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#7118610 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 14 September 2018 - 11:17 PM





"Now that the Quirkless Liberation Front now has your attention, I shall name our demands. Demand number one. We request the immediate evacuation of all Heroes and Civilians within a five mile radius of the stadium in the next ten minutes. Failure to meet our demands...And the boy doesn't make it home in one piece tonight. If you heroes don't want a child's blood on your hands...I'm sure you'll meet our first demand."


Ichiro felt sick to his stomach. This demand...this...this wasn't good. Ten minutes to basically evacuate the area or Goto wouldn't make it? That was a bit harsh. Then again, this was a villain...go figure.


This...this is just too insane... Ichiro thought, still trying to look around for either his brother or anyone else from 1-A. Nevertheless, he turned towards Kaito and Sayaka and sighed. "...w-we better evacuate. I...I don't think it's a good idea either, but doing what they say i-is gonna ensure your friend stays alive...a-as well as everyone else here." He turned a bit, getting ready to move to head away from the stadium, when he stumbled slightly and lost his balance.


"Hey! Easy lil bro!"


Ichiro felt himself being propped up almost immediately and heard the familiar voice. He looked over to his right side and saw Rei standing there with a small smile. He looked a bit rough for wares, but nothing too much. "R-Rei!"


"Heh, yup. Now c'mon...we better get going."





Class B Squad ~ Shin and Aina


"Now that the Quirkless Liberation Front now has your attention, I shall name our demands. Demand number one. We request the immediate evacuation of all Heroes and Civilians within a five mile radius of the stadium in the next ten minutes. Failure to meet our demands...And the boy doesn't make it home in one piece tonight. If you heroes don't want a child's blood on your hands...I'm sure you'll meet our first demand."


"Bunch of spineless..." Shin said through his gritted teeth. He knew what he wanted to do...he knew what Mako would suggest, but either way...he knew what he HAD to do. "...Aina...let's go."


"S-Shin...Shin we can't leave!" Aina said, looking at Shin, who was already turning around to leave. "G-Goto..."


"Is a little out of our way now!" Shin snapped, his fists clenching. "We have to leave it to the Pros at this point...but for us and the safety of the civilians...we need to get moving now." He glanced over towards Aaron, nodding slightly. "You should try and find your classmates. That...and continuing to help the evacuation process move."

#7117391 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 03 September 2018 - 07:31 PM





Ichiro felt himself being pulled back a bit faster, as he yelped and actually found himself in a spider's web now...no doubt Sayaka's. He let out a small sigh of relief, before smiling some. "H-Heh...thanks Kaito..."


"Oh me oh my. Something flew into my web. You know that as a spider, I'm supposed to make you my meal now, right? Gahahaha~! ...I'm kidding, of course. People taste gross. Now don't move, or you'll tangle the web and we'll need to un-stick you by force."


Thaaaaaaat doesn't put me at ease much... he thought, letting out a small chuckle.


"Ahh, that was SO COOL THOUGH! You were like, BAM! And that big dumb lizard just fell right over! I didn't even think you'd hit it THAT hard! Everything went way better than expected, all thanks to my genius idea! And here you doubted me. You shouldn't underestimate 1-B like that, you know."


"I-It wasn't more or less underestimating you...it was just the entire fact of possibly falling and dying...ya know, the obvious stuff." Ichiro admitted, before noticing two other figures moving towards them. Though, the closer they got, the more he felt a small pit in his stomach.


"I knew you had to have done that, Ichiro. That raw power and strength, but with no Omega Star in sight. Only one culprit there"




"We need to get out of here. Lord D.'s arrival mean's this fight's gonna be over soon. I can't let anymore of you get hurt. Whether by villains or by yourself."


At this point, Ichiro decided to make himself heard. "S-Suna-sensei, this here was only from my bout with Mike. I-I hit the dinosaur with my other hand...and well, kicked the debris away from me that Hadley threw...but right now those only hurt like hell...t-they aren't broken."


"They had no choice Suna. My kids got the spirit of true heroes!"

"We sure do!"

"Well...if they break the law...they're technically villains."

"It was all your student's idea, sir, he's totally out of control."


"ME?! Y-You shanghaied me into this, Sayaka!!" Ichiro exclaimed, before looking at Suna again. He knew he'd probably get a shouting at later...maybe perhaps he could probably explain the whole situation to him later...maybe even before Lord D. got to him.


Before too much else was said, Ichiro felt himself being swept away by Suna's sand as he and the two students from 1-B were pushed towards the exit. He was surprised that he didn't see too much of Suna after that, but he figured that he was still dealing with some evacuees.


"Good job with that punch, by the way. Imagine what sort of stuff you could do if your Quirk didn't have those nasty side-effects. You could probably do some really amazing stuff like... arm-wrestling Omega Star and winning."


"E-Eheh, thanks...if I didn't have the side-effects of this, it would probably be a whole lot better..." Ichiro said, as the sand seemed to finally stop near the exit. Getting up, he dusted himself off some and helped up the other two. "As for Omega Star...well, she did sort of help me train. She's the one who told me to concentrate and find a good medium power output..." He started going out of the stadium, around the area that there was a huge screen on the side of it...about the time that there was a message going out.


"Shhhhh...we don't want to wake the baby. The Quirkless Liberation front...have some demands."


The voice chilled Ichiro a bit, as he quickly turned around to see the screen and his eyes widened. The group, this Quirkless Liberation group...they had someone...from the tournament!


"H-Hey...isn't that...h-he's the guy that Valerie fought!" Ichiro quickly said, trying to get Sayaka and Kaito to notice.


