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You certainly work fast...and I should know "fast" XD


Regardless, firstly, a request for myself: Put me on the Do Not Nominate List, please. As the Champion of the YMB 7's Redemption bracket, I feel it wouldn't be fair to anyone else if I joined, seeing as I got Redemption Champion last year. So, to make it better, I prefer to be on the list.


And now, my nominations:

  1. Order Mario/Saiku
  2. Thomas Zero

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-Project: Gemini-

(link here)



Enter the Gekkouga





I apologize for such a long wait for this, but I've been a little preoccupied. Either way, got a new character to add to our illustrious Shonen Corner!! I introduce you to my character known as Koga/Scott Grayson from Project: Gemini!


As always, the simple plot of Project: Gemini, another Ren RP!

Simple Plot of Project: Gemini


Td;lr: It's a sequel to one of his other PKMN RPs and the cast happened to be "willing" *coughkidnappedcough* subjects to be injected with Pokémon DNA. Tis a fantastic little idea. Unfortunately, the RP lasted about two pages before Ren disappeared.


Still, with that out of the way...let's begin our exploration of my character, Koga!


Let's start off with the appearance, first. Right from the getgo, you all can tell one thing about his appearance: it's very VERY Greninja like. And well, that's the point. Since we're being spliced with Pokémon DNA, I went with something to the effect of trying to make it where he looked like a Greninja. And I immediately found this picture and definitely wanted to use it. Yet another character and appearance which are short enough to explain XD


Now, personality wise is next for Koga! With him, I decided to go with the opposite of what I normally do with my characters. I made this character quite aloof, meaning it was going to be quite hard for him to be sociable with other characters. Though again, I kept the initial thoughts of him wanting to help those and actually care about those around him (ya know, the general shonen traits lol). Other than that, not much else is of note...


Now we get to the biography...which you may notice there isn't one. Welp, it's just like my Contractors character, Ren needed the bio for himself to see. But now, here it is for the rest of you louts!! So here is Koga's...rather...Scott Grayson's bio.

Hidden Past of Scott Grayson


So just starting on his journey to become a Pokémon Master and Scott ends up getting taken by De Novo. It's something that I thought long and hard about, but at the end, thought it would be good narrative wise. After all, his friends and family would just think he was on his journey to beat the Gyms, not abducted. All in all, it makes sense on why no one went to look for the young man.


Anyway, let's get moving to the next portions! DNA Mutations and the Pokémon! Firstly, Mutations. In this RP, those who were spliced with Pokémon DNA would be given a Major and Lesser mutation for their characters, the sky was the limit for the different mutations. However, for Koga, I went one way for him: for the Major/Greater -> Retractable tongue and adhesiveness to mirror the same from Greninja or amphibians in general, Lesser -> General enhanced agility. Now this stuff, I modeled to reflect another character with amphibian physiology: Toad from the X-Men series. Honestly, this was an interesting combination to work with and Ren was exceedingly happy about it, so hopefully I did something right! On the other hand, let's talk about Scott's only Pokémon: Hanzo the Shiny Accelgor. I went with the general ninja motif regarding the Pokémon without just choosing a Greninja. And Accelgor is pretty awesome, with the moveset of Water Shuriken (Greninja Staple), Energy Ball, Bug Buzz, and Hidden Power (Water). Honestly, it was a Pokémon I happened to start liking and it just literally moved into the RP when I made Koga/Scott.


I enjoyed making Koga, but I did wish the RP would've stayed alive long enough for things to happen a lot better. After all, we hadn't even gotten past the first day at the facility too. Still, maybe Koga or even Scott will find themselves in a different RP...who knows. Only time will tell...

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I'm going to preface this with a huge question: Where did you get these images from? They seem quite familiar to me, so I gotta know where they happen to be from. I honestly think they're from the Bushiroad TCGs "Cardfight!! Vanguard" and "Future Card Buddyfight!!"...but that's just cause of the art styles.


