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#7102917 Shuckle, Remoraid, Octillery, and Signal Beam (PAC)[WRITTEN]

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 04 June 2018 - 10:40 AM

What level are they? They were censored for some reason.



It's pretty good, however you should be aware that this also will protect the bigger boss monsters. However due to its weakness to Raigeki I´d say its fine for now. Will however wait for a second opponion on wether this is too strong or not.



Good card, gives you options and fodder for the later bigger monsters. Basicly makes all your monsters battle immune. Has good offensive power. Not overpowering though as it isn't that re-usable.



So, this is a personal thing. But I'm pretty disapointed in the lack of Octazooka-like effect.

Other than that though, I guess its fine if you're planning on making more "Beam" cards.


Signal Beam

Abit situational. It targets and only 1 monster is affected. Unless you roll a 6 its basicly a downgraded Raigeki. Maybe if it could target any card on the field it would be better for the utillity. Or if it was a Quick Play (but that might be OP).

#7101293 Pokémon Archetype Club

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 23 May 2018 - 10:41 AM

You know what. I'll already fill in some blueprints, because like this, we can't do anything. I think you'll like those blueprints anyway.


Also, I would actually want it to probably be a generic special summoning condition. So the stage 2 pokémon can be specialled by tributing any basic pokémon of the same type, but they gain EXTRA effects when they are summoned using their actual pre-evolution as a tribute.


As for the Spell/Trap line up. I was thinking of having "PokéAbillity" cards as Continuous/Quick Play/Normal Spell/Traps, "PokéItem" cards, which are the Hold Items in Pokémon, as Equip Cards, "PokéGym" cards as Field Spells and just normal "Poké" cards that are just normal items or places in the Pokémon series as cards that just do other stuff for the Archetype. What do you think of that?

#7101126 Pokémon Archetype Club

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 22 May 2018 - 10:09 AM

Hello, I only really made this club to stop being a hypocrite, because I always say a club like this would be good for the forum but I never made a club like it.

The idea of this club is to make a Pokémon Archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh which includes all Pokémon. That is a project which is way too big for just one person if you really want to put some effort into the cards. I also think it would just be good fun.

What are the rules of the club?
How Will We make an Archetype with all Pokémon?
How do I join?

List of Members
Official Cards
Cards Awaiting Approval
Reserved Cards

#7101000 YCM is dead, how can we fix this?

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 21 May 2018 - 11:30 AM

As a not so active member and a bit of the outsides of the forum, I think I might actually have a bit of a unique insight into this.


I think there are multiple issues that are intertwined with each other that drive away newer members. And some of these are literally unfixable. (namely 1 and 3)


1. Lack of interaction with newer members

Alright, I totally understand this one, and I am admitadly part of the problem. But you just have to look through Casual- and Advanced card design to see the huge ammount of actual quality posts that go without any feedback. This is a HUGE turn-off for most newer posters as they are on the forum for interaction in the first place. Though I do try my best to comment on topics with 0 comments.


2. Lack of a drive towards big projects like AGM

If 1 wasn't a problem then this wouldn't be a problem either, but with the unfixability of problem 1 a nice alternative would be to drive everyone into the Clubs & Organizations forum to make cards together, as people will be forced to give attention to other people's work. Maybe this would ruin that part of the forum though. Also, I just realised that I have never made a club myself, so can I really whine about this? A good alternative to this would also be to have a specific sub-forum to make card making projects that are too big for one person and have it be in the "Card Maker" part of the site.


3. Difficult to get into "the circle"

When you get on this site you realise all the big posters know each other and it's pretty difficult to get in on a community like that. That's discouraging, but unfixable.


Edit: Also, discord is not the answer to all our problems, that place is a hellhole.

#7100005 I Remade The Venom Archetype Almost Entirely Discuss If You Want Feedback Is...

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 14 May 2018 - 12:33 PM

I'll go over some cards that caught my attention.


Venom Snake

I'm really liking the modernisation, however I'd personally have kept its original "feel". I'd give it the effect it currently has in addition to its original effect as they can't really function at the same time. Also it works well "Venom Shot" which is nice.


