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A Crow's Revenge (Accepting/Cohosts- KuriOmniGod & Libracor)

09 June 2017 - 03:44 PM

Many worlds exist in this universe, some small and some big, some that stand out others that have not been explored as much. Among these worlds stood out one that was unlike the others, while it's history was marked with bloodshed and violence it now stands as one of the more peaceful worlds. The Gray Garden, a world where demons and angels live in peace with eachother, a peace that was forged after a long and bloody war.

This conflict, that took thousands of lives on each side, was ultimately settled when the devil, Kcalb, and the god, Etihw, ended the conflict peacefully so that no more innocent blood had to be spilled. This war took place many, many... Many years ago, so it has become something of a distant memory for those who had witnessed it. However, there were some who did not agree with this peaceful end, and their names have long since faded over time, except for one.

On the day of the Gray Festival, a celebration of the centuries of peace and prosperity in the Garden, this name will let itself be known again. A name that Kcalb had hoped to never hear uttered in the waking world.

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28 October 2016 - 12:37 PM

I'm not the best artist, but here are some characters that I made that I'm implementing into a story me and my friend created.



Megaman Battle Network: Digital Legends [OOC/Co-Hosted by Krein and Senorchavez

26 August 2016 - 11:27 PM

A Wind Rider RP

The year is 20XX, the digital age has advanced to a point where anything is possible. Cars are driven by wireless computers, digital holograms have produced full 3D imaging for TVs and computers, and best of all, everyone has their very own PET, each with their own NetNavi, a customizable, highly intelligent AI program that is capable of many tasks.

But within this technological paradise, there are darker things at work, evil people who would want nothing more than to turn man against machine and to cause total anarchy. If and when these people decide to reveal themselves to the world, there will be those who will stop at nothing to put a halt to the anarchy that would soon ensue. Take the plunge and jack into the Internet.

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[OOC] Brave Frontier: Lost Legends [Not Started/Always Accepting]

22 July 2016 - 06:15 AM

Grand Gaia


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Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Dark, Light

This rp will be driven by characters as each of their stories will add on to the entirety of the plot. What your character has done in their life will effect how they're viewed in the world of the rp. This rp will be combat oriented, but there will be moments of free time for character development, and moments of thinking and puzzle solving where brains will be needed and not brawn.