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#7104306 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 12 June 2018 - 10:47 PM



"I hate to say it." Mac whispered at Ari. "But I'm not moving so good right now. This is...gonna be a tough one."


"Yeah," Ari nodded, "But we can make it through. We have to." For that Mr. Mime, for Regirock, for Latios, for everybody who had suffered because of this woman.


Said woman walked slowly towards them, blood dripping down her side, as she raised a hand at Ari. A bolt of electricity fired off from her fingertips, racing towards the Fire type. "Why don't you be good children and just die?" She asked, sickeningly sweet.


The Litleo managed to move just in time to avoid it, sweating as he saw a blackened scorch mark where the attack hit the ground. He spat out a couple Embers at the woman while circling away from Mac, trying to keep the psychic lady's attention off of her. "Why did you do it?" he asked, angry. "You killed all those people, and for what?" He hadn't heard any of her conversation with Kazo, except for when the dragon type had shouted in outrage, but he doubted whatever she could say would justify what she had done.







"Guess I can't argue with that," Denku shrugged, which caused Easter to preen. Just a bit. He always appreciated compliments, and even complimenting by agreement counted in this case. "I rather not...," the rock type continued responding to the offer. "Over the past week or so I have fought off leopards, fought in a war, fought against three Godslayers and an insane legend. I'm good for a break, however brief it is."


“How about you show us to where we’ll be staying?” Brooke asked, shouldering her backpack. “Would be nice if we didn’t have to carry our stuff around with us. Bad enough being back on a boat so soon after the last time.”


Easter privately agreed with the Emboar, but suspected that they shared the same opinion for differing reasons. Before he could reply, however, Dora decided...to be Dora. "I wanna see how the ship moves! Look, look, it's going so fast, how does it doooo that?"


In her haste to reach the side of the ship, the Wooper nearly upturned a bucket of water that a red-haired girl was using to clean the deck. "Hey!" She shouted, then glared over at the rest of the group. "Someone keep a hold of her before she breaks something, sheesh!" She snapped.


"I'm sorry--" Easter began to apologize, exasperated with the child's antics already, and it had barely been five minutes since they got here.


"Hey, hey." Solana said, tugging on Easter's arm, trying to get his attention back. "Are you sure you don't want to have a battle with one of us first?"


"I wouldn't mind," the Sylveon replied. "Need to keep my skills sharp." And my mind distracted. "But first, I should probably make sure certain members of my group aren't actually falling over the side."


"Brooooke. Why is the water so far down?" Dora asked, curious. Case in point.


"What do you mean---," Denku cut himself off. "This is a flying ship?" Denku half asked, half commented before he picked up Dora. "Yeah, you gotta stay away from the edges, Dora. That's a long way to fall and a long way to get back up here," He said as he walked away, Dora tucked under his arm. "I think we should tie her down," He joked to his traveling partners as he came back to the group.


"Sounds like a good idea to me," Easter said, trying for a casual tone, which was a lot harder in his current mindset. "We usually only tie people to the mast during a storm, but Dora's a mini hurricane." He started walking forward, feet aimed for the stairs to go belowdeck. "If you want to put your stuff down, I'll show you where we'll be staying."







Marie's expression became incredibly annoyed as Keanu explained things on his side. "What? No no, the people of Mowloo are only hard on them because Blake keeps going around and making everything worse! He's just a huge bully who doesn't even want to help anyone. He just wants to bring his scary queen back so she can kill everyone, or something." The girl pointed at him as she said, "so we're here to make sure we stop him so all the fighting can stop."


"That's right..." Randy growled, pointing at the Zoroark. "He's getting what's coming to him...ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!"


"That is enough." Blake said. "The Queen is impatient." He licked his lips. "My new friend." He looked towards Keanu. "They want to stop me. If I fall so does all my people. Siding with them is siding with our extinction."


The Pikachu's ears flattened at that, and he felt unsure what to do. He could never stand against his friends, but he didn't like the idea of fighting Blake either, and it looked like that was what was going to happen if things continued the way they were going. To make it worse, now he could hear a pained voice in the back of his mind after that strange mist touched him.


Blake's claws extended from his hands and a glow formed around them as he struck them together, seemingly sharpening them. Without taking his eyes off Randy he said, "I'll make it quick." He moved forward at incredible speeds, claws extended and covered in dark energy, as he slashed across the larger man's chest.


Thankfully, Marie was prepared, sending out a pulse of pink energy toward the Zoroark, "what the h-hell do you think you're doing you b-bi-bully!" Oh Fini, she sounded so afraid, this situation kept getting worse and worse.


Meanwhile, Randy and Blake had started a pitched fight, and Keanu still didn't know what to do. Everything was going wrong, there was a voice in his head, and that giant egg was there in the background making everything worse. His thoughts became increasingly dark as he stood there, until he wondered if he should just end it all and leave this place, leave everybody behind, because that's what he did best, after all.


A black energy formed around him as he thought this, mind working on various Nasty Plots.

#7104280 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 12 June 2018 - 09:56 PM



The morning had started like any other morning for the thief. Wake up in their old, battered hideout, squabble with his mates over breakfast, and then set out for the day. Except their new boss had more balls than brains. Then again, the amount of money that they were being paid for this could do that to a feller. Still, he rather go back to the old ways of pillaging and looting. Of picking their targets, rather than them being picked for them.


And now, here he was, facing off against an armored feller with blood in his eye and on his armor. Poor ol' Scrubs, he never stood a chance. And then a stray arrow made him fumble his toss, and he flailed like a madman, cursing the son of a bitch who shot at him. No, he couldn't fight the knight like he was now. That'd be just testing fate. So instead he went around. All the strength in the world did nothing if you were fast enough to avoid their attack. And he was.


He weaved around the man like the old girl taught him to, the one who took him in off the streets. He always knew the alcohol would do her in, but she taught him enough a big boss like Bazba had wanted his skills. Mentally thanking her, he went around in a loop, arrowing straight for one of his allies, who was slowly getting up, an arrow lodged in his leg, to attack one of those blue frogmen.


The thief spat to the side. Give him a regular human opponent any day over these oversized kennel freaks. "Need help?" he asked the other, still clutching his hand. Hinkley, he thought. Or maybe Heel. And there, crying like a baby on the ground was one of the newbies. Not like him. He'd been with the group since the start, since Magvel. And now, here they were, far from home and from the state of his hand, probably about to make this place their grave. Suppose that's what you got when your boss made dumb decisions, you ended up being the one suffering for it.


Except he would be leaving here alive. Even if he had to crawl on hands and knees to get there. He hadn't lived this long, hadn't fought over the last scrap of moldy food in the streets for nothing.


"Heh," the fighter--yeah, Hinkley, that was his name--grunted. "S'pose I do. What say we do it like old times?"


"Tweren't that long ago. I think your memory's gone," he rebutted, but a grin tugged at his mouth. Lifting a knife, he tossed it in the air with his other hand before grabbing the handle and throwing it straight at the blue-haired freak in human form. He knew how to gut people, at least. Beside him, Hinkley threw his axe, and he started to hope, that maybe, this would be over soon, that maybe--




He gasped for breath, clutching at the gaping hole in his torso. It was as if someone had come around and taken a bite out of him--oh wait. He laughed breathlessly. That's exactly what happened.


"Whit!" Hinkley cried, the word ending in a gurgle of blood as his throat was torn out. A familiar black form blurred in and out of his sight. Of course, it had to be her. The Black Fang.


Guess he wouldn't be leaving here alive. They never shoulda came here. It was all his fault. If he hadn't spotted that strange ripple in the air...but woulda coulda shoulda. Too late to change nothing now. Whit kept poking at the hole in his side, wiggling his fingers where there was air instead of flesh and wondering just exactly how long it took for a man to die. Too bad he didn't have a vulnerary, though probably woulda done nothing for him right now. Still, though.


He wondered if the old girl would be waiting for him. No, she was probably in a better place, a bar, mayhap. With endless swill, and some grub, and maybe a pony or two. She always liked ponies. He never could stand the things. Especially after that red mare kicked him in the ribs a fortnight ago.


He laughed again, grimacing when blood seeped out of his mouth, and suddenly he was too dizzy to stand. Collapsing to the ground, he landed next to Hinkley and crybaby new guy. Except new guy had stopped crying, permanently. Looks like this was the end of the line. He promised to live, but...he never was any good at keeping them.


"Sorry...Jayla...see you...soon. Prom--"


In a flash of light, Licorice reverted to her humanoid form, ears raising from their flattened position as she gazed down at the thief that had taken far too long to die. "Looks like the fighting's done with over here," she said. The surrounding bandits had been either killed or driven away by the group, and now most of the fighting centered around the boss.