Venom Serpent

You are aware it searches the Spell/Trap line-up too right? That's a really quick plus 1 and make this card basically an objectively better version of Venom Snake


Venom Cobra

The effect itself is pretty good, and I see what it's supposed to do. But what happened to its 2k body? I mean, it has an effect now, but it has nothing to do anymore with the original card. If you change them this much then you might as well just give them modern support. 


Venom Viper

I get the idea. But this is a deck based on decreasing your opponent's monster's ATK. If you have to rely on this thing to get over their monsters you're doing something wrong. Though the advantage regaining effect is nice, I guess.


Venom Mamba



Venom Krait

Nice card, it works.


Venom Taipan

I mean, if you have a Mamba with its second effect it isn't really needed. But still a nice card, completely wall 60 card decks, if a bit redundant.


Venom Rattler

Not bad, but its an unneeded normal summon.


Venom Python

So its a better archetypal Kaiju? I like Kaijus. And its a playmaker.


Snake Diety's Command/Suppression

Normally this would be bad. But this Archetype has such a hard time with backrow that they need this. Also the deck can get so cloggy with normal summons that the discard 1 isn't the biggest deal.


Possible Decklist for a consistant Venom Deck

3 Venom Snake

3 Terraforming

3 Venom Swamp

3 Venom Serpent

3 Venom Krait

3 Venom Python

1 Solemn Judgement

3 Offering To The Snake Deity

3 Snake Deity's Command

1 Venomous Hate

3 Venom Shot

3 Venom Rebirth

3 Venom Mamba

2 Pot of Duality

3 Lose 1 Turn

#7099265 Fully Reworked And Supported Arcana Force Archetype

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 10 May 2018 - 04:32 AM

I love the idea of just reworking all the old cards in the same style to make the same archetype but better. If you don't mind I might even nick this idea from you for other archetypes. But could you explain what you were trying to do with these changes? I can see that you finished the entire archetype which Konami was too lazy to do, but other than that the effects still have about the same good effect to bad effect ratio. Were you trying to just make the Archetype less frustrating to play? because then you succeeded. Were you trying to make them better? Then you failed, they're just bad in more fair ways now, I think if this was your goal then you fundamentaly missed why they are bad.


Also Wheel of Fortune is just stupid, lol. If you get the heads effect and a good roll you've basicly immediatly won (or maybe not because you're playing Arcana Force and your deck is probably just one big brick), if you get tails and a high roll you've immediatly lost.


Also, why on earth would you use black text on a black background.

#7088411 [Written] Super Mega Depression

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 18 March 2018 - 07:18 AM

Please only read if you have a VERY dark sence of humor.


Super Mega Depression

Normal Spell

Surrender the game, for if you had won you wouldn't be happy with it anyway. Besides, you don't deserve to win and you'll just be a nuisance if you do, then, add 1 "Rope" from your deck to your neck, and if you do, send 1 "Player" from your side of the field to the GY.


#7043016 The FORMS Set(By Yairnet)

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 15 October 2017 - 06:06 AM

It seems that we had the exact same idea for naming our Pokémon cards... my idea was to name them "Poké[primary type]". Just know that if I do post pokémon cards with those names I'm not copying you. We just came up with the same idea seperately. 


As for the cards... there are a loooooooooot. And I don't really have enough patience to go over them all, but a small tip I did want to give you was that effects always need a purpose. Like, what is the use of having spikey eared pichu be treated as a normal pichu if there is no normal pichu or effects that interact with it.


Second, the Mega's are really inconsistant, you need the normal Pokémon on the field, then you need to have the Mega and Mega Transformation in your hand. That's a situation that's not going to come up often in most decks. And if you do summon them, the effects just aren't worth it because they'll just be returned to the hand anyway. Maybe take some inspiration from "/Assault Mode" cards and only do it once they are destroyed and make them easier to summon.

#7036869 Skegmot, Virus of Destruction

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 16 September 2017 - 10:17 AM

Re-read the card, it says "on the field".

Doesn't matter. The rules will simply go "Yeah, on the field. Your side though."


