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Grimseers: DARK Psychics with exact LP clauses

Today, 06:13 PM

Does anyone miss the old days of the Synchro Era where there were little to no HOPTs? Well, save yourself these cards still have them, except that they have exceptions. 



You can only use this effect of "" once per turn, unless your LP is exactly x000.


these LP amounts would be either 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 depending on the card, so you would have to play to get from 8000 LP to that number of LP to exploit the archetype.


Atm I'm experimenting with PSCT to see what explains the card text the best, so if you have anything better go for it. If you have criticism on the game design of the cards that would also be awesome. Some reviews would be nice but if you're intimidated by the length, skimming the first couple monsters to discuss the concept is fine.


Anyways, let's get to the cards (this might get a bit crazy)





Chronicler of the Grimoire


Yeah we're starting off with some of the more controversial cards, aren't we?

If this reminds you of Level Eater, which was banned, then yes you would be right to think so. The archetype is my homage to the 5ds era, and what would that be without Level Eater?

The trick is that you have to use it with Psychic monsters and it can't be used for anything except for the archetype Extra Deck Monsters. 

On top of that, you have to have exactly 1000 LP to use it like Level Eater, which is not too hard but it'll be hard to survive the next turn if you leave it there, so some of the strategy will be from staying alive and exploiting the gimmick as much as possible.





Allseer of the Grimoire


Oh. You thought we were done with the 5Ds shenanigans? Yeah no now we have a version of Mind Master. For those of you that don't know, Mind Master was one of the 2 or 3 cards that made Konami decide to make more cards with HOPTs, because there were A LOT of bs shenanigans you could do with the card, cycling your entire Deck's worth of Psychic monsters. This card is like that but harder to use. For starters, you're limited by your LP in what you can Summon, and can only use the effect more than once if you have exactly 2000 LP, so in order to use it more often, you'll have to keep gaining LP. 


Also that last clause. If you use the effect, the monster gets destroyed, and then you resummon it, you can't activate the effect. You can only use 1 copy's effects per turn. Makes some of the things you'll do with the card more vulnerable, so it gives your opponent a couple more options.





Jinx, Grimseer of Misfortunes


My god a relatively normal card?

Anyways this is a bit more simple. Either gain your LP so you don't die or pay LP to SS something from the GY. Also, you might've noticed these aren't exactly supporting an archetype yet. This is because the mechanic itself with the stats of the cards are most of the encouragement players are going to need. Unless its a Psychic monster with ATK/DEF sums of a multiple of 1000, then its going to be a lot harder to pull off combos with them rather than the archetype cards. 




Brough, Grimseer of Amnesia


Back to Dark Souls Images

This one is a discard to search and/or a better version of Golden Ladybug. The idea is that the first effect gives you more variety in your LP and to give the second effect more versatility in what it can search.




Jinx, Grimseer of Misfortunes


Totally not Dr. Stange over here is a Stratos-esc searcher... kinda. It's a bit more versatile of a searcher since it doesn't require sum ATK/DEF, but its also archetype specific and 1000 or more LP of payment. Some of the cards also banish, so it also recycles.




Wraith, Grimseer of Vengeance


Some may be wondering why this card's cost is separated from its SS. That's so you can pay the cost twice. Lemme explain. 

If you're over 4000 LP, you can put your LP from above that to exactly 4000, and then NOT Summon this, and since its a HOPT with a 4000 LP exception, you can use it again to get to either 3000 or 2000 LP. The card can even keep staying in your hand to help with LP modularity, but you're probably SS this. It has the ATK boost and can run over problematic monsters if you're having problems. It could potentially force a negate as well, so that could be useful.




Eon, Grimseer of Futures


This one is a bit more of a necessity. Rather than relying on your LP count, this pays straight numbers of LP, but can't course correct you if your opponent damaged you and screwed up your LP. This card is also a modularly leveled Tuner and a powerful heal. This was made to cover a couple things that the archetype was screwing up that I didn't intend it to, and fixed several problems the archetype were having with versatility and consistency on the Duel Portal. Works well but I'm still tinkering.




Library of the Grimoire


Oh look a Field Spell

Originally this archetype was going to have more Spell/Traps called Grimoires, but the list was getting long and the monsters did everything already so I felt that I could just make the typical Field Spell searcher more interesting. You can pay anything to search a Grimseer, or pay 2000 to be able to search another copy of itself or the Level 1 monsters (that if you remember were pretty good). This is another LP manipulation card that helps a lot when trying to get your LP where you want it. It can also course correct your LP when you're opponent is continuously attacking you with everything. 




Link Tuner? (Should this be a thing?)
Post Design:
My goal was to make something that a skilled player could investigate and find several combos in and to make LP manipulation important and interesting. I think I did the job well after several months of on and off working on this.
If anyone's wondering why I've been gone, I'm kinda getting tired of making these and not getting responses. I tried coming back by posting Future Purge which had monsters attacking each other even outside of the Battle Phase and got no responses. It was a bit sad considering all the work I put into testing it. I also made Sunglassed, but found out that was then experimental, which is apparently oblivion on this website because unless you really point it out to people no one is going to review it, so I never posted the archetype figuring I didn't want that to happen. Hopefully, a couple of people can review this. I probably spent 4 hours making the post (that's not even the cards), so hopefully, it can get some love.
ANYWAYS, love you guys. Wish my motivation to make cards was good enough to keep posting but it isn't atm. Will see you... idk I can't guarantee anything, but I'm on a lot more often on the
Discord so if you want to request me to review something you have a better chance of catching me there.
PS. If someone is putting this in experimental 5 minutes within posting this because of the Link Tuner that isn't even officially apart of the archetype atm, I'm flipping a table.

