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Kill Son Goku

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#7110459 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Kill Son Goku on Yesterday, 06:28 AM

Terro took some deep breaths as he watched the rocks collapsed on Val. The heat wasn't as bad anymore, but it wasn't going to help too much now. He took a minute to catch his breath, but very quickly noticed that steam was coming between the cracks. He took his stance once more, taking some deep breaths. To his surprise though, a flaming aura exploded from the rocks, sending them flying in every direction. Val's body was covered by the inferno aura, a smirk across her face as she pointed at her opponent.
"You’re strong, Terro, but I’m going to be the greatest hero! Nothing is going to stand in my way. Whatever you throw at me I’ll just keep coming back as strong as ever!” Valerie bent down, rushing forward with her flaming body, launching a column of flame overhead and down towards Terro. Terro moved to the right, trying to get out of the way, but the flames managed to get on his left pant leg, igniting it on fire. He let out of cry as the fire began to ate his pants. He quickly undid his pants, kicking it them away before the flames ate them away to nothingness. 

His left leg was now hurting, the skin discolored from a burn. It wasn't the worst, but now he definitely now couldn't move that well anymore. The boxers-clad martial artist decided it was best to stand his ground, since moving would probably just leave him wide open. Val threw a massive punch, which Terro managed to block, but he wasn't ready for Val to hit him with an uppercut to his chin, causing the weakened boy to be launched back, hitting the ground and rolling away, ending up at the middle of the arena.
"You done yet?" Val asked as she watched Terro try to stand up, the martial artist coughing a bit as he did. A thought ran through his mind. Was he done yet? His leg was injured, his body taken to its limits. For the first time in his life, his martial arts couldn't help him, with his quirk and his control over it not being enough... There was no way he could win in a straight fight. But then a thought came to him.

They weren't in a straight fight.
Terro forced himself to a knee, panting and wiping the blood from his mouth once more. Despite his heavy breathing, despite his injuries, he was smirking, something having clicked in his head. "You may become the greatest hero, Val, but you still are gonna have to get me ice cream!"

Against all odds, a real man fights

Terro clenched his fist, raising it over his head, gritting his teeth before he smashed into the stadium with all his might, cracking the stage horizontally, making a large, clean crack from one side to the other. Afterwards, he slowly stood on his feet, legs wobbling, but still supporting him. He raised a fist, and a rock wall was summoned right in front of the crack, easily twice as tall as either of them and stretching the length of the stage. 

With that done, he fell back onto a knee, ignoring the pain in his leg as he reached into the crack and grabbed on the best he could. It was only right though... to yell his new attack's name. 
Hissatsu!! Haō Kohryuu-jin!!!  Using his quirk and pulling up with his arms, he began to lift the stage, which rumbled as it was slowly unearthed. He slowly stood up adjusting himself so he was pushing the stage, tilting it more and more. He gritted his teeth as he stood, doing his best to ignore the pain... but his left leg sent a sharp pang of it through his body, causing him to fall back to his knee. He couldn't let it end now. He got this far, Val pushing him to an extent no one had before. He couldn't let it end here, he had to rise above... he had to keep pushing forward!
"Chabudai Gaeshi!!" With one final yell, he stood back up to his feet, pushing the stage up with both body and quirk, before he used his quirk to make sure the stage tipped straight up, perpendicular to the ground. He stood, both hands over his head, using the very last reserve of his strength to stay standing. If he fell over, he wouldn't get back up, he knew that. So he stood, breathing hard, waiting for either a call of victory or for Val to tip him over. No matter the outcome, he knew he had used all he had... and in the end, that was what mattered, right?

Sustained by the strength of his will

#7110087 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 15 July 2018 - 05:37 AM

Reno watched as Haruka and Avery left the room. He should go with them, make sure that they were okay. After all, they didn't have personas, and Haruka would kill herself at this rate. However, Shattered Wrist Jason let out a cry of fear, making him look over. Paul had managed to save the ex-sport star, but now the boy looked traumatized.
Grendel took it upon himself to poke Jason with his chair, and see if he could snap him out of it. "Human? Huuuuuuuuman? Ya okay? Huuuuuuuumaaaan?" The giant human sighed to himself and shook his head. He should get going no---
What was that?

