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[Written] (PAC) PokéAbility Parental Bond

10 June 2018 - 07:39 AM

This card exists in the context of the "Poké" Archetype by the Pokémon Archetype Club. So the effect may affect or may be affected by other cards in the archetype. (Link to the rest of the Archetype:https://forum.yugioh.../#entry7101911)


The idea of this card is to make the evolution mechanic more consistant, reliable and fun to use. All while not being an objective consistancy booster.


PokéAbility Parental Bond

Normal Spell

Reveal 1 "Poké" monster in your hand; Add 1 monster from your Deck to your hand, that specifically lists the revealed card in its text or that is specifically listed in the text of the revealed card.


The downside of this of this card is that you are showing your opponent information about your hand and if you do not already have a "Poké" monster in your hand that can evolve or be evolved from something this card is a brick. The upside however is very clear, it resolves bricks with level 5 or higher evolution Pokémon and it creates stronger boards "for free" if you have a basic Pokémon in your hand.

[Written] (PAC) PokéFire "Flannery" Cards

27 May 2018 - 10:17 AM

These cards exist in the context of the "Poké" Archetype by the Pokémon Archetype Club. So some effect may affect other cards in the archetype. (Link to the rest of the Archetype:https://forum.yugioh.../#entry7101911)


This is actually the first Topic with Poké cards so that's exiting I guess.


The cards here all have to do something with Flannery so I wanted to tie them together with the Field Spell, which is based around her Gym. The cards don't have an overarching theme other than that though. Explination of the cards themselfs will be at the bottom of the Topic.


I will tweak these cards until they are deemed acceptable for the Poké Archetype, so I'd love clear ways to make the cards better. Or scrap them if it is decided they are unfixable.


I have these written out because I've been having some trouble with the Neo New Card Maker. (Even if I had some really pretty pictures :()


PokéFire - Slugma

level 3 / Pyro / FIRE / Effect

You can destroy 1 other "PokéFire" card you control and 1 card your opponent controls. You can only use this effect of "PokéFire - Slugma" once per turn and only once while this card is face-up on the field.

1200 ATK/ 200 DEF


PokéFire - Magcargo

level 4 / Pyro / FIRE / Effect

You can Special Summon this card, from your hand, by tributing 1 level 4 or lower "PokéFire" monster. Monsters your opponent controls lose 500 ATK and DEF. Once per turn, if the effect of a monster on the field with 500 or less ATK or DEF is activated: You can destroy that card on the field. If this card is Special Summoned using "PokéFire - Slugma" as a tribute it gains the following effect:

● If this card is summoned: You can destroy 1 card on the field.

1400 ATK/ 1700 DEF


PokéFire - Torkoal

level 4 / Reptile / FIRE / Effect

While all other monsters you control are level 4 or lower "PokéFire" monsters (min. 1): this card's ATK and DEF are switched and monsters you control cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects. "PokéFire" monsters you control gain 300 ATK.

100 ATK/ 2000 DEF


Lavaridge Gym

Field Spell

If you control no monsters: You can discard 1 "Poké" card; Special Summon 1 level-4 or lower "PokéFire" monster, from your deck. You cannot Summon level-5 or higher monsters during the turn you activate this effect. "PokéFire" monsters you control gain 500 ATK and DEF.


Card Explination

Pokémon Archetype Club

22 May 2018 - 10:09 AM

Hello, I only really made this club to stop being a hypocrite, because I always say a club like this would be good for the forum but I never made a club like it.

The idea of this club is to make a Pokémon Archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh which includes all Pokémon. That is a project which is way too big for just one person if you really want to put some effort into the cards. I also think it would just be good fun.

What are the rules of the club?
How Will We make an Archetype with all Pokémon?
How do I join?

List of Members
Official Cards
Cards Awaiting Approval
Reserved Cards

[Written] Vehicroids Reworked

14 May 2018 - 01:04 PM

So I nicked the idea to simply rework already existing cards from HeavenlyHumanist. I reworked these cards in the way so that they keep their original “feel” but actually work together a bit, which if you didn't know, the original Vehicroids don't do. While designing these I thought to myself, “What would they do if they were released today?”. Also I gave them a little bit of a theme in them adding monsters from your GY to your hand. However, they have no GY set-up, so they’re a bit inconsistent in that respect.

Slight Changes
Completely Reworked
No Changes
Decklist Ideas


[Written] Rotating "Season" Archetype

10 May 2018 - 05:26 AM

This Archetype is meant to float into the next logical season, so the winter ones float into spring and spring into summer etc. I tried a few hands in a "Six Season" deck I made and it makes a board of "Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En" and some "Season" board presence pretty consistantly. Though it also brick sometimes due to the outside support they need for building boards and their multiple Field Spells.


Winter monsters are level 2 FLIP monsters. Spring is level 4 beaters. Summer is level 5 "Boss" monsters. Fall is level 3 hand traps.


I use Fall because it sounds better than Autumn. Fight me about it.


Winter Season
Spring Season
Summer Season
Fall Season
Extra Deck