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name pls

15 December 2017 - 04:45 AM


but shh he sleeping

The YCM YGOPro Casual Club

12 December 2017 - 06:55 AM

Casual Club



Time for a revival!

This is just a group for chatting about casual decks, building said casual decks, playing with again said casual decks, and just hanging out in general. This is for arranging to and dueling people for fun and post about it.


And of course, to tie into this, I'm aiming for a very lax theme. I only ask that you respect me and my decisions, and that you also respect the others in the club in terms of their choice to join the Casual Club. Whether it be in painfully avoiding choosing that Tier 0 Link spam deck, or not roasting others for playing "a terrible deck like Ice Barriers", just let people have fun!


You want to join? Just join the Discord (link here) and remember to take into account what I've said here!


But Dova! my demonstrative member might ask, Why do you need to start a club for this? Surely it won't be active here, considering you've got a thing on Discord? Well, here is where I'm (and hopefully others are) going to be posting the information regarding Tournaments! I'll post most of the stuff here, with a link the discord, and any matchups, results and replays will all be posted here! Hopefully others will be willing to do so as well, but I can't speak for everyone.


I'll also be posting general replays, screenshots, and decks here, in case anyone not in the club wants to see. It will also be an easy way to store said information as group chats tend to lose messages very easily.


Well, hopefully you'll want to join, and have fun!


Current Tournament: None


11 December 2017 - 09:27 PM


this would be infinitely funnier if I could get duelingbook to load and you could look at the cards without seeing the pixels

I love World Chalice <3

09 December 2017 - 10:00 PM


[Challenge, Written] Wire Snake: With Cyberse comes Viruses! (15/15)

08 December 2017 - 08:47 PM

Prompt by Metal Sonic

MD Monsters: (5)

Link Monsters: (3)


Spell/Trap Cards: (7)



I decided to take a lot of liberty with this prompt, and go full out in the whole idea of a Virus. Despite its redundancy, I do actually like the Cyberse theming, and though this would fit in with them. Of course, it is a rather complicated mish-mash of effects, so suggestions on reducing it and correcting OCG would be much appreciated, especially with cards like Trojan. Also, sorry about the massive amount of cards; I got really involved making these ^^


I saw searching as a potential flaw in the archetype, i.e. consistency, but feel that their spammyness from Deck can counter that. I tried to make it so that the monsters would be able to handle 90% of what your opponent throws at you, with the ATK problem being dealt with by Override. All the rest was purely me having fun, and adding support. I tried to focus on less generic rather than more so as well, due to the LIGHT being a common Attribute and Cyberse getting a ton of new support, but there are some Cyberse allowances here and there for potential splashing.


So yeah, here you go. Hope you like them as much as I do! and that my love isn't misplaced because they're almost certainly broken despite my best efforts