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#7106440 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 23 June 2018 - 04:43 PM

Alex looked back at the pirate cruiser until it vanished over the horizon. She looked down at her new arm with a sad look in her eyes before giving a small smile. "Heh... I'll come back alive, don't you worry about that..." she mumbled quietly.

Axel glanced over his shoulder, seemingly meeting her gaze. Though before he says anything, his eyes narrowed and his stare shifted behind her. “There you are...” A certain Cat was standing in the doorway leading inside the ship.

"Who?" alex looked behind her and her eyes widened in shock. "Y-you... Where did you..." He walked up without saying a word before grabbing her in a strong embrace.

"Alex... I'm sorry..." he said.

Her brother... All this time... How did he even get on the ship? She didn't say a word but pushed him off her. "Really?" she clenched her fist. "After what you said... After all these years trying to fend for myself... You expect me just to forgive you!" she said angrily. He had a very sad expression.

“No... I didn’t come all this way for forgiveness. I came because I’m your brother!” He exclaimed whilst slamming his fist against his chest. “I-I failed you... and I don’t think I’ll ever even be able to forgive myself, let alone even think about asking for your forgiveness.” he stated.

"Tch..." she faced away from him. "Why did you have to ruin the mood?" she mumbled. "Next stop... I want you off this ship... And I never want to see you again..." she said looking down.

“I thought you might say that...” He also looked down whilst reaching into his pocket. “You know, half the reason I was so desperate to find you, was because it looks like the world is going to HELL YEAH.” He’ll scoff a little. “I figured I’d make up for it all by coming to your rescue ... atone for my sins by keeping you safe.” he looked around. "But look at you now... What you did in Dewdrop was nuts, but that was just the beginning isn’t? You and your friends... you’re heroes!”

"A lot of good you did with that..." she mumbled. "But no... Dewdrop wasn't the beginning... For me anyway... It started with the attack on the city, before I was transported into this mess... Speaking of which..." she glanced at him. "How did you survive?" she asked.

“Oh? That’s simple...” He suddenly appeared to have a powerful aura about him as he straightened up and smirked. “I ran like hell.” he chuckled before continuing as normal. “I’m still not much a fighter, but if it meant protecting the little sister I abandoned... I’d take on anyone!”

Axel interjected. “You were up here whilst we were fighting the pirates...”

"Someone had to watch the ship." the feline waved him off.

"You ran and hid... Of course you did... But just so you know..." fire flared up from under her. "I don't need protection... Especially from you..." she stated with a fierce look.

“I hear that hot stuff...” He smiled but it’s clear there was a lot of sadness there. “I may not be able to fight like you guys, but there is a way I can help.” He approached Alex again and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m going to spread the word. You and you’re friends are the only ones out here trying to make a difference... but I’m sure if more people knew, they’d start hopping again!” He pulled a small device from his pocket that resembles a fish. It was a communicator of sorts. “Here. I’m not asking for a call every day, but I want you to keep this with you so at the very least I don’t have to go running around looking for you again.”

"Tch..." alex was tempted to crush the communicator right then and there, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

“You’ve grown up so much...” A tear slid down his cheek as he studied her. “Mom would be proud.” He hugged her again. “Take care of yourself, Alex...” Before she could say or do anything, he darted to the railing using his electrical powers. He fell back off the edge of the ship.

"What the!?" she ran to edge and looked down to see her brother flying away on a weird motorcycle-like craft. Alex gripped the railing before walking away and into the cruiser, she headed to her room without so much as a word.

#7093934 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 10 April 2018 - 03:18 PM

What had happened in the fight against Roxie was a blur to Alex, as was everything at the moment. Time seemed to stand still, it was hard to breath, and all of her energy was drained. Alex couldn't move an inch, until she finally saw light again as the sound of stone cracking and falling apart awoke her from her trance. She practically breathed out steam as she was released from her stony form by Axel. "Ugh... That was... A rush..." she said in an exhausted tone.

“You put on quite the show...” Axel said as he study Alex and her newly acquired arm. “I don’t suppose you know how you took on that form, right?” Before she could answer, he shook his head to dismiss it. “It doesn’t matter. The only thing that is important is that your safe.” he said before looking after a moment of gazing at her.

"Thank you..." she said as her thoughts trailed off for a moment. Her hand wandered into her pocket and she shook herself to reality upon realizing something. She still had something important on her. "Here... I think this belongs to you..." she said as she pulled the chaos emerald out and showed it to Axel.

