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#7110587 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 17 July 2018 - 09:38 PM





"Oh! I mean, I don't want to say it was nothing, because it obviously wasn't. But it was just a couple tricks I did, I mean like... if we had a rematch I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to pull it off again."


Ichiro nodded, understanding what Mike was saying. It seemed, least to him, that he wasn't a huge conversationalist either. Well, one thing they both had in common, Ichiro supposed. He was going to say something else, but was stopped, when Mike responded to his challenge.


"Yeah! I think that'd be great, I'd love to see how well you can do when you know your Quirk better!"


"Yeah...I'm hoping it'll be ten times different this next time." Ichiro said with a nod, before glancing over at the TV and was literally at a loss for words at what he saw.


"Chabudai Gaeshi!!"


"H-How is that even legal?!" he asked, just at a loss for words. Terro literally picked up a piece of the arena and flipped it...like it was a table. He thought his Tatami move was one thing...but this was on a whole different level. "J-Jeez...knowing my luck...there will be a rule in regards to that next year..." Nevertheless, the match was over and Terro was declared the winner. Ichiro let out a sigh, before glancing at Mike, who mentioned he knew how to beat Terro. "Well, looks like you'll be up against him next." He held out a hand towards Mike, making a fist. "Wishing you good luck in the final match."




Class B Squad




"COME ON!!! This isn't even right!!" Aina shouted, dropping herself into her seat, glancing to see Shin and Casey both on the ground, ever slightly getting back up. "I'm blaming the both of you for this."


"W-What?! Why us?!" Casey grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "If it's cause we didn't cheer loud enough, that's your fault. You bashed our heads when Valerie basically put herself on fire..."


"H-He has a point..." Shin sighed, rubbing his head as well as his neck. "And to be precise, it was right after Casey mentioned how 'hot' that was...still don't know why you even hit me..."


Aina rolled her eyes before scoffing. "Whatever. Now this finale isn't worth watching...it's just a huge 1-A show. ...oh shit...1-B lost...all of us."


Right now, Casey and Shin looked at each other and both had a small vision of a certain sharkified human, cracking his knuckles and glaring at the entirety of the class. They lost, meaning Mako would most likely be giving them an earful about 'discipline'. At this moment, all three began to gulp, realizing that this was probably not going to end well.


"We're sooooooooo screwed..."

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#7110309 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 16 July 2018 - 12:19 PM

A new day, a new adventure...


File 16 - A Gym, A God, and the Bridge

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#7110305 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 16 July 2018 - 11:41 AM





Rose POV


Rose nodded, drawing a card. She took a glance at her Life Points - they were getting dangerously low., and she was running out of options. “I think it’s time for my last resort...” She said, placing the card she had just drawn onto her Duel Disk. “I activate Shaddoll Fusion! I’m sure you know where I can get material if you have an Extra Deck monster by now.” She said, searching through her deck. “I send Shaddoll Falco and Rainbow Kuriboh to the Graveyard!” As she says this, another portal opened up from the ground. “May your radiant beauty shine as bright in the night sky! SHADDOLL FUSION! El Shaddoll Construct!” Out of the portal came a relatively large and divine looking doll, regally glancing at its opponents.

“Falco’s effect trigger! I get to Special Summon the bird in face-down Defense Position!” As she said this, a face-down monster appeared on the field. “Now, Construct! Shine your beauty upon my enemy!” The doll raised her arms, before aiming them at Gaia. Suddenly light burst from her palms and onto the hero.


“Quite the spectacle...however, I’m going to have to give Gaia some help.” Kamen Rider said, snapping his fingers. “Quick-Play, activate! Form Change! Gaia will now change from this form...to another!” Gaia was enveloped in a bright light as a new helmet descended down on him.


“With this mask, your justice is burning a bright blazing fire! Your hands burn away the corruption that this world has to offer! TRANSFORMATION SUMMON! HENSHIN!! Burn those who oppose you to ash with your flames of justice! Masked HERO Goka!!!”


