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In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

19 October 2018 - 04:07 AM



"Personally, I would rather not deal with this," Kazo admitted. "We're deep over our heads, especially since our powerhouses left the team. And the last thing I want to do is place you guys in an unwinnable fight where the stakes are our lives," He closed his eyes. "But, running away isn't the answer either. It's too big, we'll get swept up in this one way or another, ya know? We might as well face it together."


Ari was surprised to hear that Kazo did not want to do this, but then again, the Gabite was a gentle soul at heart. That was why he looked up to him so much, because he managed to be both strong and kind. This is why Kazo's the best, he thought. And he thought of something I hadn't thought of. I figured if we ran away, we wouldn't have to face it, but he's right. This is probably going to affect us all somehow. "You're right," he said. "That's what a leader would do. They wouldn't run away just because they were scared..." he looked down at his feet. I'm scared, but we really don't have much of a choice, do we?


Mac started talking and saying her usual confident Mac stuff. Somehow, it was reassuring to hear. If Mac were ever unsure or afraid...well, the world would really be ending then. But it seemed like their next destination would be Ogren. Which ended up being quite...wet.


"Why is...it so...hard to...walk in this!" Mac whined. "Who can live in a place this wet!? I wonder who this person Cresselia mentioned is...better be worth it."


"Ugh...be quiet," Ari muttered. "At least you're an electric type. Kazo and I are both weak to water, and do you hear us complaining?" While he wasn't complaining, the fire type's mood had taken a complete nosedive since arriving at the marsh, making him snappier than normal.






Once in the bubble, Easter settled himself into a seated position, his usual girly one of touching his knees together, hands draped over them. He watched the surroundings with interest, but soon grew more interested in grilling--eheh, talking to Denku. After all, they really didn't know much about the Pupitar, and what he had learned so far piqued his interest. He had gotten distracted fighting Edna on the ship these past few days, but now there was nothing holding him back. Though, when he thought about it, he didn't really know too much about Brooke or Dora either. And I didn't know anything about Fawkes, he thought bitterly, before shaking his head to clear it. This might also be good for a distraction, he thought, glancing at Brooke.


"Sooo," he started. "Might be a bit late, but, thinking about it, we don't really know much about each other, like where we came from, what we were doing before we became a group. Well, except for Brooke and Dora, I know you two have been together for a while," he nodded at the duo. "Might as well start. As for me, I'm from Northshore. It's where I learned what I know about music." He stopped talking. He wasn't used to being this...honest about his past, to anybody save for the S.S. Showdown, but somewhere along the line, these people had become more than just traveling companions. They had become a family of sorts, even Denku, though he was still in the process of being inducted.


"I...ran away from home," he admitted. "Or...well, I was kicked out. Suffice to say, my parents didn't approve of my fashion choices." Oh, yeah, this was really awkward. Now he remembered why he didn't talk about himself all that much. "Traveled to Trailsau for a bit, but didn't stay there long," his mouth tasted like ash as he remembered that time. The time he made the decision to fight. "Went to Adarid next, fought in their arena for a few years, though I could never beat the champion," he shook his head, a wry smile on his face. "And then I traveled over here, where I joined the S.S. Showdown," he swallowed. This was the hard part. "There was...an incident. Well, the old crew and I, we left after that. Traveled around for a bit, and ended up in Juyu, though I hear it got destroyed. Went to Deku, which also got destroyed, and then to Coldharbour, which, again, got destroyed." He chuckled, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was the cause of all of that. Come to think of it, didn't Mioter get attacked as well? The world's gotten more exciting lately, that's for sure."






"People usually mistake him for a bad guy," Nani clarified. "He's not, but that doesn't make him look any less intimidating."


"I think it's 'cause you're so used to being a heel," Keanu joked. "You just have that air about you, eh?"


The Tyranitar had begun laughing when the group made their request. A full on, earnest, belly laugh. "Yes, I can see why people would think that but don't you worry." He paused to take a breath. "Everyone is equal in Trailsau, as long as you can fight. For better or worse."


"I don't know I like the sound of that," the electric type muttered.


The next day they met up with the Pyroar from before. "Welcome back! You know, this place feels a whole lot more friendly like than it did before. Yous have anything to do with dat?"


"Yeah," Keanu sighed, staring at the ground below him. "That we did."


The next two days aboard the raft, the Pikachu said little, lost in his thoughts. Mother, father, Kai, Blake...I'm sorry, thought. I failed you all. He remembered what Eve had said, before he left her. "It wasn't all...he wanted. It was all...he wanted to want, though."