Binks had run straight for Azar, but soon found himself stopped by the bite of a lance in his side, a shoulder in his gut, and an axe to his back before he could reach the red-robed shaman. Now, he knew. That fighter...wasn't one of theirs after all. I'm a fool, he thought. Got too greedy for gold. Oh well, not like he was the first to die for coin. All his targets had died for it as well, only his luck that he'd end up on the flip side now. He could only regret that he had gotten his group killed for it too. Never was any good at planning. Only fighting. Leave the thinking to the ones who hired him, he just had to do his job. And he was damn good at his job.


Except, not good enough. Not this time. Sighing, he hunched over, axe dropping from nerveless fingers. "Too tough...five thousand gold...ain't nearly enough for this," he huffed a laugh as he fell, and the next second he was dead, his dreams of wealth dying with him.






The mercenary glared down at the babbling nut in front of him. Oh well, least her looks made up for her mouth. And soon enough, she wouldn't be his problem anymore. He was distracted from that thought by the galloping of hooves, and he looked up to see the blue-haired girl on the horse charging straight for him. Swearing, the man pressed the sword blade closer, a small nick forming on her throat. "Any closer and she dies!" he shouted.


But that was too much for Catriona. Enraged, she ran forward, eyes boring holes into the man in front of her.


Sweating bullets at the sight of two angry women charging at him, the mercenary could do nothing but leap to the side, still clutching Penelope and Sienna, and started to tumble down the hill. He sheathed his sword in time to roll down unimpeded, but as soon as he reached the bottom he had to stop for a moment, winded. The girls had fallen next to him, and seemed unharmed, if a little knocked about.


Catriona jumped over the edge as well, blue eyes blazing, but looked to at least be maintaining her balance as she slid down. Any more force with that sword and he would've slit her throat. She had to kill him before he killed her little sister.




Outside the village, the bandits had become docile with the death of their boss, many surrendering outright and the rest running away in fright. Urvan, Licorice, and the Frog Sage had directed a combined contingent of their forces to guard the bandits. The rest looked after their wounds and the wounded. A few walked down down the battlefield with vulneraries and concoctions to hand out, giving them to any in need.


Hange was busy cooing over Tsetseg, making sure she was fine while Erwin sighed beside them, while in the distance, Persimmon glanced at her briefly before looking away, nose in the air as if checking up on the wellbeing of humans was beneath him. Gamboge, however, noted that his fur had flattened in relief, and teased him mercilessly.


Aka, Glenn, and and Leonardo checked up on Shiro, the first briefly hugging him before drawing back with a blush. They then prodded Gunther into the circle as well, Glenn remarking exuberantly on his courage before the green frog was then somehow superseded in energy by Leonardo, who started claiming they needed to eat a victory "pizza," a Histian flatbread he had grown quite fond of.


Meanwhile, Edrick, Azar, and Alois had been heartily congratulated by multiple strangers, and the leaders themselves, before they formed a small group that included Urvan, Erwin, Hange, the Frog Sage, Glenn, Aka, Leonardo, Licorice, Persimmon, Gamboge, and the participating members of the main party. It looked like even the two animal tribes had set aside their differences in the grim task of counting up their dead.


"We haven't seen this many losses in...a long while," the Frog Sage rasped. "We are not fighters, no matter recent events. Battle does not come as easily to us as it does to you humans, with your wars," despite his words, his tone lacked any accusatory bite.


"Still, it is better than it could have been," Urvan rumbled. "At least now, we've dealt with most of our problems in one fell swoop."


"And we shall work to make sure they do not form such a large group in the future," Licorice promised.


OOC: The battle has been won! Binks is dead, and so are most of the bandits. The battlefield is quiet now, and you're all gathered together in one clump. People are handing out healing items, so take the opportunity to heal yourselves up and talk if you want. Meanwhile, in the village, the mercenary has rolled down the hill with Penelope and Sienna. Catriona's behind, but she hasn't reached him quite yet and is going more slowly down.

#7102683 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 01 June 2018 - 10:46 PM



After Ari hit Edgelord with his Headbutt, they continued to talk with the bug type. Mac continued to let him know just how weak his will really was, following a murderer like he did. Honestly, Ari was much more ready to just condemn him along with the pretty lady with an ugly soul, but he decided to let her talk, pitching in when needed with his Ember.


However, it seemed like something they had said had dislodged...something in Edgelord. The steel type looked uncertain for a moment, before he roared, "FINE THEN! I'll show you how strong I am!" His arms glowed with greenish energy as they sharpened, forming the start of that powerful attack he had used before. "And I'll show you... No one is my master!"


He charged at the ugly lady and attacked her. Ari stopped what he was doing to just...stare. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He gave Mac a sideways glance. Things always seemed so topsy-turvy when she was around, he really shouldn't be surprised anymore. She convinced a legendary to join their team, was saved by another one, and now her words had caused one of their greatest enemies to switch sides.


Well, maybe he had helped this time. He hoped so, anyway. He wanted to believe that now, his conviction was strong enough to change the world, even if it was just one bit at a time.


The Litleo watched their newest ally fall to the ground under the murderess's attack, and nodded at Mac, before Working himself Up for the second time that battle. He had to be as strong as possible for this fight.






Seeing Captain again brought back all of the bad memories again, full force. Shadows started to form at the edge of his vision, and as he gazed at the familiar figure of his former captain, all he could think of was how devastated the man had looked when that happened. The crashing of the waves, the slickness of the ice, the distant murmur of "Well, except, for that small one." It was all just so...so...


"You two sure are popular," Denku said, his words splintering the spell he had fallen under unknowingly.


"I..." Easter paused to shake his head, before putting on his charming grin, though it was less genuine than it normally was, stress lines forming at the edges of his eyes. "Of course. After all, I'm moi, and Brooke is a lovely young lady as well," he batted his eyes at the Pupitar, desperate to grab at any distraction he could find, or he. Would. Go. Mad.


Yes, mad, for he was starting to fall back down into the depths of his emotion, whipped up into enormous whitecaps that threatened to topple the tiny boat of sanity he clung to still. The seas had calmed, before, but those were only halcyon days, too brief to keep him afloat, and now the storm had returned.


Perhaps, he would have dealt with this better had he not just lost another kit, though this one not to death. Perhaps...but it had happened anyway, and nothing he could do could change that. Yet again, he had been reminded of his own helplessness. As strong as he was, he still couldn't do anything when it really mattered.


"Well aren't you an energetic group!" Captain said, his voice causing the Sylveon to look up blearily. "I suppose that's better for the kind of mission you're on. Mewtwo told me all about it and I gotta say I wouldn't want to try and deal with those Merm guys. Can't fly very well underwater."


"Oh, oh, oh, but the bubble flies! Well it doesn't fly it like swims but I guess it doesn't swim cause it don't got arms but neither do I but I can swim...I think. Brooke, can I swim?"


"I see now. This girl took all your energy did she? Well, feel free to make yourself home on my ship. I'd have one of my crew mates escort you around but Easter knows this place like the back of their hand."


Oh, there was his name again. He was probably expected to do something here. Oh, yes, show them around. That much he could do.


"OH OH OH IS THAT A LEGENDARY FORMER CREW MEMBER?" One of the Rotom crew, a highly energetic looking girl with a blonde ponytail, zipped from above and almost crashed into Easter and began to shake his hand. He gazed at her in shocked befuddlement. "Clyde told me that the former crew were all really awesome! We're awesome too but next level awesome you know!"


"Uhh...sure," he replied.


She looked at the others. "And you guys look strong too...you should totally fight some of the crew that'd be rad! We aren't the S.S. Showdown for nothin!"


Easter's eyes, which had dulled like glassy blue-gray river stones, glinted with a spark of life at her words. "I'm sure you're not, if Captain accepted you," he said. "And Clyde, can't forget him," he said, glancing up at the Swampert steering the ship.


"Aaand as you can see, this lovely lady is our own bundle of energy. Solana you're supposed to be watching out for any trouble."


"Psshhhhhh we'll be fiiiiine. Smooth sailing for miiiles Captain."


Easter felt like a vice had gripped his heart. This hit too close to home. Superimposed on the easy banter of a captain and his crew member was that same captain and another crew member, a Jolteon, arguing that she would much rather be doing the rigging than standing around in the crow's nest all day, and that they might as well have Fi do it, since she could supposedly see the future and all, so she would spot any trouble long before it happened, so there.


Suddenly, he wanted to flee, because he wasn't ready for this, maybe never would be.


"Well, in any case, welcome aboard again. Hope you enjoy your voyage, however brief. I imagine it'll only take a day or two to reach your destination so take this time to rest up. And, Easter, we should catch up sometime." The Pidgeot smiled at Brooke. "And you, as well, I wouldn't mind getting to know you."


