss fusion would only steal/use 1 effect even if it attacks 5 monsters).  Now, that is fine (if not bonkers in the right context *cough*attackingCannonSoldier*cough*) but due to how you made it sound, I assume that wasn't your intent.


I am no good at PSCT, but I think an immediate activation condition would work better than how it is worded.  I.e. instead of them saying: "This effect becomes...activated effects.", you could say something like: "activate 1 of the attack target's activated effects* as though you control that monster." ...or something.  Perhaps someone else could suggest a better way to write it out.


As it is, because of the current way they work, I cannot in good conscious let them into the AGM just because we do have lots of things that could be potentially loopy when used with these as they are.  If they are fixed to be more in-line with your stated intent, then yes, I'd be more than willing to push 'em in.




* I'd also strongly recommend you change "Activated effects" in the texts to "Ignition, Trigger, or Quick Effects", simply because those are terms that, while not really mentioned on the cards themselves, are official terms that leave things less ambiguous than "Activated Effects".


@Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon


Traptrix Rafflesia has a similar wording and the copying of that effect is only for that activation. This is due to it copying the effect and not the conditions or costs, so the next time it would attack it would just become a new effect. I got PSCT help from Azuriena and used the wordings of cards with similar effects, and as it stands the effect only becomes that effect during its initial activation. I've been learning a lot about PSCT over the months so that I can actually implement my gimmicks properly for these situations, but the fact that you didn't understand it tells me that the PSCT could be done better despite working properly in official terms.


Activated effects is just requiring that it has a colon ":". The effect is already limited in the kinds of effects in what it can do, most notably not being able to use archetypal effects and targeting effects. On top of that, it requires you to go into the Battle Phase before doing any of that stuff, so its fair.


If you make the PSCT "Activate" then the effects would include their costs, which would be a nerf in a lot of ways, for example not being able to copy Xyz or archetypal costs. Personally, I think the effect itself doesn't need nerfing, but I could use the wording for a couple other cards that don't require Battle Phase, so that might be fun.


As for Cannon Soldier, 1. most people don't run that, and 2, like I said before, its only copied during the initial activation, so it would just be 500 damage when the effect activates, and unless you're willing to attack that monster 16 times and have it somehow work, then its probably fine. It would probably be better to attack Amazoness Archer to their field with the Level 9 Fusion, but even then they do enough damage to probably wouldn't run it for the sake of consistency. If it was, it would be for OTK purposes, not the usual FTK shenanigans.

Due to the modern theme being the default, I literally cannot read Eshai's post, so I'm gonna let the others talk in regards to whatever you said. Hopefully you didn't insult me or something in the midst of card discussion.


Idk why you wouldn't be able to read it other than that I typed it into Google Docs first, and that the fonts themselves are that color rather than an adaptable color depending on the website themes. Imo you could just change it back to the old one (I still have the old version) but I'll try to adjust it.

In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

25 July 2018 - 06:39 AM

Haven't been around in a while (and idk whats going on) so imma just say I made an archetype for the DPR that completely just didn't have Links. I will say they're more suited for Link Format since they aren't SSing enough to have room for many Links, but idk it should be fine. Dova could probably explain some of this if I don't explain it properly.


Shadenclave (Shade + Enclave, kinda means Ghost Empire but kinda not (Thesaurus is weird))


The main mechanic fundamentally is that if your monsters attack: You activate 1 of the targeted monster’s effect for your monster to activate.

That sounds strange and like it doesn't work as a main mechanic but hear me out


2 examples


They have 2 versions of the gimmick: "If you do:" and "If you cannot:"

The gimmick was never purely advantageous to copy an effect even if it did work, so it made it more interesting to choose attack targets during duels. Adding 2 different styles to the effects capitalizes on this and gives me more room to make these effects.


If you’re wondering about the PSCT, its so if you activate their effects outside of that monster’s battle, they still have uses.


Anyways, there's still the problem of them even using their main mechanic, so this is where the sub-type comes in


Subtype Example



they SS to the opponent's field and to do a thing (pinnacle of creativity everyone). Despite the meh in creativity, it works really well for the archetype.

The Main mechanic is more like Diamond Dude in that it only copies effects. In this way, conditions and costs are ignored. This would mean that targeting effects can’t actually be copied with these, so that might be something to consider.

These guys have effects that can be copied when you attack them with the other monsters, so no matter your opponent’s Deck you’ll at least be able to still use your gimmick.

This does get crazy when you have a searcher that you can reactivate the effect of


Searcher that's abusable af


There are some combos that just search out several cards per turn and its kinda nuts (insert Mist Body here), but tbh the cards that abuse these don’t see very much play so I don’t mind.


Finally, some boss monsters


The Fusions are the only ones to have optional version of the main mechanic rather than the mandatory effects the main deck has, so they’re more flexible


There's also Catman over here

The Ninjas your opponent controls can build up, so the Fusions tend to help clear the board and activate a bunch of effects for advantage.


Well that was long. Thanks for reading. Here's the full Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/N7MdDzg


In Topic: TUNER + TUNER = SYNCHRO?! INCONCEIVABLE! [Mechantai Archetype] [18/18]

15 July 2018 - 09:03 PM




You can just have the Synchros not require non-Tuners like how Gottoms is (require EARTH monsters rather than EARTH non-Tuner monsters), although you do it for all Synchros so I guess there's some value in that.



It's a main mechanic sure, but the point of a main mechanic is to take the consequences of those mechanics and explore with the archetype. For example, all of them are Tuners that can change to non-Tuners. Why not have advantage effects when they're changed to non-Tuners, and then have effects that benefit Tuners but degrade non-Tuners. That way losing the Tuner clause would have a lot more meaning and the archetype would be more focused on what would make it unique. 



Also, if you wanna go nuts, you can also make Link Tuners that are treated as having a Level equal to its Link Rating. Might be a bit too much, but I tried it once for an archetype of mine and it didn't break it.


Anyways, I find it ironic that you mentioned you did stuff similar to D/D/D for previous archetypes and were trying to get around that, but that you have a lot of banish shenanigans that I can see D.D. or D/D/D using.

In Topic: Indecisiveness Incarnate

15 July 2018 - 08:25 PM

Note that the 2nd effect can also be chained to the 3rd effect, since the 3rd effect can make it target itself.


As for the 3rd chaining to the 2nd... yeahhhhhh I need to fix that.


The idea came from me trying to help Fukato make a boss monster for 1 of his archetypes that switches control of monsters and has choose 1 effects that let your opponent choose which one activates. Originally it was a LINK-8 with 4000 ATK, but figured that the effect was too generic and the card wasn't consistently on your field enough for it to warrant that many materials. This setup I think works well enough to get the card moving, and possibly allow for switch control shenanigans with Griggle or Grinder Golem (lol if that actually happened).

In Topic: Weird Cards (1): Five Headed Dragon Retrain with a PSCT experiment

06 July 2018 - 07:09 PM

bump (pls someone I wanna know what I could do with this)