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Wind Rider

Wind Rider

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In Topic: The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return

Yesterday, 03:37 PM

"The same nightmare for several days now? Well no wonder you've been grumpier than usual." Etihw said as the two deities stopped just outside the village.

"..." silent as ever, Kcalb just looked on as the villagers finished decorating the village.

"Are you not even gonna tell me what happens in this nightmare?" Etihw asked him. The silence told her everything. "Ok then... You know it's not gonna get better unless you talk about it with someone." she stated. Kcalb glanced at her for a second before looking back at the meadow of flowers in front of them.

"Crow... I keep seeing him in my nightmare..." Kcalb said in a quiet voice.

"Crow? But... That's impossible... You and me both know that he is no longer a threat... He practically doesn't exist anymore..." Etihw said in a more serious tone.

"This recurring nightmare... It has me worried, Etihw..."

Ater and Arbus were beside themselves as to what to think about the Wizard in front of them.

"He's so armored..." [Ater]

"And armed, don't forget armed..." [Arbus]

"Apologies if my appearance startled you. This is my first time leaving the Magic World." he seemed nice enough, despite looking ready for war.

"Understandable... Our world is much different than yours..." [Ater]

"Just mind yourself and everything will be fine." [Arbus]

Moving to the side, the two demons continued to look after the portal, until the next few guests caught their attention.

"Oh dear... Didn't expect them..." [Ater]

"Should I tell someone?" [Arbus]

"Yes please, Mr. Abaddon should be around." [Ater]

Arbus quickly flew off to get Abaddon while Ater stood at the portal to keep watch on the newcomers.

"Was that not much easier than trying to do all of that alone?"

Macarona nodded in agreement, the stage was built in no time thanks to Abaddon's assistance. "Thank you, Mr. Abaddon... You're always so nice..." she said dusting herself off.

“What shall this stage be used for?”

Macarona turned to face a towering demon with a girl on his shoulder. "U-uhh... The stage will uh..." she took a deep breath and tried to not act so intimidated. She cleared her throat and looked up at the girl. "The stage will be used for all manners of things... Acting, music, talent... You name it..." she explained as best she could.

While Macarona spoke with the girl, Arbus tugged on Abaddon's arm. "Mr. Abaddon... Trouble at the portal... Suspicious guests have shown up from the Flame World..." she said flapping her wings in a hasty manner.

In Topic: (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

20 April 2018 - 06:10 PM

Host post will come later tonight.

In Topic: Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

18 April 2018 - 04:19 PM

It had been a few days since the renovation of the guild, Mina was just coming into the main lobby of the guildhall after she had taken a nice and warm morning bath. A.P.P.A. followed close behind her, his body making a soft purring sound as he wheeled behind her.

Apparently Florentia was addressing a new group of guildmembers, including a large insect like golem. "Hm... Looks like we got some newcomers..." she said as she listened in on Florentia's speech.

"It would be best if the five of you familiarize yourselves with the other members of the guild before taking any of the quests in this board. And now, this morning assembly is over. Thank you for coming here, and now I will withdraw myself."

Mina watched as Florentia left the room, something was off about her today. She shook her head, it wasn't any of her business what was going on in Florentia's mind. Instead, Mina turned her attention to the notice board. Since renovating the guildhall wasn't so much of a quest as it was a service to the guild, she was dying for some action. She walked over to the notice board with A.P.P.A close behind, whatever quest she gets this will be a good opportunity to show what her little automaton was capable of.

In Topic: Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

15 April 2018 - 11:22 PM

After Florentia had removed the plants holding the machine together and brought some parts into the room, Mina got to work on the machine. She had been working on it for a few minutes before Florentia spoke up. "I suppose Celica had never explained how this device worked? Hm.

While the technical details would be beyond my capability to explain, you should've noticed that this device seemingly had no power source at all. In truth, it is powered by a crystalline device stored at its core, which turns the magic particles in the air to keep itself running."

A magic crystal huh? Not quiet what Mina expected, but interesting nonetheless. If only she were dismantling this rather than repairing it, she wanted to see this power source for herself.

"As for the source of enough magical particles that could make such a device self-sufficient...we don't know yet, but it seems to be related to what is stored under our guild."

Florentia paused for a moment, feeling that her words ended up sounding awkward.

"In truth, there are many such devices like this heater here, and many of those were not something neither I nor Celica managed to figure out the function of. I could show them to you sometimes, but for the time being, getting this one running should be a priority."

Mina nodded in agreement, as this was all making her more and more curious, she needed to get done with the current project. "I'd like a look of these other machines, maybe sometime after this. You've got me interested now." she said looking back at Florentia with a toothy smile.

In Topic: (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

13 April 2018 - 02:50 PM

Yo, Im back, and ready to work on a character. I sincerely apoligize for my absence, but hopefully I wont be absent any longer. Also, I have a Discord now soooo... I'll put the beginnings of my character below.

That's great to hear, dude.