Some things never change, the fairy type thought, and he wasn't sure if he should start laughing or crying at the thought, so he did neither, as that would be a giant red flag that something was wrong, and nothing was ever wrong with him, nothing but everything. "Of course, Captain," he smiled blandly, before turning to the others and opening his arms wide in a grand gesture toward the ship, his posture straightening from its former slumped pose. "Well, anywhere you want to explore first?" he asked, ignoring the hurt hurt hurt in his chest and the fleeting wish to go back in time, because it was useless to dwell on such things for too long.


No, it might just be easier to let loose in a fight. Fighting always had a way of clearing up a clouded heart.






Keanu and Blake had made it back to the giant egg, and honestly, the more he stood there the more Keanu just wanted to leave. The Zoroark was kneeling in front of the queen omelet with his eyes closed and not only was that weird, but Keanu just started to feel angry and violent and a bunch of bad things that were not at all calming or good for his health. Or the health of those around him.


And then Blake's ears twitched, hearing what Keanu could with his own sensitive ears, the sound of distant battle, and he snarled, then began to laugh. He stood slowly and turned to Keanu, a wild-eyed look in his face. "They come. The battle has begun, the Queen will feed upon this mayhem and be born anew!"


"Um...all right," Keanu scratched his head and tried to resist the mounting excitement that thrummed through his veins. He wondered if this was what it felt like to take drugs.


And then Randy and Marie arrived.


Blake saw them first, giving a dramatic bow, arms to the side, smiling toothily. "Welcome, outsider, to the place you die. That is, if you try and stop me."


Keanu turned and blanched white before attempting to calm himself down, a feat made much more difficult by the presence of that giant omelet. He belatedly remembered he was still wearing the mask given to him earlier, so the others might not recognize him. He contemplated keeping it on just so he wouldn't have to deal with the inevitable shouting that would follow.


Blake and Randy started to argue--of course, how could he ever expect anything different with those two--which was really starting to give the Pikachu a headache. And he didn't like headaches. He would much rather sleep whenever they came, but really, he couldn't sleep, and he felt like kicking something now--and why was he so angry? No, calm. Breathe. In, out, in, out, cool waves, the sunset dipping down below the horizon like a candied berry, and the hoarse cry of seagulls.


Then things started to sound a little violent--really, Blake? Rip out his insides?--so the Pikachu decided to step in at this point. Not literally, as that would probably result in him being violently dismembered or punched to oblivion by either dark type, but figuratively. "Sooo..." he began, lifting his mask high enough to show his face. "Nice weather we're having having, ay?" He paused, and then continued, a little desperate to keep the peace somehow. Yeah that's not gonna happen, is it? "Sorry I left without saying anything, dudes," he apologized sheepishly, before pointing a thumb at Blake, "But this dude wants to help out his people. Seems like the folks of Mowloo are giving them a haad rub for living their lives like they're used to. And I just couldn't say no to giving them a bit of kokua with that." Except, this is turning out to be a lot more violent than I expected, he thought.

#7102674 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Y'shtola on 01 June 2018 - 09:26 PM

Gilly was just about to try for another Gilly Stab when Mr. Lindow stabbed it in the head and tried to lift it off of her. While normally, the halfling would be too proud to admit she needed any help, she was starting to get a bit squished...and out of breath. And that thing was trying to bite her too. Thankfully, the Thunder Chosen managed to pry the monster off of her.


The girl rose and paused for breath as the monster swung an arm into Mr. Lindow. She had to help him. She couldn't let him help her and then do nothing back! That was...that was...well, it was just bad manners! That was it.


"We need to go now! We can't fight this many!"


"What?! I was just getting started!" Gilly pouted, but miraculously enough, whether it was her close shave with being squashed to death, or bitten, she started moving toward the opening door nonetheless. "Thanks," she muttered as she passed Mr. Lindow. She bit back a "but I could have handled it myself," which, going by her scrunched-up face, was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do.


Snow hopped back into his Chosen's bag, and closed his eyes as he gave into his exhaustion. He had never really thought himself much of a fighter, but he found he was having to do it more and more after having met Gilly. He sighed. Sometimes, being her spirit was more trouble than it was worth.

#7101507 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 24 May 2018 - 10:33 PM

Aka smiled at Shiro's kind words, before her face firmed in determination. "I'm sorry, Shiro, but I cannot rest while you fight. That would make me a failure of a frog Protean, and a...friend," she paused before the last word, as if she had wanted to say something else instead. The frog threw herself into the fighting, face red, her kicks stronger than before as she concentrated wholly on the fight.


Leonardo shrugged at Gunther's answer, before fighting alongside his fellow Proteans. The man looked to be handling the axe users well enough for a knight. He grinned when Shiro told him to talk like a normal person. "Nah, that's just my personal brand of Leonardo!" he replied as he kicked in a fighter's nose.


Meanwhile, Urvan smiled and patted the bow thief on the head as she gave him a hug. Still, the smile looked pained, and it was apparent that the warrior still felt guilty for everything that had happened to her recently. That smile changed into a terrifying look of rage at seeing more bandits, and the group seemed the very picture of carnage as they fought, until eventually the bandits started to steer clear of them.


"Well, that's no fun," Hange pouted, one hand on their hip. "You know, I haven't gotten any further in my experiments with dark magic's effect on accelerating the putrefaction of existing wounds. Theoretically, as the supposed opposite of healing magic, one would think that it would have such an effect, but I haven't been able to confirm or deny, without enough data. And these bandits don't last long enough to prove my theory, and now," they threw their hands into the air, "Now they're running away! What a bunch of cowards!"


"Your priorities never fail to amaze me," Erwin said, shaking his head.


"Shush," Urvan said, eyes scanning the battlefield. "Talk like this invites an attack."


"Isn't that what we want?"


The warrior ignored them as he looked around. "Something about this doesn't sit right with me."


"What do you mean?"


"Look, they're all converging on a single point."


And he was right. The thinning number of bandits had cleared the battlefield enough that a good many could see their leader getting attacked. While there was a good-sized clump near Shiro and Gunther, the majority of them had gathered around their leader and the people fighting him.


Binks scowled at seeing his wild swings had only hit one of the two attacking him, but he was gratified to see his arrow had found its mark in that annoying fighter. Hopefully the boy would learn to have better aim in the future. Or not. Expecting it this time, the warrior evaded the whirling projectile with ease, batting it to the ground with his own axe. There. That would stop the boy from accidentally hitting anybody for the moment. Turning his attention back to the other two, his mouth formed an O of surprise at the young lancer charging toward him, lance held overhead. While he saw in time to avoid getting completely speared, the point of the spear went through his side and toward the ground. Roaring in pain, the man grabbed the handle and started to pull.


Leaving him wide open for the Flux attack that splashed on his collarbone. Choking back a scream, the warrior glared at the current banes of his existence as he lifted his axe and attempted to smash it down on the lancer's head. "Time to squash you, little bug," he grunted.


Meanwhile, a nearby barbarian swung his axe at Azar. Another went for Alois, realizing he wasn't actually a fellow brigand. The trio's attacks on Binks had finally drawn the attention of the bandits.






Catriona turned to Link and, seeing that he looked fine, nodded briefly to him. He was covered in blood, but as there were no open wounds, it probably belonged to his foes. Ciela looked fine as well. Good. Hopefully they would all get out of this with minimal injury.


"Ah, yes, see? Everything according to plan."


The lord shot her sister a blank look. "He almost attacked you." Still, she found herself distracted by the sight of Sienna and her assailant.


While the mercenary's aim had been interrupted by the tactician's Wind spell, he recovered quickly enough to try once more, this time succeeding. He lifted the girl's head up without bothering to see if that knocked her out and held his blade to her throat. "Nobody move, or she gets it!" he shouted. "If'n you know what's good for you, then you'll drop all your weapons and behave like good little captives."


OOC: Binks isn't down yet, but he's getting there. However, the other bandits are starting to focus on the trio, while Gunther and Shiro still have bandits to deal with themselves. Tsetseg is currently free to attack either group, and Urvan and co. will probably attack whoever she does. Meanwhile, back at the village, the mercenary is using Sienna as a hostage to force the others to surrender.

#7101498 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 24 May 2018 - 09:24 PM



"Why? Why do you try so hard?"


"I try hard cause there's no point in livin if you're gonna just give up!" Mac said. "That's my promise as a hero! When the going gets tough the tough keep fighting!" Mac's confidence was so overwhelming that even the mistake in the saying didn't damper her spirit. "I'm never gonna roll over and let someone trample over me!"


Ari wished he could say the same, but he knew his determination probably didn't burn as brightly as Mac's. Then again, he wasn't sure if anybody's did. Except right now, he knew one thing. Determination or not, he was angry. Angry at these two gijinka who thought that killing others without even honoring their bodies or acknowledging the Circle of Life was right.