Now! The maximum indulgence theme you have going with this archetype is pretty interesting, VCR. One theme I've seen from this actually makes me happy, since I love to use Crystal Beasts. I am adoring the fact that most of the Main Deck monsters happen to act as Continuous Spells/Traps, so that is a pretty amazing little mechanic to add for something like this, so good work on crafting Heavy Dozer to be the one who does this.


Further, the effects that the Main Monsters have as Continuous S/Ts works well. The way I can see it, you get enough of the Skrappers in the S/T Zone and you can have quite the number of effects pop off one right after the other. There's a great deal of synergy when it comes to their effects...though we both know the main reason they have these effects...the Extra Deck monsters.


I'm adoring Raiden Rig and Vulcan Shovel a lot, and it's not just because of their appearances. The fact that Vulcan gets boosted 200 points for Skrappers in the S/T Zone is amazing, plus it gaining an extra attack and 400+ more attack is pretty amazing. But the thing that makes me enjoy Vulcan so much is that it allows itself to become a Continuous Spell when it has no material and THEN decides to help your other monsters out by boosting them 600 points! That whole design there is pretty amazing! It's something that is very befitting of a boss monster!


But then we also have Raiden Rig, in general, does the same thing as Vulcan. HOWEVER!!! It can detach material and just send opponent's things to the Graveyard, it being just one thing or everything on their field! And if you got both Vulcan and Raiden on the field in the S/T Zone, that would be able to boost monsters up to 1200 points!!! That is amazing to me!


And with the Crystal Beast flavoring of becoming Continuous Spells, one using this archetype would also have to weigh their options on what to use and place down as far as S/Ts are concerned. Guess at that point, it all depends on the player's own playstyles.


Honestly, these are some pretty awesome Machines you've made, VCR! I really wanna see you use them in an RP now XD

#7070586 Post and I'll post what Bleach character you are

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Let's see it!

#7070585 When you find out that you're a bad cook

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The key...is not to eat it. EVER!!

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I could watch these all day honestly.



This one's obviously the best one!! XD


Then again...


#7070490 DO YOU KNOW DA WAE?!

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I've yet to actually watch any of these videos.



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Thursday Afternoon


"Seem's kind of dumb to be playing with those meatheads if you're arm is messed up, man..."


Jason looked up and saw the young girl who spoke to him, oddly enough she was holding a sketchbook...apparently sketching something. He gave off a small smile before shrugging.


"It's really just my wrist actually..." Jason replied. "And, well...gotta start at least attempting to use it, right?"


“I guess...” she peered at the boy for a moment before bringing out her eraser and brushing it across the page. “You’re the guy that fudged the big game of whatever, right?”


Jason nodded with a sigh at her response. "Yeah...that'd be about right."


“What are you still pouting about?” she arched an eyebrow. “Hmm, tilt your head for me? Wait you’re not actually still hung up about it, are you?!”


"Kinda hard not to still be hung up on it...when almost everyone holds it over my head..." Jason sighed, before tilting his head as asked.


“...” Piper didn’t respond. Her focus was too far into her work.


Finally, when the bell rang to signify the change in periods, she snapped back to reality. “Well... this is how sorry for yourself you look.” Flipping the book to show him the realistic sketch of himself sitting, and sulking. “The name is Piper by the way.” She offered the boy a friendly smile before smirking and getting up from her seat. “I’m new here... But I’m pretty sure just saying “fuck ‘em” and moving forward works anywhere...”


Jason looked at the drawing and nodded. It never occurred to him on how he really looked, but then again, he never was pictured or drawn by anyone before. "That's...that's pretty interesting work there, Piper." he nodded, before chuckling lightly. "Yeah...maybe I'll try that one day..."


“Let me know how it goes. I don’t think I have any friends yet...” She brought her pencil up to her lips as if thinking. “So if you ever feel like being one of my models again, you can probably find me right here during class.” With that she’ll sling her bag over her shoulder and move to leave “Later... Jason, right?”


