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In Topic: Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Yesterday, 11:30 PM





"What kind o' thing to say is that? You some kinda daft idiot?"


Oh good...she thinks so too...good grief. Ichiro mentally facepalmed, just clamming up.


"They're impressive. Are they related to your Quirk?"

"Just toss that question out all the time, do ye? You Hero course guys think you're entitled to knowin' my Quirk, do ye? If ye MUST know, I MADE these; Bloody meant for strong louts like you, wouldn't ye reckon?"


"H-Hey...she didn't mean anything bad by that." he said, trying to help Sayuri out...only to have this girl get on his case again. Oh joy...


"Testin' these; Makin sure they ain't gonna fall off easy, for someone who CAN'T break his own arms, he's not quite daft enough to do that. Bloody careless, hurtin' yourself like tha'."


He fell silent again at the comment that was made. It was obvious, even though he had no clue who this woman was, that even she knew that he was being careless using his Quirk. He let out a small sigh, before nodding in acknowledgement, as Sayuri and this girl kept talking somewhat. Until Goutetsu spoke up...


"Forgive an old man, but I'm not too familiar with the superhero culture. What is the Support Class? Is that where they train those... oh, what are they called...? Sidekicks! That's it."


Ichiro looked at Goutetsu, smiling a little, trying not to snicker as bad, but along side with him...Rei was laughing.


"Not exactly, Goutetsu sir." Rei shook his head, laughing some. "From what I read online when me and Ichiro applied for him to go to U.A., the Support Class is more along the lines of...hmmm how to put it...from what I can tell, the Support Class is more along the lines of those providing heroes in training with equipment, such as costumes and gear...just pretty much giving them as much support as they can give their fellow students." He let out a small chuckle, before nudging Goutetsu's arm. "Sidekicks...well, your thinking of something more akin to say...Rodent and Living Wood...yikes...almost forgot how cringey most hero's names are..."

In Topic: RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Yesterday, 11:16 PM





It didn't take long for Gavin to find the hospital. He just needed to A. Look at the map and B. Follow the sounds of the hustle and bustle regarding this news. Not only that, it also pays to have an AI that can work with getting the precise directions needed...just said that said AI was still talking in Spanish.


Nevertheless, he found the direction of the hospital and even more...he found Aurora.


"Gavin? Hey there! Crazy meeting you here. You get hurt or something?"


"Only thing that's hurt after that fight is my pride." Gavin chuckled, waving his hand a bit dismissive. "No, I'm not injured or anything Aurora. More along the lines of...checking to see if my assistance was needed."


With this Gavin slowly held up the watch Mauvache gave him and nodded. "Saw the video that was displayed. Obviously this meant something to you, plus at the same time...I'm also intrigued. I wasn't aware that androids were a thing on this world. Regardless, as someone who deals with bots and AIs..." he smirked, holding the arm with his MOVA on it. "I figured perhaps I could be of some sort of assistance."




He glanced over at the MOVA and rolled his eyes, hearing VEX speak. "Right...I mean WE might be of assistance. That is, if you don't mind our help."

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

19 April 2018 - 11:27 PM





"Yeah! There was this Zoroark we met and he wanted to fight us but Keanu didn't want to fight him and he told me to run so I did and now I'm here to get you to go back to get Keanu!"


Randy stared at Marie for a good long while and his eyes widened. He could feel his insides burning greatly now in rage as his fists clenched tightly. Zoroark? Every fiber of the Incineroar's being wanted to rip that Zoroark to pieces...


Through grit teeth, he growled and nodded. "...Don't worry Marie...we'll get back to make sure Keanu's safe. And when we do...you and him get someplace safe...cause I'm definitely going to-"


He paused in mid-sentence as he noticed the Ariados climbing on the desk and now sending out a strike of Poison Stings at him. Not exactly expecting this at first, Randy took the first set of Poison Sting but quickly dodged the other, before glaring and growling at the two arachnids. At this point...he heard the noise. A whistle...and it seemed that the Ariados knew exactly what it was...which in turn, gave Randy a clue of what was going on.


The Incineroar kept growling and glaring at the two, before spitting some. "You both think you're gonna get out of here and back to HIM? You got another thing coming!!" He then swiftly moved and grabbed a chair, before flinging it at one of the Ariados, watching it knock it back and out.


