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#7107619 Weird Cards (1): Five Headed Dragon Retrain with a PSCT experiment

Posted by Eshai on 30 June 2018 - 03:20 AM

So yeah this is a new series of cards I'm doing. Basically if I do weird gimmicky thing with a effect I'll post it like this.




Five-Trial Dragon
Sooooo I found out you can use the Ash Blossom OCG for stuff like this. This is just a test of concept, ignoring the fact that its a RETRAIN OF FIVE-HEADED DRAGON (yay). 
The idea is that the opponent needs 2 of the "typical" answers to actually get through to its core. Otherwise, they can still just Honest over it... or Kaiju it cries.
If anyone's wondering, its called Five-Trial Dragon due to the fact I thought there would be 5 exceptions rather than 3, and the idea was that your opponent would have to meet ALL OF THEM. That was a bad idea, so I did it like this instead. Thought it was cooler and encouraged the opponent to actually try to get through it rather than just Kaijuing or dying. At the end of it, it was still a name that kinda made sense and I it sounded cool so: here it is.
Thinking of adding Kaiju protection since it seems a bit underpowered. Thoughts?

#7106921 Oberon, Father Nature: 4000 ATK/DEF, SS from hand for free

Posted by Eshai on 26 June 2018 - 01:01 AM



Oberon, Father Nature


Was inspired by Mountain Giant from Hearthstone, which reduced in cost for each card in your hand. Couple things:

  • If you have 6 cards in your hand you can just SS this card for free.
  • Yes this card includes itself in how many cards in hand
  • Yes you can use Level modulation (idk how you would do it)
  • Yes if you're insane you can SS 3 of these in 1 turn (9 cards in hand is dicey but probably possible)



What are you waiting for? CRUSH MY SOUL WITH YOUR CRITICISMS (but seriously though pls review)

#7106265 Small Wave Big Wave

Posted by Eshai on 22 June 2018 - 06:25 PM

 Too busy atm to make an explanation for this card you guys figure it out.




Small Wave Big Wave

#7105777 [Sakura] The enemy's weakest point is where you must hit! [Psychic LI...

Posted by Eshai on 21 June 2018 - 01:51 AM

Alright. Since BDSceptyr reviewed the power level I might as well review the design philosophies.



Lets look at the gimmick: "If this card battles an opponent's monster, apply either that monster's ATK or DEF from damage calculation (whichever is lower)." (see Evil HERO Infernal Wing for most recent wording (yeah this wording isn't used too often)



The gimmick itself is pretty meh. 



For starters, it hasn't aged well due to Link Format making it a bit redundant against some Decks as well as boss monsters tending to have good enough stats both ways. This says [Sakura] not [AGM] so I can only assume the most recent meta is what you're using for power reference. The main problem is that it doesn't really have any consequences that the card can exploit outside of some generic support, and doesn't give your opponent a way to properly screw with you unless they built their Deck acknowledging the existence of yours. If you really want players to do that you need to exploit the mechanic and emphasize on its use more, and I don't feel your archetype's effects really interact with the mechanic enough.



A couple ways of making the mechanic more interesting would be actually be buffing your opponent's monsters as a sort of cost for effects. For example, increasing their ATK would mean nothing if their DEF is lower to begin with, and similarly increasing the DEF wouldn't mean anything either. However, you'd have to be careful with your opponent controlling monsters with stats that you wouldn't want to buff, since buffing their lower stat gives them a proper offense, and if they have Link monsters then you're going to have to have it as a real cost.



In response to opponent's ATK/DEF manipulation, I might also make cards similar to Fissure, Hammer Shot, and Smashing Ground where they don't target, but rather destroy monsters based on their stats, whether that's destroying the monster with the lowest ATK or the highest DEF. With this, you can get around some forms of protection while simultaneously having control over what monsters you're screwing with if you're using the previous gimmick.




Anyways hopefully that gave you some ideas on how to further implement the mechanic. There are probably even better ways of doing this but its midnight and I'm a bit tired.


#7105620 Onus of the Sacrificed

Posted by Eshai on 20 June 2018 - 02:09 PM

Tbh, there's nothing wrong with this. In Blue-Eyes, if you Tribute almost any of your monsters, your opponent is just going to be screwed unless they have MST. That opens your opponent up to take A LOT of damage and sets up OTKs easily. Even in Decks that don't have high ATK they at least have monsters with 2000+ ATK, which is more than enough. Tbh I think this card is great because the way you tend to get around Negate-esc monsters is by battle without activating card effects, and if you activate this beforehand then they can't really screw with it other than by destroying it. 



