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In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Today, 08:58 PM





He could hear things around him, most of them muffled for a bit. One sounded like Keanu's voice, but he couldn't be 100% sure right now. As he started to open his eyes, he felt himself getting struck yet again by another attack. This of course, brought him back to reality with what was going on. It was that Yveltal.


With his eyes opening, Randy saw the situation that was going on. He could've swore he was seeing double as he was seeing two Keanus right there...but he couldn't come to reason if this was the case or not. His eyes slowly drug themselves towards where Yveltal stood and he felt his body tense up. This was a Legendary...one on a much more higher level than even Moltres herself. She was stronger and more fierce. They couldn't just fight her like this...


Yet...why did this bring a smile to the Incineroar's face? Why did he feel both a reverent fear about this Gijinka, but at the same time, think of this as a challenge? And a challenge that definitely got his blood boiling.


Randy slowly began to stand up. He hurt, but this was nothing to him. Grabbing the vest on his person, swiftly tossing it off as it floated down past him. Then without warning, he let out a loud roaring yell, most likely catching the attention of Yveltal. "H-Heh...it's not everyday...Solgaleo blesses me with the chance...to go toe-to-toe with a Legendary." he said, beginning to make his stride towards Yveltal, using Acrobatics to up his speed and movements. "I'D BE A FOOL TO NOT TAKE THIS CHANCE! CHARGING TAUROS GUTBUSTER!!!!" Randy roared, tucking into his shoulder and making a B-Line straight for Yveltal, aiming for either her back or stomach.


Yveltal turned to Randy and, as he charged towards her, proceeded to lift both her hands up. A brownish aura surrounded her hands and she fired off an orb-like Focus Blast towards the Incineroar.


Randy was already in motion when the Focus Blast was fired towards him. He growled as he moved slightly in his stride, narrowly dodging the blast, it only grazing his left shoulder. "NOT YET....NOT YET!!!" he roared, keeping his stride.


As Randy was about to reach Yveltal she stepped backwards into a rift and vanished from view for the moment.


"Damnit!" Randy said, rushing towards where Yveltal to where she vanished. He rolled a bit as he started having his eyes darting around, trying to find where she went. "Warpers...it had to be someone with Warping capabilities..."


She then appeared behind Randy and began to bring her arms, charged with Ghost energy, down onto Randy's shoulders...hard.


Glancing behind him, he saw Yveltal return. He wanted to move, but it was already too late. He felt the arms slamming hard down on his shoulder as he was knocked to the ground with a loud roar. "T-Tch...d-d-damnit..." he muttered, slowly trying to get up.


She never let up for an instant. The moment that the Incineroar dropped down, she swung her arm, covered in a dark aura, down onto his back.


Randy was feeling himself being pummeled by Yveltal, gritting his teeth and still keeping himself in the motion of getting up. "...I-I'm...not...done..." he growled out through his gritting teeth. "Not...until...I get...back home..."

In Topic: The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Today, 12:19 PM

A new day, a new adventure...


File 16 - A Gym, A God, and the Bridge

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Today, 11:41 AM





Rose POV


Rose nodded, drawing a card. She took a glance at her Life Points - they were getting dangerously low., and she was running out of options. “I think it’s time for my last resort...” She said, placing the card she had just drawn onto her Duel Disk. “I activate Shaddoll Fusion! I’m sure you know where I can get material if you have an Extra Deck monster by now.” She said, searching through her deck. “I send Shaddoll Falco and Rainbow Kuriboh to the Graveyard!” As she says this, another portal opened up from the ground. “May your radiant beauty shine as bright in the night sky! SHADDOLL FUSION! El Shaddoll Construct!” Out of the portal came a relatively large and divine looking doll, regally glancing at its opponents.

“Falco’s effect trigger! I get to Special Summon the bird in face-down Defense Position!” As she said this, a face-down monster appeared on the field. “Now, Construct! Shine your beauty upon my enemy!” The doll raised her arms, before aiming them at Gaia. Suddenly light burst from her palms and onto the hero.