Edgelord scoffed at the girl as his gaze when to Ari. "And you? Or are you too scared to answer?" His eyes narrowed at the boy.


Mac shook her head. "Ari you don't gotta think so much, speak from your heart, you agree with me don't ya?" She crouched down, with some difficulty as the numbness was spreading, and dove for Edgelord.


The bug type, without even using a move, smacked the slower moving girl aside with the back of his hand. "You're weak. Both so weak. There's nothing weaklings like you can do so you might as well just give up!"


"Give up?!" Ari snarled. "No way!" he ran at Edgelord in a Headbutt, mind going blank momentarily as he charged. "You want an answer? I try hard because I want to prove myself, that I'm worthy of my being my father's son, that I'm worthy to be who I am. I try hard because if I don't, then my whole life, what I've been doing, will have been for nothing." He glared at the bug type. "What about you? Do you feel that same determination for what you're doing?" He honestly couldn't believe that somebody who killed indiscriminately like this could have the same sort of conviction that he or Mac had.






Easter couldn't summon up any sort of bonhomie for the rest of the day. He was unusually contemplative and taciturn. Why? Why did Fawkes have to leave? Why had she felt like that was the best solution? Could he have done something differently? Why...


Once more, once more the world had shown him just why he couldn't have good things, why he couldn't let himself get dragged down by others, especially children. See what happened? Children were fragile and not meant to handle fighting, to walk beside a brawler like him. They either died or left. It was the way of things.


Fi had been unusually silent, perhaps sensing his mood. Her expression as she looked at him had been pensive, and she looked as if she had wanted to say something, but had eventually turned away.


When he went to bed, he found he couldn't sleep, and when he finally did drift off, his dreams were plagued by nightmares of the past. The next morning had done nothing to improve his mood, though Dora seemed as cheerful as ever. So guileless and oblivious, she should be more like--


The fairy type hung his head and forced himself not to continue that thought.


Later, Mewtwo and Mew entered. By now Easter was sick of looking at them, of looking at that child who was not a child especially. He didn't especially listen as Mewtwo droned on about something, probably to be careful and not talk to strangers or something stupid like that.


When he was finished, Mewtwo's eyes glowed with Psychic energy and, soon after, Mew joined in. Easter felt a strange sense of lightness around his body and, in a flash, the group was no longer in Mioter. He was a little surprised by the suddenness of the transportation, but at least it wasn't a rough ride like some teleportations he'd experienced.


The group stood on a huge boat. Ahh, boats. Such a nostalgic, bittersweet feeling, except even worse than usual after what had just happened. He glanced up to get his bearings and froze. That flag...


Laughter came from a familiar Pidgeot gijinka. "Hello there, I'm told you are on an important quest! I'm the captain of the S.S. Showdown, Captain, and I welcome you aboard my ship." He gave Brooke a wink then turned towards the Sylveon. "Or, welcome back, in your case...How've you been, Easter?"


The fairy type felt as if his tongue had turned to lead. "I...you...I've been...well." He responded automatically, though one look at the circles under his eyes and his drooping posture would prove the lie to his statement. Still, he forced himself to appear more cheerful, despite the way his stomach churned at seeing this man again, and standing on his ship. "Captain."






The next morning the village seemed to be in an air of excitement. While normally Keanu would cover his head and go back to sleep, not only did that seem like a bad idea, but it was hard to sleep anyway with the racket these people were making. So instead he forced himself to rise from his comfy bed. He was greeted by Blake, who said he was going to go to the Queen Omelet again. Mmm, omelets sounded nice right about now.


"Sure," Keanu replied. He didn't particularly want to go near that giant egg, but letting Blake stew in his violent thoughts alone with it sounded like another bad idea. It was too bad that most everything he wanted to do right now sounded like a bad idea. Going back to sleep and letting others do what they pleased.


I blame you, Randy, he grumbled internally. But he accompanied the Zoroark anyway, cocking his head curiously at the natives who were currently banging on war drums and chanting. It all sounded very...warlike. Not at all the type of music he preferred. The Pikachu wrinkled his nose.


Before leaving, the dark type said one last thing that he repeated in plain gijinka-ese for Keanu's benefit. "Kill them all! No longer will we be slaves to the whims of those above! Tonight is our glorious rebirth!"


Well. This was looking to be getting out of hand. Somehow, he had known this would happen. Why did he go with this guy again? Sighing, the electric type nodded before following Blake. "Sounds exciting, yeah." 

#7100199 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Y'shtola on 15 May 2018 - 05:06 PM

The kitchen was quiet for a bit after that. Just two girls eating bread. Yue kept eating, hoping she didn't have to speak. Ultimately, it was Cassia who broke the silence. After downing her current bite of bread, the thief said "So, we've been on the Falcons together for a bit, and we know names and stuff, but I don't think we really know all that much about each other. You feel like sharing first, or should I start us off?"


Ugh, she did have to speak after all. It would help if she knew just what to say though... "Um..I uh...I'm Yue," wait, she already knew that, didn't she? "I, uh, like animals, butterflies, and music." The archer paused, unsure what else she was supposed to be saying here, and starting to quiver in nervousness. How could other people talk so easily? It was really, really, hard.


The girl looked down, poking her fingers together. She had been oddly fearful of this girl, and wrongfully so. Cassia had already shown she was actually a really nice girl, so she had to try to make up for her attitude in the past. Not really wanting to talk, she had mainly avoided the redhead whenever she could, just because she had reminded her of a bad fox.


Hadn't she already known that people had all sorts of kindness? She knew better than to judge by how one looked, but she still did so. So she had to try and make up for it now. Talk, Yue, talk! "Uh...what about..you?"

#7098629 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 06 May 2018 - 11:50 PM

In the midst of the chaos of the battlefield, one lone green frog, who had been unconscious up to now, woke up with a start. "Wha-whazzat?" Glenn croaked blearily, jumping upright with one hand upon the sword at his hip. "Egads! What villainy is this? Dastards! I'll showeth thee the pow'r of a Protean...squire..." he started to sway, and would have fallen over were it not for Aka, who, though injured herself, propped the man up with her shoulder. "Gramercy," the frog puffed. "I am...not at mine best...some dastard cameth up behind me and did knock me block right off." He glanced up to see Gunther approaching. "Why, good morrow to you, sir," he bowed, stumbling slightly as he did so. "I see thou has't survived this latest fracas." So busy was he in his greeting, that he did not notice the barbarian behind him, axe raised high.


Nearby, Shiro would soon find himself coincidentally back to back with Leonardo, the frog who thought he was a turtle, facing a multitude of enemies. "I think these guys need a beatdown, don't you?" he asked the blue frog, before diving at the nearest bandit with his twin swords.


"Tsetseg!" Hange called as they approached the bow thief after she took one of the bandits down. "There you are! Sheesh, I was so worried, don't you worry me again like that," right there in the middle of the fight, they grabbed the girl by the head and started stroking her hair.


"Hange, watch out!" Erwin called out in exasperation as he stabbed a barbarian who had been targeting the person.


"Oops," they grinned, before grabbing a book at their side and firing off a ball of Flux magic at another bandit. "Sorry, I'm just sooo relieved to see my favorite person. How was it, by the way? Being surrounded by adorable, fluffy-tailed foxes?" While they seemed to be paying more attention to Tsetseg than the battle, they also somehow managed to avoid most of the attacks that came their way. The rest were covered by Erwin.


"Wait, look over there," the man said, pointing to where a familiar blue-haired girl on a horse stood. While at the edge of the melee, Ciela's elevated height, unique appearance, and obvious lack of weaponry had attracted unpleasant attention. A ring of bandits had soon surrounded her. "Yer lily-white skin is soon gonna be dripping red with blood," a fighter said, licking his lips as he swung up toward the troubadour with his axe.


Meanwhile, Binks swore when a spinning hand axe clipped the side of his head. "Hell's teeth!" he groaned, rubbing the side of his head. "Watch where you're throwing that thing, boy!" he glared at Alois, obviously mistaking the fighter for one of his own men. Shaking his head, he moved to attack Edrick again, but was caught off guard by the lance aimed for his stomach. However, in avoiding that attack, he wasn't able to move his head out of the way in time to fully evade Azar's punch to the face, and she managed to clip him underneath the jaw. "You're really starting to bug me," he threatened the shaman. "And you won't like me when I get bugged." Gripping his axe, the corded muscles on his arms stood out as he gave a mighty sideways swing that both Edrick and Azar would have to work to avoid.


While most of the bandits seemed intent on the fight, a few shot each other looks and snuck away from the main group to enter the fox village.


