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#7128331 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 14 November 2018 - 10:34 AM







Classes seemed to drag on for Jason as he made his way to the lunchroom. He figured the best thing to do right now was find Paul. The entire time he was in class, he kept mulling what he said over and over in his mind.


"...if you need a place to stay, I'm sure I can convince my mom to let you crash for a while. If nothing else, I'm sure Kev has spare room too. You've got places you can go. Believe that."


Jason needed to find Paul right now, he had an answer now for this. Luckily, he found the young man sitting down eating his lunch and reading a book. He made his way towards the young man's table. He glanced over at what he was reading, Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary', and shuddered slightly. "Yiiiiiiikes. Pet Sematary?" he asked, sitting down. "Maaaaaaan you must be a lot more braver than I thought, if you're flipping through that book."


Paul sat down his old, dusty copy of the Stephen King classic. "Ha. I try to get myself spooked before Halloween rolls around. It's my favorite holiday, we're two months away, and I'm friggin' hype." Paul couldn't hide the cheesy grin on his face. "What's up hombre?" he asked finally.


"So you read the one with the resurrected pets and the kid? ...I would've at least thought you'd pick something better...possibly Cujo or maybe Christine." Jason chuckled, before sighing slightly. "Alright. So...I've been giving what you offered to me when we talked..."


"Hey it's a slow start. I'll read the creepier stuff as we get closer to Halloween," Paul commented quickly. "But, uh, yeah. What about my offer? What are you thinking?"


Jason took a deep breath and exhales slowly. "...we'll try this. I'll crash with you for the night and tomorrow night...since ya know, we'll be going back you know where like you said. I'll...I'll just let my mom know that I'll be staying with a friend for a couple days."


Paul nodded. "Then I'll make some arrangements. You get home and get your stuff after school. I'll shoot you my address and if you can't get a ride, I'll find you one."


"Thanks man." Jason nodded in response. "I owe ya...now if you'll excuse me...I haaaaaave to mentally prepare myself for my club meeting since I called out Monday. Ehehe, let's just say that if I end up losing some matches against the club leader, I have to write an essay about the game."


Paul twirled his spork around in his red beans and rice and decided against the meal. He pushed the tray to the side and stood up. "What game?" he asked as he began to walk beside Jason. They chatted for the rest of the lunch period.






Speaking of his club meeting, Jason finally walked in and already saw that the group was looking at him. It was obvious everyone knew...annnnnd it also didn't help that Lace was there near one of the TVs that had the selected game being prepped. He moved towards the game system and empty chair, greeting some of the group before sitting down.


Alright...here goes nothing... Jason took a deep breath as his right knee was bouncing up and down in a nervous motion, as he was handed the controller by Lace. The game was Mortal Kombat 10...or rather, Mortal Kombat X. He knew some of the characters and how they moved, but this would be completely new to him. "So...guess good luck?" Jason said chuckling nervously.


Lace rolled her neck, cracked her knuckles, and pulled out a custom fightpad from her backpack. It was decked out in Mortal Kombat stickers and signed by members of an old school Mortal Kombat team. This was precious to her. She gave Jason a deathly glare as she plugged in her fightpad. Kevin watched on with his mouth agape.

"Aww, bruh," Kevin said as he pulled up a chair. "She really gonna try to give it to you."
Lace grinned. "Best of luck, Jason."

Jason was needlessly speechless at seeing this. He slowly looked at Kevin and mouthed: "Whaaaaaat the fuuuuuck??"


"Bro, you didn't know?" Kevin said with a smile. "Lace used to play MK for yearssssssss," Kevin explained with emphasis. "I mean, MK Universal is hot right now, but Lace goes back with it. She went by Harpoon on her old squad when she was like ten bro. That's almost twelve years of nothing but dedication to Mortal Kombat. I know she quit about two years ago. School and all. But yeah man. I ain't seen that fightpad since--"


"2024," Lace commented. "That's the last time I used it." She was vividly reminiscing about her past with the game. "There's no better fighter."


