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#7095699 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 18 April 2018 - 10:10 PM








"Dude, my mom hasn't told me a thing.  TBH, I don't think she cares.  I'm still thinking about what happened on that island.  Did it actually happen?  We can't have all hallucinated at once, right?"


Oh good...apparently Paul's parents weren't in the business of caring 100% about the whole situation. Guess he was just lucky to have this happen to him. He reached back over and sent another message.


"Agree on that. Hell, I don't think I could ever forget or even actually hallucinate a good night rest like that bro lol." Jason sent back to Paul, deciding to keep it brief if the guy was busy. He sighed before tossing the phone bag into the bean bag chair, before hearing his door being slammed open. Oh great...


Gary stumbled into Jason's room and the young man could immediately smell the alcohol. It wasn't much to see his foster father drunk before, but this bad? That was a different story.




"I'm right here...you don't have to yell." Jason said plainly, seeing Gary glare at him.


"I-I've had it up to here! ...with your attitude!" he slurred, pointing a finger at Jason. "Bad enough...I have to deal with the bullshit at work...I ain't takin' yours!"


"Then don't. Just ignore me like you usually do."


Gary stomped over towards Jason and jacked him up by his collar, raising his fist. "I-I'll beat...the hell outta you boy!!"


"BRING IT ON!" Jason shouted back, slowly raising his left hand to show his braced wrist. "You've done it once!"


Gary clenched his fist and was about to hit Jason, but just let him go and dropped him. "Y-You ain't eatin' tonight..." he grumbled, stumbling and shuffling out of the room and slamming the door behind him.


"Not like I want anything you fix...come at me like that...I'll put your ass in a damn home..." Jason rolled his eyes and flipped him off, slowly getting up off the ground. He made his way back to his bed and laid down on it, staring at a wall. ...really need to keep myself away from the house for a while...




