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Chaos Sonic

Chaos Sonic

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In Topic: Sonic's Neo New AMA Thread

56 minutes ago

Read any webcomics?


Hmm, that's actually something I haven't actually done before. Like an actual webcomic, mind you. I've read manga on the internet, same with old comic strips...but not an actual webcomic. Hmmm...may actually have to invest in looking for some to read then.

In Topic: the deepest of lore

58 minutes ago

Maybe she does have red hair


Only in the edited version Thomas posted.

In Topic: the deepest of lore

Today, 03:34 PM

>Sees image
>Sees human female Bowser
>So many questions fill mind

...ya know, anything I try and say anything here...it's going to end up being warped around. So, I'll go the high road: the "Princess" Bowser should've been given red hair rather than the red hair, due to the general aesthetic of the Koopa's hair.

In Topic: Faytl's Totally Legit Awesome AMA

Today, 01:54 PM

Your thoughts on Chaos Sonic not being a shonen but actually being the final boss?

@Smug Sultan Saikazo ....you'll have to explain to me that whole scenario...


Personally I think it's absurd and that kelp is a much sounder investment.



Bullshit. He hasn't got the gumption.


And he's too much a cinnamon roll. 

I agree on the kelp...but me being a cinnamon roll? ...what universe of me are we talking about? XD


Best way to plan a bank heist?

In Topic: Yui's AMA Thread

Today, 01:52 PM

Why bump the thread when it already gets pretty good traffic?