Sayaka stopped in her tracks to look at the tv. Just as Ichiro said, that was Goto. "Huh!?!? They're kidnapping our classmates!? Rrrr, now they've done it! Kaito, you're coming with me! We're capturing those Quirkless Liberation Front idiots and not showing any mercy!"


"We don't know where they are, Sayaka."


"So we'll capture one! I said that!" Whirling around and pointing her finger at Ichiro, the eight-legged girl continued "And you're coming with us! I don't care if Beach Bod wants us out of here or not!"


Finding a Quirkless Liberation member? Was she crazy?! "W-What?! N-No...!" Ichiro shook his head in a frantic manner. "You heard Suna and Mako! Believe me, I want to help find him as much as you do...but...but you might just end up getting in the same position."


"What are they gonna do, put a giant cup over me!?" As Sayaka stormed back toward the arena, she felt a hand tap one of her legs. Then, as she kept walking, she felt herself getting dragged away from the arena, back toward the boys. "What the... Kaito!!"


"I want to find Goto too, but this is a job for the pros. Even if you pull it off, you're breaking the law and acting reckless. You'd get scolded by Mako... probably." The look on his face suggested that Kaito wasn't actually entirely sure if Mako would care or not, but was willing to err on the side of caution anyway. "Leave it to him and the other pros. If they're taking a hostage, they won't kill Goto just like that. Besides, even out of our class, this sounds more like Aiko's type of work, doesn't it?"


Ichiro sighed in relief, seeing that Kaito was on his side on this. However, it did seem like a good time to ask this, after all...he needed help too. "Kaito's right. A-And listen...if you want to help out...y-you can help me out real quick. I-I need to find my brother. And...well...at this moment, it would actually h-help out a lot if you could."



Class B Squad ~ Shin and Aina


Surprisingly the mission to escort "battery" and the villain worked out a lot more then Shin and Aina thought, as they arrived near the police. The Shins nodded at one another, before having Anger and Happiness vanish in a puff of red and yellow smoke respectively.


"Alright...we did it."


"Yeah...that seemed a bit easier than I originally thought." Shin nodded firmly. He glanced over towards Aaron who was delivering the villain to the police, before walking back towards them. "Well?"


“Well...I am a pro now according to the police."


"You...YOU LIED?!" Aina exclaimed, before quickly hushing herself. "Y-You lied?!"




"I am going to go charge up and I will get back to helping people. Can't let the names of heroes go asunder, and my own reputation... Well, thanks again Aina and Shin, I’ll catch up later with-...Hey guys, does that guy look familiar to you, or is that me?"


Both Aina and Shin looked at each other before looking over at the screen that was displaying something. Immediately, Aina gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Shin, on the other hand, seemed to be clenching his fists tightly at this point.


"Shhhhh...we don't want to wake the baby. The Quirkless Liberation front...have some demands."


"Goto...how the hell did they get you?" Shin muttered through clenched teeth.


"Goto?! ...h-how? Oh man...I hope Mako sees this."


This caused Shin to smirk a bit with a small chuckle. "Heh, yeah. Have the shark see this...he'd most likely kick this guy's ass from here to America."

#7117349 Super Showdown Society

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 03 September 2018 - 02:04 PM



YCM username: Chaos Sonic

Pokemon Showdown username: Nightwing2199

Favorite tier: OU I guess? That's the one I keep using for Doubles...

Favorite type: Fire


I thought about it...I'll join. I wanna get better, soooooo yeah. Maybe you people can actually help me out XD

#7117305 Chaos Sonic's Shonen Corner

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 02 September 2018 - 11:47 PM





Fiery Djinn



A new challenger arriveth!!

For this character, I attempted to do something a little different. However, I bring out how this character and idea came about. It came about after reading over the RP known as Golden Gate Empire made by @Dad (found here for your viewing pleasure). After reading this, I did a bit of things here and there and this character was brought up in my mind...so I've created him. I present: Amon Ignatius the Half-Ifrit.


Firstly, his appearance. I will admit, I found this in Yui's Imgur gallery and immediately knew this was one of those anime guy pics that one can find anywhere online and is used in almost every single RP. Nevertheless, the design that the character had overall, I felt befit Amon in the long run. After all, fiery tattoos, feral yellow eyes, and red hair just for an Ifrit? Sort of a no brainer! Now the Ifrit form I gave him is brought to you in part from the Final Fantasy world. I mean seriously, that design is the best one that I could give him.


Now for the personality. Of course, I made it slight contrary to the fact on how ACTUAL Ifrit Djinns happen to be, which happens to be:


The Ifrits are a class of infernal djinn and also held to be a death spirit drawn to the life-force (or blood) of a murdered victim seeking revenge on the murderer. ....most often depicted as a wicked, ruthless, and evil being.

So naturally, I did my best to sort of balance this out. After all, Amon here is half-human and half-Ifrit, he shouldn't be 100% just evil...more on that later. Amon tends to show off more of his human qualities rather than just his Ifrit qualities, which consist of [insert list of Sonic's usual personality tropes here]. All joking aside though, I did give Amon something a bit unique to his character: curiosity towards humans. As mentioned in his Biography, his father had him stay away from other humans (though it never really worked out, so yeah). While being half-human, you would think he knows how the species works on a personal level, but that's not the case. With this type of curiosity, I almost want to equate it to the same curiosity that Ryuk from Death Note had on humans. Being part of two worlds and trying to find a place to specifically belong, it makes sense on why he's trying hard to learn about the one side of him.