Spirit Week Begins
Least this week Jason was able to put his mind on a bit of a better note. It was a week in the school year he actually enjoyed: Spirit Week. Just a week to celebrate school spirit and the like with tryouts for teams on different days (which right now he totally forgot), pep rallies, pick-up games, fundraisers, and a lot more.
Jason dressed up in the appropriate colors to show school spirit. Blue jeans, his old white and blue basketball t-shirt, and of course, a blue and orange wrist brace. Finish it off with a blue windbreaker and Jason was ready to go. Before he left, he glanced outside his bedroom window and saw that Gary wasn't there. Good...the last thing he needed today was to have some blow out this morning.
Leaving his room with his bag on his back, he headed out the door and made his way to the campus. He had to find a way to stay a bit later after school today...but how?
-At School-
Wait Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
Jason made it onto the campus and headed straight for the history classroom, his earbuds in his ears as he tried to block out everyone, like usual. Ignoring the world and its problems was always a good way to relax and calm himself. And after yesterday's fiasco, it was definitely needed.
He made his way into the History classroom and saw that Paul was pretty much the first one in. Well this would definitely make it easier to talk to. "Just the guy I was hoping to find in here." he chuckled, making his way over to his desk. "How ya holdin' up, Paul?"
Paul was busy in his notebook, doodling. He had come up with some really fancy stick figures that represented himself and the thing that had called itself "Shango". He lifted his head quickly when Jason approached. "Oh. What's up my guy? I'm... doing okay. Just got uh... well, as you can see," Paul said, gesturing to his artwork. "This on my mind." He sighed and closed the notebook. "Sorry. I'm sure everyone has it on their minds."
"Heh, yeah that seems obvious." Jason chuckled, sitting down with a sigh. "Don't worry about it man. Honestly, out of everything that's been happening recently...that's the most adrenaline I've had pumping in a while. And the last time I had it pumping that much was my first basketball game."
Paul flinched a bit when Jason mentioned basketball. "Shit, that reminds me," Paul began, shifting in his seat. "Tryouts are this week."
"And you should come through, homie," spoke Kevin, entering the classroom.
"Are you still hungover?" Paul joked.
"Nah. Drunk me wouldn't ask Jason to tryout for the team again. He'd suggest the swimming team or some shit," Kevin replied.
Jason looked at Paul and finally remembered about the tryouts. How the hell did I forget that? He nodded a bit and sighed. "Yeah I kinda forgot tryouts were this week." he said, before seeing Kevin waltz into the room. However, he looked at him and started chuckling lightly. "Try out for the team again? Kev I'd say you aren't drunk...you freakin' high as a damn kite." Jason rolled his eyes, shaking his head some. "After I didn't show up for that game, it was pretty much my own death sentence for them. They won't let me back in..." he paused and glanced at his wrist brace. "...even if this thing heals up."
Paul looked at Kevin then looked back at Jason. After a brief pause, Paul let out a breathy "...bullshit."
Kevin simply nodded in response. "You won't know for sure unless you try. Just like how I didn't know Paul was gonna get fuckin' dunked on at my party." This only prompted a glare from Paul, but Kevin obviously didn't care.
Jason looked at Paul and Kevin, just blinking a bit before shaking his head and leaning back. "Yeah well, if the coach is still holding a grudge like the team still is, there's no way I could get selected." he sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "Besides...even IF I managed to get my ass back on the team, with the Video Game Club and that, I'd never be ho-" Jason stopped suddenly, as he sat up slowly with the look of revelation on his face: he wouldn't be home much because of everything. That was it...his way out!!
Paul and Kevin were suddenly smiling devilishly from ear to ear. They both threw their arms around Jason and pulled him in to a huddle. "Sounds to me like you don't wanna go home," Kevin said.
"And if b-ball keeps you busy, it's only good for you, right? Nothing wrong with extracurricular activities," Paul encouraged.
"Mhm, mhm. And you get to hang out with your boy again. It's a win-win," Kevin added.
"Yeah. Kevin can win over Coach, no problem. It's up to you, homes," Paul finished.
Jason hated that these two caught on almost immediately that he didn't want to go home. And he hated to admit it, but they were right. After staring at his desk for a good long moment, he finally sighed and shook his head. "Alright...ALRIGHT! You guys...you guys talked me into it." he said in a defeated tone, before smiling. "If you could do that Kevin, that would awesome. ...thanks for having some faith in me guys..."
Paul and Kevin high fived. "Don't mention it, Bluejay. I'll have you outta the dumps in no time," Kevin joked.
"Bluejay?" Paul stopped to ask.
"He's blue. He's Jason. Bluejay," Kevin confirmed.
"...don't do that," Paul said, shaking his head at this awful pun.
"Would you have preferred Jayjay? Peanut butter and Jay? Jay-Z?" Kevin continued.
"Don't make me punch you. Puns are my thing," Paul argued.
Jason groaned at these puns, his face meeting his right hand. "Jeez Kev...maybe you are drunk." he chuckled with a shake of his head. "Cause those were just baaaaaaaad."
"Not as bad as Paul is at ball," Kevin snickered.
"Imma beat your ass after class, I swear," Paul said, hiding his chuckle.

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#7094687 [RP Poll] Gauging the Interests of the RPers

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 13 April 2018 - 09:38 PM

Horror sounds interesting. Never dabbled in that before, and I would be keen to at least try it. Same for survival. Might be nice with more realistic stakes involved.


I enjoy high fantasy/sci-fi. Particularly the former, but sci-fi is pretty cool as well. Takes me a bit to get into the universe, but if one grabs me, I'll probably be hooked.


Slice-of-life doesn't just grab me; I'm more of an escapist myself. Barely watch any anime, so I also can't say I'd be grabbed to the anime one as a fan. But hey, a good universe and fun premise might still be enjoyable.


Can't go wrong with card games. I love strategy, although I would also love to see one not based around YGO or CFV; something a little fresher.


Alright, we have at least some discussion going on...so that's progress.