Kevin hesitated. "...welllll--"


"Don't make me put you in a headlock," Lace quickly retorted. The game screen was loading.


Jason gulped a bit, chuckling nervously at this point. "Oh goooooood..." he muttered, shaking his head. "Well...either way...gonna try and give it my all."


Lace sat down and placed the fightpad in her lap carefully. Wonder if I still got it. she thought to herself. She quickly selected Scorpion from the versus screen. "Best of three?" she asked as she looked over to Jason.


"Uh sure. Best of three sounds good." Jason nodded, already seeing Lace selecting Scorpion as her character. He cursed to himself, knowing he did like how Scorpion played in the other games...but if he chose Scorpion, that'd probably be bad. Reluctantly, he moved his cursor over and then selected Liu Kang.


Lace smiled. This was refreshing. She extended her hand to Jason. "Heads up. You uh, might end up seeing the other side of me," she said with a chuckle.


"...I don't think it'll be the worst thing I've seen..." Jason chuckled back, extending his hand to hers. He wasn't lying after all...he had seen worst things...and most in the last couple of days.


"Oh, and Kevin," Lace said as she looked over her shoulder with a menacing grin. "It's your fault Jason and I even have to have this match," she said, regarding basketball practice. "So if things go sideways, you're gonna suffer too." Kevin shivered.


Finally, the game started and well, the first game was pretty much a slaughter-fest with Jason eventually getting a few good hits in there but ultimately lost the first round of the match. A few Flameports here and there before being tossed into a series of combos that just ended up making Liu Kang and Jason a punching bag was all that was being done...then the finishing off him with the Fatality  In his situation, he was still relatively new to this game's mechanics and the like, however, he slowly began to understand how to work the game. When the second round started, Lace yet again went straight for the kill, but was ended up being surprised by Jason's button mashing technique. Rather, it was button mashing up until he took the second round of the second match. It took some time, but Jason finally got the hang on how Liu Kang was to play and how he could actually be better in a few situations during a match. A few well placed Bicycle Kicks thanks to him finding the combo to ease into it from a Double Dragon Kick, and Jason somehow won the second match. ...it was all down to the third and final match.


"You're lookin' kinda sweaty Lace," Kevin chuckled. "Nervous?"


"You shut your face before I give you a swirlie, you peabrained little chickenshit!" Lace snapped.


"Whoaaaaa," Kevin laughed. "It's all comin' back now!"


Brad, who normally remained silent, slid up his chair beside Kevin's. "Interesting," he commented.


"Down to the wire, big guy," Kevin added.


Jason huffed a bit, his right leg still bouncing up and down right now in a furious motion as he shook his head slightly. "J-Jeez...y-yeah...I'll say it now...she's EXTREMELY good..." he said nervously. "Just...barely pulled that off."


"I can't feel my fingers," Lace said. "Let's go!"


Jason sighed as he stared at the TV and prepared for the last match. Unknowingly, he started chewing on his tongue at this point, being both on edge right now and extremely nervous. It was either going to be a win here...or a looooooong grueling essay. "Good luck..."

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#7127467 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 07 November 2018 - 02:49 PM





"You could say that. As it turns out, screaming until you pass out only works for a couple of days before it wears your throat out, but it also helped me deal with the majority of the shock from recent events, so that's something."


Ichiro was basically left with just that after his talk with Asuka was cut short by his own attention span and Aaron mentioning about the dinosaur's controller and the like. When he turned back to talk to her, she was up and gone. That kind of made the young man think that he did something wrong...it was either he said something wrong oooooor she thought he was done talking when he spoke to Aaron.


...great going Adachi... he thought, mentally facepalming at this whole situation. Really hope I didn't upset her or anything...


"So, what rooms are you guys in? I'm on the top floor."

"O-Oh, uh... I... I think I was on one of the lower floors... maybe.."