Onto the biography. With this one, I went a bit into Amon's past with his father, Ali, a full-fledged Ifrit Djinn. A Middle Eastern man as an immigrant arriving in America being his cover story and hiding and fending off against the descendants of King Solomon and their Seal of Solomon (a Djinn's worst nightmare). Of course, one thing leads to another and he finds love in a woman named Cassidy. Once again, one thing leads to another and Amon was born. The life of Amon continued and then we find out the tragic area of his backstory being that the descendants of Solomon came and murdered Cassidy in an attempt to strike at Ali...his mother protecting his father by stepping in the way. This making the father and son a hermit pairing, with the latter still going to human school and what not, but when he hit 18, dear old dad was gone. Naturally, he later drops from college to search for his father. ...now this here is where things getting interesting. The looking for his father was the end of that biography, but Dad had brought me in for something he had planned. Therefore, he had me add the following to the end of the bio: "That was...until he was summoned by an unknown force...".


Long story short on this idea Dad had: Amon was going to become a villain for the player characters to overcome. He would be put under the control of the current baddie and after the fight, would later join the heroes. Unfortunately, it didn't get to come to fruition this time.


As for weapons and powers, Amon wields both an Arabian dagger and short-sword as his weaponry while his powers are a bit...hotter...#badpun. In short, I gave the Ifrit pyromancy with the abilities to conjure and throw fireballs, breathe fire, and conjure up a fiery wall/shield. The idea was to create a character that could utilize the powers to both be used separate in the manner of fireballs (also to the fact of being used on his hands and feet) and such, as well as creating opportunities to use his weapons to catch them on fire to make a better assault. However, the powers he holds get a boost in strength when he takes on his Infernal Form, though he becomes extremely drained and exhausted...but such is the price one pays for a power boost.


Amon Ignatius was a character that was fun to piece and string together, all of which sparked from an RP as well (this being the second one to happen in this manner as Kiyoko has first place on that area). Do I want to officially use Amon? Absolutely! I just gotta find the right locale for this half-human/half-Ifrit to work in.

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#7116891 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 29 August 2018 - 10:41 PM





"Dammit! It's falling!"


Ichiro heard something after he was pulled back after his punch, before seeing the T-Rex falling. He was puzzled on why it was a big deal at this moment...the civilians evacuated...right?


"Lord D. have mercy on your soul, creature!"


That's when he saw a hero in armor and draconic wings going under the dinosaur and lifting it, before it changed back into a...a large lizard? At the same time, he noticed something else: scrambling citizens. His heart dropped for a moment, not even realizing that there were citizens outside of the stadium near that area. ...something tells me I'm going to get yelled at by them...I-I didn't know... Ichiro thought, sighing greatly at this point.


"I SAID..."


Wait...that voice...


"Get the FUCK OUT!"


Ichiro glanced down and saw exactly who he thought it was: Hadley...and she was lobbing a total of three head-sized debris towards him. He was still in the air being drug back by Kaito's Quirk. Right now he was a sitting duck...and there were three...how the hell would he be able to stop them?


Wait...Sky Parter Punch could do it... he thought, before shaking his head. No. I'd probably have to hit one of those for it to work, but the windy shockwaves probably wouldn't be able to knock the other two away. ...wait... Ichiro then glanced at his legs. I did want to use these more...m-maybe this'll work...h-heh...God...please don't let my leg break! Drop it down to 5% for this...


With an exhale, he clenched his fist and swung his right leg right in the direction of the first debris that was thrown at him. The kick made contact with the first debris and it kicked it over into the stadium stands, specifically in the direction of the ones that were completely empty. At the same time, a strong windy shockwave pushed back the other two with ease. However...


"S-Shiiiiiiit!" Ichiro groaned through gritted teeth. His right leg hurt...even worse than his arm, but the leg wasn't broken, so this was a plus. "K-Kaito! C-Can ya speed this up?!"

#7116281 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 24 August 2018 - 10:27 PM

We're back in the game!


File 23 - Bryce, Bryce Baby

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#7116103 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 23 August 2018 - 09:05 PM





How did I get talked into coming all the way our here like this? Ichiro thought, not believing how he was following Sayaka and Kaito like this. At the same time, however, he was impressed at the efficiency of the spider-girl in general when making this slingshot.


"Is this thing actually safe?"

"I'm a hero course student, Kaito, not a civil engineer. It won't snap at least."


This caused some concern for Ichiro, feeling himself gulping severely. "Wait...so you're telling me you don't even know how safe this is?!" He wasn't too thrilled about this anymore...not like he was already.


"It won't break... and it probably won't kill you. Tell him about your Quirk, Kaito."


That was a good point, at this moment, he wasn't even sure what Kaito did as far as his Quirk. He just assumed that it would be something that could possibly work.


"Got it. My Quirk is called Return. It lets me pull the last thing I touched back to me. It works on people too. There you go. Try not to touch the webbing if you can help it. Oh, and don't worry about the shirt. I've got more just like it back home. Whenever you're ready."


Ichiro put his back against the cloth on the slingshot, looking over and above where it was aimed and was feeling pretty sick to his stomach. The whole situation right now wasn't sitting well with him right now. To be honest, it was giving him flashbacks of the Kashyyyk Disctrict, the day him and the rest of 1-A met those three...well, two at this moment, cause the gray guy wasn't there. Nevertheless, it still gave him a sickening feeling to him.


"...guys...I don't know if this'll work."


"If it doesn't, at least it won't be your problem anymore," Sayaka called out from the shade of her tree. Oh yeah, that was comforting to hear.


"It'll work," Kaito added. "You've got the easy job. Just enjoy the ride then sock that big guy in the face. We'll handle your exit, so don't worry about falling."


Ichiro looked at Kaito when he said this, nodding slowly. They'd handle his exit? Well if that was the case, maybe things might actually go smoothly. Though at the same time, he might be down two arms after this... "....Alright. I...I guess wish me luck then...and pray I don't break my other hand too."


