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#6999307 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 12 April 2017 - 09:46 AM

It felt like hours had went by when Helena woke up, she could barely remember what had happened. One second she was trying to help stop Eraser and then... Everything was just a green blur. Helena looked around to find herself in a familiar room, the Silents room and a dark figure stood at the foot of her bed, Shiren. "I thought you were never going to wake up... I'm glad you did..."

Helena tilted her head in confusion as the dark warrior spoke. "What... What happened? Is the city ok, is everyone ok?" Helena asked desperately. "Calm down... Everyone is fine, they're more worried about you right now..." The paladin spoke in a calming, familiar tone. It took a second for Helena to realize who she was speaking to and to realize what had happened, the fact that her eyepatch was missing only made her feel even worse.

"I... I don't know what I was doing... There was just this... Pounding in my head, everything was happening so fast and then..." she went silent, she didn't want to say anymore. Shiren sighed and helped Helena out of bed. "Come on... There's a meeting in the hall, Endymion needs everyone there, even you."

Shiren helped Helena out the door and lead her to the main hall of the citadel, Helena remained silent the whole way there and if she saw Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician she wouldn't even look at them. Everyone saw what she had done, everyone knew what she was capable of now. It wouldn't surprise her if they were afraid of her, that they saw her as some kind of freak, a masochist, a sadist, a monster...

#6998180 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 08 April 2017 - 05:40 PM

It seems that it was finally time to leave the city, if it wasn't clear enough with Catriona declaring it to those who were in the inn. Sienna headed up to get her things from her room and came back down ready and waiting. As the group started to leave, Sienna gave the innkeeper a friendly wave goodbye and followed after her group. Finally, they were going to leave the city, Sienna couldn't wait to see the forest again, maybe then she can prove her worth and help guide the party.

At the gates of the city, Asura had urgent business to attend to involving his mother. That's a good a reason as any, and with that, Asura left the party. Maybe fate would allow Asura to join back up, but that would more than likely be a near impossible circumstance. The sound of the gates closing solidified the group's leave and they were soon on the road to their next destination.

Along the way, Sienna had opened that little box that was left for her in the inn. It was nice necklace loop, being leather it was very durable, it was nice little gift. The day quickly ended and soon a new morning was upon the travelers, they soon arrived at the Pelinna forest and ventured in with caution. If they ran into Sienna's tribe then that would be a godsend.

The forest was quite peaceful, way more calm and tranquil than the sector, she almost felt at home. Soon they came upon an interesting sight, a red hooded traveler on the road seemed to be examining a small tree. It was almost a familiar sight considering that Sienna was the mysterious hooded figure before joining the princesses group. But before anyone could utter a word, all hell seemed to break loose in an instant!

Axes, spears, and arrows came out of the trees and took the group and newcomer by surprise, thankfully nobody got hurt in the initial attack, but if there was a follow-up... Sienna was already instinctively reaching for her beaststone before Penelope started giving out orders.

"Alois, I need you to get into the trees. Sienna, follow behind him on the ground and cover him. Try and draw out the enemies. Everyone else keep close but move forward and be ready to attack whenever someone appears. Gunther, Edrick, in front. Link, protect Ciela."

She acknowledged Penelope's orders but Sienna stopped for a second. Her senses were already telling her there were more enemies than they could even see... Way more. In fact, she could faintly make out the unusual helmet of a barbarian that was hiding a few feet in the trees. She took the opportunity to transform into her beast form, the embers that circled around her body slowly gathered up into two fireballs that floated above her. If a fire started, she could easily put it out, but she feared that it might hurt Alois in the process as he had found himself in the trees and bushes where the enemies were.

"Alois! Now might be a good time to get out of there, I don't want to hurt you in this chaos!" she called to him before launching the two fireballs in the barbarian's direction.


#6995892 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Wind Rider on 01 April 2017 - 10:16 PM

"Hey...you three, maybe after all of this is over, we can work on the kitchen and prepare dinner for everyone? Perhaps it's best to talk about this again once we're done, however." Mina shrugged her shoulders, Auburn may not be as inclined to fix up a meal but Mina was more than happy to, her many times cooking for herself as she traveled will soon pay off.

Celica soon opened up a hole in the room that led down into the basement, it was dark but hopefully wasn't deep.