"I'm on the lower floor. I was living there before the rest of you all, ya know. Well, if we're all moving there, we should do something special to commemorate today. Hey Sayuri! Do you think there's enough room to throw a welcoming party for everyone?"

"Mega duh! Who knew Terro would think of such a good idea! I'll help you set up, you can count on me Terro!"


Ichiro was now dragged back into the conversation between Aaron, Isami, and Terro, as he started rummaging through his bag to try and find the paper that told him where he was roomed up in...unfortunately...


Wait...where's the paper? Ichiro thought, looking through his bag as thoroughly as possible. Then something hit him: the paper was left on his desk back home. His hand hit his face as he sighed greatly. ...great...juuuuuuust great.


"...I...dunno actually where I'm roomed in...I...left that paper at home..." he admitted sheepishly, sighing before shrugging. "S-Still...a welcoming part might actually be a good idea I suppose." ...it would definitely at least give some of us time not to think about the incident...plus...probably get to know others a bit more.

#7127304 Sonic's Neo New AMA Thread

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 06 November 2018 - 08:08 PM

Did you vote?


Yup I did. <- Probably won't say nothing else more than that, cause gettin' political around here is not what I do lol

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#7127052 Sonic's Neo New AMA Thread

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 04 November 2018 - 08:59 PM

What WAS the thing Mysterio was looking for in the duels exactly?


An excellent question! You see, his gimmick in the series of Spider-Man (at first) is that he actually isn't a magician or any of the likes. Quentin Beck was actually nothing more than an ex-Hollywood special effects designer and stunt man, along with having the skills of mechanical engineering so plenty of robots (which he does keep a bunch of robotic clones around him), as well as being a hypnotist.


For all intents and purposes, I was pretty much having Mysterio looking in these Duels was people that exhibited some sort of supernatural energy that could possibly displayed as arcane in origin. I had it where he did research and reading about the game of YGO and Duel Monsters to learn that, in anime/manga namely, people displayed supernatural abilities when playing these little card games. In short, I was wanting him to see if these rumors were true and how he, the Great Mysterio, could take this power as his own.


Alas...things didn't execute properly...namely people wanted it done in Dueling Book rather than YGOPro, which...I understand the reason why...but my gawd I'm so spoiled with fast paced automation with YGOPro that I reaaaaaally don't want to have to use DN/DB again. However, that's about the time Bojack was mentioning the "Floating, Talking Dorito" that is Bill Cipher. Thaaaaaat's when I knew I could swing it that direction instead. When life gives you lemons...make lemonade grenades!

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#7126938 Halloween 2018 Unmasking and Feedback Thread

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 03 November 2018 - 09:16 PM

Something tells me I need to get in character for this reveal...one second... *clears throat*
BEHOLD!!! The one you call Chaos Sonic played the role of me...THE GREAT MYSTERIO!!
Yup, I was Mysterio for the event this year. So @ (Mizzet) , shout out to you, since you wanted to know who Mysterio was to be friends! I also, for the last days, also had Ivan Ooze return for a bit, courtesy of Bill Cipher. Also! While Mysterio wasn't actually actively trying to summon Bill, the fact that Bill ended up coming up and revealing himself again was a HUGE bonus for Mysterio. Although I didn't exactly have a whole lot planned for fishbowl, the fact that he worked out quite well with some did help out. In actuality, I had a blast playing Mysterio and honestly didn't care if I wasn't 100% conversed with or not...it was fun. Pluuuuuuus, pretending that the massive outbreaks of spam bots was Mysterio was kinda funny...just some good timing on that, I'll say.


Plus plus, any chance I was able to pull out some of Mysterio's Latin chants (thank you internet for giving me the lines from the Spectacular Spider-Man) was a good time! <- Btw literally the chants that were used were provided with the translations by the Producer, Greg Weisman are found here.