"Here goes nothing then." Taking a few more steps back, Kaito performed a peculiar hand gesture and continuing further backwards.


Ichiro felt himself being pulled back, most likely by Kaito's Return. It was a bit of an odd feeling to it, but nevertheless, he was pulled back and felt the webbing growing tighter. "O-Okay...that was...a little weird...okay." he chuckled, though obviously nervous. With a deep breath, he closes his eyes, trying to think back on the training with Omega Star.


"When I was training, I usually focused on the center of my palm...start at a low output and you should be fine."


Center of the palm... he thought, exhaling again as he clenched his unbroken fist. Low output...just think about the fight against Mike. Use only 5%...no...not against something like that. 40% maybe...really hope I don't break my arm... Finally, he felt himself being pulled back enough into the slingshot. One final inhale and exhale, and Ichiro looked at Kaito. "...go for it, Kaito."


Once Ichiro had been pulled back far enough, Kaito made his move. Getting his hands into just the right position, Kaito first placed a hand against his shorts. At that moment, Ichiro - no longer being pulled back by Return - felt himself launching forward. Just as the launch started, however, he felt Kaito's hand come up from behind, landing square as a slap on the cheek. "Good luck up there, man!" he heard Kaito shout as he rocketed forward.






Ichiro found himself launched into the air, surprised that this actually worked. Nevertheless, he saw before him the T-Rex and how pissed off it was. He tightened his fist and reeled it back, letting out a loud yell. His adrenaline was definitely kicking in again because of this rush...and the fact that he was being launched towards a giant T-Rex? Yeah, that would definitely help with that.


Right now he was soaring over the heroes and villains, most likely in a position where they couldn't do much of anything but right now...that didn't care...all that matter was the dinosaur.


Alright...40%...just keep it at 40%!!!!! Ichiro thought, getting right to the side of the T-Rex's face. "SKY....PARTER....PUNCH!!!!" he shouted, having his fist make contact with the creature's face and he felt his arm hurting A LOT, but the upside it wasn't broken. He watched as the T-Rex was pushed over by the punch, pretty much knocked out in the process. Ichiro's eyes followed the dinosaur beginning to fall over on the ground.


I-I did it....I DID IT!! Ichiro thought, with a huge smile on his face...only to now feel that there was a force pulling him away from the dinosaur. Huh? ...right, Kaito's Quirk...explains why he slapped me. Still...now that should be one less thing the heroes have to worry about.



Class B Squad ~ Shin and Aina


"Aina! And. . . Ninja Guy? Anyways, I need help getting out of the stadium because of this! She was on top of the dragon-lizard thing and I was trying to back up Akira as he was fighting some Irish chick and I thought getting rid of the owner was the best choice of action and so I slingshotted myself to grab her and I succeeded only to getting her dragon mad and spewed fire out and I might be part of the cause for it but I got his owner and paralyzed her and now I am making my way out and I need some type of backup to get her out with no trouble whatsoever because an evil mask lady who took Double Dragon away is here and may come out of nowhere and take her back and this girl may be the pro's ticket to getting whoever is in charge of this attack and I am running out of juice to properly defend myself from an attack so I need help please!! So, let's go you guys!"


"Ninja guy...?" Shin grumbled, shaking his head.


"Relax Shin." Aina sighed, before looking over at Shiki then back to Aaron. "Well, short-circuit, that is pretty awesome. As for back-up, me and Shin here definitely have you covered."


"Good, thanks you guys! I have no idea where the rest of my class is, so thanks. Also, I hope your class is okay too." As Aaron started to make his way towards the exit, he felt Shiki move again, so the much needed electrical therapy came on and stopped her. "No moving yet until I get you to the authorities Lizard Girl!!"


"To be honest, that's probably the best idea." Aina nodded, seeing Shiki getting a bit of electrical therapy. "We'll escort you both and then try to continue the evacuation."


Shin nodded, putting his hands together, exhaling as Happiness and Anger emerged from behind him. "Alright. We'll be the perimeter around the battery here and Aina will take point." he said, as Happiness gave a thumbs up and Anger simply rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.


Shin brought up the rear of this formation, with Happiness on Aaron's right and Anger on his left and that left Aina in the front. With not another word, the five of them made their way down the stairs in order to escort this villain to the authorities. Of course, Shin knew this was a bad idea given they didn't have their Hero Licenses yet...but escorting a 1-A student who did it, prooooobably wouldn't be accomplices to this...right?

#7116076 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 23 August 2018 - 05:50 PM





The sounds that were going on around him, he couldn't make out...not like he could possibly do anything about it. In his current state, Randy was only able to lay there, listening to the sounds of his allies fighting against Yveltal...though it honestly sounded like they were further and further away from him.


Nevertheless, the Incineroar laid there and began to dream. Dream being the relative term to him...it was more like...he was watching a reenactment of his life.




"E hele, dad! It's starting!" the young Litten Randy laughed, as he pulled his dad through the crowd in order to get a good spot by the ring. It was his first time watching a PPGWF match in person and not just hearing about it. And today, he was actually going to see him.


"E mālie, keikikāne." Randy's father laughed, as they got to a position where they could see the ring. He then scooped up the Litten and tossed him over his shoulders, giving him a better view. "Don't forget to cheer him on, Randy."


"Yes sir, dad!" he laughed, excited about what he was going to watch.


The match started almost immediately, it was the Shiny Incineroar, Sol Mask versus the Alolan Golem known as "The Boulder". It was an intense match from what Randy could tell, and it was something to behold. A Thunder Punches colliding with a Fire Punches, the fast movements and even the signature moves.