With the Card Game ones, I thought it best to start with this. Making it one not based around either YGO or CFV would most likely require that other people know of the game at least. And for that matter, it would also help immensely if I or the Host know the game as well, therefore it being a bit better in regards to them hosting an RP like that.


With Horror and Survival, not since the days of :Alive: being around as an RP has there really been a good RP that fits this bill. So seeing something like this would actually work. And like :Alive:, there could be a looming threat of, your character dies...they die. No coming back or respawning. Give it that urgency of..."Oh shit, my actions matter!". So if people are fine with this, it would be interesting to see these types appear more frequent.

#7093979 Super Showdown Society

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 10 April 2018 - 08:39 PM

Great Mew Off 2


A tournament where I can probably do something (as I have yet to learn how to balance hackmons)...I'm perfectly alright with this.


Sign me up, @ God Emperor Cow

#7093506 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 08 April 2018 - 03:37 PM








Jason came to about the exact location he and the others left from. Which meant he needed to get back home...immediately.


Shit...shit...shit... he thought, making his way back home, rubbing his wrist some. What happened to everyone else at the party? Were they arrested? He really hoped not, especially if they decided to want to call all the parents of those who came. I just really hope no one tried to find me at the house...otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.


He could only hope...






It wasn't long before he saw the house and his heart was somewhat relieved that in the driveway, it looked like the parent's car was gone. Must mean that they were gone for a little while.


Nevertheless, he made his way up towards the front door and pulled out his keys. Jason started to insert the key into the lock, but the door was already starting to open by someone behind it. Jason looked up slowly and felt his face lose all color in it as there stood his foster father, Gary, and behind him was Alice. Both of them looked a little upset, well, Alice's face looked more worried than upset...that was namely the old man.


"Where...have...you...been?!" he barked out, letting Jason in before slamming the door.


"I was hanging out...with the Video Game Club last night." Jason responded, trying his best to avoid eye contact with him. Though without the eye contact, he could smell something: it was alcohol. A smell of booze was coming from Gary...which meant he was most likely drunk.


"And you found it necessary to leave...WITHOUT TELLING ME?! And what's worse is that you didn't have the audacity to call and say you weren't going to be home! You left that to Alice!"


"To be fair, you and mom were 'talking' when I decided to head out." Jason said, using quotation marks on the word 'talking'. However, this wasn't apparently what Gary wanted to hear, as Jason felt himself being jacked up by his collar and pushed against the front door.


"You trying to get smart with me, boy?!"


"Dad, please..." Alice tried to interject, but was cut short.


"Alice stay out of this. I should ground you as well for helping pull this little stunt!" he shouted, returning his gaze back to Jason for a moment. He finally let go of Jason and pointed towards the stairs. "Go to your room...I don't want to see you out of their until dinner. Maybe then I'll have a suitable punishment for you."


Jason watched Gary storm off, before clenching his fist slightly. He wanted to go at it with him, he wanted to so badly right now...but not in front of Alice. He cared too much for her to have a shouting and possible fist throwing match with him. Jason sighed and glanced at Alice before saying he was sorry in the form of sign language as he made his way upstairs and to his room.


Fan...fucking....tastic... he thought, entering his room and collapsing on his bed. It didn't feel as good as the other one, but it would do for now. Jason quickly took his phone and decided to send Paul a text to let him know he was back home. "Hey Paul. It's Jason. Made it back home...just gonna say this, hope your folks aren't upset about not being home last night...I know mine are."


Tch...I hate the fact that they're quick to jump on my case...but yet...expect me to be just Alice and fall in line. Jason thought, tossing his phone over on his bean bag chair and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Guess now I'm gonna have to be running everything by his ass from now on...still...hopefully this punishment isn't one that'll TOO bad...

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#7092870 Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 05 April 2018 - 04:00 PM


YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!! We had the orange bandicoot remastered and brought to the newer generation of game consoles...and now, another nostalgic gem has been brought back and remastered!! Spyro...and I mean the ORIGINAL Spyro is back in action and is lookin' pretty slick!