"I don't know where else should I open the basement access, to tell the truth. Suppose we can figure it out once we finished cleaning it, right?" Celica's smile turned into a more mischievous one as she stretched her muscles for a bit before looking around the room. "You can descend down using the rope over the northwestern corner of the room. Don't worry, it's only 15 to 20 meters of descent, and I think it's not a labyrinth down there though it's still surprisingly big. Even then though, any source of light is very recommended before descending, just to avoid tripping over anything random or accidentally eating some odd insects or anything. Don't worry about the building collapsing upon you too, our guild building is not that badly maintained despite the displays of earlier.

And yeah, bring brooms and the feather dusters and anything you might find necessary. See you down there!" Celica jumped down, leaving the three guild members to their own thoughts.

"Let's leave her in there for a while. Somehow the motivation to finish repairing this room came back to me. We'll create a new hole and jump down after her later. Perhaps." Mina gave Auburn a stern look this time. "Are you kidding me? "Leave her down there?" That's not right. You can work on this room all you want but I'm going down there to help her." Mina stated looking down into the hole that was the basement entrance. She took a broom and a little flashlight she made during her travels and hopped down into the basement.

The corridor was definitely near-pitch black, how Celica could see was beyond Mina, but the faint glow of a candle answered her question. She followed it and caught up to Celica. "So, what rooms do you need cleaned up?" Mina asked placing the flashlight down to where it lit up most of the room.

#6991318 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 20 March 2017 - 06:59 PM

As Alex fought her way through the Mephiles Shades, she had only one thing in mind, finding Cinder. With Iblis roaring above and fighting her allies, she had no time to waste, she had to find the one who caused this mess. Just as she threw a knife or two at a few shades, Ken had regrouped with her. "I know you had some sort of rivalry with her...Cinder I mean..." He said slowly.  "But...But I just had to end her!  I just had to make sure no one else got hurt!"  His fists tightened.  "I'm sorry if you had other plans...but I was just so angry."  He clasped his hands together, and pleaded in front of her.  "I'm sorry Alex!  Forgive me!" So... Ken dealt with Cinder, sounded like Alex didn't have to do anything. Still, a part of her felt that it didn't have to end that way, but another part wanted nothing more than to burn that black cat into ash. "We should meet with the others!  They can't finish this alone!" Alex nodded in agreement and followed after Ken, it soon became apparent that the roars from Iblis had ceased, did Axel and the others do it? Did they kill Iblis? As Alex made it up to the tower, she saw that the worse had just started.


Iblis was gone, but in its place stood an unusual hedgehog enveloped in flame, this being had also just blasted Blaze straight through the wall of the tower. "Blaze!!" Without a second thought, she rushed into the tower, thankfully Blaze was relatively unharmed and was dusting herself off. "Are you ok? What happened!?" Alex questioned. "Gywnn" she said, her voice shaking in fear, "The first Sun of Mobius.  We had the threat of Iblis under control...but now...he's here.  A myth...something that shouldn't exist." ​Seriously, the first sun? "Gwynn? Ahhhh come on! I thought the threat of some giant evil sun god thing was enough, but this!?" The threat of Mephiles and Iblis reuniting was bad enough but now this? Alex didn't know what to do. "How do we stop him?"


Blaze looked concerned, her eyes looking towards the hole she had come from.  "I don't know..." her lip quivered. So... Its all over? Alex looked down in defeat, how could they possibly stop something as great as this. If Gwynn thinks of absorbing mephiles then that's it, game over. There had to be a way to stop Gwynn, anything... Then a thought popped into Alex's head. "You think there's a way we could somehow... Steal his power? Like... Knock Iblis out of him?" It sounded like a stupid idea, but it was the only thing she could think of. Blaze looked to Alex.  Her proposition sounded in her head, bouncing off the walls of her brain.  "I suppose it's worth a shot..." She said.  Taking a deep breath, a large shine emanated around Blaze, and 7 rectangular stones shot forth from her body.  They all had a different hue, and looked fairly similar to the Chaos Emeralds.  They encircled her body, as she started to catch fire all around her body.  "Sol Emeralds!  Give me strength once more!"  In a flash, her fur became a lighter shade of pink, and flames seemed to dance around her fur.  "This will be Dewdrop's final stand!"


