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The rules are too strict...

21 March 2017 - 09:20 PM

First off, many posts I have made on this site so far were intentionally "trolly" a little bit. In this thread though, I am serious. I want to point out flaws with the rules for the custom card section. Keep in mind this is all my personal opinion, but I hope you (the staff) at least consider my proposals.


Something that confused me: http://forum.yugiohc...-designs-rules/ At the top of this thread you mention "advanced" only even though these rules are for "casual".




Reviews must be no shorter than 25-30 words in Singles and 50-60 words in Multiples.


So if someone makes a short review you expect them to count their words? This rule seems unnecessary, because it's a hassle.


Are replies that are no reviews allowed? Something like: "Nice card, I really like the idea. Also the image fits your card well." Or do you want everyone to be robotic, allowing no smalltalk?




All members who post their cards from the cardmaker as pictures will be required to post their card's information beneath their cards, regardless if they can read off the image or not. You may use the template below as-is or modify it to your particular needs.


This is a hassle as well. I kinda see why this is, but if you can read all information on the image clearly then this shouldn't be required. It is the thread creator's problem if the image hosting site is down or people use a bad mobile phone browser. This rule should be a "recommendation" instead, not a rule. Of course I'm still fine with the staff locking threads when no images and no card information is available.





There are two conditions for determining if a thread is dead or not; depending if the member in question is the one who created the thread in the first place or not.

Condition 1 (Normal): If a thread has no replies for 14 or more days, it is considered to be dead and SHOULD NOT be posted in. Threads posted in after this period will be considered as necrobumped and will be locked on-sight; either with a verbal note or none at all.


Why?? Why would you restrict people from posting in a thread just because no one has posted in it for 14 days? 14 days is not necroposting. Has this rule ever had to be enforced? I can't see this being human at all. The staff would have to be like: "Your review doesn't actually break any rules whatsoever but uuuh, this thread is 15 days old, so yeah sorry. Locked." I'd extend the time limit to "kill off" threads once 2-3 months have passed.




Condition 2 (Thread creator): If bumping your own thread, you are allowed to do it up to 60 days from the last post date, however you are REQUIRED to have updated the thread somewhat (either you added some cards, fixed up effects and so forth); otherwise, condition 1 applies. You will need to mention what changes you have made.


Would it be fine to open a new thread in that case then? If yes, this rule seems pointless. If no, then welp: all that effort has gone to waste just because the cards are 60 days old.




OCG is NOT the main focus of a review (i.e. be given more weight over important factors like playability, flavor, design, etc). You will be punished if you are caught using OCG as the main focal point. It is important that we understand what the card is trying to do, yes, but the other things must come first.


Well then could you please enforce usage of PSCT? You can't review a card if you don't know what it does. Otherwise, get rid of this rule. All it does is potentially keeping a thread at 0 replies without the author knowing why.


So yeah, please don't just shrug me off :( Generally forum rules are good when they are common sense. The one's I mentioned are not. I'm not bashing the rules just for fun. In the end I have the same intend as you. Making this site a better place.

No comments on multiple custom cards

20 March 2017 - 04:14 PM

So far I have posted like 2 or 3 threads about multiple custom cards and I got 0 comments. Absolutely nothing. xd I looked through various other multiple card threads and all I can find is the thread author bumping their threads. Why is no one commenting on multiple card threads? That's no fun :(

Links arent gonna change the game

19 March 2017 - 03:10 PM

I already see it coming. New archetypes that focus solely on link summons and having the speed and reliability as DDD, zoodias, invoker, etc.


Like if you agree.

Prismatic Archetype

18 March 2017 - 07:50 PM

Heya! This archetype consists of light thunder monsters and continous spell cards. The strategy is to swarm the field, gain some field control and attack with high ATK. Should work well with link monsters too.


Effect Monsters


Continous Spells


I welcome any comments.

The Rulebreakers

05 February 2017 - 04:15 PM

Alright! Here it is. I have created a custom archetype, called the Rulebreakers. I have put a lot of thought into this and would appreciate any sorts of comments, criticism or whatever. Also let me know if anything is unclear. Don't mind the ugly unfitting Xenoblade images please, I just didn't know what else to pick.
Their main strength is that their effects are costs and their actual effects should be negated. This deck is supposed to work well with anti-meta tactics.
Effect Monsters

Xyz Monsters