Basically the Xyz Version of Quasar with a side of LADD and Rank Down Magic

26 March 2018 - 01:24 PM



Starglassed Crimson, Heaven Beyond

LIGHT - Rank 12 - Machine/Xyz/Effect - 4000 ATK/4000 DEF

3+ Xyz Monsters, including 1 Rank 10 or higher Xyz Monster / (This card is always treated as a "Sunglassed" card) Must first be Xyz Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by transferring all of the above cards' materials to this card so that it has 12 or more materials. This card and Xyz Monsters that have "Starglassed Crimson, Heaven Beyond" that was Xyz Summoned this duel as material gain these effects. ● Cannot be Tributed, nor used as material, except for a Xyz Summon of a monster with a different name than this card. Once per Chain, when a card or effect effect is activated (Quick Effect): Detach 2 materials from this card; negate that effect, also Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster (from this card’s Xyz Materials) with a Rank lower than this card by using it as material. (Transfer this card’s materials to the Summoned monster.)




For context, this is for a archetype I've been working on (and failing to PSCT because of not just the obviously weird effects on this card), I felt the boss monster was generic enough to showcase. You might be wondering "HOW DO YOU GET 3 XYZ MONSTERS OUT IN LINK FORMAT!??!" and while "yeah no ur screwed" usually, the main mechanic of the other Xyz is that they can be Xyz Summoned from the materials of another Xyz Monster, which isn't from the Extra Deck. Makes it so you can escape Link Format without having to resort to mechanics while doing so in a way only Xyz Monsters could do.They also have the gimmick of giving the monsters they're attached to their effects in a similar fashion to Star Drawing and some of the Zoodiac Main Deck, and if some are worried about Zoodiacs 2.0, I've been doing my best to make it not that. There is a Xyz Monster that can use only 1 material, but it can only use monsters with levels, and on its own is harmless.


As for this card, its Kaiju/Chimeratech proof, and it has a negation effect similar to LADD but with Rank-Down shenanigans. This is mainly to adapt a moment of Gurren Lagann I'd rather not spoil, but if you watched it then the way that you continuously float into the lower Rank Xyz should give you a hint as to what I'm adapting. Another weird thing is the lack of a Level/Rank requirement. This is because I don't particularly care about a gimmick that isn't exactly necessary to the mechanic, so I'd rather distance myself from it when it isn't necessary. The Rank in place of referencing the Level of materials now references the amount of materials needed for this card to be Xyz Summoned. Lastly I made it so to get the effects on your monster's materials you have to actually Summon the thing. I'd rather this card not get ruined by generic Extra Deck attaching, so that was added so that it couldn't be exploited in this manner.


It can negate anything and they can't Kaiju/Lair of Darkness it, but remember that the negation is mandatory and can deteriorate your monster to a point that it will lack the ability to keep going. Also remember that your opponent can quick effect respond to this card since its "Once per chain" similar to how LADD gets countered. I wouldn't say that its effect itself is not broken, but remember this is nigh-impossible even for the archetype to Summon in 1 turn. I'm guessing you could go crazy and and make a Deck with Link monsters to specifically Summon this, but at that point just run Herald of Perfection its a lot easier to Summon and a lot less punishing if it actually gets removed from field





Haven't posted in awhile since I haven't found a good reason too. I've been on Duel-Portal testing my cards, which has been very helpful in improving my ability to make cards and to recognize problems I wouldn't have otherwise. I do love this place that got me into this, so I'm planning to post more, even if its only once in a while in generics.

[DPR] SUPER LONG SWORD (for those that like anime)

31 December 2017 - 12:13 AM

Haven't done one of these in a while. Been working more on archetypes as of recent.



Spell - Equip

You can only control 1 face-up “Superlongsword". If the equipped monster destroys a monster by battle: It gains 300 ATK/DEF and attacks once again in a row. Your opponent cannot take damage from a battle involving the equipped monster. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, destroy this card instead.



Figured this would be funny. I wanted an "attack all monsters your opponent controls" card but I figured there should be a couple more restrictions to prevent too much exploitation. The "idea" here is that you use this with cards that get benefits from destroying monsters by battle. While this might not seem too good, there is a combo with another card in the DPR that's essentially Horn of the Phantom Beast but as a generic Equip Spell, so you get a little generic draw engine via equip cards. Also, some protection if you can't get over something, so that's nice.



I'm working a lot more on the Duel-Portal at the moment, where I'm working on an archetype with a lot of battle destruction capabilities. Figured I wanted a card like this in the DPR anyways so I might as well test it while I'm testing other stuff.

[AGM Christmas] Draconus

25 December 2017 - 07:34 PM

I could say I was waiting until Christmas Day, but I've actually been a bit busy with everything going on, so hopefully I'm not too late for the party,



Will be making some cards for a couple more people. Probably not entire archetypes but there are a couple more people that I think would be happy to have them.

AMA: Ask Me Anything, Eshai Edition

22 December 2017 - 10:12 PM

I don't particularly know a lot of people on the website, so who I am may come in question. I'll do my best to answer.



If you have any Game Design questions I can answer most of those, whether you have an idea for a game, 



If you have any cards you'd like me to review, you can ask here I guess. Maybe you could even post them here and we can discuss game design that way. 



Bizzare questions? Sure why not. Ask away.