"Twas a lot better unda Bazba," one of them, a barbarian, grumbled. "E'en Bone's better dan Binks. All he cares about is killin', dun care about loot or gold."


"Aye," a fighter answered. "But we're smart. Da others gonna fight, but we gonna rob dis place blind, heheh."


"Oh, lookie there," a third squinted at a few people in the distance, pointing his lance at them. "A few pretty ladies and a skinny man in green. Think we can take 'em?"


The fourth, a bow thief, grinned. "Heh, this is gonna be a piece of cake."


The last of the group, a mercenary, chuckled. "This is what banditry's all about."






Penelope frowned at her sister. "No, I think not." she responded, a hint of annoyance crossing her face. "I don't think it necessary to accustom to any sort of thing." Her voice raised in volume. "There will be conflicts but as long as we avoid them where we can we can get through this safely. I must simply be more careful. Such a thing...will not happen again."


"Do you truly believe that?" Catriona snapped, her patience wearing thin. "With our goal, our statuses, we cannot avoid conflict, even were you cannier than the fabled tactician king Pallas himself."


Things might have escalated even more, were it not for the sudden arrival of five bandits. "Oi," one, a barbarian, called out. "Give us yer gold, an' we might let ya go wid yer lives."


The fighter next to him sniggered. "Or, or, we could capture dem. White hair will fetch a pretty penny in da black market."


"Aye, good idea," the lancer grinned. "But we gotta get rid of this stick boy first. Not that it'll take much; he looks like he's on his last legs."


"Wharrabout da mutt?" a thief with a bow on his back asked, jabbing his thumb at Rohns.


"Eh, kill it. I could use a new towel," the last, a mercenary grunted.


"Heh, all right," the thief took aim and shot an arrow at the wolf cub.


Meanwhile, the lancer charged at Link, grinning. "Don't worry about yer mutt. You'll be joining him soon."


The two axemen headed for Catriona and Penelope, ugly leers on their faces, while the mercenary started climbing toward Sienna. "Here, little foxy," he coaxed. "Don't worry, we've got a lovely collar to match your pretty white fur."


OOC: Glenn is about to be attacked by a barbarian, Aka is too injured to do much at the moment, Gunther is nearby as well as Shiro who is being hemmed in by enemies along with a frog ally. Elsewhere, Tsetseg has reunited with a couple of her fellow patrolmen, though one of them has noticed Ciela, surrounded by bandits. Binks is in the middle of attacking both Edrick and Azar. Meanwhile, a lancer, a barbarian, a fighter, a mercenary, and a bow thief have snuck their way into the village, and are currently attacking the group there.


Again, this is more freeform fighting, so I am not going to write out the results of the enemy actions. That's up to you! Again, keep in mind that Binks is a promoted unit, so it'll take more than a few hits to bring him down.

#7098433 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 05 May 2018 - 12:26 AM



Ari's flames, at least some of them, reached Edgelord. The embers struck him in the chest and he winced in pain. "That's the spirit!" Mac said. "Now again, more like...this!" She launched out a Thundershock at Edgelord as well. The small bolt hit the same area as the Ember but didn't seem to do much more.


"You annoying, BRATS!" Edgelord said, finally growing tired of this. He crouched down and placed his hands on the ground. Two blades of energy shot from the ground and raced towards both Ari and Mac.


The Litleo gulped. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to avoid this or not. He dove to the side, landing on his belly heavily, panting. He looked up, relieved to see he had...barely made it. Phew. Mac looked to have made it too. Picking himself up off the ground, he sucked in a deep breath of air to help ignite the sparks in his mouth and spat out a few more Embers, cringing in embarrassment at seeing half of them dissipate before they even reached Edgelord.


"I'm getting there," he muttered.






"Ambitious indeed." Mewtwo muttered in response, probably reading his mind like the meddling psychic type he was.


Easter just grinned at him, wondering pointedly when he'd get to challenge the man. He glanced at Mew, who was said to be quite powerful in her own right, but...child. "Damn it," he muttered under his breath. He really was going soft. Mew might look like a child, but she was far older than even the "adult" Mewtwo. He should have no problems challenging the girl to a match. After all, he knew quite well that appearances could be deceiving.


While he was musing over the moralities of challenging a "child" to a fight, Brooke and Mewtwo were arguing over whether they should join the war effort or not. His ears perked up briefly at the mention of his name, before he switched his attention to looking at Fawkes. A child...while he wanted to fight, he couldn't say in all honesty that he would be comfortable with Fawkes joining it. She was so young. It would be tragic and senseless to have her life cut short in fighting a war she had no right to be in.


While he had accompanied the group to protect the children, now that they were in an actual, stable city, it might be time to...let them go. Where they could be reliably protected. Meanwhile, he would...move on. As he always did. He had a hard time staying in one place, his wanderlust forcing him to pick up and leave before long. He hadn't even seen Adarid in a while, and it was the closest place he could call home.


But would he join this fight?


"You wonder why you should care. Why you should help. In honor of Reshiram I will give you nothing but the truth. If they succeed in slaying Arceus this world will end."


Was it callous of him to say that he didn't give a hoot if the world ended? Oh, who was he kidding? He was callous, and he didn't care who knew it. Perhaps that was incongruous with his goal of keeping the children alive, but if the world ended, there wouldn't be much for them to look forward to anyway.


"I am not asking you to fight. At least not now. A time will come where you must choose to do battle or stay behind. Right now what I want from you...is to find a child." He gestured at Mew. "Mew has a friend. One who she used to speak to all the time...in her own way. But she has not heard from them in a long time. They are Phione, child of Manaphy."


Oh, huh. He'd heard of Phione, but only in whispers. His old captain, Captain, knew quite a bit about the various legendaries, and browsing the library at times as well as traveling did much to enrich his knowledge. Phione was said to be the only actual child of a legendary, which was pretty amazing.


"Something has happened to them and it has caused Manaphy to hide away from the world. I have to stay here. This city is in danger now more than ever and someone needs to make sure it does not fall. And you are perhaps the only people who can reach Phione." He looked at Dora. "Or rather you are the only one. The last place Mew sensed Phione was in your old home. In Merm. I know you do not wish to return but I fear something terrible will happen to Phione and Manaphy if they aren't found."


So in Merm, huh? The underwater city usually only water types could get to. This would be...difficult to reach. He wasn't sure how Mewtwo expected any of them aside from Dora to reach it, especially Brooke. She would be literally out of her element there. He decided to speak up in case the psychic type wasn't reading his mind at the moment.


"Well, I'm not sure about you, but I have no idea how to get a group of gijinka, including a fire type, to an underwater city without any of us dying, so if you have any ideas, that might influence whether we decide to actually do what you're asking of us," he drawled. He then glanced at Dora and spoke in a much softer tone. "Unless you know?" While she was a child, as well as being...herself, she might still have an idea of how to get them there.


He twitched slightly as he glanced around at their surroundings, noticing Denku having some sort of crisis on the ground. "Is something wrong?" he asked the man politely, before turning back to Mewtwo. "It might be better to go somewhere less...open, for our discussion," he suggested.






Blake seemed to like Keanu's answer. "You're much more noble than that other one, you know that?" He said as he led Keanu deeper into the village.


At that, Keanu had to speak up, because if that wasn't a big fat lie, he wasn't sure what was, even if he was sure the Zoroark didn't realize it. "Nah, Randy's much more noble than me," he corrected. "He's just...proud, so if something happens to rub him the wrong way, he can be a little stubborn," boy had he noticed that, back on the boat.


Though he had to admit, looking back, he hadn't been the most reasonable himself. Honestly, he had been downright uncooperative. He had a hard time summoning the motivation to do anything, even before the attack on Alola. And then when he finally decided to do something, he had run away like a coward, leaving them behind. And it seemed history loved to repeat itself. Once more, he had run forward on his own, fleeting as the wind, never once looking back.


The Pikachu shook his head. Now wasn't the time for this. It probably never would be, but certainly now was definitely not the time for this.


Their surroundings changed as they traveled through the village. The number of buildings lessened, but the number of people increased. The trees started to grow closer together, and every so often he could see a native warrior peeking out from the boughs, faces somber. Eventually they reached what looked like a shrine in the middle of a trio of gigantic trees. Several wooden statues in various states of wear and tear surrounded it. It was hard to make out what they actually were, so when Blake attacked one with a Night Slash, Keanu shrugged and followed suit with a spark of electricity shooting from his cheeks. Soon after, he felt his stomach sink, as if he had done something he probably shouldn't have.


And then he felt...angry. Kind of? Actually, it wasn't anger at all, really. More like mindless aggression, as if he had overcharged on electricity and needed to release it at something, at everything. Except he wasn't overcharged, had in fact been interrupted during his nap, and he didn't really understand why he would want to attack random things anyway, so this didn't really make much sense.


