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In Topic: Kid Makes A Cardboard Nintendo Switch Because Mum Won't Buy The Console.

Today, 03:38 PM

who has time to do this

In Topic: If Healthcare Was Hand Advantage . . .

Today, 03:29 PM

I don't know about healthcare, is this accurate?

In Topic: Hired Thrall (Written)

Today, 02:40 PM

Well, cool, I guess, but the main Tribute Summon deck is already Monarch, which has Edea, Eidos, Gofu, and Prime, as well as a few others I think. Basically it's nice having a searchable tribute fodder monster, but there are already alternatives that don't lock your extra deck. You should give it something special to make it memorable

In Topic: Blue-Eyes TCG

Today, 11:36 AM

Crystal Wing is used mainly to negate effects as far as I have seen it used. It's also incredibly expensive now.


You definitely could replace Dante and ABC because neither are used, but you could put in Drancia and Broadbull in their places for the Winter Cherries


Why would you not use a side deck? That's like not using 15 cards in your extra deck. You're allowed to have cards to use against your opponent, so use them. For example, if you open Cherries while Toadally Awesome or Drancia are in your extra deck, you can snipe out either of those super annoying cards.


You could try Silent Doom to bring back Blue-Eyes, but it's gimmicky. I would consider another Dimensional Barrier and maybe Solemn Strike.


D.D. Crow gets rid of used Ratpier so they can't bring it back. With only 1 left over the Deck might collapse on itself. You could try out 2x Slumber, 1x Kumongous, 1x Dogoran for the Kaiju engine too.


Basically I'd try to make it a bit anti-meta using side deck for Paleozoic and Zoodiac. The Deck hasn't aged well but maybe it could work

In Topic: Firecracker - a FIRE, LIGHT Engine

Today, 10:17 AM