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About Me

Official CC Judge from 27/03/2016 - 5/12/2016


​Season 14 and Season 14 Postseason Leaderboard Champion



I have good taste in music. =P


I like making cards and stories. Nothing more, nothing less. PM me if you want me to accept a friend approval.


After reading a few profiles and getting to know some of them, I realize that I shouldn't be slacking off on here.


So... Eh, the name's Yuuji/Yuuko on here. {Risen}Helldragon on DN and Helldragon.xd on FanFiction. https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4163843/


In real life?... That's a secret for now. ;)


To all the depressed/sad/hopeless people on here: Here's the quote that got me out of my slump. I hope it can help you too.


"Forget the risk, take the fall. If it's what you want, it's worth it all."


Oh, so I saw this on others' profile pages as well. So the people that I like the most on here are:


Eh, too lazy. They are all on my friends list, so... Yeah. But why not, let's make special mentions to a select few that I can actually write something about:


Egmoedeus and Toadtotter: Definitely the first friends I have had on here. Egmoedeus has to be the most chill dude on YCM, and Toadtotter is really knowledgeable about things. I'd give these guys a perfect 7/10. Jk, 10/10.


Sakura: Honestly, I have to say he is the person I look up to the most in YCM, lol. Aside from being knowledgeable, he's ridiculously good at handling situations.


Also, he's almost finished Engineering in University, and that's not an easy task to complete. I'm pretty much following in his footsteps depending on the University that accepts me... Except Shadow Lugia is my favourite Pokemon.


Kana: Hmm... How to describe you other than a hardcore gamer and chocolate addict. This is hard... Well, you've got decent taste in music, so I'll have to give you that. XD


Kind of mean at times, but can also be adorable depending on her mood. Attracts other guys like flies to honey, and usually bored with life. Perfect words to describe her would be female anime protagonist and ideal little sister material.


Dova: Erm... Employer material. I can easily picture him running a business, while everyone else does the work. Still a cool guy all in all. XD


Terrible at keeping deadlines.


Shadowliepard (Porygon Girl): One of the funniest people I've met so far. Likes Pokemon, and the most memorable thing for me about her was her admin response to a player who was complaining about Quickplay Spells and what was the purpose of cards like MST if they didn't negate effects.


"So you can play them quickly" - Shadow_liepard 2016


Brb, reading this still makes me laugh hard.


Cherz: Too lazy to put down the new username. =P


A really nice person, and is usually subjected to the flirtations of the senior members. Can only think of Naturias when I think about her, especially Cherries. Can't think of anything good at the moment.


Excellent dueling partner to test out cards too, I guess.


Mitcher: Eh... An interesting person. Not sure what else to say.


Giga: <3


Raeg: Diecast senpai.


Enguin: Nuff said.


Soulfire: Who the f- does not like him? Also, unnamed Moderator of Creative Writing because he brought it back to life. Nuff said. >.<


Gadjiltron: There's like nothing bad about him lol. I'd say that the top cardmaker in YCM, in both aesthetics and usability, as well as balance, would be him. I think Dova would be the second place contender, although there are other works from other members that really make distinguishing second place obscure.


Good reviewer as well, albeit a bit lazy at times. Really likeable, and the only one who would bother to use the Trebuchet MS font on YCM lol. Definitely one of the best mods YCM will ever see on here. Ugh, now I'm not sure if I like him or Sakura as best mod. =/


YugsterMajor: Probably my favourite fellow CC Judge. He's always nice, and a bit underappreciated in my opinion by the community. If it wasn't for him, I'd probably never had bothered making my first CC.


Well, be nice to him. >=/


Black: Lol, the most awkward one on here at the moment I think? I guess we started off at the wrong foot, but overall, I couldn't dislike/hate you from the old arguments lol. Have to admit that I admired your quick thinking, and after learning through some of the YCM history on here... I don't know. I respect you in a decent amount of ways I guess.


If there's one thing that I wished that I was good at, it would be the ability to maintain a beautiful friendship with someone that I loved deeply, but I guess I'm very terrible in that area, lol. Well, I'm also still supporting the shipping of Black x B- *Shot*


Oh and, he's my Uncle now.


Nyx: I don't know exactly what to say. Oh well Lol.


Koko: My favourite moderator (and favourite person <3) on YCM. No, really, I'm not joking. She's Yuuko's Okaa-san! ^_^


People who are allowed to pet me list:


- Cocoa Okaa-san
- Nyx
- Gadjiltron
- Mirei-senpai
- Uncle Black
- Auntie Birdie

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Chara <3

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