"Keanu, ally of my people, this is our Queen. Or, as your people refer to her...Yveltal." Blake announced with misplaced grandiosity as he gestured toward a giant egg thing--maybe it was a cocoon? It was hard to tell--emitting a red aura...that might actually be the source of his current hyped up state.


The Pikachu looked at the egg, looked at Blake, and looked at the egg again. "That's an egg," he observed in a flat tone of voice. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...this kane seems a bit lolo. Confusing an egg for a queen. Also, who in the name of fish is Ee-vell-tall? Apparently, some supreme egg. Like a queen-sized omelet. He then realized that if he really was talking to some lolo dude, it'd probably be best to humor him. "It's a...very regal looking egg, though. Nice name, too. Very...original," if a bit kooky.

#7097652 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 29 April 2018 - 03:20 PM

Aka gritted her teeth as she kicked out with dark purple legs. As a warrior of the frog tribe, she should be able to put up more of a fight than this. She had to be stronger, faster, better. Sometimes, it felt like she was falling behind compared to people like Glenn or Shiro. Speaking of Shiro...


"I'm sorry I didn't stay behind. You okay?" the blue frog appeared in a giant leap.


The purple frog looked down bashfully as she kicked at a stray bandit, the force sending the man crashing into his fellows. "Y-yes," she cleared her throat, "yes, I am okay. Thank you," she smiled mistily as she watched him hop back into the battlefield.


Meanwhile, the Frog Sage looked up in reply to Edrick's words. "True, but it is also true that I am not nearly as spry as I used to be." He looked at the chaos in front of him. "I would do more good keeping watch for my warriors from here. In fact..." he raised his voice, "Leonardo, behind you!"


A frog Protean dressed in green armor, turned around, stabbing twin blades into a thief sneaking up behind him. "As if you could sneak up on a turtle," he scoffed, before leaping on another. "COWABUNGA!"


The nearby frog Proteans sweatdropped at his actions. "As crazy as Glenn is, that one," one muttered, swerving his head around when he saw Shiro take out an archer aimed at him.


"All the green frogs are insane. Kermit's almost as bad," another agreed, sweeping out a leg to trip an incoming barbarian.


"Why does he call himself a turtle?" a nearby fox Protean asked.


The two frogs looked at each other before sighing. "Leonardo thinks he's a turtle, so he won't ever transform into his frog form," the first one shook his head.






Near the back, Binks blinked as he watched what looked like a mad Pontic run toward him, shouting out zealous battle cries. "Huh, didn't think I'd see one of you here." He looked up at the sky with a put-upon sigh. "I just wanted to kill a frog today, not deal with all of this. Then again," he mused, "I suppose it's good for business if I can say I killed a Pontic."


And with that, he leant back to avoid the lance jab, taking a grip of the shaft and with a powerful jerk, tugging it out of Edrick's hand. He tossed the weapon to the side, and reached for his axe, bringing it down to bear on the boy with a heavy swing.


Which was diverted by Azar's kick, which, with the force of dark magic behind it, managed to actually push it to the side enough for it to slam into the ground instead.


"Damn," Binks scowled, seeming unaffected by the sear mark on his arm. "I almost had you, too. Time for round two," he lifted his axe once more, his slow, ponderous movements those of an unstoppable juggernaut.






Catriona watched Link go through the motions of getting Penelope back on her feet, but said nothing. Hearing the familiar middle name made her blink. Astrid...that was the name their mother had chosen, just like their father had chosen the firstborn's. Apparently it was their maternal grandmother's name, though they had never gotten to meet her.


When the two finished, Link stepped away from the sisters to let them talk.


The princess paused, her tongue feeling like lead now that it came time to actually say something. She was always much better at doing things than speaking them. It had been easy, automatic, to run for her sister, to pick her up, to check that she was alive. Actually talking to her? That was...difficult.


So instead she stared blankly at the girl, unsure how to say what she felt. If she even should, that is. No, with the lord's condition being the way it was, Penelope would have to mature far faster than had originally been planned. She would have to learn to lead, to rally, to traverse the endless mire of politics and battle. She would probably excel at talking her way around matters, but as to fighting, to showing an example for their people? That, was still something Catriona could teach her.


"This will not be the last time you get injured," she said. "You shall have to accustom yourself to this, so that you are not shell shocked in the future."


No, there had been something else she wanted to say, hadn't there? To express...what? Her fear? Her relief? Her disappointment in herself as an older sibling for letting this happen? Her wanting to ferry Penelope back to Galtea right this minute, and damn the consequences?


No. That was not something she was allowed to do, nor allowed to say. Penelope, while being barely past puberty, was also a princess, and the laws that governed blood royals differed from most. She could, as crown princess, command her to return to Galtea, but as they were not currently within Galtea, her sister might very well choose otherwise without censure. And telling Penelope of her fear and self-doubt would do nothing more than lessen her own image in her sister's eyes. Which she could not afford if she wanted to impart lessons of royal duty on her.


She could not say it. She could not afford to show frivolous sentimentality. That was nothing more than weakness for a head of state, one who had to show strong will and determination, not be guided by their heart's whims.


And so, she kept silent. Just as she had when listening to the nobility insult her mother. Just as she had on the border, the day after her first kill. Just as she had when her closest friend and companion left. Just as she had when listening to Silas rail against Galtea.


It was not her place to speak.


At the top of the hill, Rufus twitched once, perhaps responding to Sienna's words, but was otherwise still. He looked a lot calmer in unconsciousness than he had when awake, his features gentler and less feral, more like what she was used to seeing.

#7096356 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 21 April 2018 - 11:45 PM

Aka glanced down at Glenn's unconscious form. "I hope Shiro and the others are fine," she muttered, worry leaking into her tone.


"Heh, you'd be better off worrying about yourself, miss."


The girl blinked and looked up into the face of a scruffy warrior with green hair. Behind him stood a large group of human men, many of them looking as if they hadn't washed in decades, straggly-haired and gap-toothed. The majority hefted chipped axes, while others held bows, and a couple more held swords.


"You see," the warrior stepped forward, calm and uncaring of the way that Aka stepped back. "There's a guy up high, real high, who wants this guy," he pointed his axe at the green frog, "dead. Dunno why, but see, I'm not paid to know why. I'm paid to kill. Which is exactly what I'll be doing. If you know what's good for yourself, you'll step aside. I won't ask twice, see?"


Aka glared at the man bravely. "No," she gritted out. "I was told to guard Glenn, and I will do so with my life. I will not let him down."


The man shrugged. "Your loss," and then swung his axe in a mighty sideways chop.


Aka leapt back, barely avoiding being bisected, and after holding her fingers together in a dramatic pose, she transformed into a small purple frog. "You shall not pass," she said.


"I think you'll find we will. Attack!"


Unfortunately, the bandits were too far from the village for anybody to hear the sounds of fighting. Except for one fox, who was hurrying on his way through the village toward the front gates. He stopped, head cocked. "Eh, sounds like sumfin' goin' on over dere," he muttered. "Er...but I hafta go help mah friend, he's in trubble," he muttered, then gnawed on his lip as a scream pierced the air. "Or uhh...I'll grab him, and then figure this out. Or um, mebbe Gamboge knows what ta do. Yah, yah yah," he nodded, before turning around and starting to head back the way he came.






As the tension calmed down, and frogs and foxes alike began to settle, Catriona kept watch over Rufus's prone form, as well as Penelope's.


"Catriona," a familiar voice brought her back to the present. "Someone should...mediate between those two lest this start up again. Usually it would be Penelope but..." his eyes drifted back to the girl and he fell silent.


The lord winced as she looked at the girl herself. Her sister. Lying there, wounded, from that sham of a chieftain's teeth. Rage stirred in her breast before she let out a sigh. It would do no good to get angry here. Logic dictated it.


"And done. That was close."


Catriona breathed a sigh of relief at Ciela's timely arrival. "Thank you," she said, heartfelt.


Alois and Link both addressed Gunther, one reassuring him he didn't need to leave Penelope, the other assuring him that they would look after her. Catriona looked between them but said nothing. Honestly, she would rather Gunther stay by Penelope's side. The foxes could hang themselves, for what she cared, for what they had done to her sister. But saying such would do nothing but fan the flames further, which, while tempting, was not something she should do while her sister was still unconscious.


Azar spoke up then. "So, it seems like a couple people back down there are helping make peace. I have to admit, aside from the frogs showing up in the first place, this has gone rather smoothly." The shaman cast a glance in Penelope's direction. "And her getting bitten, of course." Azar's attention then turned to Catriona. Nothing was certain so soon after meeting everyone, but she seemed like the leader here. That meant she'd be the perfect person to ask this next question to. "This may sound random, but what exactly is a group that seems randomly thrown together as yourselves trying to accomplish? Something big, I take it, since there are so many of you."


