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In Topic: Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Yesterday, 10:32 PM

Helena followed Silent Magician with Shiren close behind her, she remained quiet around Silent Magician all the way to the large meeting room where Endymion, Maho, and a bunch of other powerful looking monsters were waiting for the three duelists. On closer inspection, Helena could make out Phantom Falcon and Dread Knight behind Endymion, along with someone who looked like a dark magician like Maho.

The meeting room was very tense, the wicked gods really have caused an uproar. Ancient Gears were waking up, the sacred beasts have vanished, and there was still the threat of the third wicked god who may be hiding in the human world, Helena's head was starting to pound from all this.

"You all are our best and only hope for defeating the Wicked Gods. However, why do you fight? I rather not stand beside people with wavering motives." Helena looked up at the Superheavy Samurai who had asked this question, what was she fighting for? She thought for a long moment, long enough for Meiro and Daichi to answer the machine type. The small headache she was getting wasn't helping her think and tiny sparks started to come from her eye, she really should've covered her eye, to lose control here of all places, that would be... That would be...

Helena felt a hand touch her shoulder, she looked up to see Shiren beside her. "Stay calm... You can't lose yourself so easily..." Shiren's presence was almost calming, soothing even. The aura she gave off was so familiar, almost like.... Chris...

Helena looked back at the machine type, she took a candy from her pocket and popped it into her mouth, the sparks around her eye slowly faded. She took a deep breath and proceeded to answer his question.

"Well... When I received my blank, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I honestly had almost given up on dueling in the first place because of my... Condition... A letter from my brother gave me a spark of confidence... That maybe I could take control of my fate.

If you asked me before, I would probably say it was just a way of fighting my insanity. But now, now that I know that there's more at stake here, that this Spirit World is truly real and full of living things, its something I have to protect along with my world, not just for me, but for my brother..." A small smile could be seen on Shiren's face.

In Topic: Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepting/Co-hosted by Skaia and Saikazo]

27 April 2017 - 07:32 PM

"Mina, keep your flashlight on you all the time. We won't know when we might need to-" Mina was listening to Celica as she worked on the machine, but the sudden silence and the sound of a body hitting the floor drew her attention.

Moving away from the machine, Mina saw that Celica had been knocked clean out by a club wielding kobold of all things. "Celica!" Mina's call and her very presence alerted the kobold and it rushed right at her. Thankfully she was able to move out of the way before the club could hit her head. Jumping back away from the little fiend, Mina whipped out her rifle and aimed it right at the kobold's head.

"Stupid creature, this is no place for you. Get out of here!" Mina exclaimed as she pulled the trigger on her rifle. Instead of a normal pellet or bullet, the rifle fired a spark of electricity that could kill a little thing like a kobold just as easily as a bullet.

In Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

25 April 2017 - 05:26 PM

Alex looked on as the enormous ball of burning energy collided with Gwynn. Cynthia put on her shades for the coming explosion but Alex looked on without shielding her eyes, the ball of energy soon disappeared into the sky. "We... We actually did it... Gwynn's gone!" Cynthia cheered.

Alex was still looking up at the sky even after Blaze had landed back onto the ground. Even while everyone was celebrating, she was still staring at the sky. Embers started falling down to the ground and Alex's eyes widened, from the sky Gwynn could be seen clapping and floating back down. "You seem to have celebrated a little too early, Queen of Dewdrop. Your god still breathes!"

"Oh you have to be kidding me! Why can't you just die out like any normal fire!?" Cynthia was getting fed up with this, not only were all her attacks unsuccessful, but even the strongest attack possible had only damaged half of Gwynn's body. Alex was a bit calmer about the situation but the point still stands, Gwynn is still alive.


Anais was the first to start the final assault on Gwynn and Zane soon followed with a strong, albeit small, blast of ice. Cynthia quickly hopped onto her board and morphed her arm into a sword. "I didn't get a chance to cut Mephiles in half, he's gone now so I guess your the one getting cleaved in two!" she stated. A blast of air was all that was heard as she rocketed at Gwynn with her literal sword arm extended.

Alex meanwhile seemed to be at her tipping point just like Zane. They had to put everything they had into this, if they lost that's it, game over. Alex took a knife in her hand and slowly started moving towards Gwynn, invisibility wasn't going to cut it but if Gwynn got distracted by the others she could get a hit in, hopefully anyway.

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

24 April 2017 - 06:52 PM

Sienna waited for Ciela to start calling shots for her but the situation seemed to have moved Ciela back to help Edrick, but not before she gave Sienna some instructions.

"I don't know how would you reach it, but go fire some fireballs to the forest area back there, near those reinforcements. If you can't, just stay in your position and burn that bandit attacking Gunter. See ya." Sienna nodded her head and tried to spy a spot to launch a fireball.

It was hard to focus with everything happening so it was the best bet she had, but with the fire starting to pick up in the trees it may have been safer to go with the less pyromaniac path. Sienna turn her attention to the bandit attacking Gunther and sent a fireball at it. "Gunther, heads up!"

In Topic: Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

23 April 2017 - 07:28 PM

As beam touched metal a large explosion happened, obscuring rosaria's view of the mobile armor and maxine. Once the smoke cleared, rosaria could see the wreak of the armor with a whole where the cockpit was, there was no sign of the pilot. "Maxine... Maxine, are you ok!?" rosaria called on the comms.

"Rosaria, you there? I'm okay. I'm okay. Just a couple scratches." Rosaria sighed with relief after helping pull the mobile armor off Maxine. "Well... That could've gone better." she said. Looking at the condition of Maxine's suit compared to her own, it was clear who had the rougher time.

"Rosaria to the Arrowhead, we're ok on our end." she called on the comms, from the sounds of things everyone was more or less fine, Reyd even found himself a new suit, lucky son of a b##ch.

“You’re still on open channels, Reyd.” Came the exasperated voice of Chief Engineer Kusanagi. “But, since you’ve got a nice, new, powerful mobile suit to pilot, come help me get your Djinn out of the side of that ship. The rest of you get back to the Arrowhead and have Doctor Isozaki look you over.” Guess everything was ok now.

"Roger that, returning to the ship now." Rosaria turned to maxine before heading to the Arrowhead. "You sure your ok? I wouldn't take getting crushed by a mobile armor so lightly."