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#7124417 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 19 October 2018 - 04:07 AM



"Personally, I would rather not deal with this," Kazo admitted. "We're deep over our heads, especially since our powerhouses left the team. And the last thing I want to do is place you guys in an unwinnable fight where the stakes are our lives," He closed his eyes. "But, running away isn't the answer either. It's too big, we'll get swept up in this one way or another, ya know? We might as well face it together."


Ari was surprised to hear that Kazo did not want to do this, but then again, the Gabite was a gentle soul at heart. That was why he looked up to him so much, because he managed to be both strong and kind. This is why Kazo's the best, he thought. And he thought of something I hadn't thought of. I figured if we ran away, we wouldn't have to face it, but he's right. This is probably going to affect us all somehow. "You're right," he said. "That's what a leader would do. They wouldn't run away just because they were scared..." he looked down at his feet. I'm scared, but we really don't have much of a choice, do we?


Mac started talking and saying her usual confident Mac stuff. Somehow, it was reassuring to hear. If Mac were ever unsure or afraid...well, the world would really be ending then. But it seemed like their next destination would be Ogren. Which ended up being quite...wet.


"Why is...it so...hard to...walk in this!" Mac whined. "Who can live in a place this wet!? I wonder who this person Cresselia mentioned is...better be worth it."


"Ugh...be quiet," Ari muttered. "At least you're an electric type. Kazo and I are both weak to water, and do you hear us complaining?" While he wasn't complaining, the fire type's mood had taken a complete nosedive since arriving at the marsh, making him snappier than normal.






Once in the bubble, Easter settled himself into a seated position, his usual girly one of touching his knees together, hands draped over them. He watched the surroundings with interest, but soon grew more interested in grilling--eheh, talking to Denku. After all, they really didn't know much about the Pupitar, and what he had learned so far piqued his interest. He had gotten distracted fighting Edna on the ship these past few days, but now there was nothing holding him back. Though, when he thought about it, he didn't really know too much about Brooke or Dora either. And I didn't know anything about Fawkes, he thought bitterly, before shaking his head to clear it. This might also be good for a distraction, he thought, glancing at Brooke.


"Sooo," he started. "Might be a bit late, but, thinking about it, we don't really know much about each other, like where we came from, what we were doing before we became a group. Well, except for Brooke and Dora, I know you two have been together for a while," he nodded at the duo. "Might as well start. As for me, I'm from Northshore. It's where I learned what I know about music." He stopped talking. He wasn't used to being this...honest about his past, to anybody save for the S.S. Showdown, but somewhere along the line, these people had become more than just traveling companions. They had become a family of sorts, even Denku, though he was still in the process of being inducted.


"I...ran away from home," he admitted. "Or...well, I was kicked out. Suffice to say, my parents didn't approve of my fashion choices." Oh, yeah, this was really awkward. Now he remembered why he didn't talk about himself all that much. "Traveled to Trailsau for a bit, but didn't stay there long," his mouth tasted like ash as he remembered that time. The time he made the decision to fight. "Went to Adarid next, fought in their arena for a few years, though I could never beat the champion," he shook his head, a wry smile on his face. "And then I traveled over here, where I joined the S.S. Showdown," he swallowed. This was the hard part. "There was...an incident. Well, the old crew and I, we left after that. Traveled around for a bit, and ended up in Juyu, though I hear it got destroyed. Went to Deku, which also got destroyed, and then to Coldharbour, which, again, got destroyed." He chuckled, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was the cause of all of that. Come to think of it, didn't Mioter get attacked as well? The world's gotten more exciting lately, that's for sure."






"People usually mistake him for a bad guy," Nani clarified. "He's not, but that doesn't make him look any less intimidating."


"I think it's 'cause you're so used to being a heel," Keanu joked. "You just have that air about you, eh?"


The Tyranitar had begun laughing when the group made their request. A full on, earnest, belly laugh. "Yes, I can see why people would think that but don't you worry." He paused to take a breath. "Everyone is equal in Trailsau, as long as you can fight. For better or worse."


"I don't know I like the sound of that," the electric type muttered.


The next day they met up with the Pyroar from before. "Welcome back! You know, this place feels a whole lot more friendly like than it did before. Yous have anything to do with dat?"


"Yeah," Keanu sighed, staring at the ground below him. "That we did."


The next two days aboard the raft, the Pikachu said little, lost in his thoughts. Mother, father, Kai, Blake...I'm sorry, thought. I failed you all. He remembered what Eve had said, before he left her. "It wasn't all...he wanted. It was all...he wanted to want, though."


Yeah, I understand that, he thought. Maybe if I had wanted the same things as them...then I'd be with them, and not here...


Then as he was almost out the door. "Thank you.....and whether you're an idiot or not is still uncertain."


That--he cut himself off before he said something rash. "Well at least I'm certain now that I don't like you," despite his harsh words, his tone was mild.


I wonder how well they're working together, he thought. Maybe we'll come back and the place will be burned to the ground. But I hope not. He looked up at the ribbon of sky which had followed the river here in the dense jungle. Wouldn't want them to lose their home too.








Veronica huffed, her expression annoyed. "You are quite welcome. Do try not to get yourself killed now since you seem so stubbornly set on fighting a legendary."


"So...you wanna die too huh?"  Taiga cracked her knuckles, and then her neck.  "Fine by me."  She sighed.  She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and then letting it out.  Once she opened them again, they were as fierce as Zygarde's.  "There ain't no use talkin' down crazy!"  Taiga shouted to the legend.  "But I don't 'spose you could go easy on some errand runners for Rayquaza, would you?  Fufufufufu."


"Idiot! Why would you want to die?" the Crobat shouted, before her expression twisted in disgust. "And Rayquaza sent you? Ugh, I should've known..."


"Ray...quazaaaaa! That arrogant bastard!" Zygarde seemed equally displeased with the legendary, roaring as she flung her body forward and threw Taiga to the ground. "RRRRAAARRRGGGGHHHH!" the Legend roared, her body being covered in a purplish glow. Steam seemed to leave the woman's body as her muscles became more pronounced and she began to slam her fists into the Sharpedo, in a powerful display of strength.


"You're insane..." Isole muttered, "but I guess it's up to me to keep you alive...Captain would say."


Veronica watched the quiet Rotom unleash a Blizzard from behind Zygarde. She didn't want to get hit by that, so she would come in from the side. Running forward in a burst of speed, she opened her mouth...and a ghostly giant, sharpened pair of upper incisors appeared, chomping down on the legendary and draining her of some of her health. And then she was back in her former position, looking healthier than she had before. "What a brute." She glared up at the legendary, "You really are all the same, aren't you?"

#7124213 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 17 October 2018 - 10:26 PM





"Tie her up nice and tight," the man in front whispered. "We don't want her squirming during the ceremony, or he would have words to say."


The man beside him shuddered. "Goddess, no. I don't want him nowhere near me. You saw what he did to the last bloke that displeased him."


"Aye," the other nodded. "I did indeed. Nothing left but bones, and e'en that was eaten up. His magic's always hungry, it is."


"Yes, it is," a new voice right beside her spoke, hoarse and raspy. "And if you don't hurry up, you'll see exactly how hungry." 


"Sir!" the two quickly turned around and fell to one knee, heads bowed.


"Get up! Didn't I just say to hurry?"


Catriona craned her neck, curious to see just who was talking, but she could make out nothing of his features save for his robes--oh. No. That, and his eyes, which glowed an acid green in the dark. She froze, unable to think of anything in that moment. It was as if she had locked gazes with a viper.


"Like what you see?" he chuckled. "Enjoy it while it lasts. Not too long now and your eyes will be closed...forever." He swept past, and the moment was broken, the woman taking in deep gulps of air, only then realizing that she had been holding her breath.


"Goddess, I almost shit my pants there," one of the men muttered as soon as he had left.


"Look, even the princess is scared stiff. Don't blame you," the other turned to address her, shaking his head. "You're in for a world of pain soon."


"Don't go feeling sorry for her. She's from that country, ya know."


"I know. We'd best get on with it."


Catriona woke up with a gasp, heart pounding wildly. She lay there, stiff and unmoving, until her heart finally settled down. Sighing, the woman turned over, hoping to get some sleep that wouldn't be plagued by nightmares. Though that was less a nightmare, and more a...memory. Of a living nightmare.


It felt as if she had blinked before she sat upright, sleep disturbed yet again, this time by her own party members. It didn't take long for the lord to gather her equipment and join the others at the northern edge of the shrine. "By the dragon," she whispered, seeing just what had prompted the early awakening.


By now, the enemy had come close enough that the lord could make out exactly what it looked like. Or rather, "they." For it was a horde of what could only be called monsters. At first glance they looked like normal human beings in armor, though they walked stiffly, as if unused to it. But their skin ranged from pale as chalk to a dark bruise-colored purple, and their eyes glowed blood red.


"The Awakened. I did not think I would see them in my lifetime," Licorice spoke from beside her. The Protean had woken up as well in the chaos.


"Awakened?" The word sounded...familiar, though Catriona wasn't sure where she had heard it.


"Yes. In the past, it is what the people of Mysia called those that the goddess revived to carry out Her will, as she has "woken" them from the eternal slumber of death. The revival is usually temporary, and for good reason, for they are stronger in undeath than they were in life. It is said that blows that would kill a man grown will only stymie an Awakened, but give it enough force and they'll die again, same as any man."