Reminds me of Wall of Disruption and Wall of Revealing Light, or I guess Mirror Wall considering it plays a similar role.

#7105618 Tempo, the Timeskipping Traveler

Posted by Eshai on 20 June 2018 - 01:49 PM

Pretty cool. Unless you spend resources you're only going to get a bit of Deck thin and some disruption. 


As a Pendulum it's even better, doubling as a way of getting around the fact that otherwise you'd NS it, AND it makes it harder for your opponent to kill it the first time. There is the fact it can get MST negated though, but that's a risk most people would take so it's more of a risk/reward system there. 




I can see this being used in Decks that would use Synchros, but I'm not sure that its worth it yet. I might ALSO make it a Tuner to give it that extra utility it needs to make people think "wow I should really run this". In exchange, I would just make it a 1/1 for Pendulum Scales, since it doesn't need to be a 0. (Also most Pendulums with low scales like that have SS restrictions but whatever its not like I make many Pendulums.)



Tbh this could be worthy of Advanced Card Design. Don't know why you're posting this here.

#7105261 Grimseers: DARK Psychics with exact LP clauses

Posted by Eshai on 18 June 2018 - 06:13 PM

Does anyone miss the old days of the Synchro Era where there were little to no HOPTs? Well, save yourself these cards still have them, except that they have exceptions. 



You can only use this effect of "" once per turn, unless your LP is exactly x000.


these LP amounts would be either 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 depending on the card, so you would have to play to get from 8000 LP to that number of LP to exploit the archetype.


Atm I'm experimenting with PSCT to see what explains the card text the best, so if you have anything better go for it. If you have criticism on the game design of the cards that would also be awesome. Some reviews would be nice but if you're intimidated by the length, skimming the first couple monsters to discuss the concept is fine.


Anyways, let's get to the cards (this might get a bit crazy)





Chronicler of the Grimoire


Yeah we're starting off with some of the more controversial cards, aren't we?

If this reminds you of Level Eater, which was banned, then yes you would be right to think so. The archetype is my homage to the 5ds era, and what would that be without Level Eater?

The trick is that you have to use it with Psychic monsters and it can't be used for anything except for the archetype Extra Deck Monsters. 

On top of that, you have to have exactly 1000 LP to use it like Level Eater, which is not too hard but it'll be hard to survive the next turn if you leave it there, so some of the strategy will be from staying alive and exploiting the gimmick as much as possible.





Allseer of the Grimoire


Oh. You thought we were done with the 5Ds shenanigans? Yeah no now we have a version of Mind Master. For those of you that don't know, Mind Master was one of the 2 or 3 cards that made Konami decide to make more cards with HOPTs, because there were A LOT of bs shenanigans you could do with the card, cycling your entire Deck's worth of Psychic monsters. This card is like that but harder to use. For starters, you're limited by your LP in what you can Summon, and can only use the effect more than once if you have exactly 2000 LP, so in order to use it more often, you'll have to keep gaining LP. 


Also that last clause. If you use the effect, the monster gets destroyed, and then you resummon it, you can't activate the effect. You can only use 1 copy's effects per turn. Makes some of the things you'll do with the card more vulnerable, so it gives your opponent a couple more options.





Jinx, Grimseer of Misfortunes


My god a relatively normal card?

Anyways this is a bit more simple. Either gain your LP so you don't die or pay LP to SS something from the GY. Also, you might've noticed these aren't exactly supporting an archetype yet. This is because the mechanic itself with the stats of the cards are most of the encouragement players are going to need. Unless its a Psychic monster with ATK/DEF sums of a multiple of 1000, then its going to be a lot harder to pull off combos with them rather than the archetype cards. 




Brough, Grimseer of Amnesia


Back to Dark Souls Images

This one is a discard to search and/or a better version of Golden Ladybug. The idea is that the first effect gives you more variety in your LP and to give the second effect more versatility in what it can search.




Jinx, Grimseer of Misfortunes


Totally not Dr. Stange over here is a Stratos-esc searcher... kinda. It's a bit more versatile of a searcher since it doesn't require sum ATK/DEF, but its also archetype specific and 1000 or more LP of payment. Some of the cards also banish, so it also recycles.




Wraith, Grimseer of Vengeance


Some may be wondering why this card's cost is separated from its SS. That's so you can pay the cost twice. Lemme explain. 