​Alex nodded in agreement, they were not going to give up so easily, especially to some crazy god. Alex grabbed a knife and lit it aflame. "Ok... This is for those you had slaughtered so you could revive yourself, we're not losing to you Gwynn!" Alex stated charging outside. She was able to catch a glimpse of Axel as the castle shook as if it were in a massive earthquake. Axel was injured but was at least standing and even flipping Gwynn off, this grabbed Gwynn's attention and gave Alex an opportunity. She turned herself invisible and silently rushed at Gwynn in an attempt to drive the knife into his chest.

#6991293 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 20 March 2017 - 06:22 PM

"yeah, let's just go back." ​Sienna nodded in agreement and followed close behind Alois, that was possibly the most embarrassing moment in her life and probably Alois's too. It was unfortunate that she was unable to find a gift for everyone in the group, she was sad about it in fact, hopefully the next area they visit will have something she could get for everyone. Soon the two made it back to the inn only to find Catriona by herself. With Alois chatting with Catriona, Sienna took the time to take off her hood and let her ears actually get some light. She walked around the inn a bit before she stopped at a table that had a few decorated boxes on it, and to her surprise one of the boxes had her name on it. "Strange... Is this for me?" She picked up the apparent present and examined it curiously.

#6986785 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Wind Rider on 06 March 2017 - 07:17 PM

Prunus, the City of Adventures, sounded like a dream or paradise for the young figure who strode into the bustling city. Throwing the hood off her traveling cloak, Mina gazed in awe of the center of the city, stalls of food, jewelry, and other curios lined the streets while booths serving as sign ups for various guilds and factions stood at the very center. Mina grinned a fanged smile. "Well... Today's the day. Finally, I get to join a guild and make a name for myself... Ha, that's a stereotypical way of putting it... Ah well." ​With her Eagle Eye rifle slung on her shoulder, whip and her waist, and a bag of supplies on her back, Mina headed straight to the center where the booths were. The booths as mentioned, each represented a guild, but one booth caught her attention.


“Come here, come here, we at Cherry Heart are still accepting new guild members!”​ The call of the blue-haired woman at the booth could be heard through large crowd, with that much enthusiasm, Cherry Heart sounded like a great guild. Mina walked up to the booth where the blue-haired lady and her stern looking friend waited for any at all who would sign up. ​"Afternoon, I'm here to sign up."


​"Excellent, we just need you to answer a few simple questions." ​the blue-haired girl stated with a friendly smile. ​"Sounds easy enough, ask away."


​"Ok. First, tell us about yourself, what's your name?"


​"Mina Vale White, at your service. Daughter to Mr. Gregory White, an inventor in the city of Taxus." ​the two girls gave a subtle look to each other. ​"We have heard of Mr. White... We are sorry to hear that he's no longer with us..." ​the lady said in a sad tone. ​"It's ok... I'm carrying on for him." ​Mina said in a less peppy tone.


​"Alright... Next question, why do you wish to join this guild?"


​"I always dreamed of adventure. Epic quests, great warriors and mages, unimaginable treasure... I want to experience new things in my life and make a few friends along the way if possible, that's my reasoning." ​Mina explained.


​"A good answer... Ok, do you have any goals to achieve in this guild?"


​"Well... One of these days... I want to sail the skies on my own airship... Just me and my little sister back in Taxus. Might build one once I get the supplies and funds from working in this guild."


​"That does sound nice, a wonderful ride through the clouds, good luck on that." the lady responded happily. ​"Next question, what kind of ability do you possess that might help you attain that goal?"


​"Weeeell..." ​Mina brought out her Eagle Eye rifle. ​"Beautiful, isn't she? I kinda followed in my old man's footsteps... I have a knack for creating little gadgets here and there if I have the supplies, Plus, I have exceptional agility and senses compared to a normal person." ​she explained, smiling proudly. ​"Well... You have quite the gift. I hope you'll improve on your skills." ​the lady said with an approving smile.


"Last question, are you willing to accept the guild’s terms and conditions for a membership?"


​"Of course, rules are rules, right?"


​"Ok, you just need to sign here and you'll be good to go." ​the lady handed a paper that already had a few signatures on it. Mina wrote down her name in a fancy, cursive style just like her father taught her and handed it back to the lady. With a kind thank you it was done, Mina was finally apart of a guild. With tons of free time still available, she took off towards the stalls along the streets to have a little look around.