Now where Gaia stood, stood a new warrior clad in red armor, striking a pose with a burning fire behind him was seen.


“Goka arrives on the battlefield. And with Goka, comes his ability. For every HERO in the grave, he gains a 100 attack.” the Rider said, glancing at his grave. “And from what I count, there’s seven. Meaning Goka gains 700 attack!”


Masked HERO Goka -> 2200 -> +700 ATK -> 2900 ATK


“I see I’m not the only one changing monster mid-battle!” Rose said, clasping her hands again. “In that case, I’ll end my turn by setting a card face-down.”


.:Turn 14:.


LP: 2050

Hand: 0

Monster Zone: 1 “El Shaddoll Construct” [ATK], 1 Face-Down

S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: Shaddoll Hedgehog, Mathematician, Jigabyte, Shaddoll Anoyatylls, Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Hound, Inari Fire, Shaddoll Beast, Foolish Burial, Shaddoll Dragon, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, Shaddoll Hedgehog, El Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Fusion, Rainbow Kuriboh, El Shaddoll Winda

Banish: El Shaddoll Grysta, Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness

Field Spell Card: Curse of Shadow Prison (4 Spellstone Counter)


Man...this girl is working me a lot more than I was expecting. What’s even worse...this damn field spell. It’s got 4 counters and that’ll hinder my monster’s attack. the Kamen Rider thought, drawing for his turn.


“Well this is quite the situation. Even more than the previous one.” he chuckled, looking through his cards. “I set one monster face-down. I’ll end my turn there...cause this Prison of yours, miss Rose, is quite the pain to my monsters.”


.:Turn 15:.

.:The Kamen Rider:.

LP: 7700

Hand: 4 (1 Blazeman)

Monster Zone: M-HERO Goka [ATK], 1 Face-Down [DEF]
S/T Zone: None
Graveyard: Phantom Magician, Polymerization (2), E-HERO Solidman, Storming Mirror Force, E-HERO Nova Master, Mask Change (2), E-HERO Shadowmist, Form Change, Fake Hero, M-HERO Dark Law, E-HERO Ocean (2), E-HERO Woodsman, Battleguard Howling, Form Change

Banish: None


Rose POV


“Aww, I’m sorry.” Rose said, completely genuinely, as she drew a card. “We’ll start by Flip Summoning Falco!” She said, flipping her monster face-up. The bird flew up into the air, chirping. “Using this little birdie’s effect, I can Special Summon a Shaddoll monster from my Graveyard! Return to the field, Shaddoll Beast!” Next to the bird, a wolf appeared from shadow. “There’s one other thing I haven’t mention about my little birdy, Rider!”


“Really? And you’ve waited for this moment in particular to mention it, miss Rose?” the Rider asked, legitimately curious at this point.


Rose giggled. “Of course! Gotta have drama for the show!” She said, pointing her finger at the bird. “My little birdy happens to be a special type of monster; specifically, a tuner!” She said, shifting her hand towards the beast. “And using my two beautiful assistants, I shall perform a Synchro Summon!” As she said this, a blinding light surrounded both of the Shaddolls.


A Synchro Summon?” he asked, rubbing his chin slightly. “Now this is quite the surprise. Didn’t expect to see a Synchro Summon in a deck such as this. Color me surprised and impressed, Rose.”

“I’m glad you like it!” She said, before turning to the still shining light. “May your arcane wisdom fill our minds with beauty! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Arcanite Magician!” As she said the chant, the light burst, leaving in its wake a magician in white robes. “When my magician is Synchro Summoned, I get to place 2 Spell Counters on him, giving him 1000 attack for each one!” Two orbs appear around the magician, circling him.


“Making it roughly 2400.” the Rider surmised, nodding slightly. “Interesting...but if that’s the extent of it, then it won’t work.”


“Of course!” Rose said, giggling. “Luckily, this magician has a bit more up his sleeve than that. I will activate it’s other ability! By removing a Spell Counter from him, he can destroy a card you control. And I choose…” She aimed her hand at Goka, before moving it to the other face-down card. “...your face-down card!” The magician lifted his staff and aimed it at the face-down card, before one of the two orbs crashed into it.


