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In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

11 January 2019 - 02:48 AM

Announcement that this RP has been transferred to the Neo Card Maker Forum. For those interested in this RP and want to join, please head to that forum.

In Topic: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

28 December 2018 - 03:39 AM

Tuff breathed a sigh of relief. Now, thinking about it, that was...pretty dumb, right? He didn't know if he even knew Tackle, he just ran at the monkey thing and hoped that that would work. Luckily, it seemed like it did. Also, what was Tackle again? It was the first word that came to mind, for some reason. Tackle. But why? Was that a move? Probably, right? It had to be. After all, he used it, and it worked. Or maybe that was just because he hit it. He hit it, so it got hurt. That made sense. So then, what now?


Hell if I know.


"Hey!" he snapped at Blitzle after her reply to Zee. "You said you can't help, but can you help in other ways? Like tell me what moves I know." What even were moves again? Special fighting techniques? He thought so, but he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure of anything in this damned world, and that sucked. A lot. He didn't like being caught flat-footed, but at least he was...adaptable. That's the word, right? Yeah, he was adaptable. Didn't matter what the world threw at him, he would just roll with the punches and give as good as he got.


He was knocked out of his thoughts--no, really, actually knocked out, by a chop to the head. "F***!" he swore. "Damn you to hell! What the f***?!" It was tough, thinking and fighting at the same time. So maybe he should just stop thinking and start fighting. Except that attack seemed to hurt a lot, and now his head hurt and he was having trouble thinking, so maybe it was better to lie down--"F*** that!" he shouted, and ran at the monkey that hit his head. A little bump on the head never killed no one, and he was much more than no one! He was Tuff!

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

27 December 2018 - 05:02 PM



Ari couldn't help but feel disappointed that Kazo wouldn't come. It made him less enthusiastic about going, as well. If Kazo wasn't going to be there, would it be worth going? Except, there was an actual princess there, and he had already said he would, so even if Kazo wasn't going, he still was. He didn't really understand how the princess brought up bad memories, but maybe Kazo had known a person like her? Wait, did he know a princess then? Was that it? "Huh? You knew a princess?!" his eyes started to sparkle with awe.


After getting the food, Ari sat down wherever Kazo decided and dug in, surprised at how good the onion soup was. He usually liked just meat, but maybe he could make an exception. Partway through the meal, however, he noticed a group of gijinka, kids as well, crowding around Mac's spot.


"Uh oh," he muttered. This wasn't good.


His feeling was confirmed when one of them put their hands down on the table on either side of Mac's bowl and said something he didn't quite catch.


Mac didn't help matters much with her sarcastic reply, and then the boy escalated it further by knocking her bowl off the table. Ari watched what looked to be the beginning of a fight with worry before tugging at Kazo's sleeve. "Kazo, Kazo, this looks bad. Mac's in trouble."


Right after he said that the girl let out a small Thundershock at the boy before jumping on the table and shouting, loud enough for everybody nearby to hear. "You're the brat here. You trying to start a fight or something?"


"I know she didn't, but it looks like she started the fight now," Ari muttered to the Gabite. He looked at the group with a little nervousness. "You guys...you shouldn't fight. We're all just trying to eat here."






Easter breathed a silent sigh of relief now that their enemies were down, before narrowing his eyes as a pair of armored Lanturn entered the bubble. They looked around at the group, then at themselves, before raising their arms. Electricity crackled along each of their hands. "From orders of the King of Merm we order you to explain how you came here and what your intentions are."


Dora shuffled from behind Easter and gave a half-hearted wave of her hand. The two dropped their arms suddenly and stood at attention. "Your Highness, we did not realize you were back, our apologies if we frightened you with our behavior."


"Your Highness?!" While Easter couldn't say he hadn't anticipated the possibility of Dora leaving a few key facts out--this was Dora after all--forgetting to mention that she was a princess? That was an all new level of...something. Something Dora.


The other, who hadn't said anything, nudged his companion and the Lanturn nodded. "You three. What are you doing with the Princess? If you have harmed her in any way..." He left the threat unsaid, gave a glance at Dora, and left it hanging.


The Sylveon almost rolled his eyes. Almost. He could understand why they were being so wary if the Wooper really was a princess, but still. He thought it was pretty obvious they had been protecting her that last battle. "We are traveling with her. And you can see for yourself that she is unharmed." Not by any care on her part. The Wooper had an unsettling lack of any sense of danger.






Keanu moaned from his position on the ground. "Wooh...I need...healing." He dug into his berry pouch, pulling out a berry that he recognized...would do no help right now. Putting it back, the brief clarity that had overtaken him disappeared once more. "Ground...tastes like dirt." He giggled. Dirt. Ground. Hahaha. That was funny. Really funny. He should make an act or something. Stop all this fighting, and just be a comedian. Except comedians didn't lie on the ground, right? Or did they? Instead of a stand-up comedian, he could be a lie-down one. Yeah. That could work.






