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The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return

20 March 2018 - 04:10 PM


A Grave Festival

The world around him was hazy, dark, unfamiliar, Kcalb couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on around him. "... You used to be so much more..." A familiar, eerie voice echoed around him, a voice that has haunted him for years now. "... You were the Devil that everyone feared... Evil, sadistic, terrifying... And now look at you... A mere shell of what you once were..." The voice's laughter seemed to echo in Kcalb's head. "You don't know me... My past... My past is none of your business!"

"Your past... Is history... And history can be learned... Especially through another's own thoughts..." Sweat dripped from Kcalb's forehead. "W-wha... What are you talking about?" Kcalb flinched as he felt something grab his throat. "In do time... Old friend..." The voice laughed maniacally.

"I always wondered... She is the only thing keeping you sane at this point... What would happen... If she were to vanish, would you lose yourself in your madness? Beg for an end to your suffering, an end that won't. Ever. Come!?!" Images flashed in Kcalb's mind, images of blood, destruction, death. Those he cared for laid at his feet, murdered in cold blood. His arms held the one he cared for the most, dead eyes staring at the monster that murdered her.


Kcalb woke up in a panic, sweat dripped from his face as he tried to get a sense of his surroundings. He was in his bed, sun shined through the window, lighting up the greyed out room. "Was it... Was it just a... A nightmare?" Still shaken from the terrifying dream, Kcalb got out from his bed and looked out through the window of his room. The village below was small, but it was clear that it was full of activity. Kcalb sighed and went to get ready, for the Grey Festival was today.

Grey Village buzzed with activity, angels and demons hurried around, setting up stalls and fixing up decorations for the festival tonight. Some stalls were already set up and had assortments of items, treats, and trinkets on display for passers-by. The sweet aroma of apples wafted through the air, the smell originated from a nice little stall in the center of the village. A young demon girl in a maid's outfit was cleaning the counter of the stall as a little angel in a blue robe carried a basket of apples over to her. "Thank you, Chelan... That should be enough apples for tonight." The girl said as she looked back at the dozen more baskets behind the stall, Chelan hummed happily as she set the last basket down.

On the western side of the village, two young looking demons were attending to what appeared to be a large, black portal. "Say, Ater... How many people do you think will attend the festival?" The black-haired one spoke. "I don't know, Arbus... We sent invitations to just about every world including ours, it's hard to say." The white-haired one spoke. "Well, you know what they say... The more the merrier!" They said at the same time.

To the east of the village, a stage overlooking a large field of flowers was being set up. A young angel in a green sweater was busy carrying things around and seemed to be in distress. "Oooohhh... I wish Rawberry was here to help... Or anybody really..." She set some tools down and went back to building up a part of the stage.


(Retry) The Gray Garden: A Nightmarish Return (OOC/Started/Not Currently Accepting)

15 February 2018 - 12:33 PM


Welcome to The Gray Garden, a world of beautiful meadows and forests, where angels and demons live peacefully with one another. However, it was not always as peaceful as it is now, in fact it was horrible. Hundreds of years ago, angels and demons fought against each other in a bloody war, with both sides receiving heavy casualties. This war lasted for many years, until the god, Etihw, and the devil, Kcalb, ended it all peacefully. A peace treaty was made and the war had ended, angels and demons had been at peace ever since.

Now it is time for the Gray Festival, a celebration made to commemorate the many years of peace The Gray Garden has seen. This celebration is also open to more than the denizens of The Gray Garden, Kcalb and Etihw have sent invitations to other worlds too, making the Gray Festival quite the event. However, this celebration may soon be ruined, for a name has begun to float through the air, a long forgotten name, a name that Kcalb had hoped to never hear uttered again.

So, this is a thing... Again. Last time, due to inactivity, this rp didn't get far. I am willing to give this another shot as it did manage to get started, but of course, it's whether or not you all want to join. I'm not the best rper, I'm not the best host, but just give me a chance. I promise that I will provide any at all info that you need to start a character, and I'll be sure to provide situations for all your characters. That is, if you want to give this another shot too.



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Mogeko Characters as Yugioh Cards (6/?)

01 February 2018 - 09:29 PM

This list of cards will be updated on a regular basis until I find that it is complete. I appreciate any at all comments or criticisms you may have about these cards. Note: Most if not all of these cards will be gimmicky in some way and may or may not be completely playable, especially with how the game is nowadays.




Neo-Spacian/Neos NEX support (written)

07 January 2018 - 04:04 PM

I got into yugioh around the time Neos was introduced into the game and I was legitimately interested in this Spacefaring Hero and his Neo-Spacian allies. One card that caught my attention the most was the spell card NEX, a card that 'evolved' the Neo-Spacians into more powerful versions of themselves. Sadly, either from Neo-Spacians not being popular enough or useful enough, NEX only saw three cards made for it in its time. Here, I will try to fix that with these new cards.


Extra Deck

Etrian Odyssey: Lost Memories

16 December 2017 - 09:17 PM


The great tree, Yggdrasil, an enormous tower-like tree that keeps the world balanced, and is rumored to stretch all the way to the very heavens. It is the goal of every Exploration Guild to map out the multiple stratums of the great tree, and to uncover the long lost treasures that slumber within. But as many Guild's have found out, the stratums are far more dangerous than they may appear. Each stratum has it's own environment, it's own climate, it's own challenges, it's own beasts. As of now, nobody has been able to pass the 3rd Stratum, for any Exploration Guild who ventures in returns wounded and empty handed, with no recollection whatsoever.

Now, in the city of Dulcet, the local Exploration Guildhouse is looking for able bodied warriors, mages, scouts, and the like, to form up and venture into Yggdrasil. These teams will each be lead by a well trained mapmaker, and it will be their goal to uncover any at all secrets, and to venture past the 3rd Stratum. Will you be the one to see what's beyond the 3rd Stratum? Or will you fail just as many other teams have?

Important Locations

Character Classes

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