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#7061966 name pls

Posted by Dova on 15 December 2017 - 04:56 PM

wtf you guys woke him up




closed-eyes amber dragon or mr whiskers the third it is then



But seriously, thanks for the suggestions! I think Gingerbread sounds a bit too samey, but it is a shared cat, so we'll see :3

#7061869 language learning

Posted by Dova on 15 December 2017 - 12:04 AM

Went to an international school in Africa in my early years, so we had to do English, Afrikaans, German, and Portuguese. Failed the last one, only survived German through those in my family who were actually good at it, and similarly passed Afrikaans thanks to friends. Swore off languages since, considering how much trouble I already have with English.


As for others who find it easier, I really think that making an effort to learn another language not only opens your potential social circle but is also appreciating those who speak the language, being willing to communicate them and all. As said in the OP, hats off to those who do learn other tongues.

#7061415 Weave

Posted by Dova on 12 December 2017 - 06:20 PM

Hey! Good idea to edit your original post with the new cards, even if you leave the old cards under a spoiler, so that newcomers can see your current set without having to scroll down. Nice summary of edits, by the by.


I like the new tie in for the monsters into the Spells/Traps; rather than limiting the latter for the former, you've given the monsters consistency and the ability to activate said card. However, I would say that by providing two options for the both the GY effect AND the return to Deck effect, and considering the fact that you have added a search effect to all of the monsters, that you give their last effect HOPT. I am also a little concerned about the complexity and large amount of text on said cards, but that's just personal.


Master Weaver is a fine card; generic requirements, but not generic effect. Allows splashing into a Weave deck with basically any monster, but prevents it being abused in other contexts. I'm glad you changed Beast to point down, as now, although monsters you Summon there are negated, you do still have a Linked Zone to Summon to, and you can trigger its Weave Spell placement effect when you want to. Just as a warning, you might want to give that effect simple OPT, as their might be some potential to spam now you have a Linked Zone. Also doesn't hit your opponent so badly.


As for the Weave monsters, you've completely reworked them. In a good way. I like how you haven't completely killed them if you have a bricked hand, but you have limited their possibilities if you do end up. No complaints there, although in their complexity, I may have missed a potential killer combo here or there. Hopefully someone else will give their opinion on it. I also love the Normal Spell, completely focused on recycling other cards and itself. The placing on the bottom might be a problem, but as 90% of the cards end up shuffling the Deck anyway, it's nothing to worry about. The Counter Trap is great.


You went above and beyond my suggestions, and I really think this is a major improvement of your original cards. I would suggest you now read up on Card Grammar, from the thread in Advanced Singles, to even further refine your skills!

#7061325 The YCM YGOPro Casual Club

Posted by Dova on 12 December 2017 - 06:55 AM

Casual Club



Time for a revival!

This is just a group for chatting about casual decks, building said casual decks, playing with again said casual decks, and just hanging out in general. This is for arranging to and dueling people for fun and post about it.


And of course, to tie into this, I'm aiming for a very lax theme. I only ask that you respect me and my decisions, and that you also respect the others in the club in terms of their choice to join the Casual Club. Whether it be in painfully avoiding choosing that Tier 0 Link spam deck, or not roasting others for playing "a terrible deck like Ice Barriers", just let people have fun!


You want to join? Just join the Discord (link here) and remember to take into account what I've said here!


But Dova! my demonstrative member might ask, Why do you need to start a club for this? Surely it won't be active here, considering you've got a thing on Discord? Well, here is where I'm (and hopefully others are) going to be posting the information regarding Tournaments! I'll post most of the stuff here, with a link the discord, and any matchups, results and replays will all be posted here! Hopefully others will be willing to do so as well, but I can't speak for everyone.


I'll also be posting general replays, screenshots, and decks here, in case anyone not in the club wants to see. It will also be an easy way to store said information as group chats tend to lose messages very easily.


Well, hopefully you'll want to join, and have fun!


Current Tournament: None

#7061283 Weave

Posted by Dova on 12 December 2017 - 12:14 AM

Thank you for the review Dova. I have a few ideas for changes based on your suggestions. I'll work on these and request a re-review.


I'll be happy to review them once you've updated!

