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In Topic: [LVP2] Condemned Darklord

Today, 04:25 AM

I didn’t even read the 3rd effect hooooooly shit this is a good ass card. 3rd effect is w/e but still can probably create comebacks

Also is this the same person from the forbidden quick play spells? Not sure what the lore is here

In Topic: Post and I'll tell you what I call or say about you behind your back

Today, 01:25 AM


In Topic: Post a Pic of the Real You!

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

yeah we in Rome, wilin

In Topic: Marriage/Divorce Application

Yesterday, 07:29 PM


You are tempting fate

In Topic: Post and I'll Insult You in a Positive Manner

Yesterday, 06:40 PM

Witcho I'm struggling with myself but I still find the strength to get up every day successfully headass