“Quite the spectacle...however, I’m going to have to give Gaia some help.” Kamen Rider said, snapping his fingers. “Quick-Play, activate! Form Change! Gaia will now change from this form...to another!” Gaia was enveloped in a bright light as a new helmet descended down on him.


“With this mask, your justice is burning a bright blazing fire! Your hands burn away the corruption that this world has to offer! TRANSFORMATION SUMMON! HENSHIN!! Burn those who oppose you to ash with your flames of justice! Masked HERO Goka!!!”


Now where Gaia stood, stood a new warrior clad in red armor, striking a pose with a burning fire behind him was seen.


“Goka arrives on the battlefield. And with Goka, comes his ability. For every HERO in the grave, he gains a 100 attack.” the Rider said, glancing at his grave. “And from what I count, there’s seven. Meaning Goka gains 700 attack!”


Masked HERO Goka -> 2200 -> +700 ATK -> 2900 ATK


“I see I’m not the only one changing monster mid-battle!” Rose said, clasping her hands again. “In that case, I’ll end my turn by setting a card face-down.”


.:Turn 14:.


LP: 2050

Hand: 0

Monster Zone: 1 “El Shaddoll Construct” [ATK], 1 Face-Down

S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: Shaddoll Hedgehog, Mathematician, Jigabyte, Shaddoll Anoyatylls, Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Hound, Inari Fire, Shaddoll Beast, Foolish Burial, Shaddoll Dragon, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, Shaddoll Hedgehog, El Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Fusion, Rainbow Kuriboh, El Shaddoll Winda

Banish: El Shaddoll Grysta, Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness

Field Spell Card: Curse of Shadow Prison (4 Spellstone Counter)


Man...this girl is working me a lot more than I was expecting. What’s even worse...this damn field spell. It’s got 4 counters and that’ll hinder my monster’s attack. the Kamen Rider thought, drawing for his turn.


“Well this is quite the situation. Even more than the previous one.” he chuckled, looking through his cards. “I set one monster face-down. I’ll end my turn there...cause this Prison of yours, miss Rose, is quite the pain to my monsters.”


.:Turn 15:.

.:The Kamen Rider:.

LP: 7700

Hand: 4 (1 Blazeman)

Monster Zone: M-HERO Goka [ATK], 1 Face-Down [DEF]
S/T Zone: None
Graveyard: Phantom Magician, Polymerization (2), E-HERO Solidman, Storming Mirror Force, E-HERO Nova Master, Mask Change (2), E-HERO Shadowmist, Form Change, Fake Hero, M-HERO Dark Law, E-HERO Ocean (2), E-HERO Woodsman, Battleguard Howling, Form Change

Banish: None


Rose POV


“Aww, I’m sorry.” Rose said, completely genuinely, as she drew a card. “We’ll start by Flip Summoning Falco!” She said, flipping her monster face-up. The bird flew up into the air, chirping. “Using this little birdie’s effect, I can Special Summon a Shaddoll monster from my Graveyard! Return to the field, Shaddoll Beast!” Next to the bird, a wolf appeared from shadow. “There’s one other thing I haven’t mention about my little birdy, Rider!”


“Really? And you’ve waited for this moment in particular to mention it, miss Rose?” the Rider asked, legitimately curious at this point.


Rose giggled. “Of course! Gotta have drama for the show!” She said, pointing her finger at the bird. “My little birdy happens to be a special type of monster; specifically, a tuner!” She said, shifting her hand towards the beast. “And using my two beautiful assistants, I shall perform a Synchro Summon!” As she said this, a blinding light surrounded both of the Shaddolls.


A Synchro Summon?” he asked, rubbing his chin slightly. “Now this is quite the surprise. Didn’t expect to see a Synchro Summon in a deck such as this. Color me surprised and impressed, Rose.”