The princess looked at her blankly, a hint of confusion in her eyes. "I had thought I had explained. Perhaps I did not do so well enough," she mused. "We are trying to stop the goddess's full revival, but, more immediately, we are trying to find the Great Dragon to do so. The Twelve Crusaders were integral in sealing Her away, and the dragon is the last of them. It is said they lived long after the others, and it is my hope that they live still."


Meanwhile, Alois worked to mediate between the two Proteans representing their tribes. "Well, I can see how things got to this point," the boy said towards the duo. Regardless, he continued, "alright both of you, let's calm down here for a second. Now let's ask ourselves, why would either side lie when the alternative is war?" Turning to the Frog Sage he said, "so let's assume that it wasn't one of their foxes that did it." He then turned to Licorice. "But let's also assume that a fox did do it." He then looked between the two and said, "now this might sound weird, but if that's the case, then there's at least one conclusion that we can draw from this." Turning towards Sienna he pointed to her saying, "see, that girl over there. For the past...week? For the past week or so, she had been traveling with us. Which means, for the past week or so, there was a fox that didn't live in this village, hell even this forest. So you see what I'm getting at here?"


After making his point, Tsetseg shot her hand up, saying, "oh, oh, oh," she proceeded to point to herself as if she were saying, "pick me, pick me."


With a confused look on his face, Alois said, "yes?"


The girl seemed to have a joyous expression on her face before saying, "well, I was wondering if the croaky ones had anything important stolen from them." She then proceeded to pet Persimmon's tail. Said fox shot her a sour look and twitched his tail a few inches away, but did nothing else.


"No, there was nothing stolen from us," the Frog Sage frowned. "Except for the life of one of our tribesmen," he continued in a somber tone.


"She wasn't here, so it couldn't have been her," Shiro muttered from his spot, then spoke up in a louder voice. "But the foxes claim there is only one white fox, which is her... what Glenn and I say was a large white fox however... is there perhaps a secret tribe of foxes even the foxes don't know about...? Or... could it be a new race...? Some other sort of Protean...?"


"I think I have an idea about that." Edrick came up right around then, pausing to wait until the others attention was on him to continue. "As big as you foxes can get," he gestured with his right hand toward Licorice, "the usual differences between foxes and wolves get a lot harder to make out immediately. Especially if someone's not expectin' to have to tell the difference." His attention turned back to the Frog Sage. "That match up with anythin' you know? Are there wolves that get big enough for that in this forest?"


"Not in the forest, no," the Frog Sage shook his head, and then paused. "I have heard...of a tribe of desert wolves, but they have only been seen in southeast Isauria. It is possible that one of their warriors came here, but unlikely. More likely it is a renegade fox, but I have heard of no foxes outside of this tribe."


"So you are back to accusing us, then?" Licorice asked, tone eerily calm.


"Facts speak for themselves," the frog confirmed pleasantly.


The fox bristled at that. "How many times must I repeat myself? We have had nothing to do with the death of your Cyrus. It is more likely one of these wolves that they have suggested."


"So you say, but you are a proven liar already."


It looked like things might come to blows again, until a familiar dopey-looking fox arrived, shouting and waving his arms. "Gamboge! Dere's fightin' goin' on o'er dere!" he pointed at where he had last heard the noise.


"What?!" the fox yelped, before turning to the Frog Sage almost accusingly. "Didn't you call off your warriors?"


The sage frowned, "That I did, and they should have heard, unless..." he paled. "Unless they were outside of the village." He glanced at Shiro meaningfully, before looking back at Licorice. "We will continue this later." He turned to the rest of his warriors then, "Frogs, come quickly! We must help Aka!"


Licorice followed behind with one last glance at Penelope, barking an order to her own warriors. "Come, if it is a fox she fights, then we must be sure of their safety."


Catriona finally moved away from Rufus at that. However, she did not follow the others. "I will stay behind and watch Penelope, the rest of you may go," she said.




Those who decided to follow would eventually hear the faint sounds of fighting near the entrance to the village, leading to a group of bandits surrounding an injured purple frog and a familiar unconscious green-haired Protean.


"Well, well, look who decided to drop by," the bandit leader said at seeing them. He sneered at Licorice, spitting on the ground before him. "Gotta pay you back for my scar, don't I?" he tapped a long, wicked-looking gash running down the side of his jaw.


At that, more bandits appeared from the trees around them, outnumbering the group at least five to one.


"Time to fight, boys! For Bazba and Bone!"


"Aye, Binks!" the bandits replied, before turning to the mixed group of Proteans and human beings and attacking them with abandon.


"I see you have not learned from last time," Licorice addressed the warrior, before transforming in a blaze of light. Her fox form was almost as large as Rufus's, but less stocky and more lithe. "This place will be your grave," she said simply, before charging at the bandits. In a flash of teeth, every single bandit surrounding her fell to the ground with torn throats.


"Black Fang, indeed," muttered Gamboge, before transforming himself and following suit, with his brother Persimmon. They fought back-to-back, seemingly unstoppable as a pair.


Aka herself fought with the speed and grace of an assassin.


The Frog Sage did not participate, humming as he surveyed the battlefield. "I wonder..." he mused, before shaking his head. "No, we shall see, won't we?"




"Do you hear that?" Erwin asked, staring ahead of them quizzically.


"I do," Urvan scowled. "That's the sound of battle. Come on, let's move!" he began to run faster, almost keeping pace with Erwin's horse.


"Hey, don't leave me behind!" Hange yelped, running to catch up to them.


Behind the trio followed their respective squads.


By the time the group arrived, the fighting was already underway. It was a chaotic mess, with giant frogs and foxes battling bandits. "Now we know where the bandits went," Erwin said.


"Yeah, they decided to come here. All right, men, let's go!" the warrior ordered, lifting his Devil Axe and cutting a swathe through a bunch of bandits at once.


The arrival of the Pelinna Patrol evened things out, though the bandits still outnumbered them all. However, this was balanced out by the superior skill of the patrol, the ferocity of the Proteans, and the pluck of the original group.


OOC: Free-for-all! For those who decide to follow to the fight, this is basically one big messy brawl. There will be no turns, player phase or enemy phase, map, or whatever. Feel free to write your enemies out of commission, too. Just go ham, basically. Only unit you're not allowed to kill in one post is the boss, who, as a promoted unit, is a lot harder than any of the bosses we've come up against so far. It will take more than one person working in tandem to take him down. Also yes, Catriona stayed behind to watch over Penelope.


All characters are also back to 100% health.


Available enemy units

- Binks, warrior equipped with steel axe and iron bow

- 10% Lancers equipped with iron lances

- 40% Barbarians equipped with iron axes

- 20% Fighters equipped with iron axes

- 10% Mercenaries equipped with iron swords

- 20% Thieves equipped with iron swords or iron bows

#7096319 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Y'shtola on 21 April 2018 - 08:28 PM



Once the pain hit Ari, he clutched his shoulder. This getting hurt thing was getting a little old. So was battling, honestly. But he would keep on doing this, because he had to. Edgelord got hit with a Thundershock soon after, Mac calling out a taunt. How could she be so--no, he couldn't think that way. Instead of comparing himself to her like that, he had to start thinking, how can I be better? And the first step was to attack while the Scizor was distracted with his friend.


As if reading his mind, Mac called out, "Come on Ari, double time!"


Nodding, the Litleo decided to try for a Headbutt this time, and began to move forward.


"You're really starting to get on my nerves." Edgelord said with a growl. "People who annoy me don't have a habit of living. Just like that pathetic Mime back in Oasis." Both his arms sharpened into blades, one Normal, one Dark, and he looked at Ari. "Come try me, kid."


The fire type glared angrily at the bug type. "You had no right to do that," he told him. "Making him become grass before his time, and not even to eat him either." He shook his head in disgust, and then continued his Headbutt charge.






Easter watched Kah flail around before aiming a punch at Reshiram and...missing. Pathetic. This was the true power of dragons? A rampaging dead husk, a powerless living one, and now this. Though...she had provided more of a challenge than most of her kind, so he would give her that.


Still, it was time to end this. He charged up a Moonblast leisurely as he watched her pant in exertion. Whether she lived or died by this, he couldn't care less. After all, she had attacked his friend, attempted to steal his kill, and her very existence threatened the lives of the children.


He wondered, briefly, if the dark dragon was important to anyone. If she had friends like he did, or even children whose lives she worried over. A strange streak of empathy he didn't usually show to his opponents, though he usually hadn't been sitting down at a table eating with said opponents earlier either. Their last supper...


No matter. He would not hold back. After all...he had people important to him too. He released the glowing pink ball of condensed energy, right at the Hydreigon. At Kah.