Veronica seemed unconcerned with the pincer movement heading her way. In a blur, she retreated backwards, flipping over the arrows as they neared her. In a heartbeat, she zoomed forward, past most of Taiga's attacks save one. She didn't seem to notice, however, so focused was she on Zygarde, as a glowing pair of fangs appeared once more and chomped down on the legendary.

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

27 December 2018 - 04:21 PM

The shark tore the spear out of Gilly's hands, the sudden force almost causing the halfling to fall over. "Whoa!" she cried, straightening and glaring at the shark. "That coulda been really bad, you know? I almost fell over!" The girl didn't seem to realize how ridiculous a concept lecturing an eldritch shark was. "Bad sharkies get no dinner!" She materialized another spear as the creature dove underground. When it reappeared, stuck in the ground still like a potted plant, the girl swung her spear at the snapping jaws in front of her. "And no dinner is the worst ever!"


Hob baa'ed, whether in agreement or disagreement, or just for the sake of it, was hard to tell. As soon as his rider finished her attack, he canted to the side before suddenly charging at the spine, head lowered.

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

26 December 2018 - 06:13 PM

It didn't take long for the group to heal up their Pokémon. Belladonna watched the small Pancham following after its owner happily. What was the point of letting Pokémon out of their balls like that? Wouldn't they be exhausted by the time they actually did fight? Still, it was none of her business, so the girl stayed silent on the matter, munching on her Gummy Bewears. Before she knew it, her hand was wiggling around the bottom of the bag. "Well, darn," she muttered, almost throwing the bag on the ground before thinking better of it. This wasn't her room, after all. And she couldn't just psychic toss it to the nearest trash can either. Letting out a put-upon sigh, the girl started looking around for one.


"There's no way we can afford a rod." Ivan replied to Jacklyn's question, as he stepped in front of the two girls. Belladonna happily let him take point. "Let's get the supplies and go - the sooner we hit the road the better." He seemed eager to leave, though the bluenette wasn't sure exactly why, unless it was the smell of the place. But again, none of her business. She was just traveling with these three. It didn't mean they were friends, by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe if she were somebody else...but thinking about things like that was pointless. She was herself, and that was that.


"No way..." Jacklyn seemed disbelieving at the thought.




"...it's true." The purple-haired girl hung her head in defeat as she saw the price tag on the cheapest fishing rod that was around in the outdoor store that they had stumbled across. Lifting her head back up, she sighed and said, "next time. For sure." After giving a bit of a nod, the girl continued to move around the store, before showing off the supplies she had found to Belladonna and Ivan.


The bluenette blinked at the other girl's enthusiasm, nonplussed. "What..." she said, a little disbelieving that anybody could be this enthusiastic about the outdoors. And traveling. And, well, anything. It was like talking to an alien, though in this case, Belladonna was probably closer to the alien, considering everybody's obsession with becoming Pokémon Trainers, which, she really couldn't understand that.


I think I can understand wanting to watch the stars though, maybe, she thought cautiously. I can't remember the last time I saw them, or took the time to just look at them. It had to have been when she was younger, a small girl obsessed with the idea of seeing as many different places as possible. But that was back then, she shook her head. I'm different now. That was patently obvious. If she were the same, she'd be bouncing around like an overly energetic Spoink, much like Jacklyn was doing right now.


No, instead, all Belladonna had wanted was to find a trash can. Which she did. So now all she wanted was to grab the stuff and go. "Sounds like got everythin'," she mumbled, energy going down just listening to this girl. It didn't help she ran out of her sugar supply. Glancing around, the girl looked for anything else they could need, before grabbing another five packs of Gummy Bewears. "Good t'go." She wasn't sure what else they would really need, though there was something nagging at her mind. Like she had forgotten something important.


"Oh yeah, forgot these," she grabbed a handful of Poké Balls, bringing them up to the counter. "Prob'ly useful," she muttered, half listening as the clerk gave her an extra, white-colored ball for buying at least ten at once. Barely glancing at it, she pocketed the items, and then stood awkwardly in front of the clerk as she fumbled with her wallet. "Shopping's difficult," she grumbled as she walked away. Shopping in video games was a lot easier. All you did was pick out the item and cha-ching, it was bought. Here, you had to hand over the money, put the items away if you had room, or if you didn't, carry the bag, and then put the change into your wallet, all the while there was somebody waiting impatiently behind you. Too much effort. This was why she was a shut-in. Or at least one of the reasons.


The girl looked to the two she would be traveling with. "Ready now."