"Yeah, Jason Garrett." Jason nodded. "Catch ya later, Piper." he waved at the girl, only to see her throw up a peace sign, like a true gangsta. With class over now, Jason got up and went to head off to his next class.




Thursday Afternoon

-Ready Player 2?-


After his classes, Jason found himself back in the gymnasium. He was going to join a club, the Video Game Club. After all, Alice did suggest that might be better for him to do, given how there wasn't a Sports Club at all. Then again, probably best he didn't go for that anyway.


He approached the Video Game Club's booth and heard quite the conversation...


"What coins do you have in your gear slots? Check 'em."

"Let's see. Crit chance in gloves, crit chance in my bracers. Plus all damage in my jewelry. Magic res in my pants and plus all damage in my chest."

"What about your helm?"

"Uhhhhh magic fin--magic find!? That's where I was missing damage, Jesus Christ! Alright.  From the top."


He finally arrived near the booth and approached them, rubbing the back of his neck. "Um...hey. You guys still taking applications for your club?"


"Yeah, dude." Lace said, turning around. "Who's our new-- whoah," she said with a toothy grin. "You're uh, Jason G. ThisisthecoolestthingthatshappenedtometodayohmyGod." Lace had begun to panic. "Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, we're totes--uh, shit. I mean, yes, sir, we're certainly taking applications!" she said, clearing her throat and pushing her hair behind her ears.


Jason just sat there and blinked a bit, watching Lace moving to grab a clipboard. "Just, sign your name here, and leave us your email and/or phone number. We promise not to contact you later than 7pm unless its urgent, and uh--phew, is it warm in here? Usually we'll only contact you about club tournaments, friendly competitions and that sort of thing." Lace finished, handing a clipboard to Jason.


"Uh sure, alright." Jason took the clipboard and began to put down the appropriate information they needed before handing it back to Lace. "Hope I didn't come and barge in at a bad time."


"I recognize that voice," said Kevin, pausing his game. It was Kevin Garcia, last minute senior recruit to the basketball team. He had only just met Jason a few weeks before that unfortunate game. "Jason, nice of you to join us du--oh God. I'm sorry. I'll handle this." Kevin got to his feet and began to pry Lace away from Jason. "She did this to me too. Something something basketball team fan girl," he said with a shrug. "So, what do you like to play? Oh, that's Brad. He's playing Devilot Mobile. Spinoff from Devil's Lore."
Brad waved a hand and kept to his game, while Lace nervously thanked Jason and then sank into a pull out metal chair after Kevin pulled her away.
"Kevin? Huh, actually wasn't expecting to see you around here." Jason said with a nod, before waving at Brad after Kevin introduced him. "Anyway, I...I normally just play some sports games. Ya know..athlete off and on the court." he chuckled lightly. "I also tend to play a few RPGs here and there. Nothing too out of the ordinary."
"Well, don't play with Lace. Not in Madden, not in NBA 2K. I've never met a girl as good at sports games as she is. It's honestly unfair," Kevin said, shaking his head. "Normally, we'd be in room 310 in building C, but we were hoping for a few more recruits. And here you are!" Kevin said with a smile.
"Wow...I guess that might actually be something I'd need to see." Jason chuckled with a nod. "Room 310...okay that shouldn't be too hard to forget."
"I'm playing Devil's Lore. I keep dying to this God damn boss. He has an instant kill if you don't do enough damage to him by his third phase transition. Wanna come watch me suffer?" Kevin asked, as he pulled up a spare chair.
Jason glanced over at the game and nodded. "Might as well." he said, sitting in the spare chair. "Let's hope I don't jinx it by sitting down."

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He Shoots...He Scores?




Exactly what Jason expected to happen was going on the entire game: he was being targeted. Brock Pulpovich was the one who was doing most of the instigating however. That guy had always been one of those players who was always in the background, namely cause he was on the team and in the "spotlight" more...


Guess after that day, he ended up getting more time to shine... Jason thought, shaking his head after talking to Tyler. He was right though. He should start playing aggressive again, but this injury probably wouldn't let him. Not only that...what was the point? This was only a pick-up game, not an actual game.