If you're over 4000 LP, you can put your LP from above that to exactly 4000, and then NOT Summon this, and since its a HOPT with a 4000 LP exception, you can use it again to get to either 3000 or 2000 LP. The card can even keep staying in your hand to help with LP modularity, but you're probably SS this. It has the ATK boost and can run over problematic monsters if you're having problems. It could potentially force a negate as well, so that could be useful.




Eon, Grimseer of Futures


This one is a bit more of a necessity. Rather than relying on your LP count, this pays straight numbers of LP, but can't course correct you if your opponent damaged you and screwed up your LP. This card is also a modularly leveled Tuner and a powerful heal. This was made to cover a couple things that the archetype was screwing up that I didn't intend it to, and fixed several problems the archetype were having with versatility and consistency on the Duel Portal. Works well but I'm still tinkering.




Library of the Grimoire


Oh look a Field Spell

Originally this archetype was going to have more Spell/Traps called Grimoires, but the list was getting long and the monsters did everything already so I felt that I could just make the typical Field Spell searcher more interesting. You can pay anything to search a Grimseer, or pay 2000 to be able to search another copy of itself or the Level 1 monsters (that if you remember were pretty good). This is another LP manipulation card that helps a lot when trying to get your LP where you want it. It can also course correct your LP when you're opponent is continuously attacking you with everything. 




Link Tuner? (Should this be a thing?)
Post Design:
My goal was to make something that a skilled player could investigate and find several combos in and to make LP manipulation important and interesting. I think I did the job well after several months of on and off working on this.
If anyone's wondering why I've been gone, I'm kinda getting tired of making these and not getting responses. I tried coming back by posting Future Purge which had monsters attacking each other even outside of the Battle Phase and got no responses. It was a bit sad considering all the work I put into testing it. I also made Sunglassed, but found out that was then experimental, which is apparently oblivion on this website because unless you really point it out to people no one is going to review it, so I never posted the archetype figuring I didn't want that to happen. Hopefully, a couple of people can review this. I probably spent 4 hours making the post (that's not even the cards), so hopefully, it can get some love.
ANYWAYS, love you guys. Wish my motivation to make cards was good enough to keep posting but it isn't atm. Will see you... idk I can't guarantee anything, but I'm on a lot more often on the
Discord so if you want to request me to review something you have a better chance of catching me there.
PS. If someone is putting this in experimental 5 minutes within posting this because of the Link Tuner that isn't even officially apart of the archetype atm, I'm flipping a table.

#7104868 Psyko Beast [WRITTEN] (WIP)

Posted by Eshai on 16 June 2018 - 12:10 AM

Considering it's been awhile since I've even been here and my Discord has been ranting about you "stealing" an archetype idea that no one here even commented on when I posted it, Imma just review this as I've tested how the mechanic of attacking other monsters you control works on the Duel Portal.

My version is called Future Purge, based off of DOOM with FIRE Fiends and Cyberse monsters, and is combo and OTK oriented. The Deck has it's own problems but you have very basic ones that dont even apply to the mechanic because your archetype explores it very little in the first place. Let me explain.

1. Field Spells are BS and you shouldnt have your gimmick rely on them

You won't always draw it and it won't always stay on the field. Therefore your Deck won't always work as intended. Rather you shouldve just given the clause to all of your non-Tuners (aka the monsters supposed to be the predators), and leaving the Tuners to their own Yubel-esc devices.

The worst part is that you knew your monster line up was meh without it. "needed to start with the field spell just because the rest of the archetype would be kinda underwhelming otherwise". All you have to do is not design the monsters as underwhelming. Your Deck's cool factor is only as good as how consistent it's cool.

2. Your lack of Hard Once Per Turns (HOPTs) is amusing.

You can literally just keep running these monsters into your opponent and then spawing more monsters, leading to mass Deck thin and potentially effortless OTKs. This is especially prevalent due to your better Pot of Avarice that can literally just OTK your opponent on it's own if your opponent has anything good on board. That isn't fun for either player. Just kinda insulting, and RNG based.

In fact,

3. Armadillo is insulting

You can literally just Final Attack Force and attack for game no matter how many LP your opponent has, and on top of that draw 2 cards for each archetype monster that was in the GY before you do this. (Which is easy with all the monsters that cycle themselves into eachother)

This isn't necessarily OP (you have to run Final Attack Force for crying out loud), but it's not fun. Your gimmick is literally irrelevant. It's always better to just attack your monsters into the higher ATK monster. That makes 0 sense mechanically and narratively.