Yeah, I understand that, he thought. Maybe if I had wanted the same things as them...then I'd be with them, and not here...


Then as he was almost out the door. "Thank you.....and whether you're an idiot or not is still uncertain."


That--he cut himself off before he said something rash. "Well at least I'm certain now that I don't like you," despite his harsh words, his tone was mild.


I wonder how well they're working together, he thought. Maybe we'll come back and the place will be burned to the ground. But I hope not. He looked up at the ribbon of sky which had followed the river here in the dense jungle. Wouldn't want them to lose their home too.








Veronica huffed, her expression annoyed. "You are quite welcome. Do try not to get yourself killed now since you seem so stubbornly set on fighting a legendary."


"So...you wanna die too huh?"  Taiga cracked her knuckles, and then her neck.  "Fine by me."  She sighed.  She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and then letting it out.  Once she opened them again, they were as fierce as Zygarde's.  "There ain't no use talkin' down crazy!"  Taiga shouted to the legend.  "But I don't 'spose you could go easy on some errand runners for Rayquaza, would you?  Fufufufufu."


"Idiot! Why would you want to die?" the Crobat shouted, before her expression twisted in disgust. "And Rayquaza sent you? Ugh, I should've known..."


"Ray...quazaaaaa! That arrogant bastard!" Zygarde seemed equally displeased with the legendary, roaring as she flung her body forward and threw Taiga to the ground. "RRRRAAARRRGGGGHHHH!" the Legend roared, her body being covered in a purplish glow. Steam seemed to leave the woman's body as her muscles became more pronounced and she began to slam her fists into the Sharpedo, in a powerful display of strength.


"You're insane..." Isole muttered, "but I guess it's up to me to keep you alive...Captain would say."


Veronica watched the quiet Rotom unleash a Blizzard from behind Zygarde. She didn't want to get hit by that, so she would come in from the side. Running forward in a burst of speed, she opened her mouth...and a ghostly giant, sharpened pair of upper incisors appeared, chomping down on the legendary and draining her of some of her health. And then she was back in her former position, looking healthier than she had before. "What a brute." She glared up at the legendary, "You really are all the same, aren't you?"

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

18 October 2018 - 02:35 AM

"FINALLY" the Youngster said. "Gosh you guys take forever, I told ya I didn't have much time didn't I? Guess I gotta make this quick. This is to prove I'm tough enough to leave this stupid fishing hole!"


"Not sure why you don't just leave, but whatever," Belladonna shrugged, nodding a reply to Jacklyn, but saying nothing more, her mind already turned to the battle ahead of them.


The Youngster sent out three Pokémon at that point. A Starly, Elekid, and Pichu. Baby Starly are sometimes known to be afraid of heights. Elekid can go only two hours before needing to charge. Pichu are often left alone for long periods of time while its parents forage for food.


But none of this information was useful for battling. Still, at least she wasn't doing it alone this time. Taking out a Poké Ball, she tossed it half-heartedly at the ground. In a flash of light, a small, chubby cow, a Poamoo, was released. Turning its head this way and that, it let out a lowing sound at seeing the Lepash sent out next to it, waddling to the side as if it wanted to greet it. But it was at that point that the rabbit got shocked by the Pichu, at the same time the Starly Growled and the Elekid Leered.


"Moo, do um...your new thing. With those vines. On, uhh..." Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, her finger landed on the oversized socket plug, "on Elekid."


The cow nodded, manifesting two long vines that whipped toward the electric type. At the same time, the rabbit, "Rus" if what she was hearing was correct, spit out an Ember.


Oh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea...oh well. That was something she hadn't anticipated...their attacks getting in the way of each other.


But Moo was patient and slow, his vines ambling their way toward the Elekid. By the time they reached it, the Ember had long since reached the Elekid. However, the electric type had seen the attack coming and leapt up to avoid the flames...right into the Vine Whip.


"I guess it worked out," Belladonna mumbled. Maybe she wasn't too bad after all. That was good. The sooner they finished this, the sooner she could eat those gummy Bewears.

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

17 October 2018 - 10:26 PM





"Tie her up nice and tight," the man in front whispered. "We don't want her squirming during the ceremony, or he would have words to say."


The man beside him shuddered. "Goddess, no. I don't want him nowhere near me. You saw what he did to the last bloke that displeased him."


"Aye," the other nodded. "I did indeed. Nothing left but bones, and e'en that was eaten up. His magic's always hungry, it is."


"Yes, it is," a new voice right beside her spoke, hoarse and raspy. "And if you don't hurry up, you'll see exactly how hungry." 