The score right now was 18 to 19, in favor of Brock's team. Three points for their side was all they needed to win the game. But how to do it...


"Alright." Nathaniel said, moving in position with the others. "I got a plan. Tyler, you need to keep them off our backs. Namely Brock. Kendrick, you get in your position and just wait. Garrett." he paused, as Jason quickly looked at the guy. "Think you can make the shot?"


Jason was silent for a little while, before he slowly nodded. "I...yeah. I can make the shot." he said, holding his left wrist some.


Before long, Nathaniel got the ball and started moving forward. Brock immediately was about to get in Nathaniel's face, but Tyler stopped him and was blocked, meaning Nathaniel was able to pass to Kendrick and immediately was able to shoot. It was now 19-19. A two point shot would win the game...it would win it for them.


The opposing team got the ball immediately, and before they could pass the ball to Brock, Tyler moved in and stole it before passing it back to Nathaniel who moved and motioned for Jason to move as well. Jason moved and followed Nathaniel's lead before he stopped and watched the point guard passing it to him.


"Make the shot!" Nathaniel said.


Jason gripped the ball and took the shot from the two-point line, instinctively using his left wrist to make the shot. He didn't realize what he did until it was too late. The ball left his possession and he immediately reeled back and held his left wrist, gritting his teeth because of it. But his eyes were just on the ball nonetheless...and was shocked what happened. The ball swished right into the basket. That was a two point shot...




The gym erupts with cheers to the surprise game ender, even Coach Overton was shocked at this.


Kendrick is hailed as a hero while Tyler's well placed pick seemingly falls under the radar. A handful of students from the second gym class over approach Jason's team but they are stopped short by Coach Overton. He ushers both teams from his class to the center of the basketball court and forces them to shake hands.


Brock congratulated Tyler on a good game, quietly encouraging him to "Consider joining the Horsemen on the court," in his thick accent. He even shook Jason's hand without malice. Which Jason was extremely thankful for. The rest of the class was given away as a free period as long as students didn't leave the gym until the bell rang.


Jason moved over towards the benches, holding his left wrist some with a sigh as he felt it somewhat throbbing. Y-Yeah...why did I even use this wrist? he thought, shaking his head. Probably...just some old habits... Though through the entire time, between being targeted on the court by Brock's team, he was still surprised they won.

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One's Home is Their Castle


Light Rain




Jason decided to head back home after class. Between going between each club and doing his best to avoid Coach Overton the entire time, he thought it best to just go back home and get through the evening.


Not like he wanted to go back home though. Only one really he enjoyed talking to was Alice. Both of his foster parents were...well...real pieces of work in his mind. But luckily for him, it seemed like they weren't home, least it showed with one vehicle not there in the driveway. Guess there really is a God in heaven...


"Alice...I'm home." Jason announced, closing the door behind him and shedding his wet jacket before putting it up on the coat rack.


"Oh, hey Jase!" Alice said, poking her head from the kitchen. "Mom and dad said they'd be a little late getting home tonight. So I'm cooking dinner for us tonight."


"Fine by me." Jason shrugged, making his way to the kitchen, sighing as he sat down at the table. "...still hate me."


"Really? They still...? Good grief." Alice sighed, shaking her head. "Honestly! Dumb childish buffoons. Look Jase, don't let it get you down. Things will go back to normal for you in no time! I promise you that!"


Easy for you to say... Jason thought, crossing his arms and laying his head down on them. "Also, thought about joining some clubs today...unfortunately they didn't have any I wanted to join."


"What was there?"


"Kendo, Video Game, Chess, Automotive, Swimming, a Fiction or literature club of some sorts, Drama, and IT." Jason rattled off some. "And you can guess why I didn't wanna choose drama."


Alice nodded, turning off the stove and moving towards the table and setting down a few plates. "Fair enough. But, how bout the video game club?" she asked, causing Jason to give her a small reaction. "C'mon Jase! I've seen you playing the sports games on your game systems and computers. Heck, there was even that RPG game you played. So maybe that could be some help for you."


