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This Jack person, was very cocky. Arroyo had a clear advantage, because he saw Jack's Deck! Nonetheless, he shook the hand sent his way. He smirked, but only enough to show a bit of pleasure. "Well met, Jack. But I have a slight advantage over you. I know what deck you run." Arroyo released the handshake, and pulled out his deck. He pulled out of his Extra Deck Graydle Dragon, and showed it to him. "It is only fair that you know what deck I run, to be fair. I like a good fair challenge," He looked dead into Jack's eyes and locked into them."If you can last more than a few turns against me." Arroyo thought quickly about what blue-eyes decks have, and what could counter it. 'I have a Dimensional Barrier, a Solemn,and a Sea Turtle. What else could I use?' This was the hardest part of the game. Learning how to counter decks. Now, the mind game continues, and the rivalry begins.

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Arroyo popped open the box his father had given him before the voyage. Knowing his father, it was something water related.
Inside, the box held up to his father's reputation. It was filled with water atribute monster cards. He smiled slightly, and sorted through them best he could. Inside were many "Atlantian" cards and; Arroyo smiled at this one, the newest "Graydle" card. "Perfect. This should round out my deck."
Arroyo shuffled it into his deck, stowed the aquamarine colored box into his khaki shorts, and looked down to the duel arena's below, seeing a "Firewall Dragon" attack to end the duel. ' Impresive.... But that card is no Graydle Dragon. Might be worth it to duel him, just to test Graydle Polymer and Graydle Empress.' He smiled slightly, and did his best to walk through the crowd to get to that person, whoever they are.
Arroyo caught up to the person and asked them, "Hello, I am Arroyo, and I saw you duel. That Dragon of yours, it is impressive; but.." he said while his eyes glimmered with amusement, "I have a mightier one in my deck. Sometime soon, we should duel. What do you say?"