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In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Today, 12:28 AM

Yue was waiting for Aleithe to reply, biting her lip when no answer was forthcoming. Oh no oh no oh no, she thought, sweat starting to bead on her face. Did I...make him mad? Ugh, of course I did, he probably thinks it's a bother coming over and dealing with me. She cringed, looking around for a way to make her escape from this awkward conversation, when she straightened suddenly at a nearby conversation.


"What's a salamander doing here? Do you think...the Jourans?"

"Nah, what would they be doing here?"


"But still...maybe we should do something about it."


Uh oh. "E-excuse me!" Yue tugged briefly on the first speaker's shirt. "You said...a salamander?"


The man looked at her clothing. "You Yonan? Yeah, found it over near one of the bars. Best stay away from it, missy, you never know what one of those'll do to you.


"Um...I don't know..."


"Well, take it from me. They're bad news," the man shrugged and resumed his conversation.


The archer turned back to Aleithe in a panic. "Aleithe! W-we need to go back, now!" her voice grew shrill and actually fairly audible in her panic. And with that, she ran back toward the way she had come. However, as unerring an inner compass she had in the wilderness, she could not help but become hopelessly lost in town. Soon, she lost sight of Aleithe, and anybody, actually, finding herself in the back alleys of town.


"W-where am I?" her lip trembled. "I'm scared..."


"You'll find yourself even more scared lest you give me some of your gold..." a voice whispered into her ear accompanied by the sharp prod of a knife against her back.


"Eep!" Yue shrieked and accidentally clubbed the poor mugger with her elbow, running for her life before he could do anything else. Her eyes were wide and scared as she ran without thought, until she nearly crashed into a large scaly hide. "Oh, Gojira, hello!" she smiled, "And uh...hello...Ada...Layne," her voice dropped to a whisper as she stared at her feet. "Um..." she searched for something to say, to be polite. "Oh! Yeah, people were talking about a salamander...maybe we should...um...move?" she looked up, gnawing on her bottom lip. "I don't like it when people stare..."

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Yesterday, 11:21 PM



Kazo didn't seem to wake up as much from the shock as Ari did. So Mac had to drag the much bigger gijinka through the forest, but even she gave up as the mushrooms got bigger, colorful lights moving around at a dreamy speed. Ari gave up soon after, collapsing to the ground beside the other two.


The next thing the lion knew, he was back at Pride Rock. He had just defeated Entei, and come home a hero. Even his uncle James, who didn't really like him that well, was smiling proudly. And, best of all, his dad was there, alive and well, giving him the biggest smile he had ever seen, eyes alight with warmth. "You did well," he said, and the words caused Ari's eyes to well up with tears. "You are a true king, but best of all, you are my son, and I'm proud of you." And his mother was there, hugging him in front of everybody, but he didn't really mind that so much right now, and his friend Tiana was there too, grinning broadly.


"You are a true Chaser now," Regirock, who had decided to visit, agreed.


And others had come to see his grand homecoming, like Mac, Kazo, Kah, and even Suiten. The Helioptile snorted. "I could have done better, but you didn't do half bad." And the Gabite looked down at him, a tender smile eclipsing his usual fierce looks. "As expected from my little bro." And then he hugged him.


"You mean it?" Ari asked.


"Yeah, I do," he replied. "You're the little brother I never had."


The Litleo burst into full-out tears at this point. "I-I thick de sabe thig doo," he replied through his sniffles. "I aways wabbed a brodder."


"Hey, don't cry, squirt," Kah jostled his shoulder. "You're big and tough now, like me. You can't cry. No, n-no way," she grabbed a handkerchief and blew into it noisily, causing Suiten, who was standing beside her, to stare at the Hydreigon in disgust. 


"Hehe...heh," Ari smiled brightly. "I wub you guys." This was the best day ever.






"Why would that tire me out?" She said in a monotone. "If you want to fight then fine by me. I'm not supposed to refuse guests. It's not my problem you want to be beaten so badly." She then strolled past Easter towards the stage that was still set up from the previous fight.


"Whew," Easter whistled. "You're just like Fi. I'm not sure if that's good or bad." He let her remarks wash off of him like water off a Psyduck's back. After all, he was no stranger to trash talk or overconfidence...on both ends. He stood opposite her on the stage, his pose relaxed. "Ladies first?" he asked, though he didn't really care whether she attacked first or not. He knew better than to underestimate females, after all...he shuddered. No, best not to think too much about her right now.


Still, how she reacted, or didn't react to that would tell him quite a bit.






Keanu winced as the feathery darts slid into his body, draining his energy. Marie, however, seemed to be taking it much worse than him. He was about to move toward her when he saw Randy go down and his face paled. "What...no no no!" he yelled. Randy was the strongest of them all, and if he went down...then they were screwed. Royally so. He grabbed a random berry from his pouch, grimacing at seeing it was a Kelpsy Berry, and nothing useful for the Incineroar.


Gritting his teeth, the Pikachu fired off another Electro Ball, hoping that they would be able to wear Yveltal down soon...and that Randy would get up soon. At least Marie had gotten up, and that other Pikachu was still with them. Otherwise they really were dead. "Eat lightning, you lolo buggah!"

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Yesterday, 10:51 PM

"Woo!" Gilly cheered, seemingly unaffected by the grisly sight before her. "We did it! We won! Though of course we did," she grinned. "We have the awesomest person ever with us, me!" She looked down at the snake woman. "Hmm...I wonder what snake tastes like," she mused. "Or maybe she'd taste more like human? Or maybe her human half would taste human and her snake half would taste like snake. So if I just eat the snake part, then that wouldn't be so bad, right?" she started to mutter to herself after that, contemplating the moralities of eating creatures that looked like people. But really, she was just hungry, so anything looked like food to her at the moment.


Reiny boy started to carry Mute Girl, so at least that was taken care of. Gilly started to approach the eggs curiously. "Do you think we can eat these?" she asked the others. "I'm really, really hungry and we've been down here a long time, haven't we? I wonder if Hob's getting hungry up there, oh and Pinky too! And maybe Mr. Edgy McEdge..." the halfling took hold of one of the eggs and looked closely at it. "Huh, this looks...really old. Ugh, that means it's probably gone bad by now," she pouted. It was then she noticed the glowy orb thingy, but she decided that finding food was more important, so she started rummaging through the nest for anything yummy.

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

16 August 2018 - 05:52 AM





Catriona listened to Tsetseg's various suggestions on the road. "Lily Wolves..." she mused. "I feel that might be too amicable for our task." Still, it seemed her suggestions were little better. The woman colored slightly at her sister's pointed comment. "I believe it is a good name," she defended primly, but said no more on that, her pride stung. When Shiro arrived, the lord put those thoughts from her mind to listen to his report. "Good," she nodded briskly. "Thank you."


"Our hearing is keen," Licorice explained to Penelope patiently. "Though it is keener still in animal form." She watched the girl's antics with amusement, twitching her ears to see how she would react. "Would not it be easier to face forward?" she asked guilelessly. After hearing that most of the group seemed ready to move on, the black fox nodded in deferment to their opinion. "Very well."


"Yes, we should be fine," Catriona said, before glancing at Link, lowering her voice. "I would like to speak with you about the bandit you talked to, when we get the chance." She turned to Edrick, listening to his concerns. "I know," she said, her tone gloomy. "But that is all we have to go off of, so we shall head north unless we get a clue otherwise. As for winter..." she hesitated. "I can only hope that we make it through."


Eventually, as time passed, the trees started to thin, the sunlight casting wide beams of light upon the ground. It was...odd, seeing actual uninhibited sunlight. It feels as if we have been here far longer than these few days. There was something about not seeing the sky that made time pass in strange ways. Soon enough, the trees ended and the sky stretched out before her, an expanse of azure broken only by the pale forms of what had to be mountains in the distance, their peaks tipped with snow.


We have come far, she thought. Galtea only sees the tip of the Dran Mountains. I never thought I'd see scenery such as this, with people such as these. She had thought if she were to see this, it would be as Queen of Galtea, on a diplomatic visit to their ally. But instead...she was here, not even as Crown Princess, but as a regular traveler, hoping to stop what might very well be the end of the world.


But we have farther yet to go. So, turning away from the grand view in front of her, the white-haired woman looked back at her companions. "Let us move on," she declared.



Chapter 5: Creeping Darkness


Date: September 7th, Year 556

Time: 6:00 PM (Vespers)

Location: Pelinna Road


The road seemed to stretch on for forever, though Catriona knew it had only been a few hours since they had left the forest. So far, they had had no troubles on the road, but she knew that might not last. Still, it was odd to see a land so...empty. There were no houses, no villages, nothing but the ever unfurling road before them.


"We shall have to think about finding a place to set up camp at some point." Though it was still too early to do so, in another few hours, it would be dark. As soon as she said that, she noticed a sign pointing forward, though the words were far too weathered to make out. "Is there anything up ahead?" she asked the Histians of the group.


Meanwhile, a crow, flying overhead, had spotted the gilt wrapping of Link's present from Santa, poking slightly out of his stuffed pack. With a caw, it dive-bombed the man, grabbing the gift soon afterward and flying off with it.


"How unlucky," Licorice observed.






His Royal Majesty, King Reginald of Galtea, Archduke of Augusta, and Head of House Nabudis, paced the floor in his room. "So you say that it is true then?" he demanded. "Sir Cyrus's departure...he really had known, hadn't he? Why else would he leave?"


"Yes, your Majesty. It is said that he conferred with Lord Lucati before the latter was executed," the man before him replied, his voice soft and deep.


"Do you think, then, that he has some connection with the fallen House? With Pontus?"


"I would not count it out of the realm of possibility."


The royal's face soured. "If that is so," he muttered darkly. "Then we must investigate...the man's background, his current whereabouts, and the squire who left with him."


"I have sent some men already, Sire."


"Of course you have," Reginald shook his head. "How could I have expected otherwise from my spymaster?" His face hardened. "We must stamp out all Pontic activity, especially while my daughters remain missing. Are there any updates on their whereabouts?"


"None, My Lord," the other shook his head sadly. "Though my spies say that they entered Histia."


"Yes, mine have informed me of that as well," the king mused, his eyes narrowing at the man, but at the other's lack of reaction, he continued. "It is imperative that they return here, to Galtea, where I can at least keep an eye on them. To that end, I would have you bring them back. Can I trust you to do this, Lord Sebastian?"


"Sire, you can rest assured," the other bowed with an ambiguous smile. "I shall have them back well before the ink dries on your seal."


"Good, dismissed."


As the door closed with a soft sound, Reginald turned to stare out the window, one hand hovering over a draught board. "And so the piece makes its move," he said softly, picking up one of the carved wooden pieces. "But for which side? Black...or white?" he smiled thinly. "Black might move first, but I always choose white. And," he slammed the piece down with a clatter. "I have not lost a game yet."


OOC: We're finally out of the forest, woot! Also, Link has just received a trick--his present has now been stolen by a passing crow. And this is your second warning, Wind Rider.

In Topic: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [Interest Check/PG-16]

10 August 2018 - 11:07 PM

I find this pretty amusing because I was actually debating between starting up a PMD RP or starting something else (I went with the something else). I'm glad I did though, because this looks like it could be cool. Sheesh, I wasn't going to be joining any more RPs, but this is actually seriously tempting me.


As for the quiz, you could do what Super did, and implement a quiz, and then allow us to choose whether we want to go with that specific Pokemon or choose something else. For example, I'd probably want to take the quiz, but I'm not so sure I'd like to be locked into the choice if it's a Pokemon I don't particularly care for (like Cryogonal).


Personally, for chats, I prefer Discord. Barely go on Skype anymore except to catch up on RP chats.


I will say that I'm interested in how you handle the mechanics or lack thereof since PMD has entirely different ones compared to the main games, and it's very much a turn-based game. Turns affect everything from HP recovery in dungeons to hunger, so if you implement mechanics, then it could get very complicated, or at least just a lot to keep track of. I do like maps though, so if you want to use them, I'd be all for that.


So yeah, posting pending interest.