Jason looked at Alice, sitting up as he started eating and took some time to think about the possibility of joining the Video Game Club. After a moment, he nodded. "Ya know what...I think I will. Thanks Alice."


"Heh, no thanks necessary!" Alice giggled with a smile. "Just making sure my little brother is taken care of. Believe me, you're capable of anything you set your mind to, Jase! Now make sure you get some rest for tomorrow after dinner. Don't need you to be dragging out of bed like this morning."


"Oh jeez, you ruined my plan!" Jason laughed before waving his hand dismissively. "No worries, sis. I'll be going straight to bed after this."


The evening carried out between the two just talking and carrying on. Though by the time Jason's foster parents got home, he was already sleep and snoring away.






Shoot the Basket First...Ask Questions Later




Class started off alright this day, Jason was attentive and focused in his studies like he was hoping and expecting to be. And his plan to join the Video Game club was definitely going to be put into action after school today. But then he looked at his schedule again today...


Next is P.E....Shit... Jason thought, running a hand through his hair. This was one thing he was dreading, but he only shook off the feeling before sighing slowly. Don't let it get to you...don't let them get to you...




Jason stood near the doors to get into the gym for P.E., not exactly ready to do this, but he really didn't need to skip this class. He WAS graded on this stuff, so he needed to.


He slowly opened the doors and made his way into the room. Immediately, the laughter and talking that filled the room were replaced with murmurs. The looks Jason got almost made him feel like he was walking into Death Row. So many of the whispers and murmurs he couldn't make out, but the bulk of them sounded like: "Damn, it's Garrett...".


Great...they make it sound like I have the Plague...or Ebola... he thought with a small sigh.


The moment he got up to the area where his group was, he watched and listened to Coach Overton explain and split the team. Jason's consisted of himself, Tyler Beckett, Nathaniel, and Kendrick. Tyler...oh boy it was THAT guy. He almost wanted to skip class now. If he remembered it was THAT Tyler, then maybe he would've just stayed out of it. Nevertheless, the game was to 21 points. And right now, they needed a plan to do something.


"O-Okay..." Jason cleared his throat, looking at Nathaniel, Kendrick, and Tyler. "I need to know...w-which positions are you guys going to play?" He felt nervous right now. Was it because there was another P.E. group with their students watching? Was it that he had the eyes of Coach Overton almost piercing through his soul, watching him? He couldn't be 100% sure.


"Center..." Jason looked over at Tyler, hearing that he'd cover the center. He gave a small nod, before looking at Nathaniel and Kendrick.


"I can play whatever you need man. Just let me know," Kendrick says.


"I'll take point if you don't mind. I'm feeling pretty good today," Nathaniel boasts.


Jason nodded. "Alright..." he said, before moving into positions with the other three, after telling Kendrick to play shooting guard position. Jason looked at his left hand for a moment, before sighing. Keep it off the left hand...keep going for the right hand. Nathaniel says he's taking point...so if anything, just get him the ball.




The game was on and Jason's team had the ball first, so with Nathaniel running point, it was obvious he got the ball first. He went on in out of the gate, easily passing one of the opposing players, before taking a shot, scoring the first points almost immediately. This was so fast...almost like one of those basketball animes he watched. But this wasn't the time for daydreaming.


"Garrett! Get ready!" Nathaniel said, getting Jason's attention quickly.


The opposing team started their play and got passed Jason, immediately having Nathaniel steal the ball from them. The ball quickly made it's way towards Jason and he started dribbling it towards the basket. It was a bit difficult, given he still wasn't 100% able to do everything with his right hand. Luckily, he saw Kendrick in position and he passed it to the guy.


Kendrick got the ball and spun himself into shooting position. He took the shot, but missed as the ball spun itself on the rim and fell out. Luckily Nathaniel recovered the ball and shot it back to Jason....oh joy.


Jason gulped as he got the ball back, exhaling slightly before throwing it, using his right hand and watching it just fall right into place in the basket. He smiled as he silently was beginning to get confidence in himself again. Maybe they could win this!