The Boulder tried to use his Gigavolt Roll but luckily Sol Mask dodged it with ease and let out a loud roar.


"Go Sol Mask!!"


"Sad to say, Boulder...but that was your last move!" Sol Mask smirked, doing a back-flip onto the side of the ring, pumping his fists into the air. To this, everyone, even Randy pumped their hands into the air. "E hele kāua! Signature move: SOL....MOONSAULT" Randy watched as Sol Mask leaped into the air and covering himself in flames, they were almost white looking, but then struck Boulder as he fell.


It wasn't long before the match was over and Sol Mask was declared the winner. Randy shook with excitement, as he smiled widely at this. "One day...I'm going to be just like Sol Mask!"


"Oh? You want to be a wrestler, Randy?" his father asked.


"Uh-huh! I know it's gonna be really hard...but I wanna be just like him!"


Randy's father laughed, as he looked up at his son. "Then we'll get you trained up and make a wrestler outta you, keikikāne!"






There was so much distinction in this match...the cheers to keep going and not to stop, the others of booing and slander...either way, for the Torracat that was Randy, this match seemed way too one sided. Sol Mask, his wrestling idol and hero, was doing absolutely nothing against his current opponent: a Blastoise Gijinka known as Torrent, an upcoming Pokémon wrestler and some punk who challenged Sol Mask for his title of champion.


"C'mon Sol Mask!" Randy shouted, doing his best to cheer for the Shiny Incineroar. "You can beat him!!"


A loud roar was heard, as Randy watched Sol Mask in the ring get back up. He rushed towards Torrent and prepared his signature move: the Sol Moonsault. This was it, this would definitely turn the tide of the match!


"Going for Sol Moonsault? We talked about this, old man..." Torrent said unfazed by this little development. "Fine then...be that way." Torrent began to channel a strong power, from what it looked like...it was a Z-Move aura around him. "Z-Haze..." The moment he said this, his aura flared quickly and what looked like all the damage he had been taken, it was suddenly gone. With another move, he held out a hand and smirked. "Now...Dark Pulse and Water Pulse..."


H-He...he used a Z-Move?! And he's using Dark and Water Pulse?!


A combination of both of these pulses merged and immediately struck Sol Mask out of the air, knocking him back and without any problems, knocked him clear out of the ring and out cold. Randy's heart stopped for a moment, it seemed as he saw this.


"U-Uh...uh it looks like Sol Mask is down for the count! ...T-That means that Torrent is our newest PPGWF champion!"


The crowds were cheering and some booed at this, but nevertheless, at the end of the day, Sol Mask was defeated. He was carried off and that was the last image of Sol Mask Randy saw of him. It seemed like days after that match that he saw, but soon it was mentioned that Sol Mask was forced into immediate retirement and wasn't seen on Alola much afterwards.


Then the talks of the fight being played dirty was in talks...but Randy knew it was true for one reason: the Z-Move. For all intents and purposes for the PPGWF put rules in place, one of those rules being that the power of Alola, Z-Moves, were never to be used in the format of dealing with a combatants own being. It would need to be used in the manner of an actual move, such as Sol Mask's Sol Moonsault. Torrent had used Z-Haze to heal himself...and the federation didn't bat an eye.


I'll kick his ass myself... Randy thought, looking out into the sunset from his bedroom window. I'll train hard...harder than I have, and I'll kick that turtle off his new throne. For Sol Mask...




This was it...the moment he waited for the day he finally evolved. Randy, now a full-fledged Incineroar sat down in the PPGWF's locker rooms and meditated to the best of his abilities. He was finally here...finally here in the Wrestling Federation. All that was left to do was win his first official match, then he would be 100% in.


"Roarton!" Randy sat up quickly, glancing back to see a ridged looking Primeape Gijinka standing behind him, his arms crossed. "You ready for this, kid?"


"Heh...ua makaukau aʻaʻole paha..." he said, standing up, popping the collar on his vest. "It's way too late to back out of this, Charlie. I've been training for this moment...time to show everyone what I'm made of." Randy turned towards Charlie and put a fist out towards him, watching the Primeape bump fists back. Charlie was a family friend, who fought all the time with his father and it was always draws. When his father passed, Charlie stood in to help support the family, so he wasn't just his trainer...but pretty much a second father to him. "Mahalo..."


"Knock 'em dead, kid."


Randy walked past Charlie and made his way to the ring. The bright lights, the roaring crowds, he could hear this powerful atmosphere and it amped him up to a level he didn't ever think was possible. At this moment, he stood in his corner, waiting for his cue to come on.


"Ladies and gentlemen! Today's match is going to pit one of our recent champs against a fiery soul who is lookin' to get his turn in the wrestling spotlight! IN THIS CORNER!! You know him, the newest champ in the minor leagues! Give it up for...Susanoo the Kommo-o!!"


From where he stood, Randy could see his opponent, a Kommo-o Gijinka step into the ring, simply looking unfazed. Most likely he was just waiting for his opponent to pop on out...which was fine, cause Randy felt the same.


"And his challenger!! The fiery soul that could join the PPGWF!! The Rising Star: RANDY ROARTON!!!"




That was the cue. Exhaling slightly, Randy made his stride into the arena and towards the ring. He got in and let out a loud roar, doing his best to amp up the crowd, which definitely worked. Now both combatants were in the ring...and the bell rang. Not shocking anyone, Susanoo made the first move, rushing towards the Incineroar and trying to have a Dragon Claw hit. However, Randy simply pivoted and delivered an elbow to the back of Susanoo's head, which made him go off balance for a bit.


