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In Topic: [YCPC] Potato & Chips

12 November 2018 - 05:12 AM

At the very least with Opening of Souls, that one Banish Fish Counter Trap card http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Oh_F!sh!can be live by just choosing all Fish, Aqua, or Sea Serpent Norms. And it can pair well with Chaos Zone http://yugioh.wikia....iki/Chaos_Zone  ( Yeah I know nothing competitive or amazing, but... that is what to expect) I just wish your opponent didn't have to control anything to activate it though... That is a bit messy to work with.

In Topic: Fueghost Jolokia

11 November 2018 - 10:14 PM

Oh yeah, Rekindling and other FIRE 200 DEF support. FIRE/Pyro is alright, then.
By the way, you may want to exclude the monster from searching itself, otherwise it could enable silly plays, from foddering multiple effects that involve a destruction, to getting the copies in the GY for a Rekindling play.

Another silly idea is making it a Plant, since it's a ghost pepper, and there is something funny about a Plant searching for a Pyro xD

Funny thing with the Plant thing in mind is that Lonefire http://yugioh.wikia....onefire_Blossom is also a Plant/FIRE... With that in mind, this could make some weird Pyro/Plant Hybrid builds with  Circle of the Fire Kings ( http://yugioh.wikia...._the_Fire_Kings ). I just might implement that. XD It sounds fun.

In Topic: Fueghost Jolokia

11 November 2018 - 10:04 PM

Agreed. Better keep it this way. Besides, wouldn't want Aeolo to lose its niche.
My only nitpick is the typing since FIRE/Pyro is so straightforward, but it really can't be helped in this case because of the Pyro support. Unless you make it DARK as a reference to its ghostly nature, and that also would kill the sinergy with Agnimazud, although I wouldn't be concerned about that.

Yeah Pyro sadly started out as a Typing that benefited more in a fixed Attribute and theme... I suppose could I break the motif. But I feel I want to do it to future Pyros  I decide to make and just have this thing stay with its already established niche. Besides, if I changed the Attribute it would not only miss out an Agnimazud, but Rekindling ( http://yugioh.wikia....wiki/Rekindling ) as well.

In Topic: Fueghost Jolokia

11 November 2018 - 09:47 PM

Volcanic Agnimazud new meta.
Make it a Dinosaur so Lost World can pop it from the Deck, becomes searchable by Oviraptor, Miscellaneousaurus and Fossil Dig, and further supports True Dino variants. Also would be a better Aeolo.
If you make it search for a FIRE instead, also it would be able to grab Miscellaneousaurus, but searching for an Attribute may be too good, IDK.

Huh I forgot about Agnimazud... I wonder why.... That actually sounds like some exceptionally explosive play with this to give to Pyros. I actually want to keep it solely for Pyros even more considering they are still a garbage typing that needs more to work with. Dinos already had their fun. :P And not to mention, I don't even know how I can make its current concept in mind relate to dinosaurs nor do I want to.


Attribute search maybe too much IMO. I don't know I have to look up FIRE's again to see if I really want to do that.

In Topic: Number 88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo, in 3D

05 November 2018 - 11:22 PM

Your exactly right. The issue is not that the model is unfinished: I know how to take parts of models and lego them together but I don't have any skill in making models from scratch beyond simple geometric shapes or combinations of them. Thus I took a retextured shiny Solgaleo model and combined with winged dragon of Ra wings and a simple sphere with a slightly edited starcraft 2 terrain texture


My previous renders that I've shared were also texture edits or simple additions.


edit: I updated my threads here to credit the orginal sources of the models.

Oh I see... Well I hope you well on your endeavors with 3D rendering if you are really into it. I have tried a few 3D rendering programs, and to say the least, I had a better time understanding Photoshop, and Illustrator when I was first diving into them.