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In Topic: [Written] Levitelic Archetype

Yesterday, 01:20 PM

Hi krash. This idea is really cool. Wish I thought of it. But I do have a couple of ideas. What if instead of attack in defense and manual moving to the field zone. You make the monsters quick effect: Place this card in the field spell zone, destroy any card that was there already (something like that). And then the cards float on destruction. So the monsters have psuedo protection as they move around the field. The. Obviously they have effects I the field zone. I don't think I can really do an rate on each card individually since my idea kinda changes the way the deck goes in general so feel free to use my idea or not. But know that if you dont I'm definitely gonna to steal your idea and incorporate mine

In Topic: (Written) Zeta Plague Archetype

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Hi. Unlike the other guy rate this.
First fix the psct for all your cards.
Ill start with the field spell. It seems really good. Like too good. Summons from the deck, foolishs and summons from the hand for no cost and has broken float effect. Jesus. I dont even know what you would want to fix, but it's busted so yeah. Next the ritual spell and monster. They both seem out of place like why is there a ritual monster. I mean you already made a link monster just make it a rank 6. But more on the spell. That graveyard is broken. I mean broken. Most decks don't run cards that banish cards from there opponents grave so just by activate 4 cards from your Deck you basically win since it makes all of your monsters immune to everything for free.
Next the equip spell. Its effects don't make sense it does t advance your game and it seems out of place.
The like the rest of the spells. Summoning from the deck is kind of powerful but whatever. The banishing is cool.

Honesty I like all of the effect monsters. The gain 800 life it kind of weird and just a waste but whatever. Once the ritual seems out of place and way to strong. 4000 atk and why it just deal 800 burn for now reason...

Now the link monster is broken. It rewards you for going first since you'll always have less cards. And it required you for playing bad more than any other card in the game. And its basically. Unstoppable cause it continious and it floats. It other has nothing to do with the rest of your cards.

Tldr: Fix the psct. All your cards are written very poorly. Remove the second effect of the spells there broken. The ritual stuff seems there for no reason. And the link monster is broken

In Topic: Attribute Beasts (Written) (15/15)

Yesterday, 12:20 PM

Hi x-ray. I really like the idea you got here. Monsters that change attribute and tag out into fusions. I'm gonna start with the effect monsters. I don't think the effect on summon clause is necessary honestly it's kind of over powered. I would make the searching effect a normal spell and the send to change attribute a quick-play spell. Next I would make the tag out a quick effect kind of light the pilots in kozmo except they tag to the extra deck. I also like the floating on destruction effect, but if you make it a quick effect you won't need the floating. I also think the on tributing effect is over powered since the tribute themselves. The pendulum monsters seem kind of out of place, but then again konomi likes to do that to so I guess it fits with the style.

Honestly I feel the fusions are kind of underwhelming. If I were to suggest some changes I would give them good on summon effects (there are too many monsters to suggest specific effects) and floating effects to get the little guys back out.

Next are the spells. I like the field spell. I think I would give the field spell a protections effect for the fusion and make the attribute change a quick effect. I really like the quick play... No change there. The continious spell though doesn't seem to do anything good or bad so yeah.

Tldr: Nice job, fix psct and speed up the deck a bit.

In Topic: (Written) (Legacy) Mist Spirit (14/?)

22 February 2018 - 08:02 PM

I'm not sure how in depth this is going to be, but here we go...

Let's start with the levels 4s... Holy s*** these guys are so broke. Each of them let you summon a monster from your Deck for free then normal again. Then they all negate (non-hard once per turn) for free. Like what? And to top that off they have really broke effects at the end phase.

The level 5 on the otherhand is awful. It does nothing active and the float effect is mediocre.

The rank 4 seems too strong for a deck that seems to s*** out level 4s. While the rank 5 seems only abusable outside of this deck.

Next we have the spells. The quickplay and the field spell seem kind of ridiculous. While the continuous spell is underwhelming. And the search spell is way to generic. (frogs are all aqua).

Finally the trap is just too slow and specific when you already have 30 negates with the monsters.

Overall the deck seems too powerful for no cost. You interrupt there draw phase man for no cost. Yata garasu a cards the created the banlist doesn't even do that come on.

In Topic: Pirates Never Die; Beware the Waters of the Undersea Pirates

21 February 2018 - 12:50 PM

[Edit]: All cards updated and two cards added. Spoiler added.