"Hey," Reno suddenly spoke up. "Do you hear that?" He asked. "It sounds like... rattling chains," A sudden clatter was heard as Grendel dropped his chair.

"Oy, kid, did yer say... rattlin' chains?" He asked as he stood up straight. Reno blinked, but nodded in respond.

"Yeah, I did," He said, confused etched on his calm face. What was going on? Grendel quick stepped on his chair, causing to flip into the air, which was stopped quickly by the wolf catching it. He looked up at Paul and Tyler, a serious look in his eyes.

"Listen to me, lads," He said. "Right now, I don't give a fuck how bloody tired ya might be, or how much ya don't wanna fight. Right now, our number one priority is to beat this Shadow, get the key, and then we bloody run out of this room like the wrath of Gawd is descending on us," He turned, pointing to Reno. "Oy, big lad! Look out that there door and tell me what it's doing right now!"
"Wait, what am I looking for?"

"Trust me wanker, ya'll bloody know what it when ya see it!" Grendel commented before he turned to the Shadow, his Persona bursting forth. "Tarunda!" He called out before howling at the top of his lungs, the sound echoing through the room and a bit through the halls. Reno watched the Persona burst forth once more, which made him stare in silent awe. He could see why Haruka was so determined to get her own Persona... wait, he had a job to do!

He walked to the door they entered through and peeked out, scanning the area. It didn't take long to see something usual... and the very sight of it caused the boy to freeze.  

Death Cometh

Standing not even five feet away was a giant Shadow, one that dwarfed even the one they were facing currently. It was easily around twenty or thirty feet tall, although it was hard to tell, seeing as it didn't seem to have feet, instead hovering above the ground. It was wrapped in ragged cloths, each one stained red with what seemed to blood. Its face was covered by a blood stained sack, only one ominous white eye glaring at Reno. Two massive chains were wrapped around its shoulders, forming a X across its chest. To top it all off, it had two oversized revolvers in its hands, each looking like they could blow a giant hole through a person's body.
"What's it doing, wanker?!" Grendel called out, snapping Reno out of his stupor. 

"He's just standing there... menacingly!" Reno called back.

"Right, we don't have much time," Grendel muttered. "Get a move on, wankers!"

#7110063 [Debates] U.S. Asian Community

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 14 July 2018 - 09:59 PM

Simple thread, do you think the U.S. Asian community has problems, or issues, or problems, or are targeted, etc or are fine?

I think they're mostly fine, other than how it's completely broken how 70% of Asian children grow up without becoming a doctor, which is really bad.

#7109977 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 14 July 2018 - 06:02 AM

Apparently, these humans wanted something with the Great Dragon. That was a name spoken of only in myth, right? However, it seemed that the Great Frog Sage had actually seen the dragon itself. He kept forgetting what a long life their master had... he really should ask for stories of the past again... However, that was not what was important. The foxes once more pleaded ignorance to the death of Cyrus. Either they were lying, or they were complete idiots, and Shiro couldn't tell which answer was more likely. 


The Frog Sage requested Glenn and Shiro to follow him into the forest, which of course, they obeyed. They walked far into the forest, away from prying ears. "Aka, secure the perimeter," he ordered, before looking at Shiro, Glenn at his side. "Shiro," he said gravely. "I have a task for you that I cannot lay on any other. Glenn cannot go. There are people after his life, and I would protect him closer to home. However, you..." he stared at the blue-haired man. "You have already befriended some of the group, have battled alongside them. And you have more knowledge of the outside world than most."


Shiro already didn't like where this was going. Not one bit.


"I will be blunt--I do not trust these foxes," The obviously wise thing to do. "Trickery has ever been their tool, and while Rufus is honest by a fox's standard," Like how a skunk smelled cleaned by skunk standards? "he is still a fox, and he is surrounded by ones more wily than he. The quest that the Galtean princesses are undertaking is a prudent one. I have sensed the stirrings of darkness in the forest, and had wondered if it came from fox magic, but if Catriona is to be believed, then there is another reason for it, and if so, we have need of the Great Dragon now more than ever."


