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Today, 12:49 PM


Jacob Tor



while I personally would rather wait for at least one more person if everyone is ready we could start within the next couple of days

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Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Just posting to make note that I tweaked the card texts on some of my custom cards to have them work a bit more like they are intended to. Also if we come up with custom cards part way through the RP, will we be able to add them?

that is actually the function of one of the NPC's, Alex Solomon, titled "The Card Seller", is intended to be a way for everyone to add new cards once I've reviewed them (assuming they're custom) and decided on whether or not I'll allow them. since it seems I didn't put that in his Misc. Info i'll have to add that when I change the cards in your app



Jacob Tor


unless I missed them or they're actual cards that I don't know about it looks like you didn't add your characters three ace monsters? Can't accept without knowing all the customs he'll start out with.

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18 November 2018 - 05:28 PM

Oh sheet, I forgot this existed




This is actually a retake on a character I never got to do cuz it never took off. I'm hoping this time I can use her.

interesting motivation, also fun to see some official cards with custom support. Accepted

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13 November 2018 - 11:08 PM

something new

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09 November 2018 - 10:03 PM

It would be like this...


I think the only other thing that has an "inherent meaning" in that way are Tuners, but you could apply a similar logic to "Rituals" and every extra deck type.  Maybe the word "mechanic" in my explanation is too strong... "Classification" maybe?  Regardless, how it's formatted shouldn't be super important for the sake of the RP, right?  The above will be how I plan to write it out for my own sake, and hybrid will have the "inherent meaning" of being all types at the same time.  My character will probably explain it a million-and-a-half times in-thread anyway.

as far as tuners they don't have any mechanic text because the mechanic is that synchro's all need at least 1 tuner to summon, as far as some rituals, usually "Normal" ones, and all extra deck monsters now that i'm thinking about it, i guess they do have implied effects (is that the best term for it?) in regards to how they are summoned and it is an RP so it shouldn't be a big deal, my concern was just the ruling towards it not being in the text