You have to specify "On either side of the field"

#7033326 Skegmot, Virus of Destruction

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 31 August 2017 - 08:26 AM

With the current card text it only tributes your Link monsters. Because tributing is inherritely on your side of the field unless specified. (On either player's side of the field)

#7030825 Ninjask - Sonic Insect [Written]

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 18 August 2017 - 05:34 AM

Ninjask - Sonic Insect

Effect Monster l Insect l Wind l level 3
You can Special Summon this card, from your hand, by shuffling all cards in your graveyard into your deck. (min 1.)
You can double this card's ATK, during the turn you activate this effect this card cannot attack.
At the end of the battle phace, if this card did not attack, this card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects until the start of your next Battle Phace.
If a monster is summoned to your side of the field while this card's ATK is double its original ATK, you can shuffle this card into your deck; that summoned monster's ATK is doubled until the End Phace.
You can only activate each of the effects of "Ninjask - Sonic Insect" once per turn.
700 ATK/700 DEF

#7026014 Naturia Support

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 30 July 2017 - 06:19 AM

I made three traps that would really help "Naturia" overal do what do they do, but better. One of the traps is to further the negation that they have. One of the traps is to help lock down your opponent by making it easier to get out the tribute monsters. One of the traps is suposed to help the synchro aspect by making "Naturia" monsters float.


Naturia Lifecycle

Counter Trap

If your opponent would activate a Spell card effect or summon a monster; you can tribute 1 face-up "Naturia" monster; negate that activation or summon, and if you do, destroy that card.
If your opponent would activate a Trap or monster effect you can banish this card and another "Naturia", card from your graveyard; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card.
Can be sent to the graveyard with "Foolish Burial Goods" to get the second effect. The negation requires the tribute of a "Naturia" monster but that advantage is gained back through the graveyard effect. Also, if sent to the graveyard throught the effect of "Naturia Beast" it isn't a big deal.
Naturia Foodcycle
Normal Trap
Target 1 face-up "Naturia" monster you control; activate the following effect depending on the targetted monster:
● If the targetted monster is plant-type; tribute summon 1 level-5 or higher Insect-type "Naturia" monster from your hand, deck or graveyard using the targetted monster as a tribute.
● If the targetted monster is not a plant-type; tribute summon 1 level-5 or higher Plant-type "Naturia" monster from your hand, deck or graveyard using the targetted monster as a tribute.
If your opponent would destroy exactly 1 "Naturia" monster, you can banish this card from your graveyard instead.
Basicly a better copy of "Naturia Bambooshoot" while in your hand. Can be sent to the graveyard with "Foolish Burial Goods" if you're really desperate. Not a big deal if it's milled by "Naturia Beast".
Naturia Ecocycle
Continuous Trap
Once per turn, during either player's turn, if a "Naturia" monster leaves the field; you can special summon an other "Naturia" monster from your graveyard whose level is equal to or lower than the level of the monster that left the field.
Makes Naturias float. Strong in combination with the other two cards in this topic as they both make "Naturia" monsters leave the field and this basicly makes those cards a plus.
Wadayathink? Would these cards make "Naturia" playable? or are these cards not good enough? Any critisism is welcome.


#7025686 A new Yu-Gi-Oh (the unban list)

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 29 July 2017 - 10:25 AM

Basicly, my idea was this.

Every card is banned, except the cards that are explicitely unbanned, set to limited, or set to semi-limited.

The idea is that because you have complete control of the banlist and all released cards are pretty bad you can get decks like "Jester Lord beatdown" to compete with "Zoodiacs" (even though both decks have no cards unbanned right now, lol)


If anyone would be interested with flipping around with this idea, I guess just comment on this topic or PM me. All help is welcome!


right now the list is



Main Deck Monsters

All non-tuner non-pendulum level 1 or 2 Normal monsters with a DEF lower than or equal to 1900

All non-tuner non-pendulum level 3 Normal monsters with a DEF lower than or equal to 1900 and an ATK lower than or equal to 1700

All non-tuner non-pendulum level 4 Normal monsters with a DEF lower than or equal to 1900 and an ATK lower than or equal to 1700, except "Gamma the Magnet Warrior" and "Mist Valley Watcher" and with the following clause: for each point of ATK that is above 1500 the monster must have a DEF lower than 1500 by 2 points.