There was that name again. The Great Dragon... the Goddess... Shiro cared not for any of them. What mattered was the people he could see, who he could interact with... not faraway, mystical things that never helped the people that needed it. Always helping the kings and the heroes... not the common folk... what good were they, really?


"While I am too old to help them much, you are not." He nodded at Shiro. "Go with the princesses, help them, and above all, watch the fox. If I am right, Rufus will send his daughter or another fox with them. He will say that it is to see the world, but I do not trust his reasons. For this reason, I ask you to go with them." He paused, eyes softening. "However, this is not an order. Shiro, you are one of my most trusted frogs, and you have been away for a long time. If you choose to stay, then I will not stop you."


Shiro paused, thinking to himself. He had been back at the village for less than two years, and he loved the peace here... and if he let these people go without supervision, they could tell others... they could send people here... ruin this entire forest. Not only that, but it was obvious he was not going to find Cyrus's killer here. He had to go out, since Glenn could not. He really didn't want to leave though... the very thought made his skin crawl... but if he had to choose between his personal comfort and the safety of his village.

"As you wish," He said, getting on a knee. "Today, I vow to fight with the humans, and watch the fox, to the very best of my ability. I will succeed in this mission, or die trying. I vow this on my very honor as a Frog,"

#7109783 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 13 July 2018 - 04:05 AM

Terro gritted his teeth as he saw the pillar of flame roaring and flying at him. He willed a pillar of his own to rise up and block the attack. The defensive rock formation came up barely in time, the flames hitting it and splitting, two large shots of fire soaring past Terro. He could feel their searing heat, which just caused him to grit his teeth more. When the attack died down, he could see the top half of his pillar had melted away, something like magma leaking to the floor.
"This isn't good...," he thought as his breathing was getting heavy. He wasn't going to be able to stand this heat for long. Slowly, he cupped his hands by his side, the remainder of the pillar breaking apart and gathering between his hands. With a yell, he thrusted his hands forwards, firing a large compressed ball of stone at Val.
Valerie couldn't help but be impressed by her own flames. They seemed even hotter than before. So did that mean that her flames, too, could increase in temperature as she went on? Though it also seemed that this heat was taking its toll on her body. She could feel herself growing colder and this time her suit wouldn't be able to help her. She already felt parts of it melting, unable to withstand the fire due to being made to handle high temperature alone.
Which just meant she had to end this fast.
As Terro sent the ball forward, reminding Valerie of an old show she used to watch, she dove to the ground and lay flat as she could on the ground so that the ball would soar overhead. From her lower position she fired off another wave of flame from both hands.
Terro's breathing was getting heavier as he watched Val dodge under his attack. He could see her moving to counter, see her fire off flames, but his body felt heavy. His muscles were rebelling, acting like stones weighing him down as his mind screamed he had to dodge. The toll bending the Earth and the heat were taking on him finally made itself known. It took a great deal of effort, but he managed to jump out and out of the way... only for his legs to give out from under him as he landed, the martial artist falling to the ground. 
It was too early. He didn't want to resort to this, but if he didn't distract Val, then she would get him while he was down. He made a fist, and his plan went into action. Every rock he had thrown at Val, every one that had missed had been floating behind her. Normally, Terro would make more of an effort to hide them, but he knew Val would be completely focused on him... and he was willing to use that to his advantage. 
The rocks began to spin around, surrounding Val in a barrier of stones. For a few seconds they kept spinning, faster and faster, until they froze in midair, completely surrounding Val. Terro grinned a little as he closed his other fist, the rocks responding by all rushing in on Val.

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#7109556 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 12 July 2018 - 05:26 AM



“You were right. This duel does end this turn… But not the way you think! Activate trap! Double Down!” Ah yes, Double Down. It was a card... that did a thing. Honestly, the man Akira wasn't too sure what it did. When the man Yushiro activated it, it just... worked. And if it worked, it was just fine.