Mechanically it's just not what you were aiming for, Narratively this is like a Gazelle walking into a Leopard's mouth.

So yeah, your Deck isn't "attack other monsters you control". Its "having 10 Mystic Tomatos that are also Yubel and attacking into your opponent's monsters to have them use their effects, deal damage to your opponent, gain an additional attack, and gain advantage."

Anyways no hard feelings. This is my personal opinion from the experiences I've had with the mechanics. Imo for this kind of mechanic to be interesting, it needs at least more than destruction for advantage effects to be interesting in the first place, but having a food chain of sorts sounds kinds fun so I encourage you to try finding something that'll fix all of this.

Anyways I'll go back to my lack of being on this website. Will check back later for your reply.

#7090251 Lava Golem vs Cosmic Blazar Dragon

Posted by Eshai on 26 March 2018 - 09:19 PM

Gravity Bind Deck


Imma guess this is casual, but Imma just tell you know that Xyz and much more importantly Link Monsters don't have Levels. You'd be better off running a lot of Solemns and a lot of Mirror Forces, maybe with a side of Swift Scarecrow, Battle Fadar, Swords of Concealing Light, etc. If you go more monster heavy Supply Squad is a good casual option for getting consistent draw power, while Shard of Greed and Reckless Greed can get yourself enough tools to push your opponent off the cliff to insanity with Battle Traps. This is still a casual Deck but its at least casual in a modern sense rather than a 2010 sense.

#7090047 Basically the Xyz Version of Quasar with a side of LADD and Rank Down Magic

Posted by Eshai on 26 March 2018 - 01:24 PM



Starglassed Crimson, Heaven Beyond

LIGHT - Rank 12 - Machine/Xyz/Effect - 4000 ATK/4000 DEF

3+ Xyz Monsters, including 1 Rank 10 or higher Xyz Monster / (This card is always treated as a "Sunglassed" card) Must first be Xyz Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by transferring all of the above cards' materials to this card so that it has 12 or more materials. This card and Xyz Monsters that have "Starglassed Crimson, Heaven Beyond" that was Xyz Summoned this duel as material gain these effects. ● Cannot be Tributed, nor used as material, except for a Xyz Summon of a monster with a different name than this card. Once per Chain, when a card or effect effect is activated (Quick Effect): Detach 2 materials from this card; negate that effect, also Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster (from this card’s Xyz Materials) with a Rank lower than this card by using it as material. (Transfer this card’s materials to the Summoned monster.)




For context, this is for a archetype I've been working on (and failing to PSCT because of not just the obviously weird effects on this card), I felt the boss monster was generic enough to showcase. You might be wondering "HOW DO YOU GET 3 XYZ MONSTERS OUT IN LINK FORMAT!??!" and while "yeah no ur screwed" usually, the main mechanic of the other Xyz is that they can be Xyz Summoned from the materials of another Xyz Monster, which isn't from the Extra Deck. Makes it so you can escape Link Format without having to resort to mechanics while doing so in a way only Xyz Monsters could do.They also have the gimmick of giving the monsters they're attached to their effects in a similar fashion to Star Drawing and some of the Zoodiac Main Deck, and if some are worried about Zoodiacs 2.0, I've been doing my best to make it not that. There is a Xyz Monster that can use only 1 material, but it can only use monsters with levels, and on its own is harmless.


As for this card, its Kaiju/Chimeratech proof, and it has a negation effect similar to LADD but with Rank-Down shenanigans. This is mainly to adapt a moment of Gurren Lagann I'd rather not spoil, but if you watched it then the way that you continuously float into the lower Rank Xyz should give you a hint as to what I'm adapting. Another weird thing is the lack of a Level/Rank requirement. This is because I don't particularly care about a gimmick that isn't exactly necessary to the mechanic, so I'd rather distance myself from it when it isn't necessary. The Rank in place of referencing the Level of materials now references the amount of materials needed for this card to be Xyz Summoned. Lastly I made it so to get the effects on your monster's materials you have to actually Summon the thing. I'd rather this card not get ruined by generic Extra Deck attaching, so that was added so that it couldn't be exploited in this manner.