It only hit one though. The second Ariados was already making a B-Line for the door, but was also using it's surroundings to it's advantage...as it aimed a Poison Sting right at Marie.


"SHIT!" Randy shouted, moving quickly and pivoting himself in front of the Popplio as he felt the Poison Sting striking at his back. "Grrrrr...COWARDLY MOVE!!" He turned around after moving away from Marie and saw the Ariados had left. "Shit...got away."


He growled a bit and made his way towards the other Ariados and grabbed the chair he flung at it, before glancing over at the civilians that were currently hiding in the cell he was in. "Oi! You guys alright now?" he asked, noticing that they did seem alright, just a bit shaken up still from what happened. "Alright...C'mon Marie...we gotta get to Keanu." Randy said quickly.


Blake...I swear to Solgaleo...Arceus...to whatever this deity you worship in that forest... he thought with a growl, making his way towards the door. If you harm Keanu...I'll end your life.

In Topic: Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

18 April 2018 - 10:10 PM








"Dude, my mom hasn't told me a thing.  TBH, I don't think she cares.  I'm still thinking about what happened on that island.  Did it actually happen?  We can't have all hallucinated at once, right?"


Oh good...apparently Paul's parents weren't in the business of caring 100% about the whole situation. Guess he was just lucky to have this happen to him. He reached back over and sent another message.


"Agree on that. Hell, I don't think I could ever forget or even actually hallucinate a good night rest like that bro lol." Jason sent back to Paul, deciding to keep it brief if the guy was busy. He sighed before tossing the phone bag into the bean bag chair, before hearing his door being slammed open. Oh great...


Gary stumbled into Jason's room and the young man could immediately smell the alcohol. It wasn't much to see his foster father drunk before, but this bad? That was a different story.




"I'm right here...you don't have to yell." Jason said plainly, seeing Gary glare at him.


"I-I've had it up to here! ...with your attitude!" he slurred, pointing a finger at Jason. "Bad enough...I have to deal with the bullshit at work...I ain't takin' yours!"


"Then don't. Just ignore me like you usually do."


Gary stomped over towards Jason and jacked him up by his collar, raising his fist. "I-I'll beat...the hell outta you boy!!"


"BRING IT ON!" Jason shouted back, slowly raising his left hand to show his braced wrist. "You've done it once!"


Gary clenched his fist and was about to hit Jason, but just let him go and dropped him. "Y-You ain't eatin' tonight..." he grumbled, stumbling and shuffling out of the room and slamming the door behind him.


"Not like I want anything you fix...come at me like that...I'll put your ass in a damn home..." Jason rolled his eyes and flipped him off, slowly getting up off the ground. He made his way back to his bed and laid down on it, staring at a wall. ...really need to keep myself away from the house for a while...