“I’m glad you like it!” She said, before turning to the still shining light. “May your arcane wisdom fill our minds with beauty! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Arcanite Magician!” As she said the chant, the light burst, leaving in its wake a magician in white robes. “When my magician is Synchro Summoned, I get to place 2 Spell Counters on him, giving him 1000 attack for each one!” Two orbs appear around the magician, circling him.


“Making it roughly 2400.” the Rider surmised, nodding slightly. “Interesting...but if that’s the extent of it, then it won’t work.”


“Of course!” Rose said, giggling. “Luckily, this magician has a bit more up his sleeve than that. I will activate it’s other ability! By removing a Spell Counter from him, he can destroy a card you control. And I choose…” She aimed her hand at Goka, before moving it to the other face-down card. “...your face-down card!” The magician lifted his staff and aimed it at the face-down card, before one of the two orbs crashed into it.


The face-down flipped up and revealed a mechanical canine frame as it let out a small howl before it was destroyed. “Damn...didn’t expect you to get rid of my Wroughtweiler that quick. Especially with Goka still on the field..” he sighed.


“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got plans for Goka!” Rose said, before pointing at the flaming hero. “Construct, attack Goka!” As Rose commanded the giant doll, she lifted her arms up again, aiming them at Goka and firing off another beam of light.


Goka let out a blazing fire strike at Construct, but alas, it wasn’t much of anything done as Construct struck at Goka. The effect of Construct was greater than Goka’s will to continue fighting. Kamen Rider braced himself as the explosion occurred, his red scarf blowing in the wind from the blow back.


“And now… Arcanite Magician, attack the Rider directly!” The magician brought up his staff again, this time firing off a green blast directly at the boy, the single orb around him glowing.


The Rider started running towards his left, trying to see if he could dodge the attack. Unfortunately, it was no use. The orbs struck at him and beneath his feet, as he was knocked back.


Kamen Rider LP: 7700 -> -1400 -> 6300 LP


“And with that, I’ll end my turn!”


.:Turn 16:.


LP: 2050

Hand: 0

Monster Zone: 1 “El Shaddoll Construct” [ATK], 1 “Arcanite Magician” [ATK] [1 SC]

S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: Shaddoll Hedgehog, Mathematician, Jigabyte, Shaddoll Anoyatylls, Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Hound, Inari Fire, Shaddoll Beast, Foolish Burial, Shaddoll Dragon, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, Shaddoll Hedgehog, El Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Fusion, Rainbow Kuriboh, El Shaddoll Winda

, Shaddoll Falco, Shaddoll Beast

Banish: El Shaddoll Grysta, Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness

Field Spell Card: Curse of Shadow Prison (4 Spellstone Counter)

In Topic: Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

13 July 2018 - 06:27 PM



What seemed like a few days ago, felt like it happened only yesterday. A sun javelin...sent by who else but the bastard they met in Dewdrop, struck Cynthia and she was nothing but ashes now. While Zane didn't get to know Cynthia all too well, she was still a member of this crew, and that's all that mattered. Right now, it just felt like they had won one battle...but ended up just losing another.


An endless cycle of winning and losing...


Damn... he thought, staring at the ceiling from his bed. There wasn't much anyone could do when it happened. No one expected it, not even Axel. There wasn't really anyone to get upset with. But even still... I feel...like I could've done something. I'm a Dire Wolf...and yet I couldn't do anything to help her.


"Good Morning Everyone. We've arrived at our next destination."


Zane sat up from his bed and made his way to the window. Sure enough, he saw the snowy atmosphere that he had known for all his life. They had indeed made it to the Northern Tundra. He moved and tossed his vest on, letting a sigh escape his lips. Please...everyone...be alright. he thought, before Reef spoke again.


"Warning! We are under attack!"


Under attack? Zane thought as he heard the alarm. He cursed under his breath and quickly made it out of his room, running towards where the bay door was located, quickly tossing his goggles on. Shit...they might not know we're friendly.