"Tch...lucky hit...that's probably going to be the only one you get, newbie." Susanoo growled, rubbing the back of his head, glaring daggers at Randy.


"Heh, well at least you can move better than spit out insults." he laughed, beckoning for the Kommo-o to bring it.


Susanoo only growled further, before unleashing a loud roar in the form of Noble Roar, which did disorient Randy quite a bit. With his opponent disoriented, the Kommo-o rushed forward and had a Sky Uppercut connect. It launched Randy up into the air, causing him to come crashing back down...but this whole situation caused the crowds to get louder. Susanoo looked up to see what was going on, only to see Randy smirking, and coming back down with Brick Break, knocking him back a bit.


With a slight grunt, Randy lifted his hands in front of him, as quite a bit of dark aura surrounded them. "These fists of mine overflow with a powerful darkness!!" he shouted, the aura around his hands slowly making their way down his arms. "Their deathly glow tell me to grasp victory!"


"T-Tch...grasp victory...my ass!!" Susanoo roared, preparing a Dragon Tail. "There's only one winner...and that's me!"




Both combatants rushed towards one another, as the Dragon Tail collided with the Darkest Lariat...well, one arm anyway. Susanoo wasn't expecting the second arm swinging and was caught off guard, being knocked back and out as it struck his face. The crowds were going absolutely insane at this development but were loving it nevertheless.


"I-I DON'T BELIEVE IT! For the first time ever, Susanoo has been knocked out cold!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! THE RISING STAR, RANDY ROARTON AS BEATEN SUSANOO!!!"


Randy could hear the cheers from the audience, as he reveled in it. The match wasn't how he thought it would go at all, this guy wasn't at all as tough as he was meant out to be. It was...it was almost disappointing. He glanced down, seeing Charlie with his arms crossed, nodding slowly. Now was the moment. The Incineroar glanced up to a small area in the arena where those important in the PPGWF sat and watched. And he was there...


"Oi!!!" Randy shouted, this causing the audience to quiet down. He slowly lifted his hand towards that area of the arena and pointed. With a fierce look in his eyes, he spoke. "Torrent!! Current Champion of the PPGWF...I'm makin' a declaration here and now, ka wahine! I'm going to work from the minors up to the major league. And when I get there...there won't be any stopping. I'm going to get up to your level...and I'm going to knock you down off your little throne!"


The audience was hushed for a good while, until a voice was heard.


"Hahahaha! Oh is that so? Then by all means, put your money where your mouth is. A Heel like you won't be able to reach my level. Nevertheless, try your best."


"There is no try...I'll knock you on your shell and kick you across the ring."


"Hahaha! I do love the fiery spirits of newbies. Very well, Heel...once you make it to the major leagues, I'll give you the opportunity to face the Face of PPGWF!"


Face...yeah right. Randy said, exiting the ring, hearing the combinations of cheers and boos. He was now labeled a Heel...but that was alright. By any means necessary...




Right...can't give up now...not when I'm...I'm so close to finally takin' care of Torrent...Solgaleo...Guardians of Alola...please...don't let this be me or...or my friend's times up...please...

#7115785 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 21 August 2018 - 09:33 PM





Ichiro continued to help the civilians to the stairway, directing them as best he could. Luckily, some of the other students were already making quick work of the raptors...thankfully. That meant he didn't have to hurt himself again by using his Quirk.


Still, he felt uneasy and quite bad at the fact that this was all he was being able to do. Of course it was something that was absolutely necessary. He didn't have the Hero License that was needed for all the huge heroics, so this was the best course of action that he could do. But at the same time, he felt...useless.


What's the point of having this Quirk and power...if I can't use it? Ichiro thought, his uninjured hand balling up into a tight fist. He glanced once more towards the huge T-Rex and shook his head. Besides...how would I even get over there to h-


"Hey! 1-A kid! You're reaaaaaaaaaaally strong, right? We saw you in the tournament. Wanna help us do something about that thing?"


His thoughts were cut short, as he looked up quickly and saw two individuals coming up towards him. They looked like students...well, one looked almost like a literal spider, but she was the one talking to him. The other, with blue hair, looked pretty normal in comparison.


"H-Huh? Oh...y-yeah, I'm from 1-A. I-Ichiro Adachi... Um, I'm sorry...but you are you both? You know me but I don't know either of you."


The eight-legged girl pointed to herself and her blue-haired companion, and said "Sayaka Hachimoto, Class 1-B. Sleeping Beauty over here is Kaito Takanashi, also Class 1-B."


"Oh, your from Mako's class with Valerie." Ichiro nodded. "Nice to meet you both...sorta wish it was under better circumstances. Um...now why were you asking me for help and then pointed at the T-Rex, exactly?"


"Wellllll..." Sayaka glanced around, at some of the larger piles of rubble nearby. "Do you like Japan's space program?"


"What kind of question is that?" Ichiro asked, more confused than before now.


Pointing at the dino again, Sayaka proudly exclaimed "I wanna slingshot you into that thing! And then you can punch it, like, POW! And that should knock it out."


"....ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" Ichiro exclaimed. "H-How am I going to get from here to there like that?! Just by a web slingshot? That won't work the way you think it will."


"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Sayaka directed her finger to some of the larger piles of rubble around the stadium, and explained "It's all about how big the slingshot is and how tightly we pull back on it. It's like the difference between firing a little pebble out of an actual slingshot, and doing the same thing from a catapult. It won't be fast, but I can make something big enough to shoot you up there to that thing's face."


...what the hell is Mako teaching his students? Ichiro thought, shaking his head slightly.



Class B Squad ~ Casey


"Yo Casey. Next dinosaur we run into you should smack around a bit instead. It's fantastic stress relief, trust me!"


