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#6983378 Hellspawn Archetype

Posted by KingCorrosiv on 21 February 2017 - 06:30 AM

Hey I got your message and I've got to say from what I can tell you put a lot of work into this hell spawn archetype I would totally use this archetype. Its a crazy thing though I was planning to make an angel archetype after the Sin archetype and then I see your hellspawn archetype its hilariously ironic.About your archetype a counter clearer would really mess someone up if your using this deck but barely anyone uses that card. These cards are fire I love it ;) I'd also like to thank you for your feedback on my archetype I'll defintnetley make some changes according to the suggestions you made. For your archetype I feel like your lