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In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

13 June 2018 - 07:30 PM

Gilly had to fumble a bit to catch what was for her an unexpected throw from Mr. Lindow, but she held the scarab up proudly to show that despite the surprise, she had caught it anyway.


"Wise words, my dear. Now how about you use that genius to solve this next test?" Mr Lindow spoke.


Taking those words as the challenge they had to be, Gilly puffed her chest out and then stepped forward to the task. "Of course I will!" she looked at the stone desk, taking a minute to really take it in. "Hmm, so it's made out of stone...there's a weird hole in there...and some weird words." She paused, then recite the words out loud. "Together you fall or together you ascend. Well we already fell but Reiny boy was a bit slower," she muttered the last bit. "So we didn't fall together...does that mean we need to go up now?" she looked at the others before turning back to the desk.


"Whatever, my head hurts!" she announced and then slammed the scarab onto the desk, accidentally inserting it into the hole. "Ooh, nice, it fits perfectly," she gasped before jerking her head in realization. "Umm...I mean, I meant to do that! I totally meant to do that!" she crowed, thumping her chest. "Detective Gilly strikes again!"

In Topic: YCM Awards 2018

13 June 2018 - 12:00 AM

1. Rising Star: abstain

2. Cardmaker Star: abstain

3. Writing Star: Alaina/Skaia

4. Artistic Star: abstain

5. Critic Star: Flame Dragon

6. Reality Star: abstain can't decide between two contestants

7. Comedy Star:  Mutant Monster RAEG-HAPYP/Raeg

8. Classic Star: Tsumugi Shirogane/Black

9. Star Manager: God Emperor Cow/Cow-Cow

10. Monstar: Korosensei

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

12 June 2018 - 11:23 PM

Yue felt...well, she wasn't sure how to feel. She had tried opening up to somebody, only to find out that that same somebody had just...left, leaving a note behind. The archer shrunk in on herself even more so than usual, though it probably wouldn't be noticed, seeing as she was normally pretty shy anyway.


She really couldn't understand people.


So she was glad that the request came when it did. It was hard, asking people about boats, and the mention of water just made her feel sick, reminded once more of Cassia and her absence, but Yue persisted. When the people actually heard her well enough to respond, they seemed pretty tight-lipped about the one boat that looked to be able to take them where they needed to go.


"What do you think, Commander? They seem nervous about that boat. Should we check it out closer? Perhaps the owner is still nearby," Rona suggested.


Yue said nothing, but agreed silently.

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

12 June 2018 - 10:47 PM



"I hate to say it." Mac whispered at Ari. "But I'm not moving so good right now. This is...gonna be a tough one."


"Yeah," Ari nodded, "But we can make it through. We have to." For that Mr. Mime, for Regirock, for Latios, for everybody who had suffered because of this woman.


Said woman walked slowly towards them, blood dripping down her side, as she raised a hand at Ari. A bolt of electricity fired off from her fingertips, racing towards the Fire type. "Why don't you be good children and just die?" She asked, sickeningly sweet.


The Litleo managed to move just in time to avoid it, sweating as he saw a blackened scorch mark where the attack hit the ground. He spat out a couple Embers at the woman while circling away from Mac, trying to keep the psychic lady's attention off of her. "Why did you do it?" he asked, angry. "You killed all those people, and for what?" He hadn't heard any of her conversation with Kazo, except for when the dragon type had shouted in outrage, but he doubted whatever she could say would justify what she had done.







"Guess I can't argue with that," Denku shrugged, which caused Easter to preen. Just a bit. He always appreciated compliments, and even complimenting by agreement counted in this case. "I rather not...," the rock type continued responding to the offer. "Over the past week or so I have fought off leopards, fought in a war, fought against three Godslayers and an insane legend. I'm good for a break, however brief it is."


“How about you show us to where we’ll be staying?” Brooke asked, shouldering her backpack. “Would be nice if we didn’t have to carry our stuff around with us. Bad enough being back on a boat so soon after the last time.”


Easter privately agreed with the Emboar, but suspected that they shared the same opinion for differing reasons. Before he could reply, however, Dora decided...to be Dora. "I wanna see how the ship moves! Look, look, it's going so fast, how does it doooo that?"