Ever since they announced the remastered/remake of Crash Bandicoot, I've been waiting for this to get announced and now I can relieve my childhood and my PS1 playing days on a newer console without needing to grab the old one. I'm hyped for this and am really needing September to hurry up and get here!

#7092850 Saiku and Yui's Copycat Video AMA (featuring Chaos Sonic from the sidelines)

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 05 April 2018 - 02:45 PM

Stop creating harems, Sonic.



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#7092719 Saiku and Yui's Copycat Video AMA (featuring Chaos Sonic from the sidelines)

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 04 April 2018 - 10:15 PM

End up waking up on a desert island: you can choose one character you've created and RPed as to be there with you. Whoooooooooooo would you choose??

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#7092427 Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 04 April 2018 - 12:35 AM



The fight between Roxie and Alex was intense, even more intense than Zane was ever expecting, as the strong pressure between both of these combatants even felt like it was pushing him back...but he was standing perfectly still. This was on a WHOLE 'nother level than what he was on...even as a Legendary Dire Wolf.


His fists clenched a bit and trembled...not in fear but in excitement. Unsure why, it was excitement. A small smirk appeared on his face as he saw Alex and Roxie make their move some. "...COME ON, ALEX!!!!" he shouted, trying to cheer his teammate on.


They clashed...at least it looked like it. Apparently Blake himself appeared and stepped in between both combatants and then Roxie collapsed on the floor. ...What was even going on?!


“Welp, look at that…I guess that means Alex is the winner.”
“A Chaos Emerald!” Axel said quickly, seeing the red gem in Blake's hand and started darting towards Blake and the girls. However, Zane noticed the hedgehog went in the direction of Alex instead.
"A-Axel!!! Jeez...wait up!!" Zane shouted, following after the ivory hedgehog.
“Her aura is faint...” Axel said in a sort of frantic manner, beginning to dig Alex out of this shell with energy from his finger tips. “We need to get her out of there!”
Blake stared at the two near Alex's statue-like casing for a bit of time, before finally sighing. "If you guys want her so badly...keep her."
"Hey!! Blake what are you doing..." Roxie started to protest from the ground, hearing Blake simply say this.
She wasn't the only one who was thinking this way. Zane was also thinking this exact thing, as his gaze turned from Axel trying to dig out Alex, to Blake. "I'm sorry...we can..." he turned and crossed his arms. "No offense...but aren't you working for the Demon Pirate Captain there? Ya know, the reason we're even trying to rescue Alex?? And now you're just gonna GIVE her to us?!"
"EXACTLY!!!" Roxie shouted, struggling to get up. However, her injuries were a bit too much to where Blake was easily able to nudge her back down. "Blake..."
"Apparently our friend Alex here has more important business to handle..." Blake spoke, closely studying the group.
About this time, Zane glanced back to see Axel being able to free Alex's head and upper body. She looked normal, but at the same time incredibly drained. The arctic wolf let a small sigh of relief as he was happy to see that through that entire ordeal, Alex was alright.
"Besides...take a look Captain." Blake said, motioning around the wrecked ship. "We lost. Fair and square. Anymore fighting is just needless damage to my ship."
Zane sighed before turning his attention back to Blake and Roxie. "...he does have a point..." he said, pointing at the hole that was made during the battle. "You and Alex did do quite the bit of damage there..."
Roxie could only laugh at this. “You bet your arse, Nancy! My girl Alex is a really monster!”
“You’re all monsters, and I want you off my ship right away before you break anymore of my shit...” Blake scoffed, before tossing the Chaos Emerald at Axel, apparently catching it in a confused manner. “Consider that your prize for defeating the mighty Demon Captain- or whatever they call Roxie.” he turned to Alex and smiled warmly. “And a gift from us.”
"WHAT?!?!" Roxie surged up, only to be caught under Blake's heel.
“From what I can tell... you’re gonna need it down the road.”
"So...what sparked this change of heart?" Zane inquired of Blake.
"You guys hopped right into the frying pan to come save her..." Blake spoke, but from what Zane could tell, his tone and general vibe was a lot less threatening than it had been before. At the same time, Zane could also see Roxie sulking as she laid on the ground. “We could have killed you. You made out... that means I can trust you to have Alex’s back.”
Zane nodded, sighing some before shrugging. "I mean, to be frank...Scream Queen over there was PRETTY close to it." he said with a small smile. "Either way, from wolf to wolf...I get ya."
"The fact that you managed to neutralize Kiara in that environment was pretty impressive, arctic wolf..." Blake chuckled.
"What can I say...I had one hell of a teacher." Zane glanced over at Axel at this, giving him a thumbs up. Then he saw Blake leaning in.
“By the way, wolf to wolf... you should phone home some time, kid.” he spoke to where Zane could hear.
Zane nodded and responded in the same manner. "To be honest...that's where we were headed before this whole ordeal went down."
“Good. We’re not welcome there, but I know a lot of good people back at the village.” Blake backed away before throwing Roxie on his shoulder, who proceeded to stick her tongue out at the arctic wolf.
"Yeah...maybe I'll find a way to put in a good word for you..." Zane shrugged, as Blake backed away. As they left, he only blinked a bit at seeing Roxie behaving quite childish with the tongue stuck out. And she's the Demon Pirate Captain? Jeez...