Casey laughed, shaking his head slowly. "How about we say I did and I don't?" he glanced back at Valerie, shrugging. "Between you and me, I raaaaaather not end up trying to find a career in raptor taming. ...though being nicknamed 'The Raptor Whisperer' would be kinda cool..."


Then again...maybe she was right. Maybe he could actually try that out...especially with Hyperjump.


"On second thought...yeah, maybe I will." Casey nodded slightly. "Just let's say it this way...raptor only. I'd be fine with something more my height."

#7115455 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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"Bollocks! She's legged it!"


What's she doing?! Ichiro thought, curiously looking at Hadley, who just stared at him with the utmost serious expression.


"Get tha fuck outta here, alright? Get as much a' the others and just fuckin' leg it, alright? Yer' beat ta shit, don't fuck yer'self up anymore, alright? I mean it, alright? Jest fuckin' GO."


Without much else to say, Hadley left and Ichiro just stood there in shock on the stair. He stood up slightly on the step that Hadley was on and was shocked to see what he did. The dino girl, unleashing now raptors into the stadium...in the middle, Suna and most of the other heroes were being confronted by Wendigo...it was the beast after all. That sickening felling returned in Ichiro's gut again, as he clenched his fists tightly.


Maybe she was right. Right now...he couldn't do much of anything, save for helping the citizens that were in a panic...and he only had one arm unbroken with the other still trying to heal. Nurse Neko said it would be a bit and that she prescribed to wear the sling for today and possibly tomorrow. Another look, he saw that most of his fellow classmates were already trying to do something.




Then he glanced over again and he was completely shocked...


"Watch your BACK, Shiki!"


Ichiro saw that Hadley...the one who was with him a moment ago was now in the fray...and apparently on the side of the villains! His fist clenched tighter, immensely confused at what was going on. Why tell him specifically to leave...? Hell, why look for him and Sayuri in general?


...I can't run now... he thought, seeing a few people running in his direction as he exhaled slowly. I just gotta do what I can for the moment. And if it's helping people...then that's what I'll do. Ichiro waved his hand and pointed in the direction of the stairwell. "Everyone! This way!"




Class B Squad ~ Shin and Aina


"Alright, look out everyone." Aina said, moving over towards some of the rubble, where some people were. Quickly, the young girl looked for a location. She saw one and it was pretty much overrun with raptors. "Perfect." she said with a smile. "Shin! You better be ready!"

"Working on it..." Shin exhaled, before slamming his hands together. Soon two more of Shin appeared out from behind him, in yellow and red clothes. "Happiness, Anger...I need you to help out. Things have gone bad..."


"Really? Couldn't tell..." Anger simply huffed, rolling his eyes. "Honestly think we SHOULD be fighting...but whatever."


"Can do boss! Oh, maybe you should call a few more!" Happiness chimed in with a wide smile. "That would help out A LOT!"


"Might be right...Sadness could help." Shin nodded, slamming his hands again, as another Shin appeared, this one being in blue clothes and he seemed to have a few tears falling off his face. "Sadness...c'mon Sad, you need to pull it together!"


"I know..." Sadness began to cry, wiping tears from his face. "I'm just...really sad that all these people are scared and that there's raptors running around!"


"HELLO! SHIN! Are you ready?!" Aina shouted impatiently.


With the sound of a sigh in unison from all four Shins, the main one nodded. "Yeah, we're ready. Launch it, Aina!"


"With pleasure!" Aina smirked, as she touched the rubble, infusing it with plenty of potential energy. "Get down under there!!" she shouted, before removing her hands from the rubble and watching it launch straight into the aisles above below them, and seeing it crush the raptors. "Now that's some extinction!"


"Move." Shin nodded to his other selves as they moved in to help civilians up and usher them to safety. "Good thing we all share a common goal right now...otherwise they wouldn't listen. Any luck trying to get to the others?"


Aina shook her head. "Not yet. Haven't heard any word from Case either...getting worried."


"Relax...both Case and Val are fine."




Class B Squad ~ Casey


Casey continued running towards the medical wing of the stadium, among the stuff that was going on out there, he needed to make sure that Valerie was okay. Besides, she was one of the backbones of Class 1-B...if anything happened to her, well...most of 1-B might actually end up being depressed or some stupid shit like that.


However, the young man now was staring down...wait...was that a raptor?


"You've got to be kidding me..." Casey muttered, before seeing the raptor immediately rush towards him. Wasn't really anytime to use Hyperjump...so he needed to do the only other thing he could. "I HATE THIS!!!" he shouted, running the way he came, away from the raptor.


Damnit! That's what I get for being a hero!! Sorry Val...I'll try and get to you...hopefully your actually getting the hell outta dodge! he thought, with the raptor chasing him down.

#7115172 A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

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"Hey, groundwalker. Class didn't start yet, right?"


"Actually it hasn't ye-" Victor spoke, turning his head to face who spoke and his eyes went wide. What was sitting beside him was a blue girl who seemed...to have water in her boots. And given this was a computer lab of all places... "Excuse me! Don't be so close to the computers like you are! You have water all over your boots! You'll fry yourself and the machines!" he exclaimed.


Does he have to be so loud? Mandy thought, huffing slightly with a slight roll of her eyes. Uptight computer junkies...


It was a bit more time and more students seemed to enter: Dr. Claw, the robot individual Victor saw during lunch, some dark brooding guy, and of course, Akira. Seemed like it was a normal class, especially with the fact that Akira sat down beside him. A rival needed to be as close as possible...guess that was Victor thought Akira's though process was.


"Dude, how many girlfriends do you have?"