The princess nodded seriously. "Many thanks for your advice. If ever there was a time and place for such knowledge, it would be here and now."


"You're welcome," Licorice smiled thinly, before stepping back and transforming into her bestial form. "Though I have more to offer than knowledge alone. Their blades may be sharp, but my claws and teeth are sharper yet."


"Of course." Catriona resumed her watch northward, one hand resting over the handle of her sword. The horde approached, and it was unlikely they would survive this unscathed, if they survived at all. There were far too many enemies, too many to count. But their party had the high ground and the desperation of the living on their side. But...what about the other side? Did the dead even feel pain? She didn't have the leisure to dwell on that, for in the next second, she heard the clanking of weapons and armor...from the south side.


Whipping around, the lord cried out, "Behind us!" But it was too late. While they had been distracted at the north end, more foes had taken the opportunity to come in from the south. Charging forward, she whipped out her blade, ready to attack the mounted lance-wielder in front. However, before she could do so, the enemy stepped forward and...held its hands out?


The woman came to a halt, staring at the monster before her in puzzlement. It was then that she noticed that, rather than blood-red, its eyes were white, shining like stars. "You mean no harm?" she asked.


The man nodded, and gestured toward Edrick before speaking in a raspy, halting voice, as if it were unused to using its vocal chords. "Believer...brought rest...will help...return the others to sleep." The ones behind him nodded.


"So you were the spirits appeased in the ceremony..." Catriona realized, sheathing her sword. It was odd, but she knew immediately that they were telling the truth. They gave off the same feeling the shrine did--sadness, but also peace. Their bodies did not release the stench of rot, but the sweet scent of flowers, the same kind she had smelled earlier after the ceremony. "Thank you for your aid. We shall have need of it within the hour." She glanced at her sister. "Our tactician is over there. She will give you direction."


The group nodded, and approached Penelope. The lord followed, still not quite sure what to make of these strange happenings, but ready to act if necessary. As she walked, she observed the group. There were five overall--the lance cavalier in front, a barbarian, an archer, a knife thief, and a priest. The cavalier's horse looked just like a normal horse, save for its dark purple-colored coat and white eyes like its owner. An interesting group, and not those who would usually band together. There was a story here, but there was no time to ask. 


"These...people...are allies," it was a difficult concept for the lord to grasp, but she could not afford to be picky. "They are here to fight against the..." what was that word that Licorice had used? "The Awakened." The white-haired woman lingered nearby, unsure if she wanted to leave these strange men alone with her sister. Though it appeared as if the archer and thief were female, regardless, she didn't quite trust them around Penelope.


Meanwhile, the horde drew ever closer. By now, those in front would be able to identify their class and pick up on their odor--that of dirt and decay.



#7123544 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 16 October 2018 - 04:30 AM

As things got even more awkward, the Stufful didn't really have much to reply to the floating thing's comment, nor to the bird thing. As they approached the lizard thing and the bat thing, the floating thing introduced herself as Cassidy, and the other two by their species. However, the "Doduo" corrected her with Corbin, and it was then that the bear realized that the other two...also had weird names. Maybe they were like him and Draxew then. If that were the case, then maybe they knew more about what was going on, because he had no f***ing clue.


Lost in thought, he missed his opportunity to introduce himself. Shit, the others probably think I'm a Pokémon now. Well, that I've always been a Pokémon anyway. Well, not gonna cry over spilt milk. I can introduce myself later. Listening to the lizard thing, he was starting to lose his faith in this place. Or at least this person--shit, Pokémon. This Pokémon. Not a person, not people, human, whatever. Anyway, point is, he should've realized that Corbin was one person, not two, though...it was kind of confusing, wasn't it?


"Oh! Yes good, perfect. Three of you then. Two-Beak, Scrawny and Fluffy, let's have it!" the lizard thing said cheerfully.


"Ha! What a bunch of weird names, who the hell is Fluffy anywa--" the panda cut himself off as he glanced at himself, and then at the others. Floating--Cassidy wasn't fluffy, and Corbin was obviously Two-Beak. "Wait, I'm Fluffy?! Hell no!"


"Right then, whenever you're ready. Noivy will catch you if things look bad so throw with all you've got!"


"Are you listening to me?!"


"We'll manage, don't worry!" Corbin said proudly, before turning to the rest of the team. "You ready, Fl- Stufful?"


"Don't call me Fluffy! I'm tough, not fluffy, got it?" he roared angrily, pointing at himself with a paw, and then wobbling as his body reminded him that standing on three legs was not as easy as it looked. "And of course I'm ready. I was born ready. Let's get this over with."


He stumbled a fair distance away from the reptile...whatever...things, before looking at Corbin. "You'll have to crouch...let's see...ouch, hmm...no, that's not working...goddamnit!" The bear had somehow managed to trip over himself and tangle up the Doduo's legs at the same time. After multiple attempts to get his arms underneath the bird's feet, they eventually decided that Corbin would step onto his paws, and he would toss him. Wincing at the weight, the Stufful grunted as he exerted himself. This f***er's heavier than I thought he'd be. Or I'm just weaker. No way. I'm not weak. I'm strong. Always have been. And I'm not gonna let a little something like weight stop me.


"Horyaaa!" he shouted, straining his arms to the point they looked like overstuffed punching bags, whatever those were. Slowly, but surely, the Doduo was rising off the ground. But it didn't stop there. Eventually, the bear was holding the bird above his head while standing on his two back paws. His legs trembled, but miracle of all miracles, he didn't actually fall. Something about this pose felt...familiar. Why, he wasn't sure, but it was enough of a memory to help him not fall flat on his ass. Gritting his teeth, the panda bent his arms slightly as he prepared to throw, elbows wobbling slightly. "Gryaaagh!" he shouted, straightening his arms and throwing the Doduo with a mighty toss, straight up into the air.


The Stufful watched the bird shoot up like a...bottle rocket or something, flushed with triumph. He did it. He managed to throw a Pokémon bigger than he was. He was awesome. He was-- "F***!" and sometime in the middle of all of that he managed to fall flat on his ass. Better now than earlier, but still... "That hurt, damnit!" he flopped onto his belly to relieve the pain from his sore tail, looking up at Cassidy afterward. "It's up to you now."



#7123540 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 16 October 2018 - 03:35 AM



Mac rolled her eyes at Kazo. "Of course I'm going to keep fighting. But you don't have to. I'm gonna help to take these guys down no matter what. Even if I have to find whoever this group who beat one of them are...But I guess I'd rather go with you guys if you want." She mumbled the last bit.


Her next words, after Ari asked Kazo a question, were less mumbled. "Hey, I'm the leader, shouldn't you be asking me? Arceus, you are really bad at being a lackey, Ari, you know that?"


"So you do care!" the Litleo teased. "And it's because I already knew what you were going to say, duh," he rolled his eyes as well, before fixing his attention on the Gabite in front of him. If Mac was for it, and he was on the fence, then what was Kazo?






The next two days were rather boring, though the weather wasn't. The turbulence was enough to cause Easter to drown in nostalgia for a bit, though he seemed more cheerful the longer he spent with Captain and the others. He attempted to approach Apanie multiple times for a rematch, but each time she seemed defensive and reluctant to speak with him, so he eventually gave up. He did, however, get to battle Edna, who was an easier win than Apanie, though it wouldn't do to tell her that. After that, the Sylveon took it easy, not wanting to go into Merm exhausted and beat up.


He responded to Edna's impassioned cry with equal fervor, eyes shining. It was almost like being back in Adarid Arena again, fighting a fire type with an equal love for battling.


Eventually the four of them, as well as the crew, gathered up above deck, staring down at the water below. Soon, Dora ended up diving overboard, causing Easter to jerk forward and cling to the rigging at the side as he stared down. She was a water type, but still...


Before he could decide what to do, the Wooper, encased in a large, somewhat milky white and foamy, bubble, rose up to the surface. She called out to them but her voice was muffled and hard to make out.


Captain gave a laugh and said. "So the rumors were true...well, what are you waiting for? Hop on in....And good luck. I can't say what kind of welcome you'll get but whatever the case it's bound to be more dangerous than it appears. Merm hasn't had many visitors I imagine so they might not be the...friendliest bunch."


"Thanks for the reassurance," Easter replied dryly. Out of everybody, he stayed up on the ship the longest. Not out of cowardice, but to say his goodbyes to Captain and Clyde. "Thanks," he repeated, this time more sincere, staring at a point past their shoulders as he forged his way through what felt like an awkward conversation. "I'm glad I came back. It was...different, but some things never change, I guess." His voice had gone small and quiet, but when he finished, a rare, genuine smile lit up his face, and it was in that moment that he truly looked as young as his twenty-four years, a person still finding his footing in the world. And then he waved, turned to leave, and he was back to his bubbly self, with casual confidence and eyes that laughed at the world around him. "Maybe I'll get you guys a souvenir." It was a joke, but at the same time, a promise, that they would meet again.


And then he dove into the bubble in a perfect Swanna dive, standing back up and brushing himself off. "Well, that was fun," he grinned.