#7061243 Weave

Posted by Dova on 11 December 2017 - 09:44 PM

I'm assuming return to the Deck means shuffle into the Deck. Should probably specify that :P


Not a fan of the Weaver monsters all being identical, save for varying Attributes and slightly less varying ATK/DEF. It really doesn't speak well for creativity, which sucks, as they all have such interesting names for said Attributes. Perhaps give them GY effects that reflect the general playing style of their Attribute? (EARTH is defensive, FIRE is very offensive, WIND likes to bounce and shuffle, and WATER likes to banish and swarm). Both your Link monsters are missing their requirements, despite Beast giving you an alternative means to Summon it, but in any case, be very careful. Said Link completely destroys your opponent, and Master has no Links to give your opponent, so give them harsh requirements. Even so, I would suggest Beast point to one of your zones, so you don't completely limit yourself if it get's Fiendish Chained.


At least your continuous Spells tie into your face-up monsters' Attributes, but unfortunately, they highlight several really damning issues in the Deck. The first is consistency: Base is certainly a key card in the archetype, providing a lot of draws and a search, but unfortunately nothing else here really holds a candle to it. The monsters need another Weave Spell in order to bring out the one that probably ties into them, but since you can't activate any Weave Spells save for Base and Circle unless they match up, you've got to be lucky in order to do stuff. And Circle itself, despite being a little weaker than Base, is also a needed card...but the rest aren't. They need to be more supportive to be functional.


This ties into their second problem: Speed. The best I can do on an opening turn with these cards given to me is bringing out two monsters, by opening a monster and a Spell card that happens to be compatible. Swap said Spell out with the monster for Circle, get an extra Normal Summon I could probably Foolish, true, but again, that relies on consistency, and so there's no point getting out another swarming card. My GY is empty; I can't bring out another Weaver. This leaves me with 3 monsters, and however many Spells I can activate in my hand. And even after that, at least two of said Spells only grant you effects during the EP, meaning there's no real point swapping them out.


To fix this, I would suggest doing two things: Adding more consistency through supportive effects on the Spells, and giving said elemental spells more bang for your buck, i.e. better effects, or even better, faster effects. Allow you to activate a card, then swap it out, but still having benefitted from activating the card in in the first place. Allow yourself to grab out monsters, BUT NOT TOO MANY. Don't buff these too much now; just think about how your first turn would go against a deck like Pendulum Magicians, or any actual meta Deck. Create responses for your Decks. Try and have scenarios for most hands, so that you don't end up bricking. And in the end, this elemental archetype might actually work.

#7061228 Advanced Multiple Review Thread

Posted by Dova on 11 December 2017 - 08:54 PM

On it.

#7061059 [Written/DPR] Paperplane Archetype

Posted by Dova on 11 December 2017 - 06:55 AM

Considering Antelope and Gazelle are both Pendulum monsters each have buffs AND are Pendulum monsters, I think you should lower their ATK by 200 each, just to be safe, especially as they don't have to kill themselves. Consistency provided by the Bombers is helpful, and the fact that Falcon goes the ED means that the lack of OPT on its Tributing is alright. Oh, are there supposed to be no Pendulum Effects on these first two pairs? I mean, it's implied, and it makes sense, but I want to be sure. The rest are fine, perhaps a bit too reliant on the hand, but when we get onto the ED, things start getting interesting. Both Xyzs provide Armades clauses, but really only serve as beaters. They don't add to the consistency, which again ties into the reliance on the hand for quite a few of the MD monsters. Last effect seems to be worded okay on both of them, but this archetype isn't going to be doing much during the MP2. The two Xyz barely have any staying power, and the only saving grace is the Link monsters, but you can't really do much with that either, as you definitely do not want to lose such a vital card in the archetype.


As for the S/T, again, they don't really help during your opponent's turn. I see a lot of support in the form of the Field and even sheet, but not quite the speed and consistency required in OTK.dek. Only a few cards swarm, and most rely on your consistency, and your consistent cards mostly rely on your swarming/monsters on the field, which again, relies on itself. It can lead to plays that are too risky, and in the end you have a archetype that, intentionally, focus on battle, but doesn't have much else to go with. It's functional, and could win a few rogue games, but it's not strong by any means. Also, you're going to be looking at the fact that, although they can be attacked during your opponent's turn, they're not going to unless they're much better in the ATK department, and unfortunately, despite you design some support for that scenario, you only have Furious Throw to actually counter an opponent's ATK, and it's not even searchable. You just need to have a look at what they're going to be doing past turn 1.