He gave a warm smile as he gently took the emerald from her hand. He looked like he was about to say something before a familiar voice cut him off. “Right here is fine, Blake!”

Blake sat Roxie beside Alex and walked off towards Chimera, a feeling of tension seemed to come over Axel but Alex calmed him. "It's fine... No more fighting..." she said. Content with her statement, Axel let her go and walked away to check on Ken, leaving the now former pirate cat alone with the captain.

She smiled at Alex in her usual manner. “So you’re really leaving?”

This question made Alex think for a minute, the past few days she was with Roxie's crew started out rough, but turned into some of the best days she has ever had in her life. This was surprisingly difficult to do, to say goodbye.

"Well... I'm needed elsewhere, Roxie... Things are... Difficult right now." she started as she looked at her metal arm. "I... Won't forget what you... All of you... Did for me... You're all like a family to me. And I'm proud to say I was a part of the Dread Pirate, Roxie's crew." she said looking at Roxie with a slight smile.

#7091790 The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return

Posted by Wind Rider on 01 April 2018 - 01:50 PM

"So... Things seem pretty busy around here don't they?" Etihw said as both her and Kcalb walked down to the courtyard. "I'd say that this year's festival will be the biggest yet, especially with the amount of invitations Ater and Arbus sent..." she added with a smile. Kcalb said nothing on the subject, his expression seemed gloomier than usually.

"Hmm... You know, I heard that they're gonna light up some fireworks at midnight... Bet that'll be something to see... It would make quite the romantic scene..." Etihw said, she even leaned closer to Kcalb in an attempt to get him flustered. But he still remained silent, not even a slight blush. "Alright... What's going on? You've been like this all morning."

"...It's nothing..." Kcalb answered in a rather quiet tone. "Really? Cuz to me, it looks like a whole lot of something... What's going on?" Etihw asked in a slightly concerned tone. Kcalb was silent again, a few seconds passed before he answered. "Do you... Ever have dreams? Nightmares?"

A cool breeze blew across the village, the flowers of the meadow danced in the wind creating a beautiful cascade of colors, as if a rainbow had descended to the earth itself. Macarona let out a quiet sigh, the breeze was a welcome relief. "Macarona."

"H-huh?" her heart seemed to skip a beat, the voice didn't sound hostile but it was loud enough to break the silence of the meadow and surprise her. She turned in attention, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh... Hello, Mr. Abaddon." Macarona said as she bowed politely to the aged angel.

"Did somebody really leave you to handle all of this on your own?" Abaddon planted his spear in the ground nearby, stood straight up with nothing to lean against. "That just will not do. Let me help you so you might finish before sunset." Abaddon's help was appreciated. With Rawberry gone somewhere, (most likely trying to sneak a "sample" from Dialo's apple pie stand) Macarona needed as much help as she could get.

"T-thank you, Mr. Abaddon... But, don't you need to open your Tea Shoppe? I don't want to feel like I'm distracting you..." she said in a very nervous tone.



Ater and Arbus both gave Koviax intriguing looks, honestly it was hard to tell what the two were even thinking about. The staring went on for a moment or so before the two demons looked at eachother.

"Quite an interesting one..."[Ater]

"Indeed, bipolar perhaps?"[Arbus]

"Maybe multiple personalities?"[Ater]

"No, it's something else..."[Arbus]

The two girls chattered to themselves for a moment longer before turning back to Koviax.

"Apology accepted."[Ater]

"Indeed, travel via portal can be rough. We should know."[Arbus]

"Well then..."[Ater]

"Well then..."[Arbus]

"Enjoy the festival!" the both of them said before going back to attend to more guests exiting the portal.

Back in the village, Dialo was faced with a big problem, a problem name Rawberry. "No, Rawberry... I already told you, you're not allowed any "samples"..." Dialo said in a stern but dull tone. "Awww... C'mon, just a basket... You got plenty..." Rawberry begged. "I need as many as I can get for the festival, so no."

"C'mon... What if some of those apples have worms in them? Yummy... Squirmy worms..." Rawberry said drooling at the thought. "The apples are fine, Chelan and I checked them." Dialo said as Chelan hummed in agreement.

"Oh please... Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please?"

The villagers around the stands rolled their eyes as if this was a common occurrence and went back to setting everything up. Most of the stands were finished at this time, the festival would soon begin.