A small smile appeared on the Incineroar's face, especially with Marie. "Then...I guess you better be quick on the diplomacy, miss "adult"." he chuckled, joking around with the Pop--Brionne. "Either way, thank you all. I promise I'll try and make strides to help us out a lot more..." he nodded firmly, before looking at Nani. "And Nani...I guess now it's welcome to the team...officially anyway."


"Yeah, welcome," Keanu smiled. "So long as you don't skin me, we're good," he laughed a little nervously.


Soon after, the Tyranitar returned, asking the group to go to Trailsau and check on his youngest children. Personally, Keanu wasn't too keen on that. After seeing the aggressive nature of both the militia leader and his eldest, he wasn't sure how he'd handle the other two.


But, Marie and Randy both seemed to want to do it, so, sighing, the Pikachu said, "Yeah, yeah, fine, whatever." He wasn't a huge fan of the militia leader in the first place, as he had seemed to be one of the main causes of the friction between the citizens and the natives, but while he had followed Blake, the others had apparently been bonding with this guy. "And yeah, something to give them, or at least something to tell them, would be nice." Maybe they had a code word or something.






"You can never outspeed me." Zygarde declared simply and her entire body blurred. Scarlet's attack was fast but it seemed that Zygarde's was much faster. She got in under Scarlet's arm and thrust her fist into the Scizor's chest, denting the metallic plate covering it and knocking her back a bit. Once more the ground arrows erupted from the ground around Zygarde. But this time they all were posed to crash down upon the Scizor herself.


Veronica's breath hitched at the sight. "Leave now...fools," she coughed out blood, and retrieved a kerchief to wipe it off. "No...good, have to...heal." She took out a bottle of Berry Juice and swallowed it down in a gesture that was both brisk yet elegant at the same time. The woman then stood up, her bow-tied scarf flapping behind her in the wind, so it looked almost like a pair of wings.




And then, with a powerful flap, the wind around them whipped up, each of the members of Team Showdown finding themselves light on their feet, as if the air itself was lending them wings. The next second, a pink blur slammed into Scarlet, sending the two of them out of the way of Zygarde's attack.


"My apologies for the push," Veronica said, voice slightly airy from exertion. "However," she tossed her hair. "Legendary or not, that woman should know better than to boast of speed while I am around."

#7123103 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 14 October 2018 - 02:37 AM



"Huh? Fine." Oh good, the persistent one was finally giving up. Beginning to walk away, the girl looked to her partner saying, "Ivan! I need to go take care of something real quick. Make...small talk with her?" She then gave a short wave, saying, "be back in a sec." Oh great, that meant she was coming back. Ugh.


Well, it didn't matter. She'd be gone by then. Belladonna took a single, shuffling step, one of many she had taken this week, too many. She wasn't meant for this. She was meant to lie around and watch shows, like the third season of that new volleyball one starring a boy who was short like her. She hadn't gotten to see it yet, and she might not get to see it until who knows how long, just because her parents kicked her out of the house, and her cousin tricked her out of the gym.


The blue-haired girl scowled, continuing to walk at her normal, lethargic pace, when the male of the duo spoke up. "It doesn't take a genius to see you don't want to be here. At all." He crossed his arms. "I'm... not entirely sure what would drive a person like you to join something like this in the first place, but that's not my business." He turned his head towards the Youngster, before turning to the rapidly disappearing form of the other girl. "Let's make a deal." He turned back to Belladonna. "Dunno if this is the first time someone's called you out to join a battle like this, but I'm sure as hell it ain't gonna be the last, 'specially cause you don't have anyone with you." He gestured to the empty space next to her, causing her to scowl harder. She didn't appreciate the reminder of how her group left her behind. Not that she had wanted to be in a group with them in the first place, but it was still somehow insulting to be the one left behind, rather than the one doing the leaving. "So, how about you join us. Me and Jacklyn over there can do all the talkin', and you'll probably get pestered less if you're in a group."


Her first instinct was to say no, she didn't want to join them, she had had enough of being around people for a year, let alone these past few days. However...


"You can't say no!" A young girl in a skirt shouted at her angrily. "You're the only one around, so I challenge you!"


"Wow, you're lost already? Are you sure you're fine by yourself?"


"Dooreeoh!" a strange, warbling cry sounded from on top of the statue. Before she could blink, a large, floating Pokémon that looked a lot like that statue appeared, glaring right. At. Her. Oh. She was going to die, wasn't she? Or just be in terrible pain. Well, it was time to run and hope for the best. Right about now, she kind of wished she had at least one other person here. As a distraction if nothing else.


Belladonna had experienced being with a group, and being alone. Alone, she didn't have to deal with people, except she still did, just random trainers instead of traveling companions. And it was really difficult to walk through a route as one person, because there was nobody to help battle the trainers and wild Pokémon. No, she had to do all the work herself. It was like being thrown straight into the deep end, or training under Sabrina. She had seen enough prospective gym students run away because of her cousin's terrifying training methods. Luckily, she had never had the...ahem, "honor" of experiencing them herself. Or perhaps unluckily. If so, she might have been more prepared for this journey.


The only bad part to this was that...she would have to be in a group. And these people seemed persistent. But maybe that was a good thing. Maybe that meant they would be persistent in battling others, and letting her be.


The girl was still mulling it over when the other, Jacklyn, according to the boy, returned. While sweating, she hardly seemed winded, much like the protagonist of that one volleyball show, who had the stamina of a Rapidash. Her expression was also bright, holding up a few small bags of...was that candy? No, were those...Gummy Bewears? Sour edition?


Unbidden, a certain song passed through her mind. Oh I'm a Gummy Bewear. Yes I'm a Gummy Bewear. Oh I'm a yummy tummy funny lucky Gummy Bewear...


"Hey Ivan, here. I figured that after our triple battle we could enjoy some nice Gummy Bewears." The girl then gave him one of the bags of candy, her voice shifting to overly dramatic as she said, "oh but look at this. I have one bag too many! After all, there's only us two doing the battle against him. If only there was someone else I could give this to...someone who would also battle."


Belladonna didn't care that the girl was obviously trying to tempt her into battling. Because her stomach chose that moment to growl, and she stared at the sweet, heavenly bags of candy, zeroing in on the delectable sugar-encrusted treats. Those beautiful, multicolored, cute, Bewear-shaped treats.


"So... ya in?"


"Give me those treats and we have a deal," she decided with a snap of her fingers, her voice suddenly losing its exhausted edge. Just seeing the candy was enough to wake her up. "Well?" she turned to look at the others. "Let's get this over with. I'm hungry and my tummy waits for nobody."

#7122624 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 11 October 2018 - 05:33 AM



While Catriona was dismissing Gunther to go stand guard, her sister decided to share one of the inane theories she had read. The elder of the two snorted softly. Trust a scholar to show their robes. Aside from the academics, nobody bothered discussing the creation of the world, and indeed, were often discouraged from it. At least in Galtea. There wasn't much known about the time before Augustus, and it was after his reign that the world finally fell back into a semblance of peace, so why spend time dwelling on the dark ages?


"That is indeed an interesting idea. I personally, always subscribed to the Secondborn theory, that the goddess created the Proteans first. There were originally seven Proteans called the Fathers of the Proteans, but they had to be laid to rest till the arrival of Men, who She intended to reign over Mysia."


And now Licorice was chiming in? Catriona shook her head, glancing at the black fox out of the corner of her eye. She had thought her a creature of sense, but perhaps she was wrong. She was a strange one.


The fox was currently staring at Sienna, though she had acknowledged Penelope and Tsetseg's impassioned replies with an approving smile. "Sometimes it is necessary to show a baser side to oneself," she explained. "When the times get rough, that is when one must call upon every weapon in their arsenal, as the humans would say." At receiving the hug, she looked shocked, but quickly recovered, hugging back. "I...am glad to be of service." Her tail flicked nervously. "Sometimes...it feels like the tribe forgets that I am a fox just as they are. Well...you might understand that." After all, Sienna's white fur was a cause for stir within the tribe, just like her black fur.


As the Protean listened to Edrick's tale, her expression stiffened, and she seemed to be holding herself back from saying something. Instead, she looked at the others to observe their reactions.


"You already know what happened next," Edrick finally said after a long silence where he began to fry up the travel cakes. "And how it set the stage for the wars between the Faithful and the Faithless for so long after." His attention turned squarely to Catriona now. "I hope that...explains why I feel the way I feel."


"So you believe that it is right? Inera's way? To turn back death itself?" That had always been seen as profane back in Galtea, and it was not something she could make herself believe in now. "And the Great Dragon...cooperating with Inera in creation." Her country had never seen them as a creator, but a warrior, and after the war was done, an advisor. So to hear of them spoken of as having taken part in creation as well, that...disturbed her. It put them on the same plane as the goddess, and part of her could not help but wonder if in seeking their help, they would just be replacing one problem with another.


No, I cannot think that way, she shook her head. Their power is vast, but they only ever used it for goodness, not like the goddess. "While I cannot believe this myself, I can guess that from this you hope for...reconciliation?" That was a strange word with regards to worshipers and non-worshipers. The two had been at odds since Inera's perversion.