#6984597 Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 24 February 2017 - 11:10 PM

Helena couldn't believe the chaos that had suddenly broken out, she could already feel the headaches setting in. An attack on the citadel, screams of terror, it was like something out of a movie, and she was supposed to stop it. Buster Blader, Gaia, and Dark Magician each spread out over the city and the silent took a hold of Helena. "C'mon, we gotta stop them and save people!" Swordsman called out. Helena nodded and followed after the two, or rather they dragged her along. The Igknights were burning the place up, they looked like such a heroic archetype of monsters why were they helping these freaks?


"Hold on, I'll get some help out..." Helena said getting free of the Silents, she got out her duel disk and drew a few cards. "I guess there are no rules in a situation like this... I summon Genetic Woman and Psychic Snail!" When she placed down the cards, the monsters appeared beside her, rearing for battle. "Now I activate Burden of the Mighty and equip Psychic Sword to Genetic Woman!" Upon activation, an aura started emanating from Helena and a glowing green blade appeared in Genetic Woman's large claw. As Helena was about to send her monsters out, a loud roar echoed throughout the citadel. She looked up to see an enormous monster on the tower. "Agh... No... That can't be... A Wicked God!?" Helena's head was pounding harder and harder just from this monster's energy, it had to be a Wicked God, and it was looming over Meiro. "I... I have to help them... I have to help... So many people..." The glow under her eyepatch was glowing brighter and brighter.


"I gotta help him... Psychic Snail, Genetic Woman, help Silent Swordsman and Magician in the citadel, I got to help them fight that thing. Silent Magician here... Use it only if absolutely necessary, ok?" She said handing a Mirror Force to Silent Magician, after which she turned and ran towards the tower where the Wicked God was. "I hope Burden of the Mighty works on this thing..."




#6982772 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 19 February 2017 - 05:08 PM

Sleeping in a warm bed was definitely better than sleeping out in the wild, Sienna had never felt more comfortable since starting her journey. Of course, all good things must come to an end, Sienna woke up with a soft yawn with Penelope greeting her on the edge of her bed. She handed Sienna a note that she must've given to the others, it was asking if the members of the group had any issues or concerns.

"Issues... Well, for me only one thing comes to mind... I just want to make up with Ciela, after I showed everyone what I could do she's been... Distant compared to everyone else... Almost like she fears me..." Sienna stated with a bit of a sad tone. Penelope seemed to think for a moment before turning back to Sienna.

"That's a good point, I'm glad you noticed that. Do you have any ideas on what you could do about that?" Penelope asked with a warm smile. Sienna's ears twitched a bit as she thought. "I already tried apologizing to her... But she still won't say more than a few words to me... It's like she hates me for surprising her back then... And fears me for what I am... I have no clue what I could do..." she stated.

"Perhaps I should put you together during combat. Stay close and maybe you can form a bond." Penelope's face lights up. "Would it be possible for you to help her move around?" She paused for a second before continuing. "But if she's afraid of you...Perhaps we need to get her used to your fox form."

Sienna thought for a moment and seemed to show a little hope in her eyes. "You think that will help? I don't want anyone to be afraid of me... If you think this will help then I'm more than willing to try... I could help her get around easily..." she said with a hopeful smile. Penelope claps her hands together. "Then its settled. We will try and get her used to you and have you help her around. Is that all, then?" She leans in, as if trying to read Sienna's expression.

"Y-yeah... That's all... Oh and please tell those two to stop calling me funny names please..." she said referring to alois and asura. "Of course. Now, you can go, I've got a lot to do after all." Sienna nodded and watched Penelope leave the room. "It's really nice of her to help me like that... Maybe this group won't be so bad after all..." Sienna got up from her bed and gathered her things before heading out the room.

#6980231 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 12 February 2017 - 01:12 PM

"It's actually pretty simple. When you create a flame...your mindset shifts the properties of it. In the midst of combat, without a clear mind, the fire only knows to destroy." Blaze created a pure looking flame, simple in color. "Nothing special about this flame, right? But what if I told you that I have treated the wounds of many an ally by just holding a flame over them?" Blaze clasped the flame, and placed it into Alex's single hand. "This is the flame of life. To create it...you must empty your mind, and give in to all the happiness in your life. Those warm fuzzy feelings will overtake the property of your fire."