It can negate anything and they can't Kaiju/Lair of Darkness it, but remember that the negation is mandatory and can deteriorate your monster to a point that it will lack the ability to keep going. Also remember that your opponent can quick effect respond to this card since its "Once per chain" similar to how LADD gets countered. I wouldn't say that its effect itself is not broken, but remember this is nigh-impossible even for the archetype to Summon in 1 turn. I'm guessing you could go crazy and and make a Deck with Link monsters to specifically Summon this, but at that point just run Herald of Perfection its a lot easier to Summon and a lot less punishing if it actually gets removed from field





Haven't posted in awhile since I haven't found a good reason too. I've been on Duel-Portal testing my cards, which has been very helpful in improving my ability to make cards and to recognize problems I wouldn't have otherwise. I do love this place that got me into this, so I'm planning to post more, even if its only once in a while in generics.

#7066657 [Striker] Weekend Contest #11

Posted by Eshai on 06 January 2018 - 11:14 PM

Deadline expired a while ago, and from the opening post, it has to be Vanilla Main Deck; not the ED.


(And yeah, suppose Striker's typing this too)



#7065290 [DPR] SUPER LONG SWORD (for those that like anime)

Posted by Eshai on 31 December 2017 - 12:13 AM

Haven't done one of these in a while. Been working more on archetypes as of recent.



Spell - Equip

You can only control 1 face-up “Superlongsword". If the equipped monster destroys a monster by battle: It gains 300 ATK/DEF and attacks once again in a row. Your opponent cannot take damage from a battle involving the equipped monster. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, destroy this card instead.



Figured this would be funny. I wanted an "attack all monsters your opponent controls" card but I figured there should be a couple more restrictions to prevent too much exploitation. The "idea" here is that you use this with cards that get benefits from destroying monsters by battle. While this might not seem too good, there is a combo with another card in the DPR that's essentially Horn of the Phantom Beast but as a generic Equip Spell, so you get a little generic draw engine via equip cards. Also, some protection if you can't get over something, so that's nice.



I'm working a lot more on the Duel-Portal at the moment, where I'm working on an archetype with a lot of battle destruction capabilities. Figured I wanted a card like this in the DPR anyways so I might as well test it while I'm testing other stuff.

#7064865 Bump: The thought of Chess in a Collectible Card Game

Posted by Eshai on 28 December 2017 - 01:20 PM

So I've been working on the arrows

Working on changing the colors of stuff, since I'm working on changing the User Interface to allow for more design options.

The Auto (purple) Arrows are being a bit annoying to design around but working fine.

Summon (green) Arrows are REALLY fun to use even if they don't have as many movement options.

I combined the bouncy arrows with the shield arrows, since the shield arrows actually decreased the amount of options in the tame and bouncy arrows wasnt very consistent. Now the idea is when something collides coming from that direction, they can go back in that direction, which can be exploited although not to the point I've found it broken. It can also be used by your opponent, but not as often as I'd like it to be at the moment.

I'm also working on flight arrows, where you can fly over other units, but doing so no matter how many are in the way only costs 1 movement.

#7063474 [Written/DPR] Viewer From Beyond

Posted by Eshai on 22 December 2017 - 08:37 PM

So instead of using Level 12 monsters, you can just use 2 monsters of any Level you Pendulum Summoned... to Summon a 4000 ATK beater and draw a card. While Nekomata would love this for his Paperplane archetype, Imma have to call for some adjustments:


  1. Half the Rank and make the requirements 2+ Level 6 monsters, not only for convenience but so Decks that have Level 6 monsters could potentially be used without using monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck. 
  2. Make the ATK/DEF 1500 rather than 3500, not only because of the absurdity of the "2 Pendulums = 4000 ATK" but also because of the new Level in mind.
  3. Make the "1+" increase the ATK/DEF of it for each monster detached rather than be just a single boost, so that having more materials is not only the focus but is rewarded for more rather than just using Pendulums. Pendulums get a 2500 ATK beater, while Decks that prefer Xyz and such can get even a 5000 ATK beater.
  4. Probably make it so you can use any number of monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, but only make it so you can Summon "" this way once per turn similar to the Zoodiac Xyz Change clause. I'll get to this later.


With this the card should be more balanced. As for recommended changes go, I would better synergize the detaching effects with each other. I'm not sure of the 2+ and beyond effects since all they really do is give you generic high-Level rewards for using what could possibly be just what the Deck does. The question becomes what do you want the card to accomplish. I'd say its trying to be a generic boss monster for Decks that don't have as many ways of getting rid of their Xyz Monsters, since Xyz Monsters are probably the hardest monsters to get out of the Extra Monster Zone. 




