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I'll let this speak for itself

03 November 2018 - 09:22 AM



Anyway, discuss.

Ace Attorney Season 2

19 October 2018 - 10:24 AM

Well, Ace Attorney Season 2 is on the air.


and it starts off unexpectedly


Anyway please discuss about Ace Attorney Season 2 so far.



She-Ra's back. She-Ra: Dreamworks version.

17 October 2018 - 08:52 AM


Similar to how He-Man got a reboot with Male Corrin and a slew of Canadian Voice Actors, She-Ra is also getting a reboot, like Voltron, Ducktales and TMNT (for the umpteenth time).


The trailer, explains it all.


So Discuss.

My prediction for Ducktales 2017 Season 2.

10 September 2018 - 05:36 PM

The Ducktales Reboot/Remake for 2017 had some pretty cleverly hidden Easter Eggs, mentioning locations from Disney shows of the past, back to the good old days. So why not have Scrooge and the gang travel to these locales and have guest appearances? I'll site examples.


In the first episode of the new season, Webby is framed for breaking in to a museum containing the Great Gummi Book, on the evidence of juice left behind at the scene of the crime. Scrooge and the others find the culprit, an older Cubbi Gummi (Johnny Yong Bosch), who is trying to find the page of the great book.


Don Karnage had a cameo and Sam Riegel had a role as a fake bigfoot.


Anyway, Cubbi informs them F.O.W.L. was responsible for stealing from Gummi Glen near Dunwin and Steelbeak (Rob Paulsen)has built a newly designed Gummiscope and plan on using it as a laser weapon, so Scrooge and the gang head to New Dunwin and get captured, they are thrown in a cell with older versions of Gruffi (Patrick Seitz) and Gusto (Also Rob Paulsen) and find an older version of Sunni (Stephanie Sheh) in a juice factory, stirring the juice the way Grammi taught her. They also notice solar panels and a sattelite array. FOWL plans to use the laser emitted from the Gummiscope to blast away cities that won't answer to their demands. They also notice solar panels located near the gummiscope to give it an infinite power supply, provided the sun is not blocked or it is night time. As steelbeak is about to blow up Duckberg, Webby and Sunni arrive and bounce all over the place, with the gummiscope destroying the solar panels. Steelbeak is taken into custody. Afterwards, the gummiscope receives a message from moonbeams.


"Saw you and the kids on tv. Hope they aren't giving you any trouble. I'm fine. Please come get me though. I want to see the boys for myself. Love Della."


Everyone is happy to know Della is alive and the only way she could send that message, is if she was on the moon. Scrooge and the others have a new mission: Rescue Della, again.


Other cameo appearances are Wildcat from Talespin, Gadget from C n' D RR, and Peg and Pistol from Goof Troop.


And that's just for starters. Anyway, season 2, thoughts?

[Fanfiction] Castlevania: Demon Castle War

26 August 2018 - 02:41 PM

Castlevania fans may wonder what actually happened in the Demon Castle War, well I'm here to answer those questions.


Chapter 1: The Legend Returns.


Chapter 2: History Retold


That's it so far, so wha do you all think. I can start chapter 2 if any of you would like.