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In Topic: Marco Polomerization [Written]

20 August 2019 - 01:37 PM

The only real problem with this is that this card completely surpasses the original Polymerization in every way. Sure, there have been Quick-Play Polymerizations and Fusion Spells that banish from the GY as the cost, but they're all used for specific archetypes. The more 'general' Polymerizations are considered 'side-grades', rather than upgrades. For example, Super Polymerization is a Quick-Play and can't be responded to, but it only lets the player use monsters on either side of the field. Also, it forces the player to discard a card just to play it. Ultra Polymerization lets you revive your Fusion Materials and can't be responded to, but it only lets the player use monsters on their own field and forces them to pay 2000 LP.


There needs to be some kind of 'cost' or 'disadvantage' to using this over the original Polymerization. Maybe the resulting monster should have its effects negated or something... That would still make it useful for a non-Effect Fusion Monster. You could also make the banishing for LP gain effect a quick effect to make the monster function like Psy-Framelord Omega, but of course, its effect would still have to be negated.


Made it so the player has to have at least a monster on the field and a monster in the hand for this to work and can neither use all monsters from your field or all monsters from field.

In Topic: Elemental HERO Blaze Master [Written]

17 August 2019 - 03:09 PM

Honestly, it should be fine allowing you to have multiple Blazemasters.  You already made both effects HOPTs, so the second one would essentially be a vanilla monster.  If you really wanted to add a cost to the effect, it'd honestly be fine with a LP payment or something relatively minor.


On the whole though, this card can pretty easily extend certain HERO plays through either of the Link-2s and turn both into easy pluses which is always nice.


As a sidenote, since this is a FIRE Warrior, you could make some silly plays with this, Neos Alius, and that revealed Gemini Continuous Trap. :D Was that intentional?


No but a nice convivence for HERO players since 90% of their monsters are Warrior's. Its more of a case to have Elemental HERO's have a good 6 Attribute set since you have...

Stratos (WIND) for search and backrow Removal
Solid Solider (EARTH) for that HERO Goblindberg
Honest Neos (LIGHT) for your ATK boosting hand trap
Shadow Mist (DARK) for search upon being sent to the grave (also mask change shenanigans) 

Where I feel both FIRE and WATER need good E-HERO's to support the Deck since Blazeman was powercrept by Vyon and Bubbleman effects are situational while the special summon while being the last card is nice.

In Topic: [VJMP] Valkyrie Sigrún

17 August 2019 - 01:23 PM

IDK if its too early to post this card as its effects are yet to be revealed.

In Topic: [LVDS] Trickstar Fes

14 August 2019 - 12:34 AM

So Trickstars get their own exclusive version of Photon Santuary for summoning their Links making it so you don't need to use your Lycoris and Candina's to summon your Link monsters which is quite handy.

In Topic: [Fist of the Gadgets / FIGA] Fire Fist

09 August 2019 - 03:10 PM

Well...  I mean in hindsight they did have an awkward Synchro in the time XYZ's were prominent... So with that in mind they could have eventually expand their... Unnecessary versatility in Summoning things by different means.

So in that case Fire Fist are now a Deck that can use Firewall Dragon Darkfluid to its full potential if it wants to now.