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What rp would you like?

09 December 2017 - 03:49 PM

As some of you may know, I have done a couple of rps on the site, but they have gone down the drain. Whether it be from inactivity, a lack of information, a lack of interest, or from just my lack of experience being a host. I've been here for around 3-4 years now and ever since I joined the rp community here, I've wanted to host my own rp. Even though my past rps were failures, I'm gonna keep going until I make a successful rp, and so, I've come up with this.

Instead of going with one idea right off the back and hoping that it peaks somebody's interested, I've decided to let all of you choose. Whichever rp gets the most votes in a couple or so days, I'll get to work on putting it up on the ooc and we'll go from there.

RP Ideas

A cyborg rp focusing on stealth and combat similar to that of the Metal Gear series. Your character will be a part of a secret military group that was developed to counter terrorist groups. Your duty is to protect the common folk and to ensure that the world is not drawn into another world war.

A dungeon delving adventure rp akin to exploration games such as Etrian Odyssey or Mystery Dungeon. This will be a much smaller rp, consisting of a group of up to about four or five people and it will your job to discover the secrets of a lost civilization. (I know, a very original idea xD)

A build-your-own-bot rp focusing on a more competitive atmosphere, this rp will primarily be focused on the series LBX and you will have choice between most of the little robots to call your own. Specials bots will be reserved for those I believe have earned the rights to use them.

A galactic mercenary rp, this will take inspiration from the Halo series and will focus primarily on character development. You'll obviously be a part of a well trained merc group, benefits include getting rich quick and making new friends and allies, but where there are friends, there are also enemies.

A Crow's Revenge (IC/Cohost: Libracor)

16 July 2017 - 11:03 PM


A Grave Festival

The world around him was hazy, dark, unfamiliar, Kcalb couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on around him. "... You used to be so much more..." A familiar, eerie voice echoed around him, a voice that has haunted him for years now. "... You were the Devil that everyone feared... Evil, sadistic, terrifying... And now look at you... A mere shell of what you once were..." The voice's laughter seemed to echo in Kcalb's head. "You don't know me... My past... My past is none of your business!"

"Your past... Is history... And history can be learned... Especially through another's own thoughts..." Sweat dripped from Kcalb's forehead. "W-wha... What are you talking about?" Kcalb flinched as he felt something grab his throat. "In due time... Old friend..." The voice laughed maniacally.

"I always wondered... She is the only thing keeping you sane at this point... What would happen... If she were to vanish, would you lose yourself in your madness? Beg for an end to your suffering, an end that won't. Ever. Come!?!" Images flashed in Kcalb's mind, images of blood, destruction, death. Those he cared for laid at his feet, murdered in cold blood. His arms held the one he cared for the most, dead eyes staring at the monster that murdered her.


Kcalb woke up in a panic, sweat dripped from his face as he tried to get a sense of his surroundings. He was in his bed, sun shined through the window, lighting up the greyed out room. "Was it... Was it just a... A nightmare?" Still shaken from the terrifying dream, Kcalb got out from his bed and looked out through the window of his room. The village below was small, but it was clear that it was full of activity. Kcalb sighed and went to get ready, for the Grey Festival was today.

Grey Village buzzed with activity, angels and demons hurried around, setting up stalls and fixing up decorations for the festival tonight. Some stalls were already set up and had assortments of items, treats, and trinkets on display for passers-by. The sweet aroma of apples wafted through the air, the smell originated from a nice little stall in the center of the village. A young demon girl in a maid's outfit was cleaning the counter of the stall as a little angel in a blue robe carried a basket of apples over to her. "Thank you, Chelan... That should be enough apples for tonight." The girl said as she looked back at the dozen more baskets behind the stall, Chelan hummed happily as she set the last basket down.

On the western side of the village, two young looking demons were attending to what appeared to be a large, black portal. "Say, Ater... How many people do you think will attend the festival?" The black-haired one spoke. "I don't know, Arbus... We sent invitations to just about every world including ours, it's hard to say." The white-haired one spoke. "Well, you know what they say... The more the merrier!" They said at the same time.

To the east of the village, a stage overlooking a large field of flowers was being set up. A young angel in a green sweater was busy carrying things around and seemed to be in distress. "Oooohhh... I wish Rawberry was here to help... Or anybody really..." She set some tools down and went back to building up a part of the stage.


A Crow's Revenge (Not Accepting/Cohost: Libracor)

09 June 2017 - 03:44 PM

Many worlds exist in this universe, some small and some big, some that stand out others that have not been explored as much. Among these worlds stood out one that was unlike the others, while it's history was marked with bloodshed and violence it now stands as one of the more peaceful worlds. The Gray Garden, a world where demons and angels live in peace with eachother, a peace that was forged after a long and bloody war.

This conflict, that took thousands of lives on each side, was ultimately settled when the devil, Kcalb, and the god, Etihw, ended the conflict peacefully so that no more innocent blood had to be spilled. This war took place many, many... Many years ago, so it has become something of a distant memory for those who had witnessed it. However, there were some who did not agree with this peaceful end, and their names have long since faded over time, except for one.

On the day of the Gray Festival, a celebration of the centuries of peace and prosperity in the Garden, this name will let itself be known again. A name that Kcalb had hoped to never hear uttered in the waking world.

Important Characters

Playable Races

Other Worlds

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