Viewer from Beyond

EARTH - Rank 6 - Fairy/Xyz/Effect - 1500 ATK/1500 DEF

2+ Level 6 monsters

Once per turn, you can also Xyz Summon "Viewer from Beyond" by using any number of monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck as Xyz Materials. (If you used any Xyz Monsters, any Xyz Materials attached to them also become Xyz Materials on this card.) Once per turn: You can detach all Xyz Materials from this card, then activate the following effects, in sequence, based on the number of Xyz Materials detached.

● 1+: Gains 500 ATK/DEF for each Xyz Material you detached from this card.

● 2+: If this card is in an Extra Monster Zone: You can move it to your Main Monster Zone.

● 3+: 4+: (I personally think you should go for just a 3, or even skip 3 and 4 for a 5 effect to further diversify how the card plays)


Also corrected some Official Card Grammar, like the Xyz Materials from Xyz Monsters is different if you can also include non-Xyz Monsters (see Zoodiac Xyz Monsters)


Hope this helped. Any thoughts or more improvements you think could be done to the card?

#7063399 [DPR] FUTURE PURGE: Attacking anywhere, anytime

Posted by Eshai on 22 December 2017 - 12:02 PM

EDIT: Changed several of the OCG problems, and made the Deck a bit more balanced for the DPR. 


FUTURE PURGE. Idk I just like the name. Cyberhell didn’t sound cool enough.



A toolbox of FIRE monsters, mainly composed Fiends and Cyberse monsters based on the enemies in DOOM made by Id:tm: Software with effects that have effect triggers like “if this card is attacked” or “when this card is destroyed by battle”. Sound simple? Well, you all have an assortment of Warrior monsters with the effects of being able to attack your own monsters with them, and then moving to their Monster Zones. This is a means of adapting one of the mechanical achievements of the new Doom, the Glory Kill system, which encourages you to get close and personal when low on health despite the fact that in most FPS games you have to wait behind cover. Also some of the Warriors are Link Monsters, meaning that in some cases they can move their arrows to places they might be more useful.


Wisps of Future Purged

FIRE - Level 1 - Fiend/Effect - 0 ATK/1200 DEF

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 FIRE monster from your hand, and if you do, immediately after this chain resolves, have this card attack that monster. (You can only attack once per chain). If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY: You can add 1 “Future Purge” monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use each effect of “Wisps of Future Purged” once per turn.


After a lot of testing, I found out with my previous attempts at official wording the archetype that I could start chains within chains via effects that cause attacking, since you’d go through the battle step which can be chained to. My solution to this was having the attacks go off after the chain resolves and having a “you can only attack once per chain” clause. It didn’t kill the utility of anything so I’m calling it a success.


The effect in itself cycles. SS, destroys itself, searches. However, it combos off with a lot of other cards in the archetype which I’ll mention as I get to them. While not the best card in the Deck, it’s a core card that brings a lot to the table.


Scamps, Spawns of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 2 - Fiend/Effect - 1100 ATK/200 DEF

This card must attack a monster, if able. This card can attack monsters you control. If this card is destroyed by battle or destroys a monster by battle: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "Future Purge" monster from your Deck, but it cannot attack during the Battle Phase this turn. You can only use this effect of this card once per turn.


UFO Turtle with a twist. If you use Wisp with it you can get a search and a Special Summon, which is pretty awesome considering you don't have to Normal Summon Wisps to get it's effect off.


The Summoned monster can't attack during the Battle Phase that turn. This is a sort of restriction I like to put in to encourage players to do things I want them to do, like attack during the Main Phase. Other than that it's just a way to make this not always better than I UFO Turtle  and also not allow you to repeatedly Summon Scamps over and over for Deck thinning purposes.


Pinky, Batteram of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 3 - Fiend/Effect - 2000 ATK/200 DEF

This card must attack a monster, if able. This card can attack monsters you control. If this card is destroyed by battle or destroys a monster by battle: You can add 1 "Future Purge" monster from your GY to your hand. You can only use this effect of this card once per turn.


It's like Scamps. Just with more ATK. The GY recovery doesn't specify except Pinky, so you can get some nice plays off of it without screwing your resources. With Wisp and the Field Spell you can almost go the whole game without running out of cards, but your ability to finish the game with this Deck isn't incredible.