#7091730 (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

Posted by Wind Rider on 01 April 2018 - 09:47 AM

Ater and Arbus have sent invitations to different worlds, if your character is from a different world, then there will be an entry portal in that world that will lead to the Gray Garden.

#7091523 (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

Posted by Wind Rider on 31 March 2018 - 06:20 PM

@Htamret Hey you there?

#7087586 (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

Posted by Wind Rider on 14 March 2018 - 12:57 AM

The Hybrid

Is everything okay with this app? Anything I should add?

Looks great, I love this character's dynamic

#7084988 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 04 March 2018 - 09:53 AM

It seemed like everything was going smoothly, Sienna would duel against Glenn and things would be decided there with no more fuss. But then, the unthinkable happened, Glenn fell over unconscious, knocked out by Link who had bashed the frog's head with the pommel of his blade. Sienna was horrified at the sight, and things only went further downhill.

The only one who seemed to be enjoying the situation was Rufus, who threw back his head as he laughed. "Ha! Well done, I say. The least that leggy intruder deserves for barging his way into our village." His eyes narrowed at Shiro, the only conscious frog remaining. "Seize the frogs," he ordered, ire growing the longer he stared at the blue Protean. "They dared to cause trouble in our village and threaten my daughter. Death is the only mercy the likes of them deserve." A bloodlust filled her father's eyes, a sight that frightened Sienna, this wasn't like her father at all.

A few tribesmen transformed and surrounded Shiro and his unconscious friend, Catriona dove in and got between the frogs and the foxes, blade at the ready. "If you are not with us, then you are against us," Rufus growled, then turned to the warriors who had hesitated at the princess's actions, eyes glowing with pale blue fire. "What are you doing? Kill the frogs!" Was her father serious!? If this kept up then bloodshed was sure to occur.

Everything kept spiraling as Ciela's horse launched a kick right at Sienna's father. "Now will any of you listen to me? I'm not doing this for the frogs, nor for my own group. Cease with this idiocy, or I will trample your chief!" So this was just for herself? She just hated watching this and didn't care whether or not everyone got out of this alive?

And that did, Sienna snapped under all this pressure, the frogs, her tribe, her father, everyone was in danger, including her. "Shut up... Shut up... Shut up!!!" Sienna yelled at the top of her lungs, anger and stress filled her to the point that she was giving off a large amount of heat. "All of you... Stop this at once!! Link, that stunt of yours just costed us our last chance for peace! Ciela, you harm my father in any way and I'll scorch your stupid horse! Everyone just stop!"

#7083904 (Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Acce...

Posted by Wind Rider on 28 February 2018 - 03:07 PM

Okay, thanks! I have a character forming in my head, I'll have an app up sometime soon, might ask a couple questions if anything comes up. How crazy can we go with magic? Obviously I'm not going to try and be OP, just wondering what you're expecting.

Nothing too crazy, we're gonna get stronger as we go

#7058189 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 02 December 2017 - 06:12 PM

Alex thought she had her, she thought her Dragon Fire had actually stopped Roxie. But she knew in the back of her head that that wasn't enough, and it became apparent when a Rox Gun was sent straight at her. The impact caused her to fly into a dent wall behind her, she looked towards the smoke to see Roxie, wounded, but still standing nonetheless. Alex groaned in pain and disappointment, her energy was sapped when she used her strongest attack, Roxie's attack however is what finished her.

She slid down the wall and fell to her knees, that was that, she lost. At least... That's what Roxie thought. Alex looked up at the monitors that were still online and gritted her teeth. "N-no... I'm not... Done yet..." she tried to pick herself back up but it was pointless, her strength was all but drained. It seemed like she lost, but something started to happen, a burning sensation started to take over her body. It was like the inside of her chest was burning up, the pain was so great that she closed her eyes, but when she opened them, she was greeted by an entirely knew scene.

A home... Her old home... Burning away in a blazing fire, with a figure that Alex recognized as herself... Her old self... Standing in front of her. "T-this place..." alex was speechless for a moment and after seeing her old self she turned away slightly. "I left this place long ago... Nothing but grief... And loss..." the loss of her home... The loss of her parents... And the loss of a brother who had disowned her. "Was this... Really my fault?" she said sadly.

“Yea…” The other Alex finally spoke. Her voice was a lot more rough than Alex's… that had long since lost the edge which came from being alone all the time. “All our power does is destroy…”

Those words reminded Alex of what Blaze had told her, it made her think of the family and friends she had now. "No..." alex turned to her old self. "This power... Doesn't only destroy... It can help... Heal..." she clenched her fist. "And I'm not alone... Not anymore... My brother be damned for leaving me alone... I have a new family and friends!" she exclaimed, but her old self looked at her as if she were stupid.

