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In Topic: Etrian Odyssey: Lost Memories

Yesterday, 09:28 PM

Should have an app up in a few days.

EDIT: Just realized I know next to nothing about the series. Will go on an information absorption spree and return!

In Topic: The YCM YGOPro Casual Club

Yesterday, 09:05 PM

I'd love to join! I'm quite vehemently against the new era changes, and I don't want to play past ARC-V rules. Is that alright in general, or a case-by-case issue?


That's completely fine! Just post here or in the chat if you want to duel, and be sure to specify MR3. Speaking of which, I should probably make a deck for that case.

In Topic: Wind-Up Repairer Zenmaicon

Yesterday, 03:20 AM

Add Shark and immediately Summon it when you grab another monster. So glad to see a Link monster finally for this archetype!


Perhaps this speeds up Zenmailfunction a little?


also unaffected by key


Was hoping for some Tribute shenanigans to tie into the occasional sighting of it in the effects of cards we already have.

In Topic: [Striker] Weekend Contest #9

Yesterday, 03:14 AM

Inferno Rings

Continuous Spell

Activate only during your Main Phase 1. When a monster declares an attack: That monster's owner tosses a coin and calls it. If they call it incorrectly, they take 500 damage. When a Level/Rank 5 or higher or Link 3 or higher monster declares an attack: Destroy it, then place 1 Inferno Counter on this card. If this card has 5 or more counters, destroy it.


Had the idea out of nowhere, but realized I couldn't really take it any further. Couldn't really complicate things :P I feel the first restriction allows the last  activating effect to not be so broken. Counters are meant to represent the rings being knocked when a big monster fails to get through, and eventually falling over.

In Topic: Pendulum for ALL ! Generic Pendulum Support (Written)

15 December 2017 - 09:29 PM

I don't know how I feel about turning all cards into Pendulum monsters. Aetherius, for example, is basically (in a Pendulum Deck) an "ss Level 4 or lower monster from your GY or ED." There is the LINK restriction, but in a Pendulum Deck, you'll already have been required to plan for that for basic Pendulum Monsters; Summoning a non-Pendulum monster should be a non-issue. On the other hand, the archetypal requirements of its monster effect means, that with only 3 archetypal monsters that fit the bill, unlike its Spell effect, it's not going to be happening often. At least it only targets up to 2 monsters, meaning if you have a Synchro/Fusion out along with your monster, you can still Xyz. Corporis is also a bit too weak considering the size of this archetype, and Link meaning that unless you get him out turn 1 with the other materials, it will be hard to Fusion Summon specifically with Genesis monsters. There's also quite a power shift from Aetherius to the other two monsters; shuffling into the Deck really is at odds with the limited Summon granted by Corporis, and the basic search granted by Construct. I would say that you could get away with buffing their effects a little; as an engine, they're not great atm, and they're too small to really be an archetype.


Your S/T lineup is relatively fine, but Sterilization Array...why would I want to shuffle monsters from my ED into my Deck for no reward? Anyway, glad to see some actual support for the archetype's theme of turning all monsters into Pendulums. Again, shame it came in on Link format. Also, just to confirm; Mantle's effect to place cards in your Pendulum Zone is also meant to activate, right? A lack of colons atm implies that it doesn't, meaning that it isn't bound by the HOPT restriction at the end of the set.


It's a real shame the ED is so restrictive after the engine potential granted by the rest of the cards, but at least you have these if you want to make your own deck out of the other cards. Regardless, Uarias is a killer even in with the engine potential; I guess the weakness of the Fusion was designed for this, but if anything tilts the gamestate towards Pendulum, you would definitely have to worry about the Fusion side of this archetype. Negation along with floodgating? And even if your opponent does get through all of that, they're losing the monster they managed to get out, and you're getting basically a full set of scales. At least UTL can easily beat over this bad boy, but still. The other two ED monsters deal with your opponent's field in different ways, and all of their Pendulum effects are fine.


I feel this series is halfway between a proper archetype and an engine. Being a little more fast (if restricted) would result in an engine, and making more cards instead of buffing what you do have would definitely solidify it as an archetype. Your call.