The face-down flipped up and revealed a mechanical canine frame as it let out a small howl before it was destroyed. “Damn...didn’t expect you to get rid of my Wroughtweiler that quick. Especially with Goka still on the field..” he sighed.


“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got plans for Goka!” Rose said, before pointing at the flaming hero. “Construct, attack Goka!” As Rose commanded the giant doll, she lifted her arms up again, aiming them at Goka and firing off another beam of light.


Goka let out a blazing fire strike at Construct, but alas, it wasn’t much of anything done as Construct struck at Goka. The effect of Construct was greater than Goka’s will to continue fighting. Kamen Rider braced himself as the explosion occurred, his red scarf blowing in the wind from the blow back.


“And now… Arcanite Magician, attack the Rider directly!” The magician brought up his staff again, this time firing off a green blast directly at the boy, the single orb around him glowing.


The Rider started running towards his left, trying to see if he could dodge the attack. Unfortunately, it was no use. The orbs struck at him and beneath his feet, as he was knocked back.


Kamen Rider LP: 7700 -> -1400 -> 6300 LP


“And with that, I’ll end my turn!”


.:Turn 16:.


LP: 2050

Hand: 0

Monster Zone: 1 “El Shaddoll Construct” [ATK], 1 “Arcanite Magician” [ATK] [1 SC]

S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: Shaddoll Hedgehog, Mathematician, Jigabyte, Shaddoll Anoyatylls, Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Hound, Inari Fire, Shaddoll Beast, Foolish Burial, Shaddoll Dragon, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, Shaddoll Hedgehog, El Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Fusion, Rainbow Kuriboh, El Shaddoll Winda

, Shaddoll Falco, Shaddoll Beast

Banish: El Shaddoll Grysta, Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness

Field Spell Card: Curse of Shadow Prison (4 Spellstone Counter)

#7108514 It's time

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 05 July 2018 - 12:04 PM

It's time for the #FreeStratos2018 things again?


*Prepares to set up all the Free Stratos banners*

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#7107924 Chaos Sonic's Shonen Corner

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 01 July 2018 - 11:25 PM

-Avatar: Elemental Dystrophy-




A Burning Soul





Yeah it's been a while since I've sent a character to throw them into the archive!! So let's start with a new character that I looked past: I give you, Shinya from Avatar: Elemental Dystrophy by Dad!


Let's talk some stuff about this first...


A Simple Plot


So in short: this is after the events of Korra and just natural Bending is pretty much bad right now cause of the Elemental Dystrophy disease that's been going around. So what to do with things while trying to apparently find the missing Avatar and a sure-fire cure for all Benders? Simple: recruit simple normal people and give them some state of the art technology that'll help them Bend!!!


Got all that? Now let's start talking about Shinya himself!! Let's start with his naming scheme! Shinya specifically has two distinct meanings: passionate or fiery heart, in where I had the secondary meaning be the one that is what describes the young man...ya know, since he's from the Fire Nation.


The appearance, this was literally me looking for a good image of a Firebender. Yes I know that with the RP and what not, he doesn't have the ability of Bending in general, but given the fact that looking for Fire Nation citizens on the internet just literally gave me the background characters and no one wants that. So instead, I searched up Firebender images and rather than going for an obvious dark haired individual like most Fire Nation citizens are...I found this blonde haired Firebender. So that's why I went with it...cause it's different from the norm.


For personality...[picks up a book called, "Sonic's Book of Character Personality Tropes"]...dude is friendly, treats everyone respectfully (bender or non)...yeah that's basically it. Upside: he has a bit of quirk in regards to being different, his meditation style or his martial arts practicing when he wants to be left alone for a while. And in the regards for combat, he normally plays a defensive style in the manner of waiting for someone else to take the first move and planning counterattacks in response.