Kakughoul, Scalp of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 3 - Fiend/Effect - 200 ATK/2200 DEF

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can shuffle 3 “Future Purge” monsters from your hand and/or GY into the Deck, except “Kakughoul, Scalp of Future Purge", and if you do, draw cards equal to the amount of cards removed from your hand by this effect +1. If another “Future Purge” monster you control is attacked: You can change this card’s battle position, and if you do, change the attack target to this card. You can only use each effect of “Kakughoul, Scalp of Future Purge” once per turn. Gain LP equal to any battle damage you would have taken from battles involving this card instead.


The recovery card. This is a bit of a misconception on my part, where I think recovery cards like this aren't all that great. So I made it double as a reload card. Im probably taking off the “+1" so it can keep its identity as utility, but I'm not sure how badly that would impact the card, so for now it stays until further testing.


Also LP gain and attack redirecting. You haven't seen much of this yet, but this is a common theme in the Deck. I've had a couple game's where I gained over 10,000 LP in the duration of it. While it doesn't usually gain that much anymore


Conjur, Summoner of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 4 - Cyberse/Effect - 1500 ATK/1800 DEF

If a FIRE monster attacks or is attacked: You can Special Summon 1 "Future Purge" monster from your GY, except "Conjur, Summoner of Future Purge", in Defense Position, and if you do, change the attack target to it, and perform damage calculation. You can only use this effect of this card once per turn.


My FAVORITE CARD in this Deck. This isn't a playmaker, but rather a continuation of your plays that isn't necessarily advantageous. Yes you can go +1 every turn. Yes you can activate several of their effects in a turn. Yes there's no cost. But it MAKES your mid game and let's you go on long after you would've normally lost. Being as accessible as it is in the Deck during the mid game it's pretty fun.


This is where I display the problem of this Deck: It has 0 card effect protection. Basically this amounts to that you have boss monsters that your opponent can stop pretty easily with modern negation and quick-play monster effect removal. So while you have a lot of tools to gain advantage, it's very easy to lose said damage… if you don't know what you're doing.


Raskull, Howitzer of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 4 - Cyberse/Effect - 1900 ATK/1200 DEF

Once per turn, if a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned: You can, immediately after this effect resolves, have this card attack 1 of those monster(s) (you can only attack once per chain). If this card and/or another "Future Purge" monster(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can destroy monsters your opponent controls up to the number of "Future Purge" monsters destroyed. You can only use this effect of "Raskull, Howitzer of Future Purge" once per turn.


This is basically your only protection against a board clear, and is also your only card effect protection (even though it isn't really). What this card is basically telling you is that My Body as a Shield isn't such a bad idea.


It can also automatically attack, so it could be it's own Quick Effect card destruction, but if you use it as a generic it's worse than Torrential Tribute, so maybe not.


Greave, Heavymetal of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 5 - Cyberse/Effect - 2000 ATK/2600 DEF

If a "Future Purge" monster attacks or is attacked: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, change the attack target to this card, and perform damage calculation. Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed by battle or card effect, it is not destroyed. Neither player can take damage from a battle involving this card.


A hand battle trap… SIKE. This is for your Main Phase, being able to redirect your own attacks to a monster that can't be destroyed, and if put in Defense Position the attacking monster also won't be destroyed. Helps for swarming and battle protection. The flaw is that it can't do damage, but you also don’t do damage to yourself by attacking into it, so that's fun.


Doomcalibur, Knight of Future Purge

FIRE - Level 6 - Fiend/Effect - 2500 ATK/2000 DEF

This card can attack monsters you control. If a FIRE monster you control declares an attack: You can negate that attack, and if you do, Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of "Doomcalibur, Knight of Future Purge" once per turn. If this card is Special Summoned: You can target another monster you control; have this card attack that monster (you can only attack once per chain). If this card would inflict damage to a player, that player gains an equal amount of LP instead.


Source of a lot of LP gain for this Deck. Negates the attacks you don't want, Special Summons itself, and can attack whenever you Special Summon it, making for some pretty spectacular plays.


Future Purged

Spell - Field

When this card is activated: You can add 1 “Future Purge” monster from your GY to your hand. Once per turn, if a “Future Purge” monster monster you control is destroyed by battle and would be sent to the GY, you can return it to your hand instead. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 2 FIRE monsters on you control; have the first target attack the second target (You can only attack once per chain).


Be honest. You thought with the start of that first sentence it was going to be a generic Field Spell able to search like so many before it. YOU LACK FAITH IN ME. Anyway the Field Spell like a lot of the Deck helps continue your plays rather than starting them. This isn't something I see much of in Field Spells, so I figured it would work here.


