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In Topic: Galeglider Javelin

01 January 2018 - 01:24 AM

There is no difference as far as I know between "(Quick Effect)" and "During either player's turn".

"(Quick Effect)" is post Link/VRAINS/Master Rule 4 era AKA the newest way.

Cards that use "During either player's turn" Master Rule 3 and earlier.


"(this is a quick effect)" is used in Master Rule 3 and back as a specification for quick effects that broke the pattern by being quick but only during your turn rather than "during either player's turn". I don't think they have a Master Rule 4 equivalent since "(Quick Effect)" already covers that as well, and it was not a very common specification.

Well I guess long story short... I'll just keep the wording as is then. I am not mentally adequate enough to be worried about wording right now. XD I was looking at the True Draco Continuous Traps to try and assess all this. Can't come up with a conclusive call. Guess it is just a hypothetical wording/ruling Konami could dump on us at any point if they really wanted to.

In Topic: 2018: Resolutions, Predictions, Hopes, etc

01 January 2018 - 12:19 AM

Well for my resolution I want to excel in Photoshop, and make outstanding artwork... Additionally, I want to be able to play a fiddle while riding a bicycle at the same time since I already do well with tambourines.

In Topic: Zubaba Captain

31 December 2017 - 08:45 PM

More along the lines of cards like Goblindbergh and Marauding Captain. I'm not sure if this is exactly what Zubaba would want. On the one hand, you can Special Summon them and add them. However, it applies to all Warrior monsters, so there'd really be no need to use Zubaba for this. With Reinforcement of the Army Limited, you could Summon this and whatever other monster, Xyz Summon, and add your Warrior (Noble Knight, Armageddon Knight, HERO, ect). Then again, with how the game is, most players would rather invest their monsters into Link Monsters, so I eould venture to guess that abuse would not be an issue with this card. Plus Zubaba's already existing Xyz Monster's effect is generic, and you can use this card's last effect to fuel General's effect.

It is more along the lines that Zubaba themselves have a search card along with their other onomatopoeic brethren: http://yugioh.wikia....ki/Onomatopaira ... Ideally with this in mind you would probably want to pair this Zubaba with the Warrior-Type Gagaga's, or the Dododo's. IDK maybe I will revise it to support Zubaba more than generic warriors.

In Topic: Galeglider Javelin

31 December 2017 - 04:20 PM

Well, this is mostly based on the fact that only Quick-Play Spells have a a Spell Speed of 2, while the rest of the Spell types have a Spell Speed 1. It also makes sense if you consider that Konami didn't print cards like the Abyss-scales, Magician's Right/Left Hands, Verdant Sanctuary nor the Pendulum effects of some monsters like Purple Poison Magician's and the anti-targeting Dinomists as Quick Effects when they could very well have been that way, which implies they actively avoid doing so, most likely to avoid conflict with the card mechanics. Instead, they wrote all those effects as Continuous Effects.

So what if I were to add the " ...(this is a Quick Effect). " clause found on a group of cards in the wording instead of "During either player's turn"?


... I don't see any Spell/Trap cards with this clause...  But, maybe the parenthetical device could be used to strongly emphasize it is a Quick Effect. Wouldn't you think?


I mean I am not going for realism in Yugioh anyways so I wouldn't care one way or the other... Rather, I, like a quite a few people here, I am going for an exploration in more possibilities that they didn't introduce to the game much or at all. I do appreciate your input though: I would like it if it could be up to par with the standard of realism of the game.

In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

31 December 2017 - 02:17 AM

Starberry Depth


So I got side tracked on the project in wanting to add more depth to the already established head of my fairy character I've been working on. I got carried away with it... But, I learned a lot about how to play with adjustment layers to further blend a bunch of color shades in a single shape to accentuate depth in certain areas. Additionally, I was able to give her skin color a more lively, warm color.