Conversation eventually dwindled, the travel cakes were finished, and everybody made preparations to sleep. While that was happening, Link approached Catriona, reminding her about the night shifts. She brought up Gunther's suggestion of double watches, which was accepted, and then the two set to figuring out just who would be on watch. Due to having two people on watch, it was decided that there would be two shifts of three hours each, and then a final shift of two hours. The first two pairs Link suggested were accepted without argument. Gunther and Alois had been shown to be trustworthy and reliable, and the two were already standing outside as is. The next, Link and Catriona, went without saying. The two were the most experienced at such things, and she knew that Link wanted to talk to her about an issue as it was.


The third shift, however, was a matter of some debate.


"I do not believe that Edrick and Tsetseg would be an optimal pairing," Catriona said. "Edrick is young yet, and Tsetseg is younger still. I do not think that either of them are quite ready for night's watch, especially with each other." The only worse pairing in her opinion would be Penelope and Tsetseg. Though truthfully, there was another reason she did not want Edrick at watch.


The ceremony had awakened certain fears she had thought buried, and if Edrick were to decide to stay true to his Pontic roots and complete the ceremony to revive Inera through her, then... Except, she could not quite believe the boy capable of such underhanded malice, and yet, what if...


Honestly, her thoughts were all a'tumble concerning the lancer. She trusted him, yet she didn't. He brought her a perspective she didn't believe she was quite ready to think about, nor would ever be. She was not used to an ally disagreeing with her on such a fundamental matter as the goddess, as those people were usually met at the other end of her sword. She had thought herself at last reconciled with the dichotomy, but this evening had shown her differently. Because of this, she had spent most of the evening dwelling in singular thought on the boy, but no answers to her dilemma had come to mind.


Link remained impassive. "It's hardly night watch, Your Majesty. It's a partial shift near the break of dawn. If it would ease your mind, I'll stay up to oversee it."


"No," Catriona immediately replied. "We cannot have you staying up for such a length of time and expect you to work at full strength the next day. We need every sword arm we can get." Especially with his wounds from the day before, which she was ashamed to admit had slipped her mind in all the chaos.


Link stiffened almost imperceptibly. "Of course, Your Majesty. My apologies." Of course. He had nearly forgotten his place; he was just another sword arm to her. "In that case, who would you suggest?"


The princess blinked, not expecting him to give in that easily. And then immediately berated herself for her surprise. It was only right that he do so. She had become far too used to giving commands to people who would question them, or do the opposite, without a thought. But that was her failing as a leader, and perhaps Link was just too well-trained to question orders he disagreed with.


It was troubling to be constantly second-guessing oneself, but she had been doing quite a bit of that in the past few days.


"I would suggest Shiro and Adelaide. The two of them seem as if they would handle the task with more care." Already, Shiro had proven himself capable, and Adelaide had experience working under the Patrol, more-so than Tsetseg.


"I don't think that would be very wise, Your Majesty," Link was quick to object. "They're both too new to be trusted." Not to mention the fact that Adelaide put him on edge. She was hiding something from them, he was sure.


"Yet the bow thief is just as new," Catriona argued. She had barely seen anything out of the girl, just enough to know that she was young, childish, and a good hunter.


"Which is why she would be with Edrick. He's not any more experienced, but he's been around long enough to trust his intentions," the mercenary countered. He wasn't eager to give them any crucial responsibilities, but recruits had to get experience somehow.


At that, the woman went silent. Was she being paranoid? Link trusted Edrick, as did the rest of the group. It was only her and Gunther who didn't, and the knight had his own reasons. She sighed. "You make worthy points." If there was a person in this group whose judgment she trusted, it would be Link's. "Very well, we shall go with those two." While she still held reservations, it wasn't as if the boy would be able to do any sort of ceremony in complete silence. She, or somebody else, would awaken before anything happened, though it was difficult to think rationally when she remembered those eyes, and that laughter.


No. She would see this as a chance for Edrick to prove his loyalties, or rather goodwill in this case, as he had made the former quite clear on a number of occasions.


Link scrutinized Catriona silently. She was always hard to read, but he had learned some of her cues over the years, mainly her eyes. They dilated slightly whenever Edrick was brought into the conversation. Usually, that meant fear, but it could be other things. "Is something wrong, You--... Are you alright, Catriona?"


The white-haired woman blinked. "Of course. Is there a reason you ask?" Had she given reason for him to ask such a thing? She thought back to their earlier conversation, and no, nothing struck her as out of the ordinary.


"No, of course not." He was slipping and seeing weakness where there was none. Link pressed his fist to his heart in salute. "Have a good night, Your Majesty."


Catriona nodded back. "Goodnight." No, there had to be something, some reason he had asked. But what?


It was a thought that followed her while searching for each of the prospective watch candidates, though it was chased away once she found Edrick, and her earlier fears resurfaced, along with the reminder of the tentative trust she was placing in him. "You will be on watch tonight," she informed the lancer. "With Tsetseg, for the dawn shift." She stood there a moment more and then left, unsure what to think of everything that had changed in the past few days. Her own opinion on the Pontic was still in disarray, and most likely would be so for the rest of the night.




As the first shift started, Gunther and Alois would find it to be rather peaceful. Even the feeling of being watched had lessened some, and as the stars winked into existence overhead, the only discomfort they would feel was the wind, made colder by the fall of night.


It was a couple hours into their shift, at midnight--or matins as the Pontics would call it, though some still called it vigils or nocturns--that things changed.




For a few seconds, as if the night fell away to dawn, the sky lit up bright red, the moon and stars blending into what looked at first glance to be a field of blood. At the same time, a pale white dome shone over the shrine. Time seemed to suspend before the sky pulsed once and the dome shattered like glass.


And to the north, a dark mass--though the two would swear it hadn't been there before--was surging straight for the shrine. At the rate it was moving, it looked as if it would reach their location in the next five minutes.


However, before either of the two could make out any details, the sky blinked back to black, as if the past moment had never been. Still, not much time would pass before the two would hear the steady thump of moving feet, along with the familiar clank of metal bouncing off metal. Gradually, as their eyes readjusted to the darkness, they would discern what looked like dozens of glowing dots to the north, where the mass had been. And just like the sky had shone previously, they burned a bright, bloody red.


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#7122412 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 10 October 2018 - 12:48 AM



"...It's called a Sun Stone." Mac explained, seeming to relax a bit more. "It's really rare and it lets certain Gijinka evolve. Certain Gijinka like me. With this...I'll reach my final stage of Evolution. And then I'll be able to kick but three times as hard!" She grinned and then shot a slightly sour look at Ari. "And I'm not old. Just older than you, kid." Then she stuck her tongue out again.


"Well then you're also a kid," Ari replied, sticking his tongue out back.


Cresselia then listed off all of the legendaries who had fallen. The list...was bigger than Ari had expected. The lion drooped and drooped some more as he heard about a few wanting to fight back. I wonder if Suiten--no, Keldeo, is doing that. He could finally admit it. He missed the man...boy, whatever he was. And he missed Kah too. Except she was probably...


No. He couldn't allow himself to think like that.


"Let me add to the discussion. What are the Legends doing about it?" Kazo asked. "Or are they expecting us to deal with it?" He muttered as he rubbed his head, his arm being a blur as he got more worked up. "Why would they expect us to deal with it though? I haven't seen anyone beat a Godslayer, hell, we just annoy them until they go away or stronger people come. Whadda hell are we gonna do about that?" 


Ari stared at Kazo, wide-eyed. It was really weird to hear him say that. Kazo had always been so strong and brave, and to hear he had fears, had setbacks just like Ari did. Well, it wasn't that surprising when he thought about it, but maybe it wasn't so bad to be scared if he wasn't the only one being scared. He side-eyed Mac. And then there are some who are just never scared. Something's wrong with her brain, I think.


Cresselia then talked about them teaming up with the legendaries against the Godslayers, which, the cub wasn't too certain he wanted to do. What difference could one little gijinka like him make? He knew he wasn't nearly as powerful as people like Kazo or Kah, or even Mac. But that was what this journey was for. To make him stronger. Still, he didn't think he'd get to be strong enough in time for the big face-off.


"So, what do you two want to do?" Kazo asked. "If we go after Godslayers, we're not going to be able to turn back. I'll support you in whatever decision you two make, but if we're going to be risking our lives, we're going to have to be in agreement," He looked over to Ari. "I'm sure I know Mac's answer, but we can't be dragged along by her whim here. It's an important choice. Will you come and fight, or will you stay here? Or you can even go home. But it has to be your choice, and yours alone."


The Litleo clenched his fists. "I...don't want to go back home," he murmured. "I'm not good enough for that yet. But...I'm not good enough yet to go against Godslayers either." He shivered. "I just want us all to have fun together, and get stronger together. That's all." He drew his knees up to his chest, and imagined his father standing in front of him, and what his expression would be. "I don't want to run away, but I don't think we're ready quite yet. But..." he sighed. "Regirock was powerful and wise. He told me about Chasers, and how they used to be. And now he's dead. And back home, we worship the Life Bringer. What if they die too? And Entei...I still have to defeat Entei..." He shook his head. "I don't want to fight, but I don't want the legends to die either. Kazo..." he stared up at the Gabite, eyes intense. "What do you think? What would a leader do?" And maybe he already knew what they would do, but he had to be sure. Because if so, they would all be taking a very big step forward, and risking their lives even more so in the process.