Lorewise, it's Hell. If a demon dies in Hell where did you think he was going to go? Originally the second effect wasn't OPT. However, that was broken and had a bit of looping. The 3rd effect helps when you don't draw as well, which is exactly what I want out of it, so mission accomplished.


Predator of the Future Purge

Spell - Quick-play

Destroy 1 FIRE monster you control and treat it as if it was destroyed by battle, then Special Summon 1 “Future Purge” monster from your Deck and target 1 monster on the field. Immediately after this chain resolves, have this card attack the monster (You can only attack once per chain). You can only use this effect of “Predator of the Future Purge” once per turn.


Either a playmaker, protection, or a counter. The card does a lot what the a Deck has, and leads to a lot of different plays to be made. You could potentially gain a lot of advantage, but without combo pieces it's a -1, so be cognizant.


Prey of the Future Purge

Spell - Quick-play

If a monster is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 “Future Purge” monster from your hand or GY, and if you do, immediately after this chain resolves, have this card attack the monster (You can only attack once per chain). You can activate 1 “Prey of the Future Purge” per turn.


Counterpart to Predator. It does it's job, being able to respond to an opponent’s Summon or being able to continue your plays. Might make this or Predator into a Trap, but so far there's been no real reason to.


Future Purgeslayer
FIRE - DR, L - Warrior/Link/Effect - 1900 ATK/LINK-2

2 FIRE monsters
This card must attack a monster, if able. This card can attack monsters you control. If this card destroys a monster by battle: This card gains 500 ATK, and if you destroyed a monster on your field, you can move this card to that monster’s now unoccupied Monster Zone, and if you do, this card can attack once again in a row.


The player character. I said I would make more Warriors but there wasn't much of a reason to. Basically you can attack all your monsters for 1 final attack against your opponent. It isn't really a OTK enabler that I want it to be, but for now it's cool.


Other than that, it moves out of your Extra Monster Zone. It's more so to adapt the glory kill system from DOOM, but it can still be pretty helpful.


Kinesis, Spiderfiend of Future Purge

FIRE - L, R, D - Cyberse/Link/Effect - 2500 ATK/LINK-3
2+ “Future Purge” monsters

This card is treated as a Fiend monster. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 2 monsters on you control; have the first target attack the second target (You can only attack once per chain). When this card or another FIRE monster you control is destroyed by battle: You can Special Summon 1 “Future Purge” monster from your Deck. You can only use this effect of “Kinesis, Spiderfiend of Future Purge” once per turn.


The Link 3 I made which makes the Deck A LOT better. Has the Field Spell’s effect but generic, and it can Special Summon several Future Purge monsters from your Deck in its lifetime.


This does sound broken, but tbh this Deck can end up using your Decks resources a lot, and getting them only after having a Link 3 as well as other monsters should allow for you to do more. It also has to do things by battle, so if your opponent uses any card effect to destroy it your screwed.


Malware, the Future Purge

FIRE - DL, DR, UL, UR - Fiend/Link/Effect - 3000 ATK/LINK-4

2+ monsters, including at least 1 “Future Purge” monster

This card is also treated as a Cyberse monster. This card can attack all monsters on the field, once each. If this card destroys a monster you control by battle: Inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. If this card is destroyed by battle or sent from the field to the GY: You can Special Summon 1 FIRE monster from your GY with a different name, and if you do, you can, immediately after this chain resolves, have it attack a monster on either field (you can only attack once per chain.)


LINK-4, aka the boss monster. Being able to attack absolutely everything is BIG for this Deck. It allows for some spectacular plays. However, it’ll damage you quite a bit of damage to you if you’re not careful.


If you also play your cards right, it can float into Kinesis after destruction, meaning you’re not entirely alone if it ends up dying. Unfortunately, banishing and bouncing still work on this card, which is mostly this entire Deck’s weakness. Since that’s the case I might change this card’s effect again, so we’ll see.


This Deck is really fun when it goes off, especially with the spectacle of monsters you control attacking each other to gain advantage over and over again, and somehow in the end of it have LP higher than what you originally had. The Deck is more toolboxy so you aren’t going to get giant boards to the extent of stuff like D/D/D, but the Deck can last long after many would fall due to the LP gain and all of the GY recovery effects.


Hopefully you found this interesting. This took a while. I think I’m going to redo Affinfinities (hand mill archetype I did a while back) and then I’m going to keep making archetypes for the DPR.