(for example "Overdrive" is banned because it's ATK is 1600 and it therefore should have a DEF of maximum 1300, however, its DEF is 1500 which is 200 points too high)

All non-tuner non-pendulum level 5 or 6 Normal monster with a DEF lower than or equal to 2400 and an ATK lower than or equal to 2200 with the following clause: for each point of ATK that is above 1700 the monster must have a DEF lower than 2200 by 2 points.

All non-tuner non-pendulum level 7 or 8 Normal monster with a DEF lower than or equal to 2900 and an ATK lower than or equal to 2700 with the following clause: for each point of ATK that is above 

2200 the monster must have a DEF lower than 2700 by 1 point.

Water Spirit

Needle Ball

Boar Soldier

Missing Force

Mucus Yolk

Crimson Sentry


Zoodiac Thoroughblade

Zoodiac Kataroost

Zoodiac Bunnyblast

Venom Snake

Venom Serpent

Venom Boa

Aromaseraphy Angelica

Aromage Cananga

Aromage Jasmine

Magical Reflect Slim

Dawnbreak Gardna

Tatsuke Knight



Genex Controller

Galaxy Serpent

All non effect Ritual Monsters

Sonic Bird

Senju of the Thousand Hands

Don Zaloog

All Dark Scorpion monsters



Gaia Power/Luminous Spark/Molten Destruction/Mystic Plasma Zone/Rising Air Current/Umiiruka

Stop Defense/Block Attack

Spells that deal up to 800 damage as their only effect

Spells that make you gain 1200 life points as their only effect

Mystic Box

Shield Crush


Venom Swamp

Venom Shot

Aroma Garden

Fusion Sage

Sword of the Deep Seated

Black Pendant

Ninghtmare's Steelcage

All non effect ritual monster's Ritual Spells

All Guardian Equip Spells except "Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe"

Mustering of the Dark Scorpions



Pyro Clock of Destiny

Raigeki Break

Venom Burn

Ambush Fang

Numinous Healer



Fusion Monsters

All Non Effect Fusion Monsters


Synchro Monsters

Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth

Aromaseraphy Rosemary

Flamvell Uruquizas

Star Eater


Naturia Leodrake

Scrap Archfiend


Xyz Monsters

Number 63: Shamoji Soldier

Shining Elf

Tri-Edge Levia

Zoodiac Boarbow

Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger

Number 44: Shining Pegasus

Number 48: Shadow Lich

Number 19: Freezadon

Pilgrim Reaper






Main Deck Monsters

Jerry Beans Man

Zoodiac Ratpier

Worm Apocalypse

Man-Eater Bug


Spell Cards

Upstart Goblin


Trap Cards

Dust Tornado



The rest


From there you unban more and more cards while keeping everything in check. Because a game like this would just be pretty boring.


Will keep this post updated if there is interest, and I will add stuff other people suggest to the unban list if it's deemed balanced enough. (If a flip load of people say it's balanced but I think it's not I'll still add it to the unban list, I don't want to be some kind of God of this project, my vote on stuff still counts as just 1 vote.)

#7025624 [Written] Minus One

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 29 July 2017 - 06:48 AM

Minus One

Continuous Spell

If you win the duel while this card is face-up on the field, your opponent sucks at Yu-Gi-Oh.

#7022095 Paralysis by Analysis [Written]

Posted by Ninjaskisbae on 13 July 2017 - 03:35 AM

You put this in Joke cards but this is actually a really good card. You might think "But this is just a minus 1!". BUT! What if I forgot what was in my deck? You know. What archetype was I playing again? Bet you didn't think about that!


Edit: If you're already winning this is actually a pretty OK card I just thought of. This take bleeping ages to do (you know, grab everything and then put it back in their original location) which makes your opponent go to time no problemo. lol. Also if you can somehow make your opponent draw a card in the mean time they're also R.I.P. but seeing as you have a "PSY-Framelord Omega" you prolly don't need a silly win con like that.