"I didn't figure it out, since I wasn't actively trying to. It doesn't really matter what's between your legs, after all. He told me," Denku explained, jabbing a thumb at the captain. Huh, that was oddly...nice. Was Denku finally warming up? "I mean, you were. I was more jealous of the giant super move. It's not like we've seen Easter take on bigger and badder." Never mind. Spoke too soon.


"Yeah, it was a pretty cool--"


“All it takes is one mistake,” Brooke grumbled. “Especially against a ‘giant super move’ like that. That was a Z-move; I think they’re from Alola. We don’t use them around here, but you can’t block them. Not even with Protect.”


"Z-move, huh. I think I might have heard of them too," Easter mused. "Sounds pretty cool. Wonder what I have to do to get one of those...I mean, uhh," he grinned at Brooke innocently. "Nothing."


As Easter replied to Dora, Denku commented from the side. ​"Competitive lot, aren't you? You all really do remind me of my old posse."


"Old posse?" the fairy type asked before nodding at Edna. "I can't wait," he told her, laughing as he watched her get dog piled.


As he watched the fireworks explode in the sky, he heard Brooke mutter a quiet “It’s beautiful.” Turning back to look at her, he saw the Emboar's eyes fixed on the Wooper she had been caring for. “That’s why I fight. That little girl right there. … I don’t enjoy it, but… someone has to make sure the kids can be kids, y’know?”


"That's right. That's exactly right. Someone has to. And to do that...you gotta be stronger than the rest." Captain stared right at him as he talked, which made the Sylveon wince. He had thought he was strong, but he had failed when it mattered most. I guess you can never be too strong. There's always bigger and better.


"That's such a pure motive. Wish I could say I was fighting for such selfless reasons, instead of being a selfish dying shell," Denku shook his head. "The world needs more people like you."


"Yeah..." Easter agreed simply, though something about the Pupitar's words struck him as odd. "Dying shell?"


Captain let out a deep sigh and his shoulders slumped. "I should have expected a group like you wouldn't just be in this for the adventure. Sure as hell would've been easier on me if you were." He cast a sidelong glance at Denku and Brooke. "You realize what's going to go down don't you? Why the Legends are trying so hard to gather as many of their number as they can. They have only done this a few times before and that was when the world was about to end. The Godslayers have to be stopped and soon. With Arceus missing...it's not looking good. That's why some of us have to pick up the slack." He took a deep breath and flashed a smile again. Then hooked a thumb at himself. "And hey what better hero than a pirate with dashing good looks right? Might as well do my part to give this story a happy ending."


"It shouldn't have came to this in the first place," Denku commented. "We shouldn't have to pick up the slack. If that's on us for not having a grasp on it in the first place or on the Legends for not taking this seriously, well, none of us can accurately say. For now, we'll just have to clean up the mess and hope we learn from this mistake,"


"Who can say?" Easter shrugged. "I'm not the biggest fan of legends myself. They've grown arrogant and complacent in their power. Still..." he remembered a Kirlia with a gentle smile, and a tired but noble white dragon. "They might not all be bad. And maybe," he smirked, "maybe they'll say we did even better than the legendaries if we win this. Just imagine, better than gods. What would we be then, titans?"






Keanu had walked away to give the Noctowl the privacy she deserved, but he could still hear her voice floating over to where he was in the hallway. He squinted his eyes shut, gritting his teeth, letting the tears fall, glad of the mask covering his face. Straightening himself, he walked over to the room she sat in. Not sure what he'd say, but knowing he had to say something, to get the ache in his chest to go away.


"He was a good person," he said, voice cracking. He cleared his throat. "I didn't know him long, but he only wanted what he thought was best for his people." He took off the mask then. "I...wanted to help him with that. My friends thought me stupid but they didn't hear him, hear the concern he had for the natives. They just heard what his ambition warped him into." He sighed. "Not sure why I'm telling you this. Maybe it's to clear up my head, or it's to clear up yours. Whatever happens, so long as you think of your people first and foremost, I think he'd approve." Keanu shook his head. "Still don't like you though. Just cuz someone isn't talking doesn't mean they're an idiot," he muttered as he left.


He entered the room the others were in just in time to catch the others talking about Mowloo politics. Soon after, the militia leader left to talk with the owl he had just talked to, and the three...no, four of them, were alone.


Randy took a deep breath. "Guess...since everyone's here...and since I said we needed to talk, might as well start." he began. The Incineroar then explained how he wanted to get stronger, and why he did. To beat the person who beat his childhood hero.


I wonder how I'd feel if somebody did that to Puka, the Pikachu thought. No, it doesn't matter, does it. I left him behind, after all. I left...all of them...behind. Perhaps that was why, even now, he couldn't really understand Randy's goals. They were just too different. Randy was too much of a hero, and he? He was too much of a coward.


Nevertheless, the Incineroar leaned forward in the chair and exhaled once more. "Keanu...Marie...new person..." he lowered his head slightly. "...I'm sorry for bringing you all into trouble."


"I have to apologize for something too," the Mimikyu responded, raising her arm up. "I'm not new to your group at all. I've been following all three of you ever since we all left Alola. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself on the boat, and thought it would be weird if I only said something after touching land, and it just sort of... got to the point where I was basically stalking you all. Sorry for being creepy like that. But now is as good a time as any, so."


Getting up from her seat and standing firmly on the floor, the Mimkyu waved her hands in that distinct Alolan gesture, and said "Hi. My name is Nani, and I'm a Mimkyu. Sorry again for only just recently showing my face."


"Heh," Keanu chuckled. "Don't be sorry, either of you. After all, we're all ohana now. And ohana means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." His face distorted for a second. Guess I'm not too good at that, huh? These two are better than me at that. Randy and Nani are both strong enough they could've just hightailed it and left Marie and I behind. But they didn't, even Nani, regardless of how creepy her methods were.






"Who's this broad again?"


Veronica rolled her eyes. "Why am I not surprised?"


Scarlet shook her head. "I hate to break it to you, but we were sent here to deal with..." She took another look at Zygarde. "...that." She took a deep breath, doing a short Swords Dance. "Let us begin."


"WHAT'D YOU JUST CALL ME?!  A PLEBEIAN?!"  Taiga shouted, as her fangs coated themselves with a thick layer of ice.  "I'll show you what I'm made of.  And you know what they say?  The bigger they are..."  the Sharpedo dashed in, gliding on water she created beneath her feet.  In front of her face were large jaws made of pure ice that shot from her mouth.  "Hu harher hey hall!"  She said, jumping to use the jaws to clamp down on the Legend's shoulder.  


"Yes, because that is what you are!" the Crobat shouted back before going silent as she watched the water type's attack. "Fools," she whispered. "Who would have sent you to deal with this? No, it couldn't be...could it? I would have heard, surely," she muttered to herself. "Whoever they are, they surely care little for your lives. Leave now, before you get hurt." The woman gritted her teeth as the next wave of attacks came, barely dodging the arrows with the little strength she still had. The gijinka retreated further, out of the fight, but kept a concerned eye on the combatants.

#7122395 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 09 October 2018 - 09:57 PM

Soon after the Stufful asked what to do next, the area around him suddenly became dark, and he glanced up to see a large flying thing partly blocking out the sun. Not long after, he was tripping over his feet as everybody headed toward the hill...slope...thing. Things weren't as bad as he had expected though, as Draxew was very good about stopping and helping him back up whenever he fell.


There was a stage where they were all gathered around, and atop the stage stood five Pokémon, which, according to Draxew, were the guild leaders. "You sure that's a guild leader?" the bear asked, jerking his head toward the Buizel onstage. The guy looked way too nervous to have any sort of power. Back in--he cut himself off as he realized he had no idea what he was about to think. Back in...nope, nothing. Frustrated, he wracked...or maybe it was worked? He worked his brain over the problem as the bat lady started talking, completely ignoring everything she was saying in the process. He gave up around the time a large yellow lizard--he thought that was a lizard--came up and began to babble on about this and that. Honestly, it was really difficult to sit still and pay attention. He had never been--


Never been what?


Well, whatever. He was having a hard time listening, was all. He only really started to pay attention when he heard a familiar word. "Yes, everyone please say hello to Axew!"


Axew! That's it! That's what Draxew reminded me of. It sounds a lot like Axew. Huh. Wonder why. Wait, what even is an Axew? He was only partially listening as the lizard continued, more concerned with figuring out just what an Axew was and why the Pokémon even mentioned it. Glancing up, he saw that Draxew was now onstage for some reason, and looked really nervous for some reason. Giving his buddy a wave, as he stared at him, it finally clicked. Oh, he's an Axew. That's what he is.


"Sorry, wasn't really paying attention to all that," he said to the what he was now very sure was an Axew as the tusked Pokémon returned to the crowd. "But seems you know the guildmaster, huh? Hella connections, man," he gave him a friendly nudge, hoping the guy would loosen up a little.


"Now then, it's high time we got to testing you all. We've got to see who's going to be joining young Axew in the guild."


"The hell? He doesn't know your name? Or do you guys normally call each other by what you are?" he whispered. He managed to listen more carefully as the lizard thing explained the rest of what was going on. Come to think about it, I haven't even heard his name yet. Or maybe this happened while I was blanking out? Maybe the bat lady said it? Who is she, anyway? Name guessing aside, it seemed they were about to get divided into teams, and Draxew wouldn't be part of it.