#7092198 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 02 April 2018 - 09:37 PM





"Bet you can't dodge from this close. With one hand, just like I promised!"


Gavin looked at Aurora and the hand she swung out. His MOVA couldn't produce the shield he needed right now and he was way too close. His grip tightened on his boomerang and he swiftly brought his arms in front of him for a short moment. "VEX...you better go into safe mode...now!!" he said, gritting his teeth.


"Entendido Gavin ... no mueras en mí." VEX said simply, before going into a safe mode. They both knew what was going to happen...it was better to prepare either way.


With a quick closing of his eyes, Gavin heard and felt the blast hitting him as he immediately was slammed in the back by the ice dome's wall. It was extremely cold, he figured that much...but this was just a sheer raw power that he felt. This wasn't something he was expecting at all. After a bit, the dome's wall broke and Gavin was launched out and his back hit the fleshy ground of the arena.


S-Shit... Gavin thought, trying his best to get up, but was having quite the bit of frost on him that hindered his movement. J-Jeez...beaten by a girl...s-still...least this time...there's a reason for my loss. Not all the girls I know have powers like this...lucky...me...


Before long, he passed out where he landed.


The fighters would return to where they started before the fight, standing in the all too familiar room. Just as it always had after a fight, the screen showed the end score of the fight.
Aurora: 85 HP
Gavin: 0 HP
Winner: Aurora by Knockout

#7092138 Saiku and Yui's Copycat Video AMA (featuring Chaos Sonic from the sidelines)

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 02 April 2018 - 04:56 PM

if Sonic were in charge they'd be halfway through this when he suddenly decides that this is going to be a nature documentary video instead of an AMA

amirite @Kill Son Goku high five

i couldn't resist, sonic


Well I'm the one asking the questions, my dear bovine. But now that you bring this up... >=3

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#7091497 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 31 March 2018 - 03:22 PM





Sounds like a tough time for both of you. I won't pry for the details


"It's...it's alright, Sayuri..." Ichiro chuckled softly, as he rubbed his slinged arm some. "G-Gotta be more willing to just share that...y-ya know?" he said, noticing Terro heading off to get a better view of the fights that were going on.


"That boy...Leaving his grandfather all alone to see the fights better? I swear. Still, I suppose it's for the best. After those villains attacked your class, it would seem you all need to get stronger, as fast as you can."


