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Yesterday, 01:09 PM

Sky Scourge Iri

Level 1 LIGHT Fairy/Effect

When your opponent activates a monster effect in their hand: you can discard this card; Banish the top 5 cards of your Deck, and if you do, negate that effect. During your Main Phase, you can reveal 1 "Sky Scourge" monster in your hand, except "Sky Scourge Iri": return all of your banished DARK Fiend monsters to the Graveyard. You can only use each effect of "Sky Scourge Iri" once per turn.

ATK/100 DEF/0




In Topic: Support an Archetype

20 June 2019 - 09:16 AM

Sea of Rebirth
Continuous Spell
(This Card is always treated as a “Strain” Card)
When this card is activated: You can target 1 monster in your opponent’s GY; your opponent Special Summons that target to their field. If your opponent Special Summons a monster: You can Special Summon 1 “Strain” monster from your Deck. While you control a monster Special Summoned by this effect, you cannot Tribute Summon, nor Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck. You can only activate 1 “Sea of Rebirth” per turn.


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16 June 2019 - 01:31 PM

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Level 8 DARK Dragon/Effect

You can send 1 "Red-Eyes" card from your Hand or Field to the GY: Special Summon this card from your hand or GY. You can only Special Summon "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" once per turn this way. Once per turn, you can Fusion Summon 1 DARK Dragon Monster from your Extra Deck by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your hand or GY. Once per Battle Phase, if a "Red-Eyes" monster you control battles an opponent's monster, during damage calculation: It gains ATK equal to the ATK of the opponent's monster it is battling, during that damage calculation only.

ATK/2800 DEF/2400



  • Gave it a SS condition that can be easily fulfilled by pitching
  • A OPT Dragon's Mirror on legs restricted to DARK
  • Applies Metalmorph effect to "Red-Eyes" you control, albeit for one time during each Battle Phase.



Marincess Cascade

In Topic: Make a Structure Deck Game

14 June 2019 - 08:18 PM

Scales of Judgment is an expansion of the Wave of Light Structure Deck, giving more options to a Counter Fairy then never before. 


Radiant Phaedra
Level 4 LIGHT Fairy Pendulum/Effect
Pendulum Effect:
Once per Chain, you can activate 1 Counter Trap Card from your hand, and if you do and you do not control “Sanctuary in the Sky”, immediately after that Chain resolves, destroy this card.
Monster Effect:
If this card is destroyed by battle or card effects, Special Summon 1 LIGHT Fairy monster from your Deck, also for the rest of the turn, you can only Special Summon Fairy Monsters from your Extra Deck
ATK/1200 DEF/2000
Flight of Angelsong
Normal Spell Card
Activate at the Start of your Main Phase 1. Excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck. Special Summon any Fairy Monsters among those excavated cards, then Set any Counter Trap Cards among those excavated cards. You cannot Special Summon other monsters except Fairy Monsters for the rest of the turn.
Squire of Parshath
Level 4 LIGHT Fairy/Effect
If you control no monsters or the only monsters you control are Fairy Monsters, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.
(Quick-Effect): You can Tribute 1 Fairy Monster you control; Set 1 Counter Trap from your Deck and if you do, it can be activated this turn. You can not activate the effects of other monsters except Fairy Monsters the turn you activate this effect.
If this card is sent to the GY, you can target any number of banished Fairy Monsters in your possession, shuffle them into your Deck, then draw 2 cards. You can only activate each effect of "Squire of Parshath" once per turn. 

ATK/1000 DEF/2000
Avenging Mars
Level 4 LIGHT Fairy/Effect
If a Fairy Monster(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect, you can reveal this card in your hand; Special Summon this card, and if you do, Special Summon as many of those destroyed monsters as possible. If exactly 1 of your opponent's monsters is destroyed by battle or card effect, while you control only Fairy monsters (min. 1): inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's ATK. You can only use each effect of "Avenging Mars" once per turn. 
ATK/2000 DEF/1000
Strike From Heaven
Counter Trap
When a card or effect is activated that would target a face-up card you control: Discard the same type of Card being targeted (Monster, Spell, Trap), then negate the activation and if you do, banish 1 card on the field.
Bellona, Vanguard of the Sky

Level 4 LIGHT Fairy/Effect

You can Special Summon this card from your hand if you control "The Sanctuary in the Sky". Each time a Counter Trap Card is activated, immediately after it resolves, all monsters your opponent controls loses 1000 ATK, and if they do, if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field, Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower LIGHT Fairy monster from your hand or Deck.



Magnetic Force

In Topic: Remake a Card

14 June 2019 - 06:50 PM

Mekanikal Arkfiend

Level 4 DARK Fiend/Effect

This card can attack directly. Gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all non-effect Monsters on the field. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, target 1 non-effect monster in either player's GY; Special Summon it.

ATK/100 DEF/2100



Valkyrion the Magna Warrior