In her haste to reach the side of the ship, the Wooper nearly upturned a bucket of water that a red-haired girl was using to clean the deck. "Hey!" She shouted, then glared over at the rest of the group. "Someone keep a hold of her before she breaks something, sheesh!" She snapped.


"I'm sorry--" Easter began to apologize, exasperated with the child's antics already, and it had barely been five minutes since they got here.


"Hey, hey." Solana said, tugging on Easter's arm, trying to get his attention back. "Are you sure you don't want to have a battle with one of us first?"


"I wouldn't mind," the Sylveon replied. "Need to keep my skills sharp." And my mind distracted. "But first, I should probably make sure certain members of my group aren't actually falling over the side."


"Brooooke. Why is the water so far down?" Dora asked, curious. Case in point.


"What do you mean---," Denku cut himself off. "This is a flying ship?" Denku half asked, half commented before he picked up Dora. "Yeah, you gotta stay away from the edges, Dora. That's a long way to fall and a long way to get back up here," He said as he walked away, Dora tucked under his arm. "I think we should tie her down," He joked to his traveling partners as he came back to the group.


"Sounds like a good idea to me," Easter said, trying for a casual tone, which was a lot harder in his current mindset. "We usually only tie people to the mast during a storm, but Dora's a mini hurricane." He started walking forward, feet aimed for the stairs to go belowdeck. "If you want to put your stuff down, I'll show you where we'll be staying."







Marie's expression became incredibly annoyed as Keanu explained things on his side. "What? No no, the people of Mowloo are only hard on them because Blake keeps going around and making everything worse! He's just a huge bully who doesn't even want to help anyone. He just wants to bring his scary queen back so she can kill everyone, or something." The girl pointed at him as she said, "so we're here to make sure we stop him so all the fighting can stop."


"That's right..." Randy growled, pointing at the Zoroark. "He's getting what's coming to him...ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!"


"That is enough." Blake said. "The Queen is impatient." He licked his lips. "My new friend." He looked towards Keanu. "They want to stop me. If I fall so does all my people. Siding with them is siding with our extinction."


The Pikachu's ears flattened at that, and he felt unsure what to do. He could never stand against his friends, but he didn't like the idea of fighting Blake either, and it looked like that was what was going to happen if things continued the way they were going. To make it worse, now he could hear a pained voice in the back of his mind after that strange mist touched him.


Blake's claws extended from his hands and a glow formed around them as he struck them together, seemingly sharpening them. Without taking his eyes off Randy he said, "I'll make it quick." He moved forward at incredible speeds, claws extended and covered in dark energy, as he slashed across the larger man's chest.


Thankfully, Marie was prepared, sending out a pulse of pink energy toward the Zoroark, "what the h-hell do you think you're doing you b-bi-bully!" Oh Fini, she sounded so afraid, this situation kept getting worse and worse.


Meanwhile, Randy and Blake had started a pitched fight, and Keanu still didn't know what to do. Everything was going wrong, there was a voice in his head, and that giant egg was there in the background making everything worse. His thoughts became increasingly dark as he stood there, until he wondered if he should just end it all and leave this place, leave everybody behind, because that's what he did best, after all.


A black energy formed around him as he thought this, mind working on various Nasty Plots.

In Topic: The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

12 June 2018 - 10:06 PM

Gilly hesitated at seeing Reiny boy not quite there yet, but as soon as she saw him running for the door as well, she went on through, breaking into a free fall that ended with her landing on her butt. "Owie," she groaned, though her pride was more injured than her body at the moment. The halfling glanced around the room. It looked like they were in an egg-shaped room, with pedestals and a stone desk.


Nearby, Reiny boy groaned. And she took the time to sit as well, still not quite recovered from her earlier almost-death by crushing from a mindless monster.


"So, while we probably would continue the exploration here, any of you have some sort of idea on how would we escape from this place once we're done? It seemed like it becomes more and more of a tall order now," Miss Stick-in-the-Mud said.


Gilly stood up and shook her fist at the walls heroically. "There's always a back way!" she said. "We'll probably find it when we find Mute Girl, because we're the heroes, and we always find a way!"