"Sir!" the two quickly turned around and fell to one knee, heads bowed.


"Get up! Didn't I just say to hurry?"


Catriona craned her neck, curious to see just who was talking, but she could make out nothing of his features save for his robes--oh. No. That, and his eyes, which glowed an acid green in the dark. She froze, unable to think of anything in that moment. It was as if she had locked gazes with a viper.


"Like what you see?" he chuckled. "Enjoy it while it lasts. Not too long now and your eyes will be closed...forever." He swept past, and the moment was broken, the woman taking in deep gulps of air, only then realizing that she had been holding her breath.


"Goddess, I almost shit my pants there," one of the men muttered as soon as he had left.


"Look, even the princess is scared stiff. Don't blame you," the other turned to address her, shaking his head. "You're in for a world of pain soon."


"Don't go feeling sorry for her. She's from that country, ya know."


"I know. We'd best get on with it."


Catriona woke up with a gasp, heart pounding wildly. She lay there, stiff and unmoving, until her heart finally settled down. Sighing, the woman turned over, hoping to get some sleep that wouldn't be plagued by nightmares. Though that was less a nightmare, and more a...memory. Of a living nightmare.


It felt as if she had blinked before she sat upright, sleep disturbed yet again, this time by her own party members. It didn't take long for the lord to gather her equipment and join the others at the northern edge of the shrine. "By the dragon," she whispered, seeing just what had prompted the early awakening.


By now, the enemy had come close enough that the lord could make out exactly what it looked like. Or rather, "they." For it was a horde of what could only be called monsters. At first glance they looked like normal human beings in armor, though they walked stiffly, as if unused to it. But their skin ranged from pale as chalk to a dark bruise-colored purple, and their eyes glowed blood red.


"The Awakened. I did not think I would see them in my lifetime," Licorice spoke from beside her. The Protean had woken up as well in the chaos.


"Awakened?" The word sounded...familiar, though Catriona wasn't sure where she had heard it.


"Yes. In the past, it is what the people of Mysia called those that the goddess revived to carry out Her will, as she has "woken" them from the eternal slumber of death. The revival is usually temporary, and for good reason, for they are stronger in undeath than they were in life. It is said that blows that would kill a man grown will only stymie an Awakened, but give it enough force and they'll die again, same as any man."


The princess nodded seriously. "Many thanks for your advice. If ever there was a time and place for such knowledge, it would be here and now."


"You're welcome," Licorice smiled thinly, before stepping back and transforming into her bestial form. "Though I have more to offer than knowledge alone. Their blades may be sharp, but my claws and teeth are sharper yet."


"Of course." Catriona resumed her watch northward, one hand resting over the handle of her sword. The horde approached, and it was unlikely they would survive this unscathed, if they survived at all. There were far too many enemies, too many to count. But their party had the high ground and the desperation of the living on their side. But...what about the other side? Did the dead even feel pain? She didn't have the leisure to dwell on that, for in the next second, she heard the clanking of weapons and armor...from the south side.


Whipping around, the lord cried out, "Behind us!" But it was too late. While they had been distracted at the north end, more foes had taken the opportunity to come in from the south. Charging forward, she whipped out her blade, ready to attack the mounted lance-wielder in front. However, before she could do so, the enemy stepped forward and...held its hands out?


The woman came to a halt, staring at the monster before her in puzzlement. It was then that she noticed that, rather than blood-red, its eyes were white, shining like stars. "You mean no harm?" she asked.


The man nodded, and gestured toward Edrick before speaking in a raspy, halting voice, as if it were unused to using its vocal chords. "Believer...brought rest...will help...return the others to sleep." The ones behind him nodded.


"So you were the spirits appeased in the ceremony..." Catriona realized, sheathing her sword. It was odd, but she knew immediately that they were telling the truth. They gave off the same feeling the shrine did--sadness, but also peace. Their bodies did not release the stench of rot, but the sweet scent of flowers, the same kind she had smelled earlier after the ceremony. "Thank you for your aid. We shall have need of it within the hour." She glanced at her sister. "Our tactician is over there. She will give you direction."


The group nodded, and approached Penelope. The lord followed, still not quite sure what to make of these strange happenings, but ready to act if necessary. As she walked, she observed the group. There were five overall--the lance cavalier in front, a barbarian, an archer, a knife thief, and a priest. The cavalier's horse looked just like a normal horse, save for its dark purple-colored coat and white eyes like its owner. An interesting group, and not those who would usually band together. There was a story here, but there was no time to ask. 