"Is that the best you invaders got?! Bring out your real fighters!!! We won't be as easy as last time!"


Zane quickly made it to the bay doors and saw that Ken was knocked back quite far by an arctic wolf. Unfortunately, he didn't recognize him at all...however...perhaps they'd recognize him. "H-Hey! Cool your jets guys! We aren't here to fight!" he shouted, sliding down the lowered bay door.


"Well well well!  Looks like they have an ambassador on board!  Identify yourself immediately, or we'll fire upon your vessel again!"


Zane felt the familiar crunch of snow under his feet as he sighed and lifted up his goggles from his eyes, before looking at the wolf. "My name is Zane, son of the Arctic Freedom Fighter leader Fang." he said. "No one is here to harm anyone."


"Zane huh?  The Zane we all knew left 5 years ago...tried to find a life style different from the Arctic Wolves...A lot's happened since then...So how do I know it's the real Zane, and not some imposter trying to finish the Freedom Fighters off once and for all?!"


"How do I...jeez, I would've immediately thought my bad puns would've given that away. Man that's just cold..." Zane sighed, scratched the back of his neck a bit. "Then again..." he said, his hand now pointing at the vest. "Would some imposter actually be able to copy the look of this vest? My father handed me this when I left. If you look closely, you'll see it resembles Guntiver's vest."


"You think some flimsy piece of Fabric is gonna prove anythi-"


"Fenrir! What's going on here!?"  A voice shouted from behind the small battalion, only to have it's originator shove through in an instant. A large wolf with a scar over his right eye looked upon the ship, and it's inhabitants.  "Zane...is that you?" The wolf placed his fists on his hips. "I had a dream you'd be comin' back here some time ago...but now you're here in the flesh! Welcome back, my son!"


To the side, Fenrir looked a bit miffed, but bowed in the presence of their leader's son.


Zane stood frozen for a moment, seeing his father right there in front of him. He didn't do much, until he finally made a move and ran towards Fang, hugging him. "Dad..." he finally mustered out, trying to keep from breaking. "...I-I'm glad your okay..."


Fang returned the hug, smacking Zane on the back as he did so. "It's gonna take a lot more than an army of ink blots to beat your old man!  But they sure did put a number on us! HAHAHA!"  The wolf laughed heartily, before looking past his son. "So what's goin' on here? You come on some sorta sky vessel and ain't gonna explain?!"


"Heh...yeah..." Zane rubbed the back of his head with a small smile, before nodding. "Yeah, it's sort of a long story. Well, a very long story. But we can explain...one sec." he said, moving away from the wolves, back towards the Light Piercer. "HEY!! Don't worry, everything's under control now guys!"

In Topic: "Who uses these cards in 2018?"

11 July 2018 - 08:02 PM

As far as I can tell, this is just MindGames.dek


Biggest advantage of this random a$$ mess is your opponent doesnt know wtf is going on. So they dont know what to expect. Why are you playing Upstart in a 50 card deck though? Especially if you're trying to burn.


Also Scrap-Iron Scarecrow is no-where near as sacky as you want it to be. Blazing Mirror Force might work as a good replacement. Nothing like losing to a mediocre card. Obvs there are other issues but for what the deck is suppose to be it isn't bad, considering the deck isnt suppose to be taken seriously anyways.


Hmmm...Blazing Mirror Force, eh? Actually, that does sound like it might be better. The whole idea with Scrap-Iron is the fact that I'm able to use it and flip it back face down. Unless the opponent has a way of getting rid of it (normally they do, but still), it'll be there to stay.


Still, I may consider Blazing for this, juuuuuuuust in case. Thanks!


Honestly you may as well play some crazy link chain, to capitalize on scapegoat


An interesting thought. Could definitely work with adding a third Kuriboh card to this deck in the form of Linkuriboh...thanks, you just got me thinking! XD


Scapegoat is such a good card it was hit nip side. Idk what you're smoking


To be truthful...I don't smoke at all. So who knows WHAT was going through my head!