Spirit Week Begins
Least this week Jason was able to put his mind on a bit of a better note. It was a week in the school year he actually enjoyed: Spirit Week. Just a week to celebrate school spirit and the like with tryouts for teams on different days (which right now he totally forgot), pep rallies, pick-up games, fundraisers, and a lot more.
Jason dressed up in the appropriate colors to show school spirit. Blue jeans, his old white and blue basketball t-shirt, and of course, a blue and orange wrist brace. Finish it off with a blue windbreaker and Jason was ready to go. Before he left, he glanced outside his bedroom window and saw that Gary wasn't there. Good...the last thing he needed today was to have some blow out this morning.
Leaving his room with his bag on his back, he headed out the door and made his way to the campus. He had to find a way to stay a bit later after school today...but how?
-At School-
Wait Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
Jason made it onto the campus and headed straight for the history classroom, his earbuds in his ears as he tried to block out everyone, like usual. Ignoring the world and its problems was always a good way to relax and calm himself. And after yesterday's fiasco, it was definitely needed.
He made his way into the History classroom and saw that Paul was pretty much the first one in. Well this would definitely make it easier to talk to. "Just the guy I was hoping to find in here." he chuckled, making his way over to his desk. "How ya holdin' up, Paul?"
Paul was busy in his notebook, doodling. He had come up with some really fancy stick figures that represented himself and the thing that had called itself "Shango". He lifted his head quickly when Jason approached. "Oh. What's up my guy? I'm... doing okay. Just got uh... well, as you can see," Paul said, gesturing to his artwork. "This on my mind." He sighed and closed the notebook. "Sorry. I'm sure everyone has it on their minds."
"Heh, yeah that seems obvious." Jason chuckled, sitting down with a sigh. "Don't worry about it man. Honestly, out of everything that's been happening recently...that's the most adrenaline I've had pumping in a while. And the last time I had it pumping that much was my first basketball game."
Paul flinched a bit when Jason mentioned basketball. "Shit, that reminds me," Paul began, shifting in his seat. "Tryouts are this week."
"And you should come through, homie," spoke Kevin, entering the classroom.
"Are you still hungover?" Paul joked.
"Nah. Drunk me wouldn't ask Jason to tryout for the team again. He'd suggest the swimming team or some shit," Kevin replied.
Jason looked at Paul and finally remembered about the tryouts. How the hell did I forget that? He nodded a bit and sighed. "Yeah I kinda forgot tryouts were this week." he said, before seeing Kevin waltz into the room. However, he looked at him and started chuckling lightly. "Try out for the team again? Kev I'd say you aren't drunk...you freakin' high as a damn kite." Jason rolled his eyes, shaking his head some. "After I didn't show up for that game, it was pretty much my own death sentence for them. They won't let me back in..." he paused and glanced at his wrist brace. "...even if this thing heals up."
Paul looked at Kevin then looked back at Jason. After a brief pause, Paul let out a breathy "...bullshit."
Kevin simply nodded in response. "You won't know for sure unless you try. Just like how I didn't know Paul was gonna get fuckin' dunked on at my party." This only prompted a glare from Paul, but Kevin obviously didn't care.
Jason looked at Paul and Kevin, just blinking a bit before shaking his head and leaning back. "Yeah well, if the coach is still holding a grudge like the team still is, there's no way I could get selected." he sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "Besides...even IF I managed to get my ass back on the team, with the Video Game Club and that, I'd never be ho-" Jason stopped suddenly, as he sat up slowly with the look of revelation on his face: he wouldn't be home much because of everything. That was it...his way out!!
Paul and Kevin were suddenly smiling devilishly from ear to ear. They both threw their arms around Jason and pulled him in to a huddle. "Sounds to me like you don't wanna go home," Kevin said.
"And if b-ball keeps you busy, it's only good for you, right? Nothing wrong with extracurricular activities," Paul encouraged.
"Mhm, mhm. And you get to hang out with your boy again. It's a win-win," Kevin added.
"Yeah. Kevin can win over Coach, no problem. It's up to you, homes," Paul finished.
Jason hated that these two caught on almost immediately that he didn't want to go home. And he hated to admit it, but they were right. After staring at his desk for a good long moment, he finally sighed and shook his head. "Alright...ALRIGHT! You guys...you guys talked me into it." he said in a defeated tone, before smiling. "If you could do that Kevin, that would awesome. ...thanks for having some faith in me guys..."
Paul and Kevin high fived. "Don't mention it, Bluejay. I'll have you outta the dumps in no time," Kevin joked.
"Bluejay?" Paul stopped to ask.
"He's blue. He's Jason. Bluejay," Kevin confirmed.
"...don't do that," Paul said, shaking his head at this awful pun.
"Would you have preferred Jayjay? Peanut butter and Jay? Jay-Z?" Kevin continued.
"Don't make me punch you. Puns are my thing," Paul argued.
Jason groaned at these puns, his face meeting his right hand. "Jeez Kev...maybe you are drunk." he chuckled with a shake of his head. "Cause those were just baaaaaaaad."
"Not as bad as Paul is at ball," Kevin snickered.
"Imma beat your ass after class, I swear," Paul said, hiding his chuckle.

In Topic: Saiku and Yui's Copycat Video AMA (featuring Chaos Sonic from the sidelines)

17 April 2018 - 02:44 PM

I'll throw a new question/scenario in this: Make your own Suicide Squad with different villains (spanning from video games, anime, TV shows, movies, etc). For the sake of argument, the team needs to be consisted of six individuals, but they can NOT have any previous members of the Suicide Squad from DC...cause that's cheating. ;D


Good luck!