"These...people...are allies," it was a difficult concept for the lord to grasp, but she could not afford to be picky. "They are here to fight against the..." what was that word that Licorice had used? "The Awakened." The white-haired woman lingered nearby, unsure if she wanted to leave these strange men alone with her sister. Though it appeared as if the archer and thief were female, regardless, she didn't quite trust them around Penelope.


Meanwhile, the horde drew ever closer. By now, those in front would be able to identify their class and pick up on their odor--that of dirt and decay.



In Topic: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

16 October 2018 - 04:30 AM

As things got even more awkward, the Stufful didn't really have much to reply to the floating thing's comment, nor to the bird thing. As they approached the lizard thing and the bat thing, the floating thing introduced herself as Cassidy, and the other two by their species. However, the "Doduo" corrected her with Corbin, and it was then that the bear realized that the other two...also had weird names. Maybe they were like him and Draxew then. If that were the case, then maybe they knew more about what was going on, because he had no f***ing clue.


Lost in thought, he missed his opportunity to introduce himself. Shit, the others probably think I'm a Pokémon now. Well, that I've always been a Pokémon anyway. Well, not gonna cry over spilt milk. I can introduce myself later. Listening to the lizard thing, he was starting to lose his faith in this place. Or at least this person--shit, Pokémon. This Pokémon. Not a person, not people, human, whatever. Anyway, point is, he should've realized that Corbin was one person, not two, though...it was kind of confusing, wasn't it?


"Oh! Yes good, perfect. Three of you then. Two-Beak, Scrawny and Fluffy, let's have it!" the lizard thing said cheerfully.


"Ha! What a bunch of weird names, who the hell is Fluffy anywa--" the panda cut himself off as he glanced at himself, and then at the others. Floating--Cassidy wasn't fluffy, and Corbin was obviously Two-Beak. "Wait, I'm Fluffy?! Hell no!"


"Right then, whenever you're ready. Noivy will catch you if things look bad so throw with all you've got!"


"Are you listening to me?!"


"We'll manage, don't worry!" Corbin said proudly, before turning to the rest of the team. "You ready, Fl- Stufful?"


"Don't call me Fluffy! I'm tough, not fluffy, got it?" he roared angrily, pointing at himself with a paw, and then wobbling as his body reminded him that standing on three legs was not as easy as it looked. "And of course I'm ready. I was born ready. Let's get this over with."


He stumbled a fair distance away from the reptile...whatever...things, before looking at Corbin. "You'll have to crouch...let's see...ouch, hmm...no, that's not working...goddamnit!" The bear had somehow managed to trip over himself and tangle up the Doduo's legs at the same time. After multiple attempts to get his arms underneath the bird's feet, they eventually decided that Corbin would step onto his paws, and he would toss him. Wincing at the weight, the Stufful grunted as he exerted himself. This f***er's heavier than I thought he'd be. Or I'm just weaker. No way. I'm not weak. I'm strong. Always have been. And I'm not gonna let a little something like weight stop me.


"Horyaaa!" he shouted, straining his arms to the point they looked like overstuffed punching bags, whatever those were. Slowly, but surely, the Doduo was rising off the ground. But it didn't stop there. Eventually, the bear was holding the bird above his head while standing on his two back paws. His legs trembled, but miracle of all miracles, he didn't actually fall. Something about this pose felt...familiar. Why, he wasn't sure, but it was enough of a memory to help him not fall flat on his ass. Gritting his teeth, the panda bent his arms slightly as he prepared to throw, elbows wobbling slightly. "Gryaaagh!" he shouted, straightening his arms and throwing the Doduo with a mighty toss, straight up into the air.


The Stufful watched the bird shoot up like a...bottle rocket or something, flushed with triumph. He did it. He managed to throw a Pokémon bigger than he was. He was awesome. He was-- "F***!" and sometime in the middle of all of that he managed to fall flat on his ass. Better now than earlier, but still... "That hurt, damnit!" he flopped onto his belly to relieve the pain from his sore tail, looking up at Cassidy afterward. "It's up to you now."



In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

16 October 2018 - 03:35 AM



Mac rolled her eyes at Kazo. "Of course I'm going to keep fighting. But you don't have to. I'm gonna help to take these guys down no matter what. Even if I have to find whoever this group who beat one of them are...But I guess I'd rather go with you guys if you want." She mumbled the last bit.


Her next words, after Ari asked Kazo a question, were less mumbled. "Hey, I'm the leader, shouldn't you be asking me? Arceus, you are really bad at being a lackey, Ari, you know that?"


