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In Topic: Post and I'll give you a theme song

41 minutes ago


O.O Nano sings this?! AND IT'S MEGAMAN?! I'm in freakin' love!!!


Double points to you, amigo!!!

In Topic: Post and I'll give you a theme song

Today, 05:14 PM


In Topic: [CFV] Chronojet Dragon Z

Today, 12:09 PM

I confess, I haven't played Cardfight in a while (3-4 years), so I'm not really all that familiar with "Stride" and "Drop Zone" and "Bind" and "G Units".
But this looks pretty cool, from the blurry artwork, and the fact that it's a G3 with 11K Power that has no downsides to having 11K Power.
Plus it searches out these Zodiac Time Beasts into your rearguard while also spinning your opponent's rearguards from what I can tell. Which is pretty sick.
Just wish I knew what else it did.


Here, check these out to get familiar with Stride, Drop Zone, Bind, and G Units. As for the image looking blurry, this was just leaked, so do keep that in mind.


But all in all, yeah! The fact that it brings a ZTB into RG while Rewinding an opponent's RG is a staple for current Gear Chronicle, aside from the generalness of Time Leap.

In Topic: Skrappers [16/16] [I'm Being Self-Indulgent]

Yesterday, 09:28 PM

Thanks for the feedback! I might use them in a roleplay, we'll see!

Yeah, the continuous spell feature was an idea I had just throwing around ideas that had to do with construction more or less. I settled on it as a way of showing them doing different jobs, but also maybe with a bit of a Morphtronic flavor to it. I'm very pleased with how open the deck is, I strived for a sort of "Metalfoes Balance" where the deck is good not because any one card is so easy to abuse, but because the design is solid and it works with a lot of different things. Overall, I like themes that promote that sort of creativity and ingenuity; themes that work with a lot of things and let players explore what they can do.


And yes, the art is CFV. Finding this sort of "Industrial Robot" art with a style that suits a CCG is pretty hard to come by overall, so CFV delivered in that area.


I thought they looked familiar!! XD But makes sense, tbth, CFV's card art does happen to work real well for custom cards. So good on ya for using them!


As for the liking of themes that promote creativity and ingenuity, it works and shows here. So do keep up the good work man! I actually am looking forward to seeing what else you can come up with!

In Topic: The Last Video Game You Played Has It's Antagonist Replaced by Your Real Life Nemesis

Yesterday, 12:38 AM

Then you're better off than I am and you should be happy.




No enemies!!! Life goal achieved!!! XD