Now, onto the event itself. I could blame the fact that no one from YCM's users wants to join in on the fun... I could bad-talk the whole theme and event in it's entirety... I could blame the terrible job all us monsters were doing to actually entertain the masses... However I won't. Instead, I'll say this: there are many factors that play a part in why things didn't work out the way the plans were intended. Honestly, I'm not sure how to fix an event like this to make it to where everyone who wants to participates does so (other than making it mandatory...but that's a bad). Regardless, I find these things extremely fun and will continue to join these Masquerades no matter what.


Though a thought occurs...maybe figure out if a team based Halloween event could work out. My thought being something like, two or three monsters are grouped together in a team and all the monsters, as well the regular YCM users compete in some sort of challenge. I dunno if it'll work exactly, but hey it's some sort of base for an idea that anyone could use to expand upon.


Annnnnnnnd for the last go round....


Tibi gratias agimus quod nihil fumas!


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#7125522 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 26 October 2018 - 11:32 AM





What Friends Are For


"So, he's an asshole. That's what I think of him."


This caused Jason to chuckle a bit, nodding his head lightly. "H-Heh...yeah, yeah I guess he is." he shrugged, seeing Paul leaning against the lockers now.


"Abusive homes are nothing to take lightly. And if you need a place to stay, I'm sure I can convince my mom to let you crash for a while. If nothing else, I'm sure Kev has spare room too. You've got places you can go. Believe that."


"Y-Yeah...your right..." Jason nodded, sighing a bit. "I just...I just never wanted to let anyone know this before. But, you are right Paul..."


"As far as that shadow goes, don't beat yourself up about it. This is scary shit we're dealing with. I guess seeing that shadow's eyes shook you up. Give yourself time. You get yourself outta that house and keep working with me, and you'll get past that self-righteous dickhead."


Jason was relieved that Paul didn't think that the shadow incident was his fault. That was one thing he was hoping to hear out of this. "Well...now you know why I sorta went with the fact of you and Kev wanting me to try out for the team again to get out the house." he admitted, chuckling lightly. "Guess...if Friday comes around and I'm in again, then between that, the Video Game Club, and our...'excursions' will definitely keep me busy."


Of course, the conversations were cut short as the second period bell rung loudly.


"Shit. It's been that long already? Hit me up at lunch and let me know what you decide to do. If you wanna crash for a while, let me know. We'll figure something out."


"Alright. Thanks Paul..." Jason smiled some, before adjusting his bag, waving to Paul and proceeded to his second period class: Sociology.




Human Societies and How They Work


Jason made it into his Sociology class, sitting down immediately just as the teacher walked in. Mr. Ligon, an older, sort of heavy set gentleman with soft curly white hair around the sides of his head and a bald spot. The guy was really nice and had a kind spirit about him, least from Jason could get a read on.


"Mr. Garrett!"


Unfortunately, Jason was in his own little world there for a moment, as he rubbed the back of his head slightly. "I-I'm sorry Mr. Ligon. Do you think you could repeat the question? I...wasn't paying attention." He watched Ligon sigh slightly but proceeded to repeat the question regardless.


"How is the abundance of fast food chains impacting the American family's relationship with one another? And would you say restaurants have taken the place of society's place of a home cooked meal? Why or why not?"


This actually had Jason think about this a bit, as he took a deep breath as he tried to collect his thoughts to answer this. Once his thoughts were collected, he spoke.


"Well...um...truthfully I say it's a different answer given who you ask." he started, tapping his pencil's eraser on his book lightly. "I mean, for me specifically...being home to have a home cooked meal is a lot better than the restaurant. The atmosphere is a quiet one with not a whole lot of noise around, you can talk without having to yell..." Jason mentally paused at that, knowing that was something his own place would have regardless, but he didn't want to think about that now. "...and the setting is a familiar one, which...I guess would mean more people would get comfortable. A-Again, that's just me personally. I-In regards to the question...it's been really impacting, since if you look at things now, the advertisers for more fast food chains actually have been trying to convince families that the consumption of food and the like at home could easily be re-created, re-captured, re-claimed, and re-produced in this manner."