#7068638 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 14 January 2018 - 04:18 PM

I think the multiple rounds are necessary, as having one round just suddenly decides everything could risk the appearance of an improper election, or one that did not accurately reflect the will of the community, as well as one nominee being too easily favored among everyone else.


And this is what the election is trying to convey in all honesty.


Let's be honest, having the unfair and/or improper election would give off the imposing appearance that the Mods are being shady with this type of election, which isn't the case. The multiple round voting is pretty much a sheer-fire way for the community to get involved and choose who they want to join the ranks. Cause you gotta think, the community is voting for someone to join the Mods, and while it isn't a PR Mod and just one to be there to give inputs and have a good work-ethic, they'll still be representing the YCM community in this regards.


So having the multiple round isn't a bad idea really. Just my two cents really XD

#7068484 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 13 January 2018 - 07:20 PM

So, a nomination for Mod thread, huh? Level headed people with work ethic, eh? Alright...lemme see if I can put a few down.


Sai / Order Mario - Sai, for as long as I've known him on here, has had quite the work ethic going for him. I know good and well he has best intentions and even ideas regarding the forum and I have faith in him to know that he'd be a great addition to the team.


Yui - Dude was a Mod a while back, and honestly, he did a pretty good job at it. Not sure if he gelled well with the other Mods, but it sure seemed like he did. Plus he already knows what's expected of him in regards to Modship.


Chaos Sonic (Me) - Yes, I am adding myself into a nomination (if I can do that). It may sound selfish, but I think that this might be something I could accomplish. Level headed with work ethic, I could fit this role. Again, I may not have Mod experience nor do I seem to be Mod material, but I wanted to do more for this forum, which is one of the things I was hoping to do this year. If this happens to be the way to do that, then I'll take the opportunity.


Though if I can't just outright nominate myself, which to be fair, I can understand, then Sai and Yui being my nominations will be that.

#7068292 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 13 January 2018 - 01:40 AM






Early Morning

Light Rain


Jason took his seat the moment he got into the auditorium, making sure to sit in the Junior's section in a part of the seats to where he wouldn't be noticed out right. Last thing he needed at the beginning of this was something to start. Like clockwork, the orientation began. He remembered his last one going and starting in the same manner: the Dean got the student body hyped by saying the chant. He knew it by heart, hearing it every time he played ball.


"Horsemen alive? Horsemen to ride! Horsemen of pride? Horsemen in stride! Horsemen Pride!" he said in a quiet voice, in order for it to be drowned out by the sounds of the upperclassmen screaming it.


"Good morning Greater Orleans High! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Football season is around the corner, and I don't know about our freshmen but I'm super excited. For those of you who don't know me, I am Jasmine Coalesce, your Dean here at Greater Orleans High. Sophomores, upperclassmen, and returning students welcome back. Freshmen, new transfers, and guests welcome to Greater Orleans High. You are now apart of Horsemen County. Remember that well and carry it with pride."


Jason sat there, having his head resting on his right hand, as his elbow rested on the chair's arm. Dean Coalesce was always the lover of the sports season, at least he remembered seeing here there at almost all the basketball games anyway. Nevertheless, she went through her motions of orientation, but he immediately cringed when he heard a certain name.


"While we are a prideful school in our sports teams thanks to our absolutely superb coaches for basketball, football, and volleyball -- I see you, Coach Overton! -- our athletics are just one of the many great things about our school."


Coach Overton. Jason couldn't ever forget the seasoned basketball coach, and it also didn't help that he could see man a bit a ways. The buzzcut haircut and the imposing looking mid-forties African American...yeah that was Overton alright. Great...I was hoping he WOULDN'T be here. He wasn't here the last orientation...guess he had a change of heart this time... Jason thought, shaking his head slightly and started sitting up.


The orientation kept going as per usual, but it seemed like it began to drag on...then again, most of the time, these things tended to drag on longer than they should.