"Girlfriend? The hell are you on about?" Victor whispered back, trying to figure out what the guy meant, until he heard Cagey clear his throat. Welp, time to pay attention.


"Welcome to Software Class. Here we will be learning important things, like how to hack systems, and how to program robots, along with complex virus creation. Just don't upload them to the internet, we have too many AIs running amuck on the internet as is. Now, pick a username and a password."


That shouldn't be too hard. Victor smirked, pulling his glasses out to put them on his face. With a quick crack of his knuckles, he immediately typed in a username: CyberWizard. He would've immediately chosen the name he had in mind for his villain name, but that would've definitely been too easy...or too obvious. I need to think outside of the box more and more, especially if I'm to be a villain...now for the password...


He rubbed his chin, before finally thinking of one. 1mP0551bl3 ....Impossible. Perfect. It had the right suggested amount of characters in it and it had number, characters, or a combination of both in it. Feeling quite good about himself, he removed his glasses, quickly pulled out a notebook to write the login information down before returning it back into his bag and awaiting the further instructions.


Mandy on the other hand...


Jeez...all this is just bullcrap. she thought with a small huff, as she typed up the username and password as quick as she could. Hangnail16 and cuticle. She honestly couldn't be bothered with this and really just wanted to access the internet...like now.


"Excuse me, sir? I did the thing...now what?" Mandy asked in quite the bored tone.

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#7115149 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

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It's been a while since last update...this one has been done for a while, just haven't had the time to upload. So enjoy!


File 22 - We'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

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#7112893 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

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I'm Sorry...


Jason was sitting a bit a ways from the others, still incredibly shaken up after his attempt to sneak past the Shadow. He held his left wrist, rubbing is slowly. Right now he couldn't do anything except stare at the floor and watch everyone's feet shuffling around. Was he feeling...fear? That can't be it...he hadn't been afraid of any type of boogeyman since he turned eleven. So why...why was this different?


That thing's eyes... he thought, shaking his head slightly. They were just like his...I'm fuckin' sure of it.


After a few moments, he looked up to see the others just conversing right now. Letting out a small sigh, he made his way over towards Paul and Grendel. He cleared his throat a bit to get their attention. His face showed everything right now: fear, apologetic, disappointed...most likely at himself.... Finally, Jason spoke.


"I...I wanted to say I'm sorry." he said, looking at Paul. "T-That was a stupid thing...and I...I don't even know what happened. I-I'm sorry I put you guys at risk."

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#7111759 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 27 July 2018 - 09:21 AM







Syllabus day...or how Souji liked to call it: a complete waste of time. His thought process was that the teachers could just send their syllabuses...syllabi...whatever to the dorm rooms. Like mail people...then again, they'd probably have to pay them like normal mail people if that were to happen. These thoughts and others were floating through Souji's head, as the young man sat in class, his head resting on his arms.


Jeez...stop explaining stuff already! he thought, a silent sigh escaping his mouth. We can read the syllabus...just let us go already!


Finally, after what seemed like hours (wasn't really hours, but you know what it feels like), the students were free from class. Souji immediately stood up and slung his bag over his shoulder, making a b-line for the exit. At the same time, in passing, he saw a familiar individual in his class that he didn't notice right away before. It was Jun Shui. Which was surprising...cause if there was one thing to always notice about her...it was the fact of the hat she wore.


"Hey...Jun." Souji called after the young girl, making his way towards her. "This is surely a shock. Didn't expect to see you in the same class."

#7110587 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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"Oh! I mean, I don't want to say it was nothing, because it obviously wasn't. But it was just a couple tricks I did, I mean like... if we had a rematch I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to pull it off again."


Ichiro nodded, understanding what Mike was saying. It seemed, least to him, that he wasn't a huge conversationalist either. Well, one thing they both had in common, Ichiro supposed. He was going to say something else, but was stopped, when Mike responded to his challenge.


"Yeah! I think that'd be great, I'd love to see how well you can do when you know your Quirk better!"


"Yeah...I'm hoping it'll be ten times different this next time." Ichiro said with a nod, before glancing over at the TV and was literally at a loss for words at what he saw.


"Chabudai Gaeshi!!"


"H-How is that even legal?!" he asked, just at a loss for words. Terro literally picked up a piece of the arena and flipped it...like it was a table. He thought his Tatami move was one thing...but this was on a whole different level. "J-Jeez...knowing my luck...there will be a rule in regards to that next year..." Nevertheless, the match was over and Terro was declared the winner. Ichiro let out a sigh, before glancing at Mike, who mentioned he knew how to beat Terro. "Well, looks like you'll be up against him next." He held out a hand towards Mike, making a fist. "Wishing you good luck in the final match."




Class B Squad




"COME ON!!! This isn't even right!!" Aina shouted, dropping herself into her seat, glancing to see Shin and Casey both on the ground, ever slightly getting back up. "I'm blaming the both of you for this."


"W-What?! Why us?!" Casey grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "If it's cause we didn't cheer loud enough, that's your fault. You bashed our heads when Valerie basically put herself on fire..."


"H-He has a point..." Shin sighed, rubbing his head as well as his neck. "And to be precise, it was right after Casey mentioned how 'hot' that was...still don't know why you even hit me..."


Aina rolled her eyes before scoffing. "Whatever. Now this finale isn't worth watching...it's just a huge 1-A show. ...oh shit...1-B lost...all of us."


Right now, Casey and Shin looked at each other and both had a small vision of a certain sharkified human, cracking his knuckles and glaring at the entirety of the class. They lost, meaning Mako would most likely be giving them an earful about 'discipline'. At this moment, all three began to gulp, realizing that this was probably not going to end well.


"We're sooooooooo screwed..."

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