"Good answer Mr. Garett. In truth, fast food chains have a different affect on different American families. From Native Americans to African Americans, Irish Americans, and so on, each family is impacted differently. However, as we take a closer look..."


This made Jason smile slightly. At the end of it all, he felt a bit smarter for answering the question correctly.

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#7124919 Disciples of the Strongest Hero: A One Punch Man RP [IC/Waitlist/Started/PG-16]

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 22 October 2018 - 01:30 PM







This seemed like one bad situation...but then again, this seemed easy enough. Multiple Wolf levels and it making the threat level just end up being a Tiger level? That just made it sound like a challenge now. Besides, recently, it had been kind of quiet...so it was definitely a sign from the heavens that this would definitely help shake things up and make things interesting.


Four large humanoid robots...didn't seem too much of an issue. Not only that, he already had his entrance covered. And all it took was commandeering a motorcycle from a person, then again, with this type of chaos, it didn't seem like they'd mind at this point. And right now, this jump from a building's roof...




Aegis let out a shout, as he drove the motorcycle off the building's roof, it making its descent in a rapid fashion. "First floor: killer robots and lingerie." he smirked, getting up from the motorcycle and kicking off it to have it launch itself straight into the one robot's face. "Now with that one preoccupied there..." he began, moving through the air as he gripped onto a nearby flagpole, that definitely breaking his descent. "Time to take out the soldiers."


After making it to the ground, Aegis began to rush towards the foot soldier robots. Lifting up Pridwen, he bashed one head on and smirked. "Alright rust buckets, eat this! Shield Slash!" he pivoted slightly, moving his left arm in a quick motion as he began to sling Pridwen off the mounted gauntlet as it struck a few robots in the process. Some moved out of the way, but Aegis simply tapped a small button on his gauntlet as the shield began to quickly return towards it's wielder, in the process knocking a few more robots out.


The moment Aegis' shield returned to it's mounted position, he looked around the area. Alright. Looks like there are plenty of heroes coming around to help, better late than never, I assume. he thought, looking around and seeing the general statistics his goggles were showing. Still, at this point, it's better than nothing.

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#7124843 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 21 October 2018 - 11:40 PM







"Couldn't forget that game if I tried. I'll be honest and say I was hoping that you had gotten past it. But it's clear that it's still bothering you, and I can understand why I think. What's buggin' you? And how does it relate to the island?"


Jason stopped and leaned up against a wall in the hallway and exhaled sharply. His right hand slowly and gently grasped his left wrist. With another exhale, he looked at Paul for a moment. "...that's the thing. I thought I got past this whole thing." he began to explain. "Until yesterday, all I had to worry about was the bullshit I get from Ivan and his posse."


He paused, before shaking his head slowly. "That encounter in the hotel...with that shadow that you and Shango saved me from..." Jason's left fist clenched as he exhaled again. "I...I froze because I saw something in that shadow's eyes...something I hadn't truly seen since...since that day." He could feel himself being in on edge right now. Just thinking about that creature's cold dead eyes were sending red flags and chills down his spine once again. "...I-I need to talk to someone about this. A-And out of everyone I-I've been friends with...y-y-you seem like the most trustworthy."


Letting go of his left wrist, he started running his hands threw his hair slowly. "I...I lied on how I got this injury. Yeah, big shock...a teenager lying about something. But...there was a reason..."


Thusly...he began to set the scene for Paul, telling him...more or less the truth.




Fallen Star

The Night of the Big Game


Jason was hyped up as he got his things ready. This was the biggest game that he had ever played and this would more or less get the Greater Orleans High's Horsemen basketball team a championship! His nerves were already on edge at this point, but he was excited nevertheless. Dressed in his basketball uniform, he made his way downstairs, about to make his way to get to the campus...however...when he made his descent down, he saw that Alice and his foster parents standing at the bottom of the stairs...dressed all nice.


