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Yesterday, 09:07 PM

I've been a bit busy but I'm gonna make an app soon.

Coolio, also if you have skype would you mind giving me your skype name?

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Yesterday, 04:44 PM

Cynthia was confused, why wasn't Mr. Scorpion retaliating against her? Looking up, she was able to see why, the pirate leader was dive bombing her with a freaking twister kick. She had just enough time to cross her arms and block the attack, thanks to her rubber body it didn't completely obliterate her but her arms felt like they were gonna snap from the impact. Roxie simply stood on Cynthia's arms, a look of curiosity and mild surprise on her face. "Great Gatsby! What are ya made of, love?"

Cynthia gritted her teeth. "Well... Right now rubber... But..." she knocked Roxie into the air to get her off, but she simply twirled in the air and landed as if expecting applause from an audience. Cynthia kept her rubber body but proceeded to morph her fist into rock before charging at Roxie. "... I can do more than rubber!"

"Neat!" Roxie cocked her fist back and met Cynthia's attack with her own, shattering the rock and sending both girls skidding backwards. "But I wanna try something..." Roxie seemed to size Cynthia up before vanishing and reappearing behind her. She delivered a sharp kick, sending Cynthia into air and met her in mid-flight just to kick her back, repeating the process and pretty much turning Cynthia into a pinball. "I'm going for the high score!" She was still treating this like a game but Cynthia wasn't enjoying herself.

"Agh! This. May. Have. Back. Fired. Gah!" Cynthia had to think fast, her rubber body wasn't gonna protect her from serious damage for long. But then it hit her, Mr. Scorpion wasn't around at the moment. In mid-flight, she morphed her body into metal and curled up into a ball. At the speed she was going she was pretty much a living sawblade.

"Uh oh..." Roxie barely had time to block Cynthia's attack, metal grinded and sparks flew as Cynthia started to gain ground over Roxie. "Didn't expect that did ya? Well get a load of this!" Cynthia suddenly uncurled and morphed her arms into blades, she slashed at Roxie's wrists in an attempt to chop her robotic hands off. She missed however and Roxie prepared a powerful axe kick. "You may want to dodge this, love..."

"Crap!" Cynthia did dodge it but barely, she jumped away to gain some distance. "Stop calling me love!" She exclaimed before hopping on her board and charging at her. "Let's see you match this speed!" But Roxie's was more focused on Cynthia's extreme gear. "Hubba hubba!" With a whistle she sent a shockwave with her fist to knock Cynthia off her board and as it traveled towards her she hopped on it. "Hey! Oh no you don't!" Cynthia grabbed a device from her pocket and pressed it, her extreme gear would shut down and lock up, a neat little gadget that was used in case her board was stolen, she would know where it is and nobody but her could use it.

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24 June 2017 - 03:32 PM

A Story Just For You will be Mina's next quest. Also I'll see about getting a post in today.

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24 June 2017 - 02:54 PM


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23 June 2017 - 09:19 PM

Rosaria sat down and let Kusanagi get to repairing her arm, all the while listening in on what they were talking about with the reports and the new cyber newtype girl.

"Rose, you have been remembering to pop this open and air dust it out every four days, right? I'm not going to dust it out here in the infirmary, but that could be at least part of the problem." Rosaria looked at the chief engineer and nodded. "I air dust it regularly... Something must of just come undone during the battle, I mean I did have a building thrown right at me." All that fighting in the colony might have caused something to snap in her arm, the impact of that building did send her sprawling into a wall after all.

"That should have everything done, Miss Ortiz. Let me know if you have more problems with it." Rosaria flexed her arm a bit and moved her fingers around, everything checked out alright. "Thanks chief..." Rosaria got up and stretched. "If anyone needs me I'll be in my room."

Rosaria headed into her room and shut the door behind her, she threw her hair tie off and just let her hair flow freely. With a hand on her head she laid down in her bed and flipped open a book to read. "*sigh* Time for a little R & R..."