"So you do care!" the Litleo teased. "And it's because I already knew what you were going to say, duh," he rolled his eyes as well, before fixing his attention on the Gabite in front of him. If Mac was for it, and he was on the fence, then what was Kazo?






The next two days were rather boring, though the weather wasn't. The turbulence was enough to cause Easter to drown in nostalgia for a bit, though he seemed more cheerful the longer he spent with Captain and the others. He attempted to approach Apanie multiple times for a rematch, but each time she seemed defensive and reluctant to speak with him, so he eventually gave up. He did, however, get to battle Edna, who was an easier win than Apanie, though it wouldn't do to tell her that. After that, the Sylveon took it easy, not wanting to go into Merm exhausted and beat up.


He responded to Edna's impassioned cry with equal fervor, eyes shining. It was almost like being back in Adarid Arena again, fighting a fire type with an equal love for battling.


Eventually the four of them, as well as the crew, gathered up above deck, staring down at the water below. Soon, Dora ended up diving overboard, causing Easter to jerk forward and cling to the rigging at the side as he stared down. She was a water type, but still...


Before he could decide what to do, the Wooper, encased in a large, somewhat milky white and foamy, bubble, rose up to the surface. She called out to them but her voice was muffled and hard to make out.


Captain gave a laugh and said. "So the rumors were true...well, what are you waiting for? Hop on in....And good luck. I can't say what kind of welcome you'll get but whatever the case it's bound to be more dangerous than it appears. Merm hasn't had many visitors I imagine so they might not be the...friendliest bunch."


"Thanks for the reassurance," Easter replied dryly. Out of everybody, he stayed up on the ship the longest. Not out of cowardice, but to say his goodbyes to Captain and Clyde. "Thanks," he repeated, this time more sincere, staring at a point past their shoulders as he forged his way through what felt like an awkward conversation. "I'm glad I came back. It was...different, but some things never change, I guess." His voice had gone small and quiet, but when he finished, a rare, genuine smile lit up his face, and it was in that moment that he truly looked as young as his twenty-four years, a person still finding his footing in the world. And then he waved, turned to leave, and he was back to his bubbly self, with casual confidence and eyes that laughed at the world around him. "Maybe I'll get you guys a souvenir." It was a joke, but at the same time, a promise, that they would meet again.


And then he dove into the bubble in a perfect Swanna dive, standing back up and brushing himself off. "Well, that was fun," he grinned.






A small smile appeared on the Incineroar's face, especially with Marie. "Then...I guess you better be quick on the diplomacy, miss "adult"." he chuckled, joking around with the Pop--Brionne. "Either way, thank you all. I promise I'll try and make strides to help us out a lot more..." he nodded firmly, before looking at Nani. "And Nani...I guess now it's welcome to the team...officially anyway."


"Yeah, welcome," Keanu smiled. "So long as you don't skin me, we're good," he laughed a little nervously.


Soon after, the Tyranitar returned, asking the group to go to Trailsau and check on his youngest children. Personally, Keanu wasn't too keen on that. After seeing the aggressive nature of both the militia leader and his eldest, he wasn't sure how he'd handle the other two.


But, Marie and Randy both seemed to want to do it, so, sighing, the Pikachu said, "Yeah, yeah, fine, whatever." He wasn't a huge fan of the militia leader in the first place, as he had seemed to be one of the main causes of the friction between the citizens and the natives, but while he had followed Blake, the others had apparently been bonding with this guy. "And yeah, something to give them, or at least something to tell them, would be nice." Maybe they had a code word or something.






"You can never outspeed me." Zygarde declared simply and her entire body blurred. Scarlet's attack was fast but it seemed that Zygarde's was much faster. She got in under Scarlet's arm and thrust her fist into the Scizor's chest, denting the metallic plate covering it and knocking her back a bit. Once more the ground arrows erupted from the ground around Zygarde. But this time they all were posed to crash down upon the Scizor herself.


Veronica's breath hitched at the sight. "Leave now...fools," she coughed out blood, and retrieved a kerchief to wipe it off. "No...good, have to...heal." She took out a bottle of Berry Juice and swallowed it down in a gesture that was both brisk yet elegant at the same time. The woman then stood up, her bow-tied scarf flapping behind her in the wind, so it looked almost like a pair of wings.




And then, with a powerful flap, the wind around them whipped up, each of the members of Team Showdown finding themselves light on their feet, as if the air itself was lending them wings. The next second, a pink blur slammed into Scarlet, sending the two of them out of the way of Zygarde's attack.


"My apologies for the push," Veronica said, voice slightly airy from exertion. "However," she tossed her hair. "Legendary or not, that woman should know better than to boast of speed while I am around."