He didn't have time for regrets or second thoughts, for right afterward, Reshiram spoke up.  "I think it is time to discard those disguises, is it not, Mew, Mewtwo?"


Easter looked up at that moment to see a pair of gijinka he vaguely recognized as having seen the day before, transform into a pair of legendaries. He wasn't even surprised at this point. Legendaries seemed to be popping up out of the woodwork lately. What he was...was annoyed. And excited. Annoyed because he probably wouldn't get a chance to finish off Reshiram now, though Kah had been the greater threat. Excited because there were yet more opponents in front of him.


The two seemed to be paying him little attention, which he was fine with at the moment. He wasn't in much condition to challenge the two of them the way he was now. A Wish or two would change that, but he would rather a good nap instead. And some candy.


Now that the area was safe, the greater threat done with, he approached Fawkes and looked down at her. "Are you all right?" he asked, gently. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to check on you before, with the fight and everything."






The Zoroark smiled widely. "My my my..." he said. "Well..." The dark type glanced to the side. "I suppose we can discuss that later." He placed his hand on the back of Keanu's neck, which caused the Pikachu to grow distinctly uncomfortable. "Why don't we get out of here for now?" He let out a piercing whistle and the natives began to vanish into the night.


This probably wasn't his best idea, but he would roll with it. His ears twitched in excitement. His blood was up, and he would let the wind take him where it willed. Or in this case, the natives.


Speaking of, he didn't even know this dude's name. "Eh, forgot ta introduce myself earlier, but, Alola, what's your name? Mine's Keanu," he introduced himself as they started to walk, pausing a bit to do their traditional wave. Maybe this would give Randy and Marie time to catch up, though probably not. If either of the two had any sense, though, they would try and get out of here while the natives were distracted. He would see about catching up with them later. But that probably wasn't gonna happen, not with Randy the too-heroic-for-his-own-good tiger there, anyway.


Actually, they would probably think he'd been kidnapped.


Well, kūkae.






Lunala watched Taiga interact with Isole with some fascination. Such interesting gijinka. Really, she needed to go out more often, see more of them. Perhaps if they managed to retake their home, she could see about disguising herself and going out among them. She knew that some gijinka did that, and while she hadn't--she usually shadowed Solgaleo, and trying to bring him out in disguise was a failure waiting to happen--it was something to think about.


Her attention came back to the Sharpedo when she referenced them, however indirectly.


"I ain't embarrassed, alright.  Just kinda nervous around the new arrivals.  After our tussle with the last one...who knows what the others are like.  I ain't cruisin' for another bruisin'."  Taiga looked to where the noise in the next room was coming from.  "Unlike some of us here..."  Taiga stood upright, proper, and stared at the Legend Gijinka next to them.  Throwing away all caution this time, she started to poke at the bat gijinka again.  "So are you just gonna stand there and not introduce yourself!?  You lot sure are rude, ain't'cha!?"


Lunala grinned and curtsied elegantly. "Forgive me," she replied, though her expression of amusement did much to bely her prim gesture. "I am Lunala of Alola, a faraway land. Solgaleo is the one fighting your friend at the moment, and is also from there." She looked at the water type more closely. "Who else did you fight before?" she asked politely.


Once the others returned with Magearna in tow, Lunala's grin faltered at seeing Tianzi's condition. She looked at Solgaleo and pursed her lips but said nothing out loud. Once again, you have gone overboard, she thought toward him instead. The legendary bade goodbye to the group soon after, a smile curling her lips once more. "Have a pleasant evening." She would not be sleeping, however. Adjusting to the different time zone Adarid had from Alola was...interesting, but regardless, she was nocturnal. The night was her time to shine.

#7096311 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Y'shtola on 21 April 2018 - 07:29 PM

It had been a day or so since they arrived, and Yue had managed to settle in, make sure Mr. Tweets and Miss Scarlet, two of her regular winged visitors, were fine, feed Chang'e, and mend the rips she had gotten in her hanfu. Sewing wasn't really a skill she advertised, but it was something she was actually decent in.


She was about to head to the kitchen and see if she could find grab some more treats for Chang'e, when Cassia, who had been poking around her bed--Yue hadn't been paying attention before, but was there something wrong with her bed--approached her.


"So, how about that new guy?" the redhead asked. "Looks like a real fighter, he does. I could live without the lizard, though."


"H-he's good," the archer responded, hanging her head guiltily. He had fought a lot better than her, that's for sure. "Kinda scary," she muttered, before brightening at the comment on the lizard. "Eh? You could? But the salamander is sooo cute," her voice, which had been rather meek and quiet before, while still soft, had grown obviously happier. "I could just go and pet him every single day, yes I could," she smiled. "Did you see how gentle, yet independent he was? Such a sweetie. I can't wait to go visit him." She barely paused for breath before continuing. "I wonder what he eats. Meat? You know, I've never met a salamander face to face like this. That's just so incredibly wonderful I, I just don't even know what to say! If he could talk, I wonder what he would say." She sighed dreamily. "Isn't he just precious?"


She came to a little later, remembering what Cassia had said too. "Oops," she blushed, looking down. "Um...yeah. I think it's a g-good thing he joined...the more the...merrier," she mumbled. She wondered if the thief could tell she was lying about that. Probably. Weren't they trained to see through those kind of things? But really, she was just uncomfortable around people in general, and the more people there were, the more likely she was going to do something stupid and embarrass herself, especially if they were scary people, and even normal people were frightening, honestly, and animals were so much better. Why couldn't people be like animals? Or why couldn't she get along with them like she did animals?


Yue found poking her fingers together really, really riveting right at that moment.

#7096309 The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Y'shtola on 21 April 2018 - 07:05 PM

Gilly felt a hard blow against her neck, forcing her to collapse to the ground under the pressure. Wheezing out a breath and rubbing her neck, the halfling looked back up at the monster in front of her. "A hero always...knows to keep going," she muttered, and lifted her spear once more to attack. She wasn't sure where to stab, though, as both areas within her reach seemed to do little to her opponent. Maybe...she should use magic after all?


No! She shook her head violently at the thought. Magic was cheating. True heroes didn't need magic; they moved forward with courage and the strength of their weapon. Magic just muddled things up. Only nerds needed magic. And she wasn't a nerd.


Gilly twirled her spear wildly, hoping to put some distance between her and the monster. She lost her grip on the spear in the process, but just materialized a new one, throwing it up at the creature and hoping it stuck somewhere vulnerable for once.


She still hadn't noticed the other mummy.


Snow shook his head and kept his position. He could only hope that Gilly would see sense and use her magic for once...though that didn't look like it would happen.




Hob baa'd in alarm at seeing a giant scorpion outside. A little nervous without his rider nearby, he decided to move forward, though hesitated near the doorway, not sure if he wanted to get in the middle of all of that. At seeing the girl attacking one of the scorpions, however, he ran out himself, charging at the same one. As soon as he did so, he noticed the second one, but already mid-charge, he couldn't change his target, so kept on going.

#7095006 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Y'shtola on 15 April 2018 - 02:49 PM

"Yeah, it was a bit rough." Leon replied, "but I'm fine now and everyone else seems fine. So, what happened to me doesn't really bother me now."


"That's good," Yue sighed, relieved that he had managed to recover so well. Maybe there was something to healing magic. Honestly, she didn't really like it. Most Yonians didn't, and she had avoided a couple healing sessions because of it. However, without it, their leader might not have lived, and that wouldn't have been very good at all.


As the others emerged from underground, the archer finished feeding Chang'e, who looked a lot happier once it was done. Such a spoiled little bunny. Leon invited the scary eyepatch man to join them, which made Yue a little uneasy, but she said nothing against the idea. He had done more during the last battle than she had, so she really didn't have a leg to stand on here.


It was a bit of a walk back to base, leaving the woods to go through Tellan, and then on to their base. It felt odd to be beneath the sky again. Actually, it was a bit scary. She'd much rather the quiet whisper of tree boughs over her head than the lonely whistle of the wind high above. Everything was so open, and while she wasn't a stranger to open skies, she always felt a little vulnerable. There was nowhere to hide. Under cover of darkness it was a bit better, but here, in the daylight, it was just...frightening.


Thankfully, they reached their base without incident, and despite the bright sun beating down on her, Yue smiled at the sight of the former outpost. Soon after, she ran for her room with its cute little window and the cute little birdhouse right outside, where the poor little birdies that were cold and hungry could sleep and eat for a while. Also the scrapbook she had on different animals she'd seen--oh! She would have to add the skeletons and the doggies to the list too. Hopping on her bed, she cuddled under the covers for a bit before looking at her ripped hanfu and sighing. It looked like she would have to sew it up, or the tears would get even worse.

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