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Ninjask Is Bae

Ninjask Is Bae

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In Topic: The Second Annual YCM Games: The Reaping (LAST DAY)

Yesterday, 01:03 PM

I don't know at all how this works. So obviously I vollunteer.

In Topic: Pokémon Archetype Club

13 August 2018 - 04:53 AM




In Topic: Post and I'll ask you a question

12 August 2018 - 02:07 PM

Do you have a funny story to tell?

Not really any that I haven't already told in the status bar, but I'll just re-tell an old one.


So me and my girlfriend were at a village festival McThing and I was dressed the way I dress when I put in some effort. Make-up and feminine-ish clothes. And some guys come up to us to try to flirt with us. Pretty sure they just came for my girlfriend as she is a skinny girl with some real nice curves pretty blonde, but some guy also came up to me flirtatiously calling me "girl" and "chick" (which is a disrespectful way to say "girl" is my language). I see my girlfriend doesn't like this attention so I tell them she's my girlfriend with my manly man voice.


Que in the real party. The dude that was flirting with me starts to basically scream at the top of his lungs that I'm "a [insert swear word idiots call homosexual people here]" catching a lot of attention from other people. Which is kinda ironic as he was just a few second before flirting with me.


So me and my girlfriend decide to address this irony at about the same vollume as he was broadcasting that I was "a [insert swear word idiots call homosexual people here]", resulting in some bystanders laughing at him, not that many to be honest, but enough to drive them away in embarrasment.


I just realised it's not that funny if you weren't there. It wasn't really funny then either, I was actually quite scared.

In Topic: Pokémon Archetype Club

08 August 2018 - 03:54 AM

I'll be reserving Oricorio and all its forms.

In Topic: Krow is Bored at Work AMA

08 August 2018 - 03:42 AM

Do you love me?

Will you love me forever?

Do you need me?

Will you never leave me?

Will you make me so happy

For the rest of my life?

Will you take me away

And will you make me your wife?