Alex looked over the innocent looking flame, it flickered in a graceful way, not like the fierce flames that she was so used to creating. And warm, fuzzy feelings... In her mind there were only a couple, her time with her family before the fire, the impromptu skydiving lesson with Axel... She actually did have a few good moments in her life.

"Cinder knows of this, but hate blinds her senses...I hope to guide her to a brighter path, but for now, her flames are scarred with darkness. I'm sure you could tell during her trial to see if you were worthy. I have never seen such a young Mobian hold such malice before. For an old lady like me who has seen such tragedies, this is an easy flame to create. But creating a healing flame...it takes joy to do that. Only the prime Pyromancers can learn such a feat. But I believe you have the potential to do this...and so much more, Alex."

A prime pyromancer, one that could balance between destruction and life. Alex would've called Blaze crazy right then and there, that fire was nothing more than means of destruction. But all that she said, it started to make sense to Alex, in a way. She took a deep breath and concentrated a little. "If I do learn how to wield this flame... Will it help me to aid my... Friends?" she was a little hesitant to ask this, the whole time she was with the group she was just the group's destruction artist along with Chimera. Maybe now, she could do something better for the group.

Her thought process stopped however when the doors to the room bursted open. "A-Alex..." Axel tumbled out from the door and laid wheezing on the ground. "Axel! What the hell happened to you!?" Alex ran to his side and lifted him up a bit, he was badly beaten and even had what looked like a painful burn mark on his shoulder. What could've done this to him?!

#6979194 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 08 February 2017 - 07:05 PM

Alex's fireball had successful hit its mark after curving under Cinder's fire, she gave a slight smirk as Cinder belched out smoke after swallowing her flamethrower.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Blaze cried as she came running in. "Cinder, this was not supposed to be combat training! This was supposed to be a lesson in the ways of pyromancy!"

"Apologies...again. But why her Blaze?! Why not me! I've been leader of the royal guard for five years now, and you want to train this...ONE-ARMED LOW BREED, in our ways!"

Low breed!?! Alex's blood started to boil, she was just about to take one of her knives and throw it at Cinder's head. Thankfully, Blaze had sent her away leaving only herself and Alex in the black flame covered room. Blaze absorbed every single ember in the room and condensed it them into a floating ball of light. "Tell me something, Alex dear...do you know of the duality of fire? The balance of Pyromancy itself?"

The balance of pyromancer? Where is there balance in something that can only destroy? "... Don't know anything about balance..." Alex finally said. "Fire has always been destruction to me... And to everyone around me..." her mind went back to those ghosts, their panicked screams at the sight of Alex's fire, it gave her chills even now.

#6978284 Pokemon: The Fallen [IC]

Posted by Wind Rider on 05 February 2017 - 06:00 PM

Berry couldn't handle these minior much longer, thankfully Hailey came in with her Lunatone and Solrock to help out in the fight.

"Oly oly oxen free!"

Lin looked to the sound Sineva's voice to see that the helicopter was taking off. "Oh no, Berry one more Hurricane!" With a whistle, Berry sent another Hurricane out at the flying Pokemon, halting their attack for a few moments. Without a second thought, Lin grabbed hold of her Oricorio and high tailed it onto the helicopter.

She took a seat in the vehical and allowed Berry to rest on her lap, the frail little Oricorio couldn't have taken another rock type attack. Lin was brushing her little bird Pokemon's feathers as she listened to Lip explain the plan.

"The mission specifics list that my father was headed to Ula'ula Island. He was supposed to be going to Malie City. So, that's where we are going." Ula'ula? Lin had never seen that island to her knowledge, though she really didn't get a chance to see all of Alola.

"Well... No turning back now, right?" she said in a bit of a nervous tone.

#6976911 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 01 February 2017 - 11:02 AM

"YOU WILL MIND YOUR TONGUE! BEFORE I BURN IT!" Alex had just spoken to Blaze when another cloaked figure, revealing herself to be a black cat of sorts, got between her and Blaze. She had created a flame in her hand and seemed ready to attack, Alex seemed to shudder from the unnerving black tint that the fire had. Thankfully Cinder, as she was called, stood down as Blaze discussed the situation. After a quick chat, Blaze and her soldiers escorted the group through the skies and the group finally landed at their destination, Dewdrop City.