The duel ended in a draw, and it seemed that Yushiro had made a new rival. Well, that was alright! All the man Yushiro had to do was train and duel with the man Akira, and he'd be molded into the manly way of life. He wasn't ready for a sudden voice asking a question, so it took him a few seconds to process it.
"So what's Snow White's deal? Not disciplined enough as a kid or something?" Akira went to answer, but another voice called out.
“I think he’s a bully or something.” Akira turned to look, seeing a tiny little girl. Oh, I’m Akari Ito by the way. Sorry if I intruded in your conversation.” Akira and Akari? Well, that was going to be confusing, no doubt. Hmm... thinking about it... she didn't look too bad. Maybe... he could... he looked over to Yushiro quickly, the gears turning in his head.

"Worry not," Akira said in his usual boisterous way. "I, the man Akira, was not able to yet engage, she, the woman I know not, in conversation. So you, the woman Akari, was not interrupting. But it seems that the man Yushiro had to fight for a cause he deemed just, and had managed to overcome the obstacle in front of him!" 

Yeah, with an epic introduction like that, there was no way the girls wouldn't at least notice the man Yushiro. The man Yushiro might actually get a girlfriend by the end of this year! Wait... where was the man Yushiro? Akira looked around, realizing his friend was gone. Wait, did he waste that great speech about Yushiro's manliness? Son of a bitch!! Grumbling, he reached into his pocket and began to text away. 

Yushiro was gonna an earful for this one, the man Akira style! 



“Oh, and Rose!” Right, right, that was the person that Souji was dueling. “You should’ve seen her magnificent Fusion Summons, cool Spell plays, and that oh so beautiful Anoyatyliss! Grysta’s cool too, but I’m more of a water person myself, you know? More whoosh and less WHOOSH!” This girl could have made a decent entertainment duelist. “Anyway, it’s gone now, but she can still bring it back! Fingers crossed.” She then actually addressed Sai, which he was almost sure wouldn't happen. “Hi! I’m Yusuji by the way, and this is my friend Melissa! Well, Jun’s friend I think, or was it Kyouko? Also my friends, sitting here and here!" She paused briefly, then remembered there was a duel going on. “Oh, do you think this Kamen guy has any chance?”
"Hey there, I'm Jun. And 'Lissa here is all of our friends right?" Jun paused as she considered the duel. "Nah, Rose has definitely got this in the bag, 'Suji."
"I'm gonna go,"  The tall one said, getting up to her feet. "It's too crowded and noisy in here for me. Enjoy your duel." Sai sighed internally. He wasn't doing his job too well if someone was leaving the duel. Then again, he wasn't the one dueling, so it wasn't so much his responsibility to make sure everyone was having a good time.
"That's too bad. Hope you find a place more suited to your liking," Sai commented as the girl left. The girl that actually inspired him to come here finally spoke.

My name is Melissa Ashforth, though I guess my friends call me ‘Lissa,” she said as she turned around. “Are you an entertainment duelist too?” she said idly. Sai nodded as he gave a small smile.

"You'd be correct, Ms. Melissa. I'm the magician known as Master Miracle," He introduced himself with a small bow. "I'm an...  acquaintance of Kamen Rider. I frequently duel with him," He then looked up, seeing the duel continuing without them. "It seems Ms. Rose is at a severe disadvantage. I hope she can turn it around...," After all, it's not too entertaining to watch Souji dominate a poor girl. 

#7108775 Gentle Reminder

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 07 July 2018 - 12:01 AM

You won't do it.

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#7108205 [Interest Check] What should my next RP project be?

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 03 July 2018 - 05:23 PM

I'd be willing to bet none of the people voting for the Shonen RP will actually show up.

To be fair, I bet almost no one would show up to the other ones either.

#7108183 Sai's Game Dev Blog

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 03 July 2018 - 03:29 PM



-Logo By JustYui-


This is a blog made to help keep me honest about how much work is getting done on my video games. I'll update it daily with all the work I was able to do, or if none was done, I'll write down the reason why.

Currently we have two games being made, an RPG called The Adventures of Cherry Heart (Very familiar sounding name, huh RP section?) and a Fighting Game called Prismal Helix.

Currently, every character for Cherry Heart has been designed, and the sprites are currently being done. I am in the process of making a three level demo for it, with one level done. Enemies and dialogue need to be tweaked though. Need about 500 dollars for cutscenes. 90 saved so far. Unknown how much we'll need for voice actors, as the script isn't done yet.