In the area of biography, it's straight forward: he was born and raised on Shu Jing (home of master Piandao), learned how to do martial arts since he couldn't Firebend and really didn't like trying to learn the ways of the blade, also learned how to survive on his own, Firelord dies of the disease as well as the other benders he knew (well fall ill), annnnnnnnnd plot finds him. Told ya that was straight forward!


Now, lastly the Skills that Shinya possesses. Of course, he has a tech glove to allow him to Firebend, but that's not all. Shinya is a professional martial artist, proficient in using two specific styles: Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Hung Ga Kung Fu. Along with this, he's proficient as a hunter thanks to his father helping him out and teaching him how to survive.


All in all, Shinya was a character I was trying my best to work with, especially with this being a different style of Dad RP that I'm used to. Nevertheless, I had fun playing this character. Though next time...I might actually just make him a straight up Bender...cause yeah...not being able to just Bend was KILLER for this!! xD

#7107360 Post

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 28 June 2018 - 04:15 PM




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#7107012 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 26 June 2018 - 06:11 PM





First it was Haruka and Tyler...and now Piper and Avery were walking away from the group. Jason was about to say something, to them, but apparently they WERE using the Buddy System. So right now, that was four people going off in that direction...meaning it was leaving himself, Paul, and Reno...annnnnnnd the small wolf guy.


"Jeez...they really don't know how to not split the party up, don't they?" Jason groaned with a sigh, looking over at Paul. "Any thoughts Paul? Do we follow or do we go a different way?"


"No sense in splitting up. Let's go!"


He was a little uneasy by just blindly following the others in this direction, but then again, it would reunite the group up. And there is a power in numbers, so nevertheless, Jason followed the others around the corner. However, he stopped suddenly with Paul and see what was unfolding in front of the young man. Shadows...and apparently Tyler's...ghost ship...?


"Wait, did...is that?" Jason started, his eyes still glued to the ship that was above. "Dude...is that one of those Persona things? ...I thought they were supposed to be...ya know, humanoid!"

#7106586 [SEMI-SERIOUS] Required information for now known reasons

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 24 June 2018 - 04:42 PM

Alright, I'll bite...and I'll give a variety if you want, cause let's be honest...HALF of these are pretty much my favorite so it's hard to just pick one XD


Video Game: Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Sonic the Hegehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Link (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), Bowser (Super Mario)

Movie: Spider-Man (Spider-Man Homecoming), Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy), Corban Dallas (The Fifth Element), Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element)

Anime: Tsuna Sawada (Katekyo Hitman Reborn), Izuku Midoriya/Deku (My Hero Academia), All-Might (My Hero Academia), Jaden/Judai Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super), MachGaogamon (Digimon Savers/Data Squad)

Cartoon: Yang Xiaolong (RWBY), T-Bone/Chance Furlong (SWAT Kats), Voltron and or Keith (Voltron)

TV Show: The Flash/Barry Allen (The Flash)

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#7106583 Kingdom Hearts in a Nutshell

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 24 June 2018 - 04:20 PM


Guess that one line happens to be true now...


#7105722 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 20 June 2018 - 09:49 PM





Ichiro followed Sayuri from the ice cream stand, after paying for his own Neapolitan ice cream, apparently being tricked and/or told by the wolf girl that she wasn't going to pay for his until he learned to win a fight without breaking his arms. With a defeated sigh, he followed, eating his ice cream along the way.


I'd say that wasn't a very cool thing to do...but then again, she never said it was her treat. So yeah... he thought, before noticing the direction they were heading: the infirmary. And it was most likely that she was going to see...him.


A quick gulp came to Ichiro as he thought of a fuming pissed Gin after his whole X-Caliber attack. He moved up towards Sayuri and cleared his throat. "Um, Sayuri, is it okay if I skip on the whole meeting Gin thing? That's something I reeeeeeaaaaally don't think I wanna deal with today." he confessed, before looking at the other ice cream. "I could deliver the other one to Terro...if you want."


Apparently, Sayuri was alright with this as she let him take the other chocolate ice cream and shooed him off. Ichiro only thanked Sayuri before moving off...but not before hearing something being shouted from behind him in one of the rooms...