“Why are you fighting Roxie!? She’s strong… you heard her, she fought the shades before, her and the others can keep us safe!” Her expression was almost pleading, she looked scared. “We can just fly around the world… let the others worry about Gwynn! No more pain… It was never even our job in the first place…”

Alex looked at her copy as if she was stupid. "You expect me to hide? I've been hiding for half my life!" she yelled. "But not now... I'm not gonna hide in the skies and wait for the apocalypse to happen... Gwynn and Mephiles made this personal when they attacked my city... When they attacked Dewdrop... I am not hiding... I am gonna fight!" the fires engulfed the house and within seconds, the two Alex's were standing in an inferno.

“B-But…” Alex's copy looked back at her with tears forming in her eyes. She’s afraid of the pain the future might bring, of being alone, of death.

Alex sighed and walked towards her copy. "We can't live past... We can't let it haunt us forever... But no matter what... Events like this will stay with us forever..." she put a hand on the copy's shoulder. "We have to look towards the future... And we have to make sure... That our future is a good one... For everyone..." she said with a slight smile.

#7055448 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 26 November 2017 - 12:34 AM

Alex continued to watch the monitors with Roxie, as it stood, everyone was still fighting the good fight. Benny was even kicking it up a notch in her fight against Ken, but that's what scared Alex. If Benny went overboard she may end up wreaking half the ship. In a different zone, Cynthia had managed to get the jump on Alfonzo surprisingly enough. Turns out she was more than just fists and racing. Meanwhile things were still not looking good with axel, it seemed like Batsu was overpowering everything he could throw at the crazy rooster.

All the excitement seemed to be getting to Roxie finally because she started scooting towards the door. “I can't take it anymore I’m hopping in!" she said excitingly. Alex's eyes widened as she quickly grabbed Roxie's leg.

"Whoa! You're not going down there..." alex said holding onto her leg. Roxie pouted as the both of them spun around in the chairs. "Ballocks! I've gotta, love! Some of these blokes look tough! I haven’t got to fight anyone like that in a forever!”

Alex shook her head. "You get caught in that mess we may not have a ship afterwards!" she argued.

Roxie just smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t even have my ass kicking boots on!” She flicked alex off her leg and started scooting towards the door. “If the ship can handle Benny going nuts like that, then It definitely as room for a little Roxie action!” she called back. Alex wasn't having it, though. She hopped off her chair and quickly yanked Roxie away from the door and blocked it.

"Blake told me to keep you here and out of the fight, and that's what I'm gonna do!" she stated.

"Sounds like a challenge if I've ever heard one..." Roxie said with a look of mischief on her face. She started to spin rapidly in her seat, to the point where she was a blur, and charged at Alex. "Think fast, Alex!"

Alex quickly jumped into the air, using some propulsion from her fire to gain extra height. After Roxie passed under her, she charged up a fireball and threw it into Roxie's path to try and knock her off the chair. However, Roxie stopped herself forcefully before swinging her arm to the side. The force of her swing snuffed out the fireball and Roxie turned to Alex with a beaming smile. “I just got an idea, love.”

"Oh?" Alex landed at the opposite side of the room. "...and what is that?" she said crossing her arms.

“Why should us ladies not get our own cut of action right?” She’ll rub her hands together with excitement, producing a light sound of rubbing metal. “We’re the bells of the ball! Just like everyone else… we both take a team! If I win you stay here with us and if you win, you can go with these blokes!" Roxie laughed as if something hilarious was said. “Of course we don’t have to worry about that.”

Alex looked back at the monitors to see the fights on the ship one more time before sighing, embers flew from her breath. "Alright Roxie... You're on..." she said with a slight smile.

“Atta girl! I knew there was a reason I loved ya. Couldn’t have just been the pretty face.” She smirked before shooting towards Alex rather quickly whilst still seated comfortable in her chair. Alex slammed a fireball to the ground, creating an explosion in front of her that sent her up into the air. However, that didn't stop Roxie, as Alex soon saw her running up the wall while still in the chair. The pirate captain flung herself off seconds later and slammed the bottom half of the chair into Alex's side.