The panda glanced around, at a loss of what to do. Well, guess I'll just wing it, he thought, making his way toward what looked to be a large, tough hippo. "Wanna team up?" he asked.


"As if," the other scoffed. "Try this again when you get a little older. And a little less...pink."


"Motherf***er what did you just say to me?" he rolled up his metaphorical sleeves, whatever those were, and stepped forward aggressively. "I'll show you pink. Pink's the last thing you're gonna see before I knock your f***ing face off."


"You talk big for a small bear."


"And you talk big for a small brain."


Another Pokémon got in between the two of them. "Now, now, let's not fight," they said. "After all, we need to find teams first."


"Tell that to him," the hippo grunted, before turning away. "You're lucky that ended where it did. Next time you won't be so lucky."


"Yeah, well at least I get lucky--"


"Hey, uh, you." The Stufful turned around to see what looked like...actually, he didn't know what the hell it was supposed to be. "We should work together. I may be small but I'm strong. If we can find someone you can toss up I can get them to go even higher."


“Er, hello!”


"Those bear arms gotta be worth somethin, right? Unless they're full of stuffing...are they?"


"The hell are you?" he asked, before registering what she, and he was pretty sure it was a girl by the voice, said. "Oh, sure," he shrugged his shoulders, almost stumbling backwards as his balance shifted with the movement. "And stuffing?! You wanna bet? My bear arms are stronger than your..." he looked at her again and no, she didn't have any arms. "Well...this is awkward."


It was in the middle of that awkwardness that he realized that they weren't alone. Somewhere in the middle of their conversation, a bird thing with two heads had slid over beside them. “I’m actually really good with my legs, so if you-” His right head indicated the Stufful. “-can do a throw in time with my jump, we could definitely ace this!” He hesitated briefly, then his left head took over with a weak smile. “So yeah, if those bear arms aren’t actually full of stuffing, we’ve got this.”


"My arms are better than your..." again, no arms. "Well shit," he threw his front paws up in the air, falling backward onto his tail at that point, which, ouch, wasn't going to do that again. "Can't give a good trash talk if I'm the only one with arms here. I mean, uhh," he realized that that might have been the wrong thing to say, before bravely moving forward. "Anyway, yeah, I'm game. Might not be very coordinated...er, I think that's the word for it. But I sure as hell ain't no quitter, and my arms are all muscle." Whatever that was.

#7121489 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Licorice listened with her head cocked to the side as Penelope rattled off various animal facts. Nodding along in agreement, she pointed out additional trivia that the girl missed or hadn't gotten to, such as "Yes, I have counted and rabbits do indeed have twenty-eight teeth," or "I have heard that the willow ptarmigan is the only member of the grouse family that is not polygamous." When the princess finished, she gazed at her seriously. "You are well-learned. It is...impressive."


When Penelope praised her hunting skills, the black fox's tail wagged from side to side, before stilling suddenly, as if she just then realized what she was doing. "Hunting is natural for a Protean," she demurred. "And Tsetseg here proved to be far more adept than anticipated," she shot the bow thief a warm smile, her smile turning warmer yet as she registered the girl's words. Her ears flicked back slightly at Gunther's mutterings, but she said nothing, content to let him grumble.


Later, at the campfire, Licorice ate the meat with obvious enjoyment. "This bird meat is good," she said, expression slightly sly as she looked at the knight, managing to momentarily forget her current circumstances. However, the fox's ears pricked straight up at Alois's muttered comment, and she stared at him for a long while, until she was distracted by Sienna's question.


"Before?" the darker-furred fox paused. "Well, it was...embarrassing to be around your parents for a while. Let's just say that neither of them were shy about letting their feelings be known," her tone turned wry as she remembered the two of them wailing in public about their poor daughter being gone, and how they missed her so much. Or the chieftain turning misty-eyed whenever he passed by Sienna's room. As the second-in-command, Licorice had borne witness to many of his impassioned pleas at the shrine to watch over his fragile, innocent daughter. Sienna probably has an idea of what I'm talking about, she thought. It was an open secret in the village that the two doted on their daughter. With the way they act, I'm not surprised she left. Honestly, I'm more surprised that they let her go a second time.


"They eventually settled down...mostly. However, that was when the attacks started to come, Inari's Beads were stolen, and the frogs accused us of murdering one of their number," Licorice's expression turned serious. "It shook up the village. A place that had been safe for so long, with nothing more dangerous than bandits reaching our borders, yet suddenly, somehow, our sanctuary was breached." She shook her head. "This world is growing darker and darker by the day, mark my words. Is it any surprise that we changed? A few were already aware of the outside world's movement, but for most of us, like the twins, it was a wake-up call." The Protean sighed. "Even the bandits, whom we had been previously content to leave alone, managed to harm us. Gamboge was injured during a hunting trip, and Persimmon...well, he wasn't happy, suffice to say." She glanced at Tsetseg. "I was quite surprised to see this one convince him not to fight. Even his brother had a hard time stopping him from attacking the first human being he saw."


"Rufus, on the other hand, was convinced that the frogs had something to do with it. He changed then. I cannot say if the stress of the attacks is what got to him, or he found himself influenced by another party, but he turned into the person that you saw just yesterday. Still, while his actions were intolerable, I believe there is some truth to his thoughts. We must take care. The world is not standing still, and dark times lie ahead of us." Licorice coughed, realizing that she had said far more than she usually cared to, and had gotten dangerously close to honesty in doing so. Perhaps it was unwise to join this group, as it seems they have a knack for loosening my tongue.






At the campfire, Catriona was content to do little more than eat, keep watch, and observe Edrick making his "Travel Cakes," but Gunther chose that moment to address her. "Catriona...something is amiss...I know, I know, I've not been the happiest to be here. But...perhaps I'm being paranoid. Truly I still don't think we should be here at all."


"Perhaps," she agreed. "But there is little we can do about it at the moment. It is far too late in the day to move camp." Indeed, the last light of the setting sun had finally faded from the sky, a pale sliver of the waning moon shining in its place, though it was still too early to see the stars yet. She stared into the fire, and in her distraction, barely took in Licorice's words. She did listen to Link's song, finding comfort in the notes that seemed to carry her away to a distant land.


"You know," Edrick, one of the few people who seemed to not notice the feeling of being watched, or just didn't care, said between bites of meat and stirring his mix, "I've been a pretty bad teacher so far. How's about I tell you all about how the world was created?"


"The world?" Catriona looked up then, before her brow creased slightly. Does he mean what the Pontics teach their citizens? "The world is what it is." Still, she remembered well enough what she had been taught growing up. That the goddess created Mysia, turned evil, and was defeated and sealed away by a group of brave heroes. What more did they need to know?


The air grew still then, as if she weren't the only one curious to hear what the Pontic had to say. The princess shook her head vigorously at the thought. I am letting this place get to me. But if that is the case, then... Then, in all honesty, she wasn't quite sure what she would do, were she able to do anything about it in the first place.

#7121350 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 03 October 2018 - 02:09 AM



The past few days had been absolute torture for Belladonna. First, her evil, evil cousin had tricked her into entering this stupid competition, this "League Challenge." Did she look like the kind of person who entered these kinds of things? Like a...trainer? Apparently some people thought so. Barely had she chosen her starting Pokémon when two people had popped out of the woodwork, asking her to join them. At the time, she hadn't understood why they seemed so keen on being in a team with her, but she had quickly figured out the reason after their first battle.


They had seen her cousin, and had assumed that she, by association, would be equally as strong. Or at least willing to battle others. However, they had been in for a nasty surprise when the girl decided to sit out the match, content to just watch the others fight. Seemed like that wasn't the thing to do in teams, though, as she had been left behind when they reached Fernsworth and she decided to not go and see the Pokémon Professor with the others. Then again, they hadn't promised they would come back, did they? Actually, they might've told her to not wait up for them.


Well, whatever happened, she was here now, through blood, sweat, and tears. Literally. That last route had been hellish to tackle by herself. Constantly bombarded by trainers, with no excuse to turn them away, being attacked by a giant Malamar...it was only by the skin of her teeth that she escaped, though it had seemed surprised at first, as if she hadn't been what it was expecting.


Belladonna had arrived at Islebury yesterday morning cranky, exhausted, and filthy. Washing herself, her clothes, and then sleeping for a good twenty-four hours plus. She finally felt refreshed, or as refreshed as could be for a person not used to walking around outside.


But not refreshed enough to battle, which was exactly what this random trainer apparently wanted from her. Of course I get called out the minute I walk out of the Pokémon Center. If I didn't need to stock up on supplies, I wouldn't be outside in the first place. "Hey, over there, lost looking girl. Come over here and join our triple battle!"


She stared at him with dead eyes, shuffling forward a few steps till she stood next to him. "Don't wanna," she mumbled out loud, taking the time to look at the other two standing nearby. A familiar-looking girl with a rabbit hood--oh of course, she was the one that chose the fire rabbit--and a darker-skinned thug. Wasn't there somebody else with them too? she thought, yawning. Oh yeah, a tall blond girl. Wonder if she got left behind too.


Belladonna blinked at the group sleepily, swaying slightly on her feet before catching herself. "Gimme a break. Too early for this."

#7121297 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 02 October 2018 - 07:55 PM

"You were a human? I knew it!" the tusked creature cheered happily, before answering the question that hadn't actually been directed at him, but whatever. "That's a scent gland silly."