For Prismal Helix, we have 11/14 characters designed as well as the final boss and some NPCs. We need to hire some sprite animators and get a four character demo programmed before we can take it to crowd funding. Need 6500 to hire first animator and get characters designed. 80 saved so far.

And that's all we need for now.

#7108059 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 02 July 2018 - 06:55 PM

Grendel never had much company around in this place. It was always Shadows, and he would smite them down. They might beg for their lives, or try to give him gifts, but it wasn't like he had them over for tea every night, talking about their bloody feelings. So these humans were the first real company he had for as long as he could remember. Some was pretty good, like that one girl that gave him food. She was pretty cool. But then there was people like the little girl that just seemed to have a death wish just to summon a Persona. Maybe he should have told her that trying to force a Persona summoning could have dire side effects.

Nah, she'd find out eventually.


However, it seemed that the stupid one with a gun had awakened his Persona. That was good, it seemed there was talent among this group after all. This one was a boat, which was odd. Still this was shaping up to be an okay team. Maybe he would have to start learning everyone's names. He walked up to Tyler, looking him up and down. 

"Not a bad Persona," He finally said. "Psi is a decent element, ya know. Mind powah and all," He turned and looked back at the group. "So we got three Persona users. Whatcha all wanna do?" 


Reno was quiet was he watched everything go down. He didn't know what to do, how to summon his Persona. He wanted it, but... what should he do? Throwing himself into danger didn't seem like the best idea. Then again, getting his Persona wasn't the most important thing right now. Right now, it was trying to find their way to the next floor.

"Since we have three Personas, why don't we split up?" Reno suddenly commented. "Paul and Tyler can take a group down this hallway, and Grendel can take a group down the other back near the beginning. We'll cover more ground that way, and the smaller groups would help people... keep an eye on the more reckless people,"

#7107920 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 01 July 2018 - 09:46 PM



Akira watched proudly as the man Yushiro duel in his semi-manly way. Sure, the only way he could duel any more manly-like would be to actually play Superheavy Samurais, but that was besides the point. Still, with his quick planning and gambling addiction, the man Yushiro managed to stand against the not-man Hiraku's attacks. He stood proud behind his friend, staring down Hikaru as well. It was almost like Akira was Yushiro's Stand, ready to rush across the field and punch down Hiraku.





Sai didn't have long to ponder how to fix his dueling style for too long as the duel finally started. Souji came in at his motorcycle to face off with an idol, which caused Sai to shake his head. He supposed that it was for the entertainment, but Souji's style was way too flashy for him. Perhaps that was his issue though, that he wasn't flashy enough. He felt like there wasn't enough substance in the way Souji dueled, not for him. 


The duel itself wasn't too special to Sai. He had dueled Souji more times he could count, and he was falling into his usual patterns. Get Divine Wind out, and sit on him until he could counterattack. He should have been cheering his friend on, but he was sure the guy had more than enough support. His eyes wandered until he noticed something. Someone wasn't enjoying the duel. Sure, not every type of person enjoyed a certain style of dueling, but that didn't seem to be her problem. She seemed... choked... He stood up, hands in his hood's pockets as he walked towards the direction of the girl.

By the time he came close to where she was sitting, he could hear her say things like “I’m fine,” and “What did I miss?”. Sai sadly knew a little too well how that felt. He quietly sat in an empty seat behind her and possibly her friends, thankful he was not dressed as Sai the Duelist, but as Master Miracle, the Entertainment Duelist.

"Nothing much," He commented. "Just Kamen Rider falling into old habits,"

#7106661 Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 24 June 2018 - 11:35 PM

The first thing Raynor noticed was that everyone was staring at him. It couldn't have been because of the Salamander he was riding, could it? Of course it was, every time he did this, he got the looks, but last time he left Gojira outside of the city, he got stolen, so no, Gojira was under him, saddled up and everything. However, there was a way to deal with all the people they passed.

Winking and pointing a finger gun at the pretty girls as they passed along. Flawless. Even if winking made him unable to see for a few seconds.