The city itself was a lot larger than Cha'Aqua was, the castle itself loomed over the large city. "That barrier of yours saved a lot of lives... Wish Metropolis had something like that..." Alex mumbled as she looked out towards the boundaries of the barrier. "Yes...as I've mentioned before, this city is protected by a special barrier. It keeps the darkness out...not even an Elder God can penetrate it's defenses. Dewdrop is practically impregnable. We took as many refugees as we could...but not all could be saved." Refugees? So there were some survivors from the genocide after all.

"But let's not dwell on the past. The past is always filled with such dark things...instead, let us work towards the future. Speaking of work, we must work on your technique...every single last one of you!" Work on their technique? What, she was going to train them? "And you my dear...shall receive special training from yours truly. Ohohoho! But...telling by your aura...we have a lot of work ahead of us! So we start immediately!" Alex raised an eyebrow at this, trained by Blaze herself, effective immediately. The idea of being trained by a legend seemed to stick in Alex's mind, but what could be so interesting about a thieving feline like her?

The cat from earlier, Cinder, motioned for Alex to follow her into another. She let out a disapproving sigh before entering into the room. "Ok... So whats this all about, huh?" she obviously wanted answers. She was a one-armed thief, whats so interesting about that?

#6974797 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 27 January 2017 - 10:48 AM

'What a nice evening... Just the perfect time to rest... And... Get some sleep...' Sienna thought to herself as she drifted away in the comfort of her bed. In the background, she could hear the tiniest creak of the floor, but she simply dismissed it thinking that people were walking around outside the room. She was just a few moments away from sleeping when a sudden jab to her face and a loud "Boo!" woke her up.

"Wah!!" Sienna grabbed her beaststone and jumped into the air, transforming as she landed on the floor. "Who!? What!? Where!? Why!?" she looked around the room frantically, only to realize that the one responsible for the rude awakening was Penelope. "Penelope? You almost gave me a heart attack..." Sienna laid down on the floor with an expression on her fox face that seemed like a combination of embarrassment, shock, and tiredness.

#6971535 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 19 January 2017 - 11:30 PM

"Yes, that would be quite enjoyable. I hope you're not too shy. I intend to learn all that I can about your species. Every last bit!" Penelope's excitement made Sienna blush a bit.

"Shy? Noooo... I'm not shy, heh.... Its not like I've had a cloak over me this whole time trying to hide myself..." she said, muttering the last part under her breath. Sienna looked back to see that Penelope was heading upstairs. "Well... What to do to pass the time?" Her ears twitched under her hood as she thought. "I guess I could head up to the room... This cloak is starting to bother me... Tail's starting to cramp too..." she thought to herself before heading upstairs.

While heading up, Sienna noticed others rushing down the stairs and quickly jumped to the side. One of these people was Link and the other was a bearded man with a large axe, Sienna really didn't recognize him but he seemed to be in a hurry, so did Link for that matter. She shrugged as it may not have been her concern and headed up. She gave a nod and friendly smile as she passed Gunther and Penelope and found the room she would be staying in.

Once inside she threw off the cloak and untangled her tail. "Finally... Felt like I was being restrained... Note to self... Get a more comfortable cloak..." she mumbled to herself before sitting down on the edge of the bed. "No more troubles today... I can finally relax..." she fell flat on the bed and let out a content sigh.

#6966036 Pokemon: The Fallen [IC]

Posted by Wind Rider on 01 January 2017 - 08:58 PM

"Sure, I'll take a berry. Thank you very much!" Hailey let Jirachi go and took a berry for herself before sending out her Pokemon. "Make sure you all say thanks to the nice lady that offered to share her berries." Most of Hailey's Pokemon were content at just a few berries but ones like her Minior and Jirachi were stuffing themselves with the berries.

Lin had a huge smile on her face, it actually felt like a picnic now. "So, you got any plans for today? The weather seemed pretty nice today." Lin finished her pecha berry when Hailey asked this. It was a nice day, plus there wasn't much to do as of yet.

"I don't have any plans no." Lin got up from the ground and put the remaining few berries there were into her bag. "I was honestly going to play hide and seek with my Pokemon just to pass the time, but spending time with another Guardian and my Pokemon sounds even better." Lin had a friendly smile has she spoke, it would be nice to actually get to know the people she was working with besides just knowing their names.