"A what? Scent gland? The hell's that?"


"It's like some crazy secret code Stuffuls use to talk to each other. If you ever meet another Stufful you should try it out. Though this isn't usually where you find 'em," the weirdo explained while scratching at his face some.


"I don't even know what the hell-heck a Stufful is, unless you mean this pink bear thing I've turned into," he replied flatly.


"Oh yeah. I know you're probably really confused and all but today's a really special day! The guild's gonna recruit some new pokemon. And Heliolisk really wants to figure out what's going on with you humans that have turned into pokemon. You should come to back to town with me and apply! If you get in you'd have a place to stay and it's your best shot at figuring things out." The tusked thing continued, practically hopping in place with excitement as he spoke. "What do ya say? Or would you rather just stay here and yell at your reflection some more?" the boy said with some playful snark.


"Whoa whoa whoa hold on there a hot minute. What's a guild and who the hell is Heliolisk? And town? There's a town for you freaks?"  He looked down at himself. "I guess, us freaks."


"Freaks? You mean pokemon? Are there not pokemon in the human world?!"


"Pokémon? That's what's we're called?" Now that this guy mentioned it, it did sound familiar. "Yeah...guess that's what we are, huh? 'Cept I'm human, not a...Pocket Monster? Where did that come from?" he mumbled the last bit. "Well, doesn't look like I'm a human anymore, but least I'm still myself. Still tough."


"Tough... Well nice to meet you Tough! I'm... uh... Ax... I mean.... drrrrrrraaxew. Draxew yeah! Heh. Head must be all jumbled up cuz it's festival day!"


"Yeah thanks, I know I'm tough," the Stufful replied with some confusion. "And...good to meet ya...Draxew?" for some reason, that name sounded familiar. "Festival day? You mean the guild thing?"


Draxew let out a breath. "Yeah! The Helio guild is where a bunch of pokemon come together to explore new places and fight bad guys! But because Heliolisk is so well known lots of different pokemon wanna join. So we have these big parties that go on all day while the lucky ones get in. It's a ton of fun and you'll probably even find a bunch of other humans that turned into pokemon like us!"


"Fu-udge, all this weird shi--crap is giving me a headache," the Stufful moaned. "And like you? So you're a human too? Or were one? Was never good with this stupid past-present crap." He shook his head. "But seems like as good a place as any to go. Lead the way."


"Uh.... yeah! Totally was a human. Been a while since I got here though so you just kinda forget you know?" Draxew laughed, but it sounded off. "Don't worry there's a lot going on but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it!"


The panda nodded back, and the two headed through the forest, until various scents started to filter into his nose. Fruit, and what smelled like...many different creatures, some with sharp, metallic scents, others with grassy scents, but most smelled like fur and feathers. Next came the sounds. Lighthearted chatter, whispers, and above all, the soaring notes of a song. Soon after they emerged into a wide clearing filled with various...well they had to be Pokémon. It was a bit overwhelming, honestly, but something about it also felt familiar, though he wasn't sure why.


They passed by a weird flying thing selling honey in small glass jars, a thing wearing a hat offering body paintings for a small fee--and what little the Stufful saw of them looked to be top quality--and a thing with large muscles challenging people to test their strength. The bear stepped forward to answer the call...and promptly tripped over his own limbs, swearing up a storm when the watching Pokémon laughed.


Eventually, they made it to a rather short line, short enough it didn't take them long before they were standing in front of a grumpy-looking thing that made the bear want to bristle up just looking at him. Draxew, on the other hand...claw, didn't seem to have that problem. The Pokémon started to bounce again. "Hey Sandslash!"


The grumpy guy, who it turned out was Sandslash, let out what the bear was pretty sure was an aggravated groan.


Draxew didn't seem to notice this, or didn't care. "I brought a new friend to sign up! He's Tough!"


"Tough is nice and all but it takes a lot more than that to get in. Just get your name on the paper and sign the thing."


"Yeah yeah, hold your Ponyta...whatever those are," the Stufful grumbled, before pausing as he stared at the paper and what looked like a black pad next to it. "How the hell do I do this?"


Sandslash groaned again but didn't reply. However, Draxew was all too willing to, dipping his hand...claws? Hand into the black pad, before slapping it on the table. "Like that! Just ink up one of your paws there." He received a death glare from the guild Pokémon for that, which caused the boy to tense up and look down.


"Oh, well that's easy," the panda said, dipping his paw into the pad and letting it sink down and collect ink before stomping it onto the paper. "There! I signed it!" he still had this niggling feeling that he was supposed to sign it a different way, but whatever worked. "You gonna go next?" he asked, glancing at Draxew.


"Who, me? Uh, funny story about that... uh I already signed up! Earlier. You know before you got here Mr. Tough. You should have seen the line, you got it good!"


"At least that's one thing going for me today," the bear mumbled. "So what now?"



#7120832 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 29 September 2018 - 02:24 AM

"Goddamnit!" He glared at the water sullenly. He wasn't sure why, but he knew that whatever he was seeing, whatever he was now, wasn't what he actually was. He was really...human. Not that he knew what that meant, exactly, but whatever.


"Hey Stufful!" a voice called out. "Are you the one doing the yelling? You alright?" a creature with two tusks sticking out of its mouth approached.


How does he even speak through those? was his first thought. His second was, I've seen this guy before. Or at least, something that looks like this guy. It's a...


Something. It was a something.


Oh wait, he had been asked a question, hadn't he?


"Who you calling stuffed so full of it they can't even shit straight?!" he yelled out automatically. "Wait, who the hell are you? What are you?" He paused. "And I'm just peachy!" his tone bled sarcasm. "For some reason, I'm a stupid pink thing instead of a human, but ya know, can't even figure out what a human fu-fudging is!" he amended, seeing for the first time just how...young this...something was.


"Look! I've got a fu-furry tail!" he quickly corrected himself, turning to stare at his behind in the water's reflection. "What kind of manly man goes around with a tail--" he stopped, bug-eyed. "Is that a tag on my ass?!"

#7120682 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 28 September 2018 - 03:53 AM


Mac gave Ari an almost shy smile at his words. A smile that turned into a deep frown which ended in Mac sticking her tongue out at the boy childishly and bopping him on the head. "Aren't you supposed to respect your elders or something?" The girl grumbled.

"Are you calling yourself an old lady then?" Ari grinned.

"Yeah, that was shockingly actually pretty deep," Kazo commented. "But, if you wanna show everybody that they can fight for something, you might want to get even stronger than you are now. We all should. I, for one, would like to not nearly die every time we run into a Godslayer."

"Well I know THAT." Mac huffed. "That's why I wanted this back so much..." She pulled her backpack off and opened it up. Carefully she reached in and pulled out a stone, shaped like a sun, and radiating great energy. "I don't want to use it till I have to but...with this I know I can get even stronger." She looked at the stone longingly for a few more moments before putting it away and straightening up.

"What is that?" the Litleo asked in curiosity. He hadn't ever seen a stone like that, though...maybe he had seen one. The nameless Whimsicott siblings had one.

Kazo sighed and leaned back. "What's going on though? Why are people trying to kill the Legends? I just don't get it..."

Listening to Cresselia's explanation, Ari started to frown. "So they're just taking advantage of Arceus being gone then? "That's..." he wanted to say it was terrible, but thinking about it, wasn't that the way of life? Lions went after the old and the sick, the weak prey, not the strong prey. It was sad, but not that surprising. "So, the Creator is gone..." he shook his head. Even he had heard of the Creator, but he hadn't heard that they were gone. That wasn't good. And then an awful thought hit him. He couldn't be everywhere at once, and maybe, far away, where he hadn't been, other legendaries had been... "How many have been killed?"



"It's okay! Jane is suuuper good at cleaning up!"


"Poor girl," Easter muttered. He had been in her position more than once, so he could empathize.


Denku didn't seem to realize that the Sylveon had returned, lost in his thoughts. "Glad he's on our side," the rock type muttered.

"Aww, you figured it out," the fairy type pouted. "And I was having such fun, too," he winked at the Pupitar, before turning to Brooke, only to be taken aback by a tongue lashing.

“A little overboard?” the Emboar scolded, setting Dora on the ground now that everything was safe. “Easter you don’t need me to tell you how stupid that was. Why go so far? We were worried about you!”

The fairy type winced and was about to defend himself when Captain responded for him.

"Everything will be okay and everything worked out. This is the S.S. Showdown after all. The crew here, former or otherwise, aren't like any other person." His face grew a bit more grim. "We're not just a group of pirates, and certainly not a transport ship, much as I'd like it to be that way. When things are dark and the world needs help there aren't many who'd stand up and protect it. Even if they don't realize what they have in their souls yet it's there, I know it." He tousled his hair and gave a laugh. "Arceus I am getting old aren't I." he muttered. Then he flashed Brooke a grin. "I bet I'd look good with some grey hairs though, don't you?"

"You make me out to be so much better than I am," Easter replied with some embarrassment. "Rei was always more of the hero type than me. And sorry, Captain, but this is one woman you might not be able to charm." He chuckled. "She even managed to resist a dashing Gallade." He sobered slightly as he looked at Brooke. Normally, a tirade like that would annoy, possibly even anger him, but at the moment, and coming from her, he just felt...guilty. "Fighting for me is different than it is for you," he explained. "To me it's a passion, a way of life, you could even say my reason for life." His expression grew distant as scenes of fighting danced before his eyes, his actual surroundings blurred.