"I know Leon and the others are searching at the docks, but it didn't look like they were really manning the boats..." Ada sighed, "Come on, guys, let's go to the tavern. We can probably find someone there to help us out, in case the others' attempt doesn't succeed."

"So we're going to split up the gang? Alright, I can get down with that," Raynor stated with a shrug.

"I really just want to get out of here, come on, let's move fast... I do not have a good feeling about this." Layne added.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You got us, and we'll keep ya safe," Raynor commented as they headed off to the tavern. That was the best idea to Raynor. And hey, if he somehow 'accidentally' got his hands on a drink, then all the better. It seemed the tavern was lively enough, as the glass exploded in front of them, and a man fell out.

Layne took a deep breath as he knelled down to take a quick glance at the unconscious man, reaching into bag to dig around for a moment. "...Think we've found the tavern, and seems like there's, uh... Some commotion going on. Raynor, you wanna take the lead?"

Raynor's grin became so wide at Layne's suggestion. "Oh, I'd love to," He said as he slipped off of Gojira's back, gently handing the reigns to Ada. "But I'm going to let you all know right now. You're gonna regret this one. I apologize in advance, but I promise to ask the last man standing to help us out,"

Together We Bar Fight

The one eyed rider headed to the door, kicking it down with one swift motion of his foot. "Oy! Who started a bar fight... without me?!" Without asking any questions, he rushed in, leaping into the air and drop kicking a random drunk in the back. He then quickly pounced on another, wrapping his arms around their waist and bending backwards, smashing his victim into a classic German suplex. All the while, Raynor was laughing like a madman.

He was really having fun.

#7106455 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Kill Son Goku on 23 June 2018 - 08:13 PM

"Yo, Khikyu!"  Tempest shouted from behind. "I was gonna come visit you!  Congratulate you on your win...even if it's just by technicality!" The hero laughed.  "But you put up a hell of a fight!  You were really able to maneuver around that Otoma kid's attacks!  Now if that ain't my lessons in action coming through, then I don't know what is!"

"Sensei!" Terro stated with a smile, bowing as Tempest approached. "Yeah, your teachings really helped me against Gin," he then sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "I'm still kinda sore that I didn't beat Gin by my own merits... But it seems I wouldn't have been able to... I need more training...," he sighed to himself again, trying to imagine everything that could be done to counter X-Caliber. He wasn't coming up with anything yet... Suddenly, a voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Terro! Hey Terro!" Ichiro called, moving up towards the pair. "Hey, that was an awesome fight. I mean...wow man, I wasn't expecting any of the things you did in that fight. And the whole shield thing...that really got me excited!" Ichiro said smiling. "Oh right! This is from Sayuri, she bought you and Gin ice cream....and then forced me to pay for my own...but still, here."

"Ice... Cream...?" Terro asked. "What is it...? Is it supposed to cool down my skin when I fight Val?"

"Uh..." Ichiro blinked. "You've...never had ice cream before?" he asked, quite taken back. Sure he knew the guy was away from the city a lot, but he wasn't exepcting this. Terro shook his head.

"No... Martial arts training keeps me on a very strict diet. Still, I never even heard of ice cream before... Or maybe I have and I haven't paid any attention," Terro shrugged and grabbed the ice cream from Ichiro's hand. "So, what do you think about Mike and Akira? Who do you think will win?"

"Huh, well...guess that's your first then." Ichiro shrugged. "It's pretty good, but I think I'm just biased cause I've had this growing up." he chuckled, before regarding Terro's question. "To be completely honest...as much as I want Mike to win, I think Akira might have it. Mike had both power and strategy going for him...least from my match that I grasped. But Akira..." Ichiro paused, thinking back on the Macross Buster. "You saw how powerful that was...I think Akira's been holding back."

Terro nodded as he went to take a bit of the ice cream. "You're not too far off, but I think...," he paused as he took the bite of ice cream. "Oh wow... I think this stuff is great!" He commented as he quickly scarfed down the rest of the ice cream. "It's so cold... And sweet and so... gone... Oh...,"

Ichiro stared blankly at Terro, apparently devouring his ice cream, before laughing some. "Yeah it tends to do that...oh uh, wait...you scarfed that down. Uh, don't be alarmed if you start having a bit of a headache feeling...it's kinda natural. It's called a brain freeze."