"What's with the dressy threads?" Jason asked.


"That theater production that Alice has a lead role in." Gary simply spoke, crossing his arms slightly. "You're coming to support your sister tonight."


"Uhhhh, I can't. I've got a game tonight." he quickly said, seeing his mother, Julia, stepping into the situation now.


"That's fine dear. We can drop you off to your game and we'll meet up later!"


"Julia...keep quiet." Gary quickly said, glaring at Jason. "Jason. You get your ass back upstairs and change now. We haven't got all day."


"Dad...it's not a big deal..." Alice started, only to be quickly silenced by a quick glare from Gary.


"Jason. Change...NOW!"


The young man shook his head greatly. He couldn't just not show up to this game, this was the biggest game of his life. The team was waiting on him. "I can't! I got to get to the game! They need me!" he said, starting to move past Gary. However, before he could do anything else, Gary's arm stopped him as he shoved the kid back some. "H-HEY!"


"I've had it up to my ears with your selfish attitude!" Gary began to raise his voice. "Ever since the start of this school year you've been playing sports rather than supporting your sister's possible career in theatrics! I don't know what's gotten into you, but you better shape up or I'll kick you out of the house myself!"


"Gary...please calm down."


Jason's fists began to clench, as Gary was full-blown shouting at him at this point. He had enough right now. "First off, I've ALWAYS supported Alice! She's supported me in my dreams, when YOU haven't!" his voice raised as well. "And yet your calling me selfish for wanting to do this? Newsflash: I'M NOT ALICE! I don't want to do what she does! So stop trying to make me like her and let me do what I fucking want to do!!"


He moved forward again, trying to head for the door, but immediately felt resistance from his left arm as he glanced back and saw Gary gripping his wrist tightly and giving him the most deadly glare. Jason felt himself being yanked back as Gary grabbed him and threw him into the nearby bookshelf on the wall. At this point, Jason was freaked out, and before he made another attempt to leave the house, Gary grabbed his left wrist again and threw him over on the ground. It was a fall he hadn't ever seen coming as he was slung into the wooden coffee table, it breaking and Jason finally letting out a pain-ridden scream.


He tried to break his fall with his hand...more specifically his left hand. Jason felt it...his wrist... Gary had gripped his wrist hard both times and this raging side of him ended up breaking his left wrist. For the young man, the world seemed to go slow around as he, with tear filled eyes, looked at Gary giving him the coldest, deadest glare. This was a look he wouldn't forget...only lock away in his mind...never to be remembered.




Present Day


Jason sighed heavily, holding his left wrist as he looked at Paul once more. "...my foster father...his eyes were l-like that shadow's. T-That's why I immediately froze yesterday." he explained. "...I've...I've been holding on to that for a while now...and yet yesterday's encounter forced me to remember that image..."

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#7124504 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 19 October 2018 - 08:45 PM





"I've been better. I wanted to train my Quirk, but haven't had much time to do that. And yourself? Not too bad, I hope?"


Ichiro could hear the hoarseness in Asuka's voice, and it really looked like she wasn't here mentally at all. Jeez...guess I picked the wrong time to talk then. he thought, rubbing the back of his head some. "I've...been alright, I guess. I mean, arms healed up again and I'm not too achy like I was." he said, smiling lightly, trying to make some sort of conversation but failing at it. "Sooooo...not exactly get too much rest, I take it?"


OH MY GOD, ICHIRO STOP!!! ...this isn't a conversation about her sleep schedule! JEEZ! he mentally scolded himself. Then again, he really didn't want to talk about the incident. The bulk of the students were already on edge because of it and were still feeling the effects from this whole situation, would probably be beneificial to all parties involved if he chose not to talk about it.


He could overhear a few things regarding Terro and Isami asking about the "rules" that Lord D. was mentioning, but thankfully Aaron answered their questions on it. Then again, after that, Aaron did make mention of a few things.