-A Few Moments Later-


"And that appears to be all for this morning. Students, you can pick up your class schedules as you leave the auditorium. Juniors and seniors, please exit out of the eastern exit where you can get your schedules. Freshmen and sophomores please use the western exit!"


Jason got up a bit after most of the others, as he stood up and headed in the direction of the other Juniors and Seniors. So far, so good...no one seemed to be starting anything at this moment. He saw this as a gift from God at this point. However, while moving in line, he was just in earshot to hear a small conversation...and from one of the loudest mouths he remembered from the team: Ivan Louis...though most on the team called him "Ivan the Terrible".


"If I see Garrett I'm gonna break his other wrist! Cost me my championship."

"Lighten up, stretch. You'll get your chance this year."

"Oh, I know. Since Garrett won't be here to screw us!"


Hearing this, Jason let out a small sigh as he shook his head, before beginning to hold his left wrist some. Well...it's good to see Ivan hasn't changed much...still a bitter asshat... he thought, moving when the line started moving.


It wasn't long before he finally got his schedule and immediately moved on. For this fall semester, Jason was lined up for American History first. The rest of the classes he really didn't care about right now, so he didn't waste any time making his way towards the American History classroom. Guess I'm finally gonna see if the rumors are true on this teacher. he thought, having a small smirk now appear on his face.






"Alright, listen up. I'm Daniel Morrison, your American History teacher. This class is pretty simple. It's the history of the United States of America. If you read the material I assign you, you should be able to answer any questions I give you. Everything and I mean everything, will come from the book. Understand?"


Jason had a seat next to the window in the second row, and from what he could see, Daniel Morrison was quite the interesting individual. Including...his light up shoes. Holy shit...the rumors are true! Damn...that is pretty funny. he thought, smiling a bit, before hearing Morrison speak once more.


"P.S. Don't ask me bout' my shoes. I like the lights. Yes, I'm bought 'em for me. I'm fifty-eight. No, I don't live with my mama. Yes, my salary is fine. If you talk shit in my class I'm not afraid to talk shit back to ya. Just cause I'm old don't mean I can't cut with the best of 'em."


After that little tid-bit, Jason sat there, watching Morrison interrogate...er...ask a question to a guy named Paul sitting in front of him. Jason hadn't seen him much before, so this might've been a good time to try and attempt to make new friends. Of course, there was an announcement regarding the after school programs and clubs, but he didn't care much about that right now.




With class finally ending, Jason made his move to approach Paul. He got up and stood on the side of the desk he was sitting at and smiled. "Hey. It's Paul, right?"


Paul stopped and turned around. To meet Jason Garrett was kinda cool. "Uh, yeah. You're Jason Garrett. What can I do for you, my guy? It's cool to meet you," he said, extending a hand.


This was a first, Jason wasn't expecting someone to be happy to meet him like this. He smiled a bit and extended his hand to shake Paul's. "Heh, well it's nice to hear that. Honestly don't hear that much anymore." he said. "I was just trying to start the new school year off on the right foot. Thought it best to, ya know, get to know a few of the classmates I have here in 'Dr. Light-Up's' class."


Paul chuckled. "Morrison is something else. And this is a good start. But hey man, it was one game. Kinda bugs me that people are still holding it against you. How's your wrist?" Paul asked with a nod.


Jason could only shrug a bit. "Eh, what are you gonna do? People like to hold onto those types of things. I'm over it though..." he lied, before looking over at his wrist. "It's doing better. Just pains here and there right now. But so far, I think it's healing up just fine."


"Well, I'm glad to hear it's healing at least. You sound like a pretty mature dude, being able to shrug all that off. That's hard to do. I'm assuming you're taking time off then."


Mature...? Heh...if he only knew... Jason thought before nodding. "Yeah. Just taking some time for myself...speaking of time, I gotta make it to my next class. I'll catch ya later, Paul."