"Agh!" Alex fell to the ground, but reoriented herself in time to land without hurting herself further. She held her side before looking up at Roxie. "You're crazy... You know that?" she said before launching a volley of fire at the hedgehog. Roxie seemed to realize last second that the chair wasn't good in mid-air but gave a smirk before the flames washed over her. Her image could be made out in the fire before she fell towards Alex, the flames fading away from her and the now destroyed chair.

“So I’ve been told!” Her clothes were slightly singed but the damaged seemed minimal as she raised both hands above her head as if she were going for a two handed smash. “Whatever I am, you’re a lier if you try to tell me I’m not a also smashing!" Alex couldn't help but smile from that. She dodged out of the way of Roxie's attack before quickly going in with a flaming punch. The attack caught Roxie by surprise as she staggered back from the blow to the head.

Alex's eyes flared up as she did a one-two punch on Roxie, and knocked her into the wall. "Let's see how you like this!" She gathered up all the fire around her into one point and let loose a huge fume of fire at Roxie. "Dragon Fire!!!"

#7051656 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 10 November 2017 - 11:52 PM

It seems that luck was on her side, if you could call it luck. Alex was amazed at how quickly Axel and the others had boarded the ship, they must've really wanted her back...

Shaking the thought from her head, Alex sat and looked at the monitors that showed what was happening around the ship. She also occasionally glanced over at Roxie just to make sure she wasn't getting any ideas about joining the fight. Looking back at the monitors, it was hard to tell who was winning between the two sides, everyone seemed evenly matched, but that may change in the next few minutes. "They're putting up one heck of a fight..." she said.

Roxie put her hand on her chin as she studied the fights. “They’re defiantly doing a lot better this time around. But it’s like Benny said… if we’re fighting for you none of our crew will loose!" Roxie said with a smirk.

Alex sighed. "But... They're fighting for me too..." she said referring to Axel and the others. "They're not gonna give up so easily either..." she stated.

“It almost sounds like you want them to win, love.” Roxie glanced at Alex, it was hard to read her expression. “I never took you for the damsel in distress type…” She’ joked, lightening the mood. She turned back to the screen and continue watching the fights. “Batsy seems to be having fun.” She smirked slightly. “But the pretty bloke with glowing eyes doesn’t seem to be looking so hot.”

Alex looked at the monitor, sure enough it was Axel, and he was having a rough time with Batsy, almost as if the bird was bullying him. Her head was spinning with what was going on, she didn't know who to root for, Axel and the others... Or her new family...

#7029997 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 14 August 2017 - 08:42 PM

"Attention crew, we have an organic intruder on board. If you don't want the insides of the ship to be painted with his blood, I suggest you all get going and capture him before I get my hands on him!" Cynthia was just heading down when she heard Chimera's announcement, a stowaway? Great... As if they didn't have enough problems. Heading down, Cynthia caught sight of the intruder, a cat with a very nervous look on his face.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!?" She said as she turned her hands into metal. He immediately noticed her and sighed. "You guys really just skipped the course on airship hospitality, huh?"

Cynthia just smirked. "What do you expect, for us to roll out the red carpet for you? You're the one invading our ship!" she states as she tries not to show any sign of weakness, if she did try to attack she would be very shaky and worn out.

"A red carpet would be nice. But I'm fine with just not being shot at!" the cat said in a frightened tone, the sound of Chimera's footsteps made the cat jump and he tried making a mad dash past Cynthia. "What? Oh no you... Don't!" he 'just' slipped out of her grasp and he bolted up to the top of the cruiser. "You're crazy if you think I'm staying here when this thing goes down!" the cat called back.

Cynthia changed her hands back to normal and chased after him. "Where do you even think you are!? You're talking about getting off a ship that's high above the freaking ocean!" she called back to him.

#7029512 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 13 August 2017 - 11:35 AM

"Oh yeah, Sienna's framed for murder back in Ithome by someone - the real culprit hadn't been caught yet. I thought it's just unfortunate timing on her part, but maybe there's more than that to it.

Our group seems to attract a lot of unwanted attention so far. They seem to like setting things up in advance to screw us in many ways. And well, aren't the Protean tribes related to the Great Dragon in a way?" Sienna let out a nervous sigh, she was hoping Ciela wouldn't mention that.

"The hedgehogs...perhaps. But to involve my daughter in this...despicable!" She had sensed that her father was stressed but Sienna wasn't expecting him to look so... Beastly... This conflict must of really been getting to him, or something else was up, either one. "Sorry for...that," he muttered. "I find that, of late, I have had a harder grasp on my temper. Not to mention--" he cut himself off. "But that is neither here nor there. As to what you have said, I suppose you mean the rumors that the Great Dragon is a Protean itself. But, I am not so sure that is true. It is similar but not the same, that much we know." From the way he cut himself off, something was definitely wrong.

