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Natural Twenty [OOC/Limited Acceptance]

31 July 2018 - 06:55 PM

~Theme Music~




A Dungeons & Dragons RP


Hosted and Co-hosted by:

Sethera and Hakima


So I have wanted to do a Dungeons & Dragons roleplay on this site for a couple years now. However, due to various factors in my life, such as hosting and cohosting active RPs, and real-life duties, I have kept telling myself "I'll do it when I have more time." And since I have recently completed a number of real-life tasks, I figure now would be as good a time as any to start this--or I'd never do it. I am naming my D&D RP concept Natural Twenty, as an homage to the old failed club, but the title of the actual RP adventure will be different.


Rules and Information




Choosing Our Players


Note: Yes we are still accepting applicants.

Spoiler Tag Issue

11 May 2018 - 02:47 PM



On the main web browser I use (Safari) I am unable to open up spoiler tags to view them. I can do so just fine in Chrome but not in Safari. I haven't had any system updates lately so this is probably the result of something changing with the site coding that has caused this. While I've only noticed this in the last couple days, I haven't tried viewing spoilers while not on mobile for the last week or so, so the cause might be further back.


If anybody has any answers for this problem, that would be appreciated, as I make use of spoilers quite frequently as an RPer.


Edit: Another issue I've noticed since posting this is that sometimes I'll be unable to use links to move away from the page I'm on, even the one in the top left that lets you go back to the home page.

Points Giveaway

28 September 2017 - 12:43 AM

Title is probably clickbait but not sure how else to word it without it getting really long.


Basically I've noticed that there seems to be some sort of trend going on with people giving away points, starting from moderators or former moderators. Normally I'm not one to mention when something bothers me on this site, because it's a forum for card games and stuff, but in this case I figured I'd speak up because it's like a sucker punch to the gut.


As someone who's your average member--mainly frequenting RP sure, but I do dip my toe in other places--I have worked hard by posting to get my points, because for the longest time, my goal here was to buy a permanent member group. The only exception was when I received a Christmas gift of 300 points and another time when I went above and beyond to help organize someone else's RP and got a lot of points in one go as a thank you. But I'd say most of my points were just spent posting. I was also very conservative, never buying anything from the shop unless it was free, not even spending points for a name change, which I've wanted to do frequently during times such as Halloween and Christmas. Instead I waited it out till I was able to change it for free, and by then the events were usually over.


It might sound like I'm whining, but the point is, I really worked for those points. And now all of what I did, all of that, is cheapened to nothing, because apparently you can just go up to any moderator or former moderator and ask for points. Which I remember hearing when I first arrived at this site was not really the done thing, because people were trying to make points meaningful.


Long story short, I feel like I worked really hard trying to be an active posting member of this site for nothing. I mean, obviously I posted here because I enjoyed this forum, but there was also that thought in the back of my head of achieving permanent member group status. I guess it's the same feeling you get after running a race and finding out somebody else drove a car to get to the finish line at the same time you did, but it doesn't matter because you both are getting the same trophy.


I labeled this under "Comment" because I'm not really sure what to suggest since what's done is done. But I figured I'd get my thoughts out there, anyway.

Post and I'll tell you something I like about you

20 March 2017 - 02:24 PM

Because I think we all need a dose of happy right now.

If I don't know you then sorry I'll probably just compliment your avatar or something.

Seth Plays Pokémon Storm Silver

31 January 2017 - 08:03 PM

~Seth Plays Pokémon Storm Silver~


Or where I hop on the nuzlocke bandwagon...again. Because I am horrible and inconsistent and it's all Skaia's fault.


Also I just really like what little I've played of this hack so far. Because that's what it is. Pokémon Storm Silver is a hack made by Drayano, who is also known for creating Fire Red Omega, Spirit Gold, and Blaze Black/Volt White. Anyway, you can read all the changes that he made on the website, but basically he just made the game bigger, cooler, and harder. So I am playing a nuzlocke for a game that's been made to be more difficult. rip. But never say I do not love challenges. Because there's something exhilarating about them I can't resist.


If you are reading this, you should also try reading Skaia's Bandwagoning Trash Nuzlog. There are a couple other good nuzlockes out there, but as Skaia is my eternal rival (at least here), and his nuzlocke is what inspired me to do this, I feel it is only right to mention it.


I do not plan on abandoning the FE LP btw, just am doing this as well. Because I am trash. Yes, I know.