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15 February 2018 - 11:39 PM

Forsaken Memories

Kyouji sighed to himself as he looked at the smoking remains of his room. That really sucked, losing all that stuff. Still, it was better that everyone else was okay. The alternative would be much worse. Turning to the crowd, he waved to signify he was alright. 

"Don't worry about us! There was just a gas leak in my room. Thankfully, we were able to get away before any one was hurt!" He explained. "Now, let the show go on!" With that, he headed to the backrooms, away from the crowd. Yugo followed him, hands in his pocket. 

"Hey man, sorry about all your stuff...," Yugo muttered to Kyouji. The champ sighed and rubbed his neck. 

"All that matters is that everyone is okay," He said. "Now come on, let's get to Blues so we can tell him what's going on," He went to the private room, a smile on his face, but much quieter than usual.

"f***!" Hanae cursed, causing Blues to raise an eyebrow. "Alright, whatever, we got what we came for, I guess." Turning towards the others she said, "well, anyway, let's get out of here, we both have matches soon Blues. And Iwaki-senpai," her eyes narrowed at the girl. "I'll see you later." With that, the girl merely began to walk out of the room after that.
"She doesn't seem to like you very much," Blues commented. 
"So, Mister Kaiba," Ayame started, turning her attention to Blues. "I only just stumbled in here right before the duel with no idea what's going on, so... what just happened? With all that? What sort of weird voodoo stuff is Hanae getting caught up in exactly?" Blues sighed as he folded his arms. 

"Do you want the full version, or the abridged?" He asked. 
"The full version."
"Give me a second on that then," He stated as he turned to Eizar.
Eizar would've answered himself, but Blues is more knowledgeable on the subject, so he instead focused on what Nero said before being abducted. 'I know for a fact that "Keepers of the Spellbooks" is referencing to the Spellbook archetype, and have a good idea what "Ruler of Dragons" alludes to, but what does "Wearer of the Bringer of Winter" mean?' He then crossed his arms, sinking further into his world of pondering. 'If my guesses are correct then we're going to have a much harder time that we already are.'

"No joke," Blues muttered as he started to walk off. "The wearer of the Bringer of Winter might be Nekroz," He mentioned as he started to walk back to the room. "Let's regroup for now, while I explain to Ms. Iwaki what's going on," Taking a deep breath, he began to recount the events. "Back when Duel Monsters was first made, Pegasus made the Egyptian God cards. Fearing their power, he made the Wicked Gods to keep them in check, but he then feared THEIR power, and sealed them away. The spirit of the cards are now pissed off, and people have stolen them, and their trying to destroy the world. So we have two teams trying to stop them. One here, and the other in the Spirit World. They're working on a solution, as they try to awake a blank card, and cause its evolution,"  He walked away. "You're free to do what you want with that info," He stated as he walked away.

Soon, he came back to the room, being the first one to get there thanks to his Kaiba powers. As the others walked in, he was sitting in a seat, looking  "So, what is there to report?" He asked the entering Kyouji and crew.




"H-hello, little guy..." Decoy Dragon looked up as Helena started to pet its head, and the tiny dragon cooed softly, nuzzling into her hand. Gandora flopped down next to them.

"Using your cuteness to get favor. a******," he muttered.


"Excuse me, Black Rose? I was told you had experience with psychic duelists, I was hoping that you could help my duelist." Black Rose Dragon looked up to Shiren and nodded. 

"I indeed might be able to help. Tell me, what is wrong?" She asked as she motioned to a different dragon to take her place.



As Miero walked outside into the sun, he could see people rebuilding the town, working to fix what the Wicked Gods did, both with magic and their own hands. All in all, it was a display of unity that a place like Hearthome could take notes from. The people would greet him as he passed, and a few did a gesture, like giving him an apple, or a drink. 

All was calm... until a shadow came over the city. At first, people were panicking, but they paused when they saw what appeared to be a flying pirate ship land inside the city walls. It seemed to have no evil intentions... but it was a flying pirate ship. That was sure to attract attention.  

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15 February 2018 - 10:05 PM

It has been discussed.

Most are in favor of keeping it as is for now.

Also we learned we can't make specific sections filter free :(


Of course, of course! Okay, let's try this from a different angle.

Instead of getting rid of the filter, why don't you lower the requirements? Like 1000 posts or something? No one is getting to 10,000 any time soon. And I know you all wanna favor the older members, but throw the newer ones a bone. You won't keep people around if it feels like you discriminating against the new people.

Side note, according to the list of the number of posts that determine you position, I should be an Elite Member, but I am only Advanced (which I have been for over a year now) So even our titles are buggy.

In Topic: Complaints Go Here

15 February 2018 - 09:48 PM

Cussing. Has it been discussed? Do we have a course of action?

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15 February 2018 - 01:42 PM

When will you judge our musical choices?

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14 February 2018 - 03:26 PM