"But the villain I captured was on top of the giant lizard monster, her name was... 'Shiki' I think? She has like greenish-blue hair, small horns coming from her head, a lizard tail, and looks like someone our age or younger, maybe older. She was controlling the monster because she screamed out 'REX' as I took her away, which in turn made it spew out fire into the stadium..."


Ichiro glanced over at Aaron, before clearing his throat. "Wait...you took the dinosaur's controller out? That's why it went into a frenzy?" he started, sighing greatly. "Jeez, what were you think-...nevermind...I just remembered I'm only in this situation cause I knocked the T-Rex out and...put some civilians in harms way in the process. Lord D. actually stopped the thing from falling...still can't believe Sayaka and Kaito shanghaied me into that..." he sighed again, rubbing the back of his neck. Great...he was talking about the incident.

#7123733 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 16 October 2018 - 06:32 PM






Wednesday, Morning

Hot and Humid


Jason didn't get a text back from Paul like he was hoping to wake up to. He sighed and got ready for class, pretty much thinking that the guy obviously didn't want to talk. Not surprising to him, actually.


With the shit we went through yesterday, not surprising that he probably doesn't want to talk... Jason thought, tossing his bag over his shoulder and left outside the house. However, he had quick eye contact with Gary, who seemed to be coming home after a long night at work. Jason immediately looked away and proceeded to move away from the front door.


"Jason!" Gary said sternly, making Jason flinch slightly. "...you comin' home on time today or what?"


His grip on his backpack's strap grew tighter. He wanted to shout at the man, but with another look at the man, he looked back. "...I should. I-If anything changes...I'll text either you or mom."


"You better." he huffed, walking into the house.


Jason shook his head quickly, making his way away from the house and towards the school.




When Jason got to the campus and got in class, he felt his phone vibrate and he glanced down, immediately seeing a text from Paul. A bit happier about seeing this, he quickly opened up the message.


FROM: Paul

TIME:  8:12 A.M.


Yeah.  We should def talk.


A bit of relief washed over the young man, seeing this message. Just meant that now, Jason really had to unload a lot of everything to Paul. But at least something.




Opening Up...


Class seemed to drag on for quite a while, but nevertheless, the American History class finally ended and Jason gathered his things and immediately made his way towards the exit. That's when he noticed Paul standing near the east hall's lockers.


"Jason. Over here. I'm kinda glad you texted me."


He flashed a small smile at Paul, nodding. "...truthfully...I'm glad you texted me as well. I've...I've been meaning to talk to someone about this for a bit now." Jason said, walking a bit a ways from the lockers with Paul.


"Listen...I never wanted to talk about this...like at all." he started with a sigh. "But...ever since yesterday and looking at that creature's eyes...I-I had the feeling of me seeing those eyes before. ...and I have. Y-Ya know about that big game last year...right?"

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#7123133 The Time Has Come...

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 14 October 2018 - 03:28 PM

Lemme know when you can do this


@Dad THIS HERE!!! XD ...I might just use this in accordance when Hyper comes along XD

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#7122921 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Super Chaos Sonic on 13 October 2018 - 12:07 AM





Ichiro watched the world pass him by, sitting in the passenger side of Rei's car. They had gotten away from the stadium, they had told Kaito thank you as Sayaka was already gone back. But while it felt like a small victory in him still being alive, same with his brother, the radio stations stated otherwise.
The stadium...no...it was now being called Star Killer City, was being overrun by villains. And those reports went further in the days that followed.
The young boy was also interrogated in order to gain some sort of insight on what the students saw out there. Answered every question to the best of his ability, but still felt most of his answers weren't exactly good enough for them. Nevertheless, with the interrogations done, Ichiro continued to try and heal his broken arm and bruises. All the while, finding out how many people were viewing the heroes in a different light now. Bottom line was: the heroes lost to a bunch of villains. No matter how many lives were saved...this was obviously too much for the heroes to handle. But at the same time...the Quirkless were also getting restless.
From what Ichiro saw on news-castings, Star Killer City was becoming almost a haven for the Quirkless. And from Ichiro heard, Rei even mentioned their parents were in talks of wanting to go there. Though to him, this wasn't even a huge surprise whatsoever. Once heartless individuals always, he guessed.




