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Today, 10:11 AM

Helena wasn't in her right mind, she would've started attacking everyone around her if not for the Silents restraining her. “Helena, you need to stop! Don’t make me force you!” Swordsman exclaimed, he and Magician kept a good hold on her.

"Let go of me, let go of me you freaks!" Helena was struggling violently to try and escape their grasp. "You don't know who your messing with, I'll see to it you all will squirm in unimaginable pa-" Before she could finish her sentence, Paladin of the Dark Descent had hit her over the head with her shield. "I'm sorry..." Paladin said in a quiet voice, Helena was knocked clean out and the sparking energy from her eye faded away.

"Please forgive her, she wasn't in her right mind..." Paladin apologized to the Silents before turning away. "Please... Take care of her..." she said before rushing out to meet the newly arrived magicians and their dragon counterparts. "Shiren, Paladin of the Dark Descent... Point me to where I'm needed the most." she said looking up at Enlightenment Paladin.

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Yesterday, 09:00 PM

After some effort and a special glue Auburn had fixed up, they were able to patch the roof up. Mina wiped her head with a rag and looked on at what she and Auburn had accomplished, Auburn also seemed genuinely happy about this but went back to his original mind set. Of course... Even though they patched the roof, the two seemed to have found themselves on the roof of the building. "Heh... I guess we kinda got carried away huh?" she said giving Auburn a worn out smile.

After getting down from the roof with Auburn, Mina looked in the dormitory. With the ceiling patched up it was already looking better, just a bit of cleaning and getting some lights in the room and it would be good to go. "Where did you say the basement was again, Miss Secretary?." Auburn seemed more interested in this basement than cleaning up the room. Ah well, this basement certainly had Mina interested as well.

"um, before we move on to the next task. Um," Mina turned her attention to Fen who had pulled out a cold looking baggy, "I made these the night before. So, I'm sorry that they aren't fresh, and it probably isn't that filling but I hope you enjoy it." She opened the baggy and Mina immediately caught the scent of cinnamon, the girl had little apple slices in the baggy that were cooled, most likely to preserve them, and had sugar and cinnamon on them. Filling or not, it was a nice treat. "Hey... Thanks Fen, that's really kind of you." Mina said with a thankful smile, she took an apple slice and started eating it, nice and cool, sweet too, the perfect snack after a few hours of work.

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21 March 2017 - 08:47 PM

Fen and Auburn, the two guild members were certianally unique, in personality and skills. "It's up to you three on what would you rather do first, but I imagine that cleaning the floor wouldn't be wise before cleaning the ceiling, mainly since..." Mina turned to see Celica prove a major point, the ceiling was worse than it looked. With a small tap on the wall, Celica had caused dust, debris, and other things to fall from the ceiling.


"...huh, that went worse than expected. Perhaps I should consider actually rebuilding this entire wing later.


Oh well, good luck with this~! I'll help you whenever I can, promise!"


​Auburn was obviously very ticked about this development, "Secretary Celica! Some wooden planks or boards or anything of the sort, if you have any around bring it over. And a repair kit."

​He then started giving more orders to Mina and Fen. "Put the bucket back, black ha- white ha- no, Mina White. You and I, we're going up to do some preparatory cleaning."


"You, uh, Fen. Catch." He threw the flask, that he somehow put a cap on in-between all that, towards her gently. "Put those down somewhere near, we'll have a use for them yet. And if either of you know some dumb old spell that'll fix this room instantly, say it now."


​She had already rolled up her sleeves, so Mina settled for cracking her knuckles. "I may not know any of those fancy spells, but believe it or not I am a heavy lifter. We got this." She stated heading over to get the ladder.



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21 March 2017 - 02:50 PM

ah dude... don't leave :'(

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20 March 2017 - 06:59 PM

As Alex fought her way through the Mephiles Shades, she had only one thing in mind, finding Cinder. With Iblis roaring above and fighting her allies, she had no time to waste, she had to find the one who caused this mess. Just as she threw a knife or two at a few shades, Ken had regrouped with her. "I know you had some sort of rivalry with her...Cinder I mean..." He said slowly.  "But...But I just had to end her!  I just had to make sure no one else got hurt!"  His fists tightened.  "I'm sorry if you had other plans...but I was just so angry."  He clasped his hands together, and pleaded in front of her.  "I'm sorry Alex!  Forgive me!" So... Ken dealt with Cinder, sounded like Alex didn't have to do anything. Still, a part of her felt that it didn't have to end that way, but another part wanted nothing more than to burn that black cat into ash. "We should meet with the others!  They can't finish this alone!" Alex nodded in agreement and followed after Ken, it soon became apparent that the roars from Iblis had ceased, did Axel and the others do it? Did they kill Iblis? As Alex made it up to the tower, she saw that the worse had just started.


Iblis was gone, but in its place stood an unusual hedgehog enveloped in flame, this being had also just blasted Blaze straight through the wall of the tower. "Blaze!!" Without a second thought, she rushed into the tower, thankfully Blaze was relatively unharmed and was dusting herself off. "Are you ok? What happened!?" Alex questioned. "Gywnn" she said, her voice shaking in fear, "The first Sun of Mobius.  We had the threat of Iblis under control...but now...he's here.  A myth...something that shouldn't exist." ​Seriously, the first sun? "Gwynn? Ahhhh come on! I thought the threat of some giant evil sun god thing was enough, but this!?" The threat of Mephiles and Iblis reuniting was bad enough but now this? Alex didn't know what to do. "How do we stop him?"


Blaze looked concerned, her eyes looking towards the hole she had come from.  "I don't know..." her lip quivered. So... Its all over? Alex looked down in defeat, how could they possibly stop something as great as this. If Gwynn thinks of absorbing mephiles then that's it, game over. There had to be a way to stop Gwynn, anything... Then a thought popped into Alex's head. "You think there's a way we could somehow... Steal his power? Like... Knock Iblis out of him?" It sounded like a stupid idea, but it was the only thing she could think of. Blaze looked to Alex.  Her proposition sounded in her head, bouncing off the walls of her brain.  "I suppose it's worth a shot..." She said.  Taking a deep breath, a large shine emanated around Blaze, and 7 rectangular stones shot forth from her body.  They all had a different hue, and looked fairly similar to the Chaos Emeralds.  They encircled her body, as she started to catch fire all around her body.  "Sol Emeralds!  Give me strength once more!"  In a flash, her fur became a lighter shade of pink, and flames seemed to dance around her fur.  "This will be Dewdrop's final stand!"


​Alex nodded in agreement, they were not going to give up so easily, especially to some crazy god. Alex grabbed a knife and lit it aflame. "Ok... This is for those you had slaughtered so you could revive yourself, we're not losing to you Gwynn!" Alex stated charging outside. She was able to catch a glimpse of Axel as the castle shook as if it were in a massive earthquake. Axel was injured but was at least standing and even flipping Gwynn off, this grabbed Gwynn's attention and gave Alex an opportunity. She turned herself invisible and silently rushed at Gwynn in an attempt to drive the knife into his chest.