"You think...Ice Cream...Is gonna make me feel BETTER?!"


Jeez...I thought he was knocked out...guess he woke back up... Ichiro thought, shaking his head as he kept moving. Still, what was he thinking when he did that? As he pondered this thought, he rounded a corner and saw another entrance to the arena and a familiar Gi'ed young man and a green clad hero that he recognized as Tempest.


"Terro! Hey Terro!" he called, moving up towards the pair. "Hey, that was an awesome fight. I mean...wow man, I wasn't expecting any of the things you did in that fight. And the whole shield thing...that really got me excited!" Ichiro said smiling, before realizing he was still holding the chocolate ice cream. "Oh right! This is from Sayuri, she bought you and Gin ice cream....and then forced me to pay for my own...but still, here."




Class B Squad


"We now ask that the next two contestants, Mike Rosenfield and Akira Tomoaki, please take the stage!"


"Oh where are they??" Aina grumbled, tapping her foot as she waited for Casey and Shin to return. Finally, she saw about three different Shins heading in her direction, as one handed her a thing of cotton candy. "Well it's about time, Happy."


"Yeah well I couldn't decide which flavor you really really wanted, so that's why it took forever." the one Shin smiled, before vanishing in a cloud of yellow smoke.


"Tch...the guy is way too peppy..." the second Shin said, placing down a drink in a cup holder in the seat beside Aina before vanishing in a cloud of red smoke.


The final and true Shin sighed, before sitting down beside Aina, taking a bite out of a hotdog he had. "Val might be out to watch this one, so here's hoping this is actually a good match for her time."


"It probably will be..." Casey said, just teleporting into his seat on the other side of Aina, enjoying a pretzel. "Honestly, I just want the flashy guy to lose. Besides, did you see that Mike kid? His match with that other kid, dude actually held his own."


Aina nodded, taking a bite from her cotton candy. "That was an interesting bout. Seemed they were neck and neck...but at the same time, the one kid..."


"He didn't have enough control." Both Aina and Casey glanced over at Shin who simply took a sip from his drink. "...you didn't notice? Those last few strikes damaged his arm. Ya gotta notice these things."


"Hmm, interesting...so that's what 1-A has to deal with? Kids who wanna try and kill another student and one who doesn't really have any control?" Aina asked, sighing. "Sounds like some problems in paradise."

#7105491 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 19 June 2018 - 10:50 PM





"Then you better get ready."


Souji only nodded, taking a few moments after Sai left the room just to move over and grab a backpack from his own bed and sling it over his shoulder. "Just need to grab the bike..." he smirked, locking the door behind him as he made his way out of the dorms and towards the garage.


It was about time for the show to start.




A little while later, Souji stood in front of a full length mirror inside the locker room, looking over himself in his costume to make sure everything was good. The front, good. The left side, good. Right side, good. The back, good. With an exhale, he turned back towards the bench where the last piece of his costume resided: the helmet.


"Alright..." he muttered, grabbing the helmet and putting it on. Looking at himself in the mirror once more, he struck a few poses to make sure everything was in proper order. "We're 100% good now. Alright, Kazuraba...time to give them one hell of a show." Souji smirked, turning quickly as his red scarf turned and floated in quite the dramatic fashion as he left the locker room.








"Blue Yonder make some noise! Today, many of us move in for the new school years - including myself! And to celebrate such an occasion, Blue Yonder has given me and The Kamen Rider the privilege of putting on an Entertainment Duel for you! Speaking of the Rider, I wonder where he could be..."


Among the audience of students cheering for Rose's little show starter, the lights went out for a moment and all the spotlights that were on the idol had began to split. While some remained on the idol, some began to move towards the opposite entrance of the arena. When it happened, the sounds of an engine revving up was heard.




The sounds of tires screeching were heard as finally from the entrance into the Duel Field, there emerged an individual clad in a green costume with a red scarf riding a green and black dirtbike and zoomed in at a fast pace. But this was only the tip of the iceberg. At a snap of his fingers, a portion of the field's small dirt roadways started rising.