As for some flavour notes, love what you've done with making the archetype as a whole. I think you pulled of the concept excellently, and most of the cards are very thematically sound. However, Prototype sticks out like a sore thumb for two reasons: Firstly, which is more subjective, I feel that simply avoiding MR4 is a cop out, especially as it already provides you with 3 Linked Zones. Design around it, not over it. Secondly, I don't think the name Primordial Prototype fits the thematically simple design of the archetype that you had going for it, or even the wild animal theme you had for the MD and the Xyzs. Prototype might even do by itself.

#7060986 Wayward Boots

Posted by Dova on 11 December 2017 - 01:29 AM

So I just realized... the version I made can be Equip to your opponent's monster as pseudo removal. Yours can too. Is that a problem? Feel mine would be better used for that so I might need "Equip to a monster you control" or something along those lines.


Thought that was half of the idea xd


It's Psuedo-Removal, true, but your opponent can play around it, and with so many SS2 S/T destruction, it wouldn't be hard to get rid of. Outside of an Equip centric deck, this wouldn't be a problem.

#7060912 [Striker] Weekend Contest #8

Posted by Dova on 10 December 2017 - 07:23 PM

Wet Blanket
WATER - ✪✪✪ - Psychic/Effect - 0/1300
If a card(s) on the field is destroyed by battle or by a card effect: You can Equip this card from your hand to 1 face-up monster your opponent control. That monster cannot declare an attack, also its effects are negated. When this card equipped card is sent to the GY because that monster left the field: You can banish 1 monster from your GY; return this card to your hand. You can only use each effect of this card's name once per turn.

#7060769 I love World Chalice <3

Posted by Dova on 10 December 2017 - 02:34 AM



is that the ps1 game where you chuck cards at eachother and hope that they fuse

#7060722 I love World Chalice <3

Posted by Dova on 09 December 2017 - 10:00 PM


#7060717 Wind-Up Support

Posted by Dova on 09 December 2017 - 09:32 PM

Stingray's nerf is great, not immediately restricting it yet preventing it to be used in spammy combos. Not a fan of your Link's new effect, as it only serves to Rank-Up, but it does work for its intention, granting an increased consistency. Nothing much else really to say; good changes.

#7060684 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Dova on 09 December 2017 - 05:37 PM

10 layers, Dova?! Depending on what program you use... What if I told you you could simplify your project with 5 less layers: 1 for line art, 1 for shading, 1 for lighting, 1 for background, and 1 left out for miscellaneous effects for say blending?


If you have Photoshop (this probably applies to the other programs as well) , I can tell you that there is a little simplification technique I like to use called Merge Layer (Ctrl + E). It basically makes the Layer you have selected become 1 with the Layer below it. For example, say you screwed up some where with the coloring, and you made Layer above the layer to correct some errors you've made. You can basically make your corrected layer Merged onto your layer of mistakes as though the mistake never happened. Additionally, you have less layers to look at and correct.


I know this may be hard to understand without applying it... So just try it with this project, but don't save it unless you want to.


Not 10 layers active at the same time :P Not that crazy. As in, I had to add 10 layers over my basic glow, shading, color outline in order to fix up mistakes I had made, and then merged them after fixing them.


Optional Suggestions


I think the head looks pretty good. I like how the highlight looks against the shaded area. 

Also, nice duel disk.


Cri, thought I got perspective right.


Yeah, body issue was intentional, but it does look off now that you mention it.


Brush points. Yet another incentive to get a good imaging editor instead of pdn xd

Thanks for the comments!

#7060607 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Dova on 09 December 2017 - 07:13 AM

Wanted a new avatar, was unhappy with all of my christmas themed drawings, so just decided to digitize an old one. Also a good opportunity to practice shading and to mess around with effects until I broke the whole thing and added 10 more layers to cover up my mistakes.




Still looks flat, but w/e.