"A brain wha--- ow, ow, ow!" Terro commented as he held his head. "Sheesh... Ice cream is almost as intense as training...,"

"Yeah...I guess it is?" Ichiro shrugged, not exactly sure how to answer that. "Anyway, what were you about to say before you finished off the ice cream, Terro?"

Terro held up a finger before he stood up, rubbing his head. "R-right... Anyways... I think it's a little more even than people think. Akira has one thing over Mike, power. But Mike won't just back down from raw power. After all, he stood up to Wendigo. Besides, Mike has something far more important. The will to win,"

"Yeah...you got a point there." Ichiro nodded, glancing down at his arm in the sling. "He showed that off quite a bit against me..."

"Speaking of! I need to get going so I can witness the fight!" Terro commented before he bowed to Tempest again. "I'll see you around sensei! Hopefully, I'll make you proud and get to the final round!" He turned to Ichiro, grinning. "You coming with me?"

"Yeah, right behind you." Ichiro said, quickly bowing to Tempest as well. "Nice to finally meet you, Tempest sir." he said, turning after Terro.

Terro had made it in time to see the Shomidoken and Ryuseiken clash, a blinding light emitting from the clash. It made Terro laugh a little. A Kyoryuken, a Shomidoken, and now the Ryuseiken. It would seem he would have to make another upgrade to keep ahead.

When the smoke cleared, Mike and Akira was back at it again. Terro had to admire Mike's movements and improvisation. The two of them never really interacted outside of that one time... He really wanted to fight Mike now. Akira was a way to see how far he came and stuff, which was important, but he could tell that he and Mike would push each other to higher heights.

Akira then fired off his Macross Buster, either the same move that took out Isami or one similar to it. However... Mike was able to break on through and attack Akira. It was a brutal attack, one that caught Akira off guard and sent him flying across the stage. Terro winced a bit... That had to hurt, especially to someone as frail looking as Akira. However... Akira stood up, covered in a new construct. Terro grinned at the sight of that.

"Looks like someone's fire was finally lit," He commented with a wide grin. Now the fight had truly begun.

#7105337 YCM RP Awards 2018

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Hey. Can you add a "Best Active RP award?" Because sometimes, the best RP doesn't have the best host, players, etc, but the combination of things makes an RP the best.

#7105319 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

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Sai muttered to himself as he sat in the seats closest to the duel area, dressed in his full magician outfit, wearing his white cloak and white wig, trying to look as mystical and as mysterious as possible. Sadly though, his duel disk's phone function began ringing, causing him to sigh and look at his phone. Seeing the name made him groan even more as he picked up. He was not ready for this right now. 

"Hey sis," He spoke as he picked up. He paused as he listened to her talk, nodding a bit. "Yeah, yeah, I'm all moved in. Souji helped me out... yes, yes, I'll tell him hello for you. Now, did you move into your school?" He paused to stand up and walk a bit. He really didn't like talking to his siblings, but he had to be polite and all, lest they get their parents on his case. "Good good. Oh, got a new Trickstar card...? That's... good...," He shook his head, inwardly sighing. He hated that deck and everything it stood for. "What's that? Limerick's got a duel on Friday?" He paused, listening to her. "Yeah, yeah, I'll watch it. I'll be ready for your quiz to," He teased. He paused, listening, "Yeah, yeah. Listen, Souji's got a duel soon, so I'm gonna get ready to be his moral support," He paused, groaning as he heard his sister's reply. "Yeah, I know, I know, he doesn't need it, but let me feel like I'm doing something, okay?" He paused, nodding to himself. "Yeah, love you to. Bye," 

With a click, he turned off his duel disk, sitting down and sighing to himself. He knew he wasn't doing so good. His magician persona, while he loved it, wasn't special. He needed a sort of gimmick, something to make himself stand out. He didn't know exactly what to do. He opened his notes section on his duel disk, typing down ideas and brainstorming. He needed to figure out something.