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In Topic: [5/5] Scarfsaur Series

20 June 2016 - 10:21 AM

I really like them,

they seem really playable and are so cute.

Green was something these guys needed, thanks to him you can special any other for the effect.

Trio gives them an actual purpose besides being cute and keeping your opponent busy allowing for nice control.

(I spotted 1 lil' mistake though: Scarfsaur Trio's lore states you need 3 materials the card itself reads 2 materials.)

If these guys would be released I'd get them


And again they are so cute <3

In Topic: [5/5] Scarfsaur Series

20 June 2016 - 04:16 AM

I'll look forward to seeing them <3

In Topic: [5/5] Scarfsaur Series

19 June 2016 - 03:34 PM

They are so cute <3

Sadly there aren't more of them, as such let me make some suggestions:

How about a trap or field that allows you to normal them during your opponent's turn?

And maybe a boss monster that lets you recycle them and allow additional summons each turn?

In Topic: Neck Hunter.dek (Written)

30 December 2015 - 11:20 AM

I corrected the OCG



>The card seems very interesting. I'm just worried about the last effect though, seems a little powerful. Perhaps only summon from your Graveyard/Banished?

Indeed it is powerful, after testing I gave this card a little buff so that it gains counters when the equipped monster is destroyed (as sometimes it was too hard to get counters) and I didn't edit the rest. The 5 counters effect has become to strong now though I'll edit.



>Effect 3, I feel, is not really necessary. Tokens can already be used for the Tribute Summon of any monster, or their effects. Perhaps make them do something when they are used for this effect? The last effect is also a little powerful, although only when it comes from the Extra Deck. Remove that and I think it will be balanced.


About the 3 effect I forgot to say tokens from either players side of the field, and I was indeed questioning the balance of the last effect, as it could summon the synchro very easily. And to be honest in all the games I tested this deck, this effect I only used twice. The effect seems quite redundant now that I look at it again. I think I'll remove it altogether. 



>Seems very cool, would say it is a Spirit monster, but it can be Special Summoned. Works well as far as I can see.

Ups that I forgot(same as with the union), I was a bit messy after finding out all the pics didn't work :).


The Headless Warrior and the Severed Head (you got the effects paired with the wrong name<3)

These two have different uses depending on the monster you destroyed, but usually they are there for synchro plays ( with Severed Head's effect you can make many different levels).


With the Horseman I had 'Send' put there intentionally as I wanted it to work with the steed. It wouldn't work with move, would it?

In Topic: Moth Support - 4/? - Any and all non-terrible comments will now get 3 reps

29 December 2015 - 07:57 AM

I like the idea of upgrading the moths as I thought they were entertaining.


With this support it will be playable again.


Anyways here is what I think:


Cacoon: This card speeds up the process of evolution which is good and it offers the much needed protections, on top of that it lets you search,

This card alone is a humongous boon to these guys.


Larvae Defender: Stacking up the defence on a Petit Moth under the protection of cacoon will do miracles.


Moth Defender: he speeds things up and disrupts the opponent. Useful but not really interesting imo


Corrupted: a nice hand trap, I like handtraps > I like the card.


Overall you made this deck look quite enjoyable, I might give a crack at building some support for the moths in the near future.