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BGM キャノン

BGM キャノン

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In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

Today, 03:01 AM

It has been awhile indeed.


Thank you for your opinions... I'll prioritize on the donkey one sometime later then. XD Currently working on the Heraldic Beast guy digitally.


The paper has dots for guidelines for measurements of area or volume for those who choose to use them. I use them sometimes for more mechanical, boxy, or geometric looking characters... But, otherwise I just ignore them.



I've actually seen Wordgirl on Netflix... But, I never bothered to watch the show. Regardless, never seizes to amaze me how you make these traditional mediums so well. Especially love the detail and patterning on the foliage. How do you apply the extra bit of detail on the grass and bushes? Do you color them a flat color and let them dry first? (Yes, I've no experience with an actual brush pen... So the question maybe a bit on the dull side. XD )


As for the LWA sketch. I love the dynamic angle and gesture. It captures the clumsy nature of the character quite well. My only concern is that the foot in the foreground looks like it is in an angle almost as if she fractured her ankle upwards. I mean I know the intent is the dynamic angles and foreshortening it just looks a tad off is all. Maybe a little more a tilt downward of the foot would remedy that.

In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

17 September 2018 - 03:52 PM

Heraldic Beast Biscione


So I thought I would try my hand at imitating the style of Heraldic Beast monsters http://yugioh.wikia..../Heraldic_Beast. The way that this guy follows the flavor in terms of context is that a Biscione is also a creature found in heraldic charges. In terms of visual comparison to the actual archetype.. Idk. I feel I got it down somewhat as all the Heraldic Beast wear armor or metal of some sort, and they have distinct etchings on their armor.


I am actually kind of having trouble with this one considering I've only drawn snakes a handful of times using the joint-cylinder method. I think I messed up a bit on the accordion effect that is found on snakes bellies when they bend (Yeah sometimes I get lazy with patterns lol) ... So I am going to retouch that. Also, in the future I am not sure what different color scheme I want to use that isn't like the other Heraldic Beast. Any general suggestions?

In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

14 September 2018 - 11:04 AM

Zombie Donkey Jockey




Well I guess I've been wanting to breathe life into this for awhile: Couple of sketches of ideas for possible card arts to come. Sorry for the excessive size of these (posted these prior to heading to work). XD


As far as their names go here is the wordplay:


  • Zombie Donkey Jockey: Well it is a tongue twister
  • Egrestoc: Egret (stork-like bird) + Estoc (medieval long pointy sword)

In Topic: Pot of Integrity

13 September 2018 - 01:07 AM

Probably better if you modify the effect so that the cards still remain face-up when you shuffle the Deck at any given time, but not required to keep them in same position. 


(I likely thought Dova was making a PSCT addition as opposed to an accidental typo.)

Yeah it was... A fix on my accidental text echolalia.


Here is a wording update that maybe an eyesore:


"If you would shuffle your Deck, you shuffle the Deck, except these face-up cards, then place the face-up cards on top of your Deck in the same position and order."

In Topic: Pot of Integrity

13 September 2018 - 12:59 AM

Nowadays, I wouldn't harp on whether the wording is 100% accurate, though from Dova's fix, the cards just have to remain face-up and not necessarily in the same order that you placed them at the top. Makes it easier to use the card when stuff gets shuffled, as it'd be somewhat difficult to retain their precise order when shuffling (time notwithstanding).


It's readable though.

Well I my thinking is that if one notes that they have to retain the same order, they simply keep those face-up cards in the same order and shuffle the rest of the Deck... Though in hindsight I probably could word it so people wouldn't jump through hoops to shuffle the face-up cards until they got that exact order (yeah that would be counter-intuitive and dumb). I will work on that one sentence a little more. XD