With a push on the throttle, the rider ran up the now inclined roadway and flew off into a small back-flip on the dirtbike, which made the audience cheer greatly. And the landing was stuck as he immediately made his way towards the area Rose was. Another snap of his fingers and the path rose once more. Another push on the throttle and once again, he was airborne. This time doing a few more tricks in the air, before sticking the landing right near where Rose was.


Upon the landing, the rider began to skid to a halt and once he was fully stopped, there was a sudden burst of fire near him due to some well placed pyrotechnics. The crowds were even more entranced by this, even after he dismounted his bike.


"Worry not...the Kamen Rider has arrived!" he shouted, pointing his left index finger into the air. "Miss Rose, I take it? Seems it's time for the show to start. Are you ready for the Act to begin?"


Rose simply giggled. "Whenever you are, Mr. Rider"


"Very well, shall I let you go first?" he asked, quickly activating his Duel Disk, it emerging as a blade of cobalt blue. "I am, if nothing, a gentlemen when it comes to things such as Dueling ladies."


"Oh, a gentleman!" she clasped her hands together. "You've been here longer, though. It's only fair that you go first."


"Very well, miss." he said, snapping his fingers. "Duel Space...ACTIVATE!!"


Suddenly the area around the Duel Field started to be dyed in the magenta color that signified the use of Duel Space. Both Duelists looked at each other, before shouting in unison.





The Kamen Rider took the first turn, just like the idol asked. He took his first card, immediately setting a card in Defense Position. “To start, I’ll set a monster in Defense Mode and then, place one card face down.”


Soon on field, there was a face-down monster and a face-down Spell or Trap on the Kamen Rider’s side. It seemed like a pretty lackluster turn, but it was what was done, nonetheless.


“Thought I start off slow for the first turn.” he said, pointing at Rose. “Now, that’s the end of my turn. Let’s see if you’re as good as I’ve been hearing.”


.:Turn 1:.

.:The Kamen Rider:.

LP: 8000

Hand: 3

Monster Zone: 1 Face-Down Defense
S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: None

Banish: None


Rose's POV

“Let’s hope I can live up to those expectations!” Rose said, drawing a card from her deck as her turn started. Taking a look at the card she drew, she let out a short giggle. “You know, it’s usually me who’s placing cards face down like that.” She responded, before placing the card that she drew on her duel disk.


“I summon Mathematician in Attack Position!” She declared, as the goofy looking old man took the stage, sitting down on the ground. “By Normal Summoning Mathematician, I can send a Level 4 or lower monster from my deck to the graveyard!” While declaring this effect, she looked through her deck. Once she had found what she wanted to send, she smiled, revealing it to everyone. “I send Shaddoll Hedgehog to the graveyard, activating its effect!” She turned to look at the crowd, her deck still in her hand. “When Shaddoll Hedgehog is sent to the Graveyard, I get to add a Shaddoll monster to my hand from my Deck, and I choose...” She took a second to find what she was looking for, before revealing it to everyone. “...Shaddoll Falco!”


She turned back to Souji. “And now, Mr. Kamen Rider, I will attack your face down monster with my Mathematician!” She pointed onward, the old man getting up to lunge at the face-down monster.


The Kamen Rider didn’t seem to be phased by this declaration of an attack and surprisingly let the attack go through. Once the Mathematician struck at the face down, it was revealed to be a skeleton looking creature that wore a crimson red cloak, wielding a scepter.


“You’ve attacked my Phantom Magician.” he said, smirking. “Thanks to that, I activate my Magician’s effect. Now I special summon one HERO monster from the deck in face-up Defense mode... ” He held his hand at his deck and out shot a card. “Time to shine...I summon Elemental HERO Shadowmist!”


After placing the card onto the disk, an ebony woman appeared from the Kamen Rider’s shadow and then knelt down in the Defense position.