"Take it easy, Jason."
Jason adjusted the bag on his shoulder and with a wave, headed out of the classroom and off to his next class. Once he left the room, he let out a deep, silent sigh as he smiled some. Jeez...
-At the End of the Day-
After his last class, Jason made his way towards the gym. The announcement said there were school clubs or something of the like, truth be told, Jason never paid them any mind before. He had focused on sports and that was all.
Nevertheless, it was a new school year, so maybe something would catch his eye this time.
Upon arriving in the gymnasium, Jason began his little excursion on seeing what they had. Kendo, Video Game, Chess, Automotive, Swimming, Dedicated Fiction, Drama, IT...these clubs seemed nice, but they didn't seem to immediately click with Jason. He sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. Man...do I really need to join a club at this point? Nothing really seems to tickle my fancy... he thought, sighing once more.

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Ichiro watched as Mike was coming at him with this strike. Not even his Atlas Impact could stop him. With a small sigh, he looked down at his right fist and clenched it tightly.




Alright...alright. he thought, before winding his own fist back. "Alright...you're coming at me at full power Mike..." Ichiro exhaled slowly, before shifting his stance to throw the punch. "So...I'm throwing everything at you!! SKY....PARTER....PUNCH!!!"


The punch that Ichiro threw collided with Mike's and what ensued was a blast of green energy emitting from the impact and even the clouds overhead the arena immediately parted and were dispersed as well. The crowds were shocked and awed by this strike, including Rei. This was a side of Ichiro that he hadn't seen before...and it was one he hoped he'd one day see.


After the struggle between the punches ceased, the two combatants were forced back from one another, now standing on opposite sides of the arena, with Mike being sent flying through the air and having quite the rough landing.


Mike, who seemed quite bruised and winded, slowly got up. He was still content to fight...and so was Ichiro. Though for a short moment, he looked at his right arm. N-Ngh...this has...one more punch in it. Damnit... he thought, sighing before rushing forward towards Mike. Scooping up a small piece of the shattered arena, Ichiro took it and lobbed it at Mike.


After he lobbed the piece at Mike, who simply dodged it and prepared to use his cannon again, Ichiro stopped before gritting his teeth. "Atlas Tatami!!" he shouted, before slamming his left fist into the ground and raising another piece of the arena before kicking it towards Mike. This should knock Mike out of the ring...it should've.


Ichiro watched as the tatami went from going towards Mike to back towards him after using his own force. Without thinking, Ichiro rushed towards the tatami and swung with his right hand, punching it back, making it shatter and in the process, breaking his right arm. He reeled back a bit in pain, but didn't let this stop him. He continued to push forward, rushing towards Mike as he did his best to push him out of the ring. But it wasn't going in that direction. What happened was Mike moved and ducked low, only blasting him in his center with a low focused blast.


"S-Shit!" Ichiro said, not being able to brace himself in time, as he was sent flying back a bit away from Mike. He slowly got back on his feet and prepared to go for Mike again. I-I ain't gonna stop!!


Unfortunately, as Ichiro rushed towards him, Mike immediately noticed his broken arm. He used this to his advantage. He began twisting to his side, letting Ichiro get close to him for a grapple, but since his right arm was out of commission, so he couldn't immediately grab him. With this being done, Mike finally put his palm on Ichiro's back and used his force to push him back.


Being forced back, Ichiro landed on the arena floor, straight on his right arm. He let out a grunt as he did his best to get up. While he did so, Mike kept Ichiro down by use of his second-cannon style blast on him, only just giving him a shocking feeling. Ichiro was only able to grab Mike's ankle, still trying to get up. Right now...right now...


...I can't. H-Heh...guess I can't beat him. Ichiro thought, before moving a bit and just turning over on his back. "...H-Heh...at the expense of my right arm...a-a-and I still couldn't win..." he chuckles lightly. "...y-you're a hell...o-of a fighter, Mike... I...I give."


Mike looked at Ichiro, feeling the adrenaline wearing off as he started chuckling, the exhaustion starting to set in. "You too, man... you too..."


Loser: Herculean Hero - Atlas

Winner: Force Hero - Greenshift