Ichiro winced when Goutetsu reminded him of that small fact. The old man wasn't wrong though...they DID need to get stronger. Nevertheless, with his Quirk being in this much of a situation for him, even though he was starting to get to the point not to break anything, it needed to be a bit stronger. However, he couldn't ruminate much on this thought, as he heard a small clunk sound to where he saw a newcomer sitting behind him and accidentally hitting Sayuri in the head with what looked like a gauntlet.


"Man, right pain in the ass sometimes, these things, innit?"


He sat there looking at this newcomer. She wasn't someone he knew about in his class...probably a 1-B student? But that would've meant she wasn't privy to enter the tournament. "Uh...quite the fists you got there..." Ichiro mustered out, while mentally asking: "What kind of person just compliments a person's fists? C'MON ADACHI!!!"




1-B Chitter Chatter




"Hey Aina! That guy that took you out is up next!" Casey said, his mouth full of popcorn as he sat back down behind Aina.


The woman stared at Aaron and Mike entering the field as she rolled her eyes slightly. "Won by a technicality...just because I was foolish to keep my metal marbles with me. And I didn't take into consideration his damn stick."


"Come cry to me when you lose on a technicality of your own clone." Shin grumbled, shaking his head. "Still think that call was bullshit. But, it is what it is. And this match, might actually be an interesting one at best."


"Yeah, no kidding!" Casey chimed in. "That green energy kid. You saw the match right? Jeez...that one was a hell of a match. Him and that other kid were just going at it like Rock Em-Sock Em Robots! Hell!! The other kid got beat to hell in that!"


"Well, at this point, whoever can take out 'Sparky' over there has my vote." Aina huffed, as she moved and shoved her hand into Casey's tub of popcorn and stole some of it. "KICK SPARKY'S ASS!!!!"

#7090135 What Blacksmiths Have to Put Up With...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 26 March 2018 - 04:37 PM



...well then XD

#7089918 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 25 March 2018 - 11:14 PM





Gavin had a scenario play in his mind almost immediately as Aurora made the ice dome. This wasn't what he was expecting at all right now, but that was the least of his worries. Aurora had now closed the distance between him and her, with a large ice cub club formed on her right arm. Sheesus!! he thought, moving slightly as her arm collided with his Dark Energy Shield.


"Gavin. La energía de Dark Energy Shield comienza a agotarse a un ritmo alarmante." VEX piped up from the MOVA. From this, he caught 'Dark Energy Shield', which didn't sound good.


"Still can't...understand you VEX!" Gavin shouted, being pushed back some by Aurora's melee strike. "P-Plus...I'm in a bit of a bind. Shit..." he muttered before grunting and pushing his Dark Energy Shield forward, trying his best to push Aurora's arm back. However, when he did, his shield was immediately turned off. Damn...don't tell me the shield's energy is running low. Gavin thought, before shifting Aquila in his other hand. I'm gonna have to do whatever I can to keep going!


Without much of another thought, Gavin swung his boomerang to have it clash against Aurora's icy blocked arm...right now he needed to just survive at this moment.

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#7089067 Should we get a "Bonds Beyond Time" Sequel for VRAINS?

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 21 March 2018 - 02:52 PM

While I'd be all down for that, I also think there should be more YGO movies that end up following the one thing Dark Side of Dimensions did: follow the manga.


What I want honestly, is manga movies. YGO DM gets a pass due to Dark Side of Dimensions, but we get to GX and I honestly want to see the GX manga come to life. Show us the whole story of the Planet card series and Tragoedia against Jaden and Chazz at the end. Or hell!! Give us what happens after Jaden Duels against Koyo Hibiki in the GX Special Chapter!! Having E-HERO vs. M-HERO being shown would be a cool opener and hell, it would actually give us something else to Jaden than the actual GX anime version (before Season 4 version).


The same process could be done for the 5Ds, Zexal, and Arc-V manga. The manga storylines are a gold mine of potential and I think they would fit the style of a cinematic release.

#7087672 Post Gru Memes

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 14 March 2018 - 11:49 AM