How and why someone was trying to get the Protean tribes to fight was still up for debate. The how seemed clear now with all the misunderstandings the tribes had with eachother, but the why was still up in the air. "Why exactly do you need to walk through these woods again?" Sienna turned to her father when he asked this, she wasn't sure if it was her place to speak for Penelope, but her attention was taken again by Link.

“Could I see where you stored this artifact? If it will help clear our names and resolve this quickly, maybe I can help.” That actually wasn't a bad idea.

"Yeah... We might even be able to find some clues as to where the beads might be... That is if the thief left any trace of their arrival..." she said turning to her father and back to the others.

#7028688 Icerun: A Norse Adventure interest check

Posted by Wind Rider on 10 August 2017 - 02:23 PM

Norse mythos huh? I've always been a Greek mythos kinda guy but you have peeked my curiosity.

#7023228 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Wind Rider on 18 July 2017 - 01:54 PM

The walk through the forest the next morning was a quiet one, strangely enough. With the group walking through the fox tribe's territory, Sienna knew that one way or another they were being watched. Hopefully if they ran into trouble she could try to explain things to any fox they meet. This assumption would be put to the test as two hooded proteans stopped the group in their tracks and they were intent on keeping them from moving on.

Hange tried to calm them down and it seemed to work, the proteans knew her to some extent. "Ahh, the researcher," one said, as if that explained everything, and maybe it did. "We have heard of you, Hange-who-knows, and you are trusted by us. However," his eyes hardened. "With everything that has happened recently, we cannot let you pass. You are trusted, the others are not. Leave now, or you will regret it." Though they still didn't seem to budge before one of them noticed Sienna. Their voices were familiar to her though, when she took note of their scent she realized it was the twins, Gamboge and Persimmon, and they immediately got the wrong idea.

"Why do you have her with you? As a bargaining chip? What more is it that you want, humans?!" Bargaining chip? Did they believe her to be a captive!? With Urvan and the brothers going back and forth this was gonna turn into a fight really quickly, Sienna stepped up to say something before things got out of hand but something unexpected stopped her. Two frog proteans had entered the fray, yelling something about the foxes murdering one of the frogs' kin. The accusations soon turned into a brawl but with the two frogs being outnumbered as more foxes appeared.

After chaos had ensued, the group was completely divided. Sienna looked around to find that half of her allies were gone, presumably with the frogs, leaving her, Penelope, Link, Tsetseg, and Ciela to the foxes. "Well, well," said the fox from earlier. "It looks like your friends abandoned you. Pity for you, hmm?"

"Leave it, brother," said the other, before turning to the group. "Now, come. No lagging behind, now." The twins lead the way while a black fox followed beside them, with Penelope in it's jaws. From the scent, Sienna recognized the protean as Licorice, Sienna knew her and the twins from back when she was in the village, but they seemed so... Different. Sienna tried to get an explanation out of them but they simply tell her to be quiet, though they would say it more aggressively to her companions.

Arriving at the village, it was almost heartwarming to see it again, but Sienna immediately took note of the differences. There were watchtowers and guards positioned around the village, people were training in the village, and everyone seemed much more hostile than she remembered. What has happened to have caused all this? This was not the home that she had left, it was so much more peaceful than it was now.

Inside the largest building of the village, Sienna immediately took notice of the Chief... Her father. "Ahh, Sienna," he said, eyes closing in curved crescents as he smiled. "It does my heart good to see you again. When I heard that you were taken captive, well, I feared the worst." His worry was understandable, and it warmed Sienna's heart to see her father again. But his sudden aggressiveness towards her companions worried her. "As for you four human beings. What do you have to say for yourself? First you steal our sacred treasure, and now you seek to steal my daughter?!"

“We’ve not done any of that,” Link explained. “We’ve been in the forest for only a few days, and spent most of that time recovering from a battle with bandits. If you need proof, ask Sienna, and if that’s not enough, follow our trail. You can track our scent, and follow our tracks, from the very first day we arrived.”

Sienna took a deep breath out of nervousness. "Please, father, let me explain. These humans were not holding me captive, they're my companions. I met them a while back on my travels, and they have been very kind and considerate to me, they are not your enemies..."