“And now, Shadowmist’s skill...” he said, holding his hand by his deck again once more. “When she’s special summoned...I can add one “Change” Quick-Play to my hand...I chose Mask Change.” Another card shot to his hand, as he revealed it to Rose and the audience. “Now...with that out of the way, I believe your turn was still going.”


Rose nodded. “Not bad! Well...” She took another look at her hand. “I’ll set a card face-down and end my turn.”


.:Turn 2:.


LP: 8000

Hand: 4

Monster Zone: 1 “Mathematician” [ATK]

S/T Zone: 1 Face-Down
Graveyard: Shaddoll Hedgehog

Banish: None

#7104253 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 12 June 2018 - 08:23 PM





Souji followed Sai in, watching him immediately pull out a white wig from his dufflebag. Guess he's showing up as his Entertainer persona...eh sooner or later he'll ditch it to enjoy time outside that wig. he shrugged, leaning against the wall some.


He had known Sai roughly about 5 years, even before being accepted into Blue Yonder. With that much history, of course he knew that Sai still wasn't a social butterfly, hell...wasn't even a social moth at this point either. Still, it didn't stop Souji from at least attempting to help his friend out with his shyness...after all, that's what heroes do.


"Don't you have a duel to get ready for?"


Souji waved his hand dismissively, before smirking. "It ain't until later on today. I've got time." he said, before pointing a thumb at himself. "Besides, it's me we're talking about, Sai. Don't need to prepare too much."


"I mean, sure, you don't," Sai said, holding up his own deck. He took the top card out, showing Double Iris Magician. "You're always ready to go, go with the flow, high five the sky, yada yada," He then spun the card around before showing the front again, revealing it was now Elemental Hero Divine Wind. "But if you're ready...," he then let the cards slide, showing he had 15 cards. "Why do I have your Extra Deck?"


"Wait..." Souji immediately pulled out his deck, rummaging through the cards. Sure enough, his Extra Deck wasn't there. "...I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...you really need to teach me how you do that, ya little thief."


"And I told you that you having such power can be catastrophic to the world," he commented, deadpan. "Anyways, I'm just testing out a new card trick," he said as he picked up a cloth, sweeping it over the Extra Deck. When the cloth was pulled off, the two duelist's Extra Decks were mixed up. "Well, I need to keep working on this trick," he said with a little laugh.


"Catastrophic..." Souji scoffed a bit, before watching Sai's little card trick. It seemed to be going good, until they were mixed up. "Man I seriously need to invest in a lockbox deck box or something..." he rolled his eyes, before chuckling. "Still, not bad."


"I just need to work on it a little more," he said as he fixed the two Extra Decks and handing it back to Souji.


"Just a bit." Souji chuckled, putting the Extra Deck away. "Seriously, with all the card tricks and what not...and even the whole 'catastrophic' talk, you really need to join that one magic club. I mean...yeah the outfits are terrible and for a day like today, they're bound to be melting under there, but hey...might work for ya."

#7103815 YCM Awards 2018

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 09 June 2018 - 01:38 PM

​Ahem. Darling, I'm afraid to inform you that while this list is mostly valid, there is one slight complication. You've abstained from voting for members in five categories, while you're only allowed to skip up to four. Please nominate someone for Artistic, Critic, Reality, or Classic Star.


I find that one rule that happens to be quite annoying as this means you'd almost have to figure out someone to put in a place to vote for and that if you honestly don't know or can't think of a good candidate for it, if you reach the maximum abstain level...you gotta do it anyway.


Nevertheless, that's my personal opinion and nothing more. I've made my previous post edited as requested.

#7103785 I Introduce to You...Club Soda

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 09 June 2018 - 10:54 AM



It has been confirmed: Dad's belt is named "Club Soda".


The time for democracy is over! THE TIME FOR CLUB SODA IS NOW!!! XD @Dad

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#7101484 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Posted by Chaos Sonic on 24 May 2018 - 08:11 PM

Poll for something in here is added as well...


File 11 - Keep on Truckin!!

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