"And with that, we'll end class today."


Ichiro was only doodling in a notebook at this point, not being able to pay too much attention at this point. Then again, he couldn't half blame himself. Today he had to move into the new dorms, due to the fact that now there were Anti-Quirk gangs roaming the streets in order to recruit more people for Star Killer. Plus...he was still also thinking about the 1-B student, Goto. The rumors were getting around that he suddenly became Quirkless...and that was something that made him worry.


"Don't forget to head back to the dorms today. Your things have been moved and set up according to your demands."


Guess that's cool. Once everything is settled, I'll let Rei know everything's alright... Ichiro thought, standing up and preparing to head out of the classroom.


"Oh. Looks like we have a special guest today. Sit back down."


He glanced up and saw who was now entering the classroom. It was Lord D...the hero that swooped down and stopped the T-Rex from falling on top of those civilians. Ichiro's heart dropped as he slowly slunked back into his seat. ...I'm screwed...


"As you are probably well aware, I am Lord D. The Number Two Hero in all of Japan. I am well aware that this is the second incident that this class has had with this particular group of villains. We realize that your first encounter with them, you perhaps weren't familiar with the law. Understandable. But upon repeated instructions not to engage with the Villains, many of you chose to do the opposite. I understand what this feels like. Not being able to do anything because of laws is a terrible feeling. But we are a nation of Laws. They must be followed, or you're no better than the villains who constantly break laws."


That's when Lord D. started to point at five specific students. Gin...then Asuka...then Ichiro watched his finger point his direction. He felt a lump in his throat as he swallowed hard. His hand continued as it pointed at Aaron and then Akira.


"You all were close to being prosecuted. Be glad that your teacher vouched for you. Although, your enthusiasm has made the board think long and hard, and they have decided to let you all take your License Exam a tad bit early. Study hard, and be prepared, future heroes!"

"Don't forget about the dorms."


Ichiro watched Lord D. and Suna exit the classroom and he let out a small sigh. Right there, he wanted to talk to the hero and tell him two-fold, firstly apologizing for his actions that day and secondly to thank him for saving those civilians in spite of his strike on the T-Rex. But, he couldn't really muster up any strength to actually say it. If I see him around...I-I'll tell him then. he thought, glancing around. He was going to talk to Terro firstly, but then decided against it. They'd be in the dorms and he'd see him on more regular basis besides just class. Plus, I still need to ask if he'll train me like his grandfather was suggesting to me... he thought, before his eyes lingered over towards Asuka.


Asuka, the Gemstone Hero: Hematite. Ichiro knew he hadn't really interacted with the young girl much, then again he also saw that the one guy was always just messing with her from his view. Guess this is as good of a time to talk...I guess? he thought, as he stood up and made his way towards Asuka's desk. "Uh hey." he said with a quick clearing of his throat. "How's it going?"

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Anyway, this has been coming for a WHILE now. Last time I commented was Ch. 25, so this one is gonna be more.


Every chapter after 25 (still can't get over the coolness factor that Amaris has reached with this Broken Fayth of his), has been getting better and better and better still! You mentioned to me that there would be some stuff that would happen with the Discus later...but I wasn't for a second ever thinking they'd be used like that. Plus, the unlocking of the Broken Fayths between Riku and Des has gotten me more excited right now. Oh and I still hate Lindow with a passion, but I won't get into that. Nevertheless, with each chapter, I've been having more questions than answers...and I love it!


I'm looking forward to Ch. 36 and how Des handles things. Plus, hopefully we'll get more answers ;D You keep doin' amazing work with this story, my man!

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Sonic & I also took care of losers round 1 while we were both available. I won.




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