An Eevee stretched out a small, scratched-up arm, clawing at the ground desperately as his lungs wheezed for breath. A jeering Mightyena stomped on the arm, digging his boots in cruelly. "Gyahaha," a nearby Druddigon guffawed. "Better go home to your momma, wimp. Oh that's right, they kicked you out." He leaned in, spitting on his face. "Regretting it yet, bitch?"

"That's enough," a Hydreigon, leader of the pack, stared down at him with contempt. "I think he's learned his lesson. Isn't that right, runt?" he lifted the Eevee up by his shirt with a smirk. "Maybe try evolving before thinking of competing with the big league. But a girly-looking boy like you probably won't even manage that."

He flew away with some parting words. "Take this as a lesson of hard knocks. Learn to fight if you wanna climb to the top."

The Eevee stared after them, one eye almost shut from the large, bulbous bruise over it, the other one narrowing in rage. "You're right," he said, expression clouding over. "You're right, you'rerightyou'rerightyou'reright, heeheeheehee." His voice resounded throughout the clearing in high-pitched giggles, before he cut them off suddenly. "And now that I know you're right, what to do, hmm?" he mused. "Could go home, but they don't want me there anymore. So that means, I have to stay out here, and out here, I have to fight. Right? Right!" he nodded, before his expression darkened, smile turning twisted. "And then maybe we can play together again." He frowned then. "But first...I have to live through this."


"Eheh," Easter grinned bashfully. "I suppose we both got carried away, but at least we had fun."


Speaking of fun, "I'm a good girl!" Dora proclaimed proudly. "And and and...and you made a star! It was all sparkly! Hehe, you should do it again!"


The innocence of the statement caused Captain to laugh. Amidst the laughter Edna made her way from below deck to the Sylveon, hands on hips. "So you beat her? Don't think that means you're the strongest one here got it? Beating one of us isn't the same as beating all of us." She muttered the next part. "Even if they won all their fights before..."


"Don't worry," Easter grinned. "I'll be glad to take you on anytime. Just..." he winced. "Not now. Give it a day or two."


"And maybe I will," he answered Dora, ruffling the Wooper's hair fondly. He had worried for nothing, hadn't he? Snapping his fingers, a ring of glowing pink Swift stars appeared around him, but rather than direct them at the group, he aimed them to the sky above, where they exploded like fireworks, leaving nothing but glittering pink dust that winked out soon afterward. Moves aren't meant to be used like this, he thought. They're weapons, not decorations...but I'll indulge just this once.






"You're a lot prettier than I am, but a flesh suit would be creepy and probably uncomfortable. I'd rather not skin anyone."


Keanu heaved a quiet sigh of relief. "Thank the Tapus for small mercies."


"You betcha! So now it'd do you better to listen to me more than before."


"Eh, no promises."


"Keanu...Marie...new person...just...remind me of something later. I...I wanna sit down and talk with you guys."


"K'den," he felt his limbs sag as the jolt from his special move wore off. The Pikachu dragged himself after the others, stopping to pick up the mask he had been given earlier, head drooping as he walked. He barely looked up when the Noctowl, Eve, announced the fighting over, couldn't bear to look at the masked natives. While he hadn't fought Blake himself, he had betrayed him nonetheless by letting him die like he did.


When the others headed back to the city, the electric type lingered at the exit to the village, looking back one last time.


It was then that a native approached, one that Keanu recognized as the one who had given him the mask he now carried. "Sorry," he mumbled, knowing that the other wouldn't be able to understand him. "I'm sorry, I couldn't...couldn't stop him. Couldn't save him."


The native lifted their own mask, revealing a gijinka who blinked at him tearfully. The two stared at each other for a long moment before she embraced him in a hug. Shocked at the sudden action, Keanu did nothing for a second, then returned the hug. "Thank you. I know you can't...understand me, but thank you."


Soon, others approached, some the Pikachu had seen earlier, others he hadn't. Children, the elderly, everybody sharing in a moment of sorrow for the Zoroark whose motives had been pure, even if his actions hadn't been. By the time Keanu extricated himself from the huddle, his heart felt lighter, performing a traditional Alolan wave goodbye and smiling as they made their own goodbye. Some sentiments could be understood even across cultures.


He returned to the militia leader's house late just in time to hear the tail end of Eve's speech. Saying nothing, he slipped away to give her some privacy, staring at the mask in his hand before donning it once more in remembrance. It also served to hide his expression from anybody who happened to see him just then.






Veronica panted for breath as she lay on the ground. "This one is tough," she muttered. "Typical." Seeing the others, she sighed. "Oh, you again," despite her haughty tone, the small curl of her lips betrayed her. "Fancy meeting you here. Unfortunately, I'm a little...indisposed at the moment to greet you properly. Many apologies."


"You." The other woman spoke to the group, ignoring the Crobat. "It was you who set this place ablaze wasn't it? You people dare to come here and destroy. To turn nature into a thing for your own twisted desires. You will now face the Order Dragon, Zygarde, and pay for your trespass."


As the woman flared her aura, Veronica could do little more than lie there in pain from her prior injuries. "Run, if you commoners value your lives," she groaned. "Plebeians like you don't stand a chance against a legendary, much less this one."

#7120546 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Lewyn on 27 September 2018 - 02:44 AM

"I will...try." Mute Girl said, her voice cracking. "Lucky isn't a very good taste tester."


Gilly wasn't sure who Lucky was, but she was currently eating, so wasn't able to ask. By the time she had swallowed all the food in her mouth the conversation had moved on and she quickly forgot about it.




"Yes, what is there to be grumpy about? Sand, sand, sun, and sand, what more could one need?" Damien responded to the halfling with a smirk as they continued on their way.


"You're weird," Gilly huffed. "Sand and sun sucks." She thought about it for a bit. "Unless...is that sarcasm?"




"You don't have to be a dragon," Reiny boy started, confused. "If you're too hot, just take something off. Isn't that the whole point of wearing something else's skin? You put it on when you want and you take it off when you want."


"Whoa, whoa, wait, really?" the girl perked up, eyes brightening. "So wait, the adults are wrong? That means...dragon time!" she immediately started to take off her heavy armor right then and there. If somebody didn't stop her she would proceed to undress herself further. "Maybe now I won't feel like I'm dying."




Later on, dressed or undressed, Gilly would spot the sharks with the rest of the group. Mute Girl counted six, seven, eight, which took the halfling a second to understand exactly what she meant, but when she did, she gazed at the sharks herself, which were circling the stone structure. "Whoa, there're a lot of them," she muttered, before pumping a fist, eyes blazing. "This seems like a job for Gilly!" she materialized an ice spear right afterward, sticking her tongue out as she concentrated on aiming.

#7120410 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Lewyn on 26 September 2018 - 05:33 AM



He stood up slowly. The world was spinning, everything... Yet as soon as he stood, he fell back down again.




He couldn't say what exactly was wrong, just that everything was. His height, his weight, hell, even his balance, center of whatchamacallit, felt wrong.


"What the f*** is going on?" he spat, immediately afterward pausing. Even his voice sounded wrong. "F***. Shit. Damn." What am I even saying? I don't even know what the f*** I'm saying! There was something really pathetic about that. All I know is that, whatever I'm saying, it sure as f*** feels fitting.


His head pounded suddenly. Oh that's right, I'm--




Yeah, that's my name. And...I'm swearing, yeah. It had taken a while for him to remember, but now that he had, he felt a bit better, a bit less like the world was ending, or something. Amnesia's a bitch, he thought, and paused. It is amnesia, right? I think so.


Giving up, he decided to walk forward, automatically falling down on all fours. It still felt wrong, but that's how his body wanted to walk, so who was he to say otherwise? Except he wouldn't stop tripping, so he gave up, and stood up on two legs, which felt...less wrong, but harder. Though it was easier with his tail to help balance...


Wait, tail?


Damn, this is some dream I'm having, he thought. Pinch me and wake me up, man. Was it really a dream? And what good would pinching do?


He kept walking, kept falling, kept tripping, kept getting up. No f***ing way I'mma let a little something like bad balance stop me from moving forward, he thought, slowly but surely making his way toward what sounded like a river, whatever that was.


He could hear it before he saw it. Smelled it too, which for some reason struck him as weird, but there wasn't much that wasn't weird at this point. A burbling sound, and the scent of wet earth, metal, grass, and fish. But you couldn't ask him what any of those things meant, only that they were.


He couldn't even explain why he was moving toward the river, only that it was water, and that water was comfortable, familiar. And usually helped him figure out where the hell he was at. Stumbling toward the sound, the smell, and finally the sight of water, a trickle of silver slipping through mossy stones and--what the hell, he was no poet. It was a river. Everybody knew what that was. Everybody except for him, apparently, as he had clearly forgotten until just now.


"This sucks," he grumbled out loud, finally making his way to the bank. Or shore. Looking around, he was...just as lost as before. Great. Plopping down on a nearby rock, he stared glumly down at the water flowing beneath him. And promptly blew his shit.


"The hell?! I'm a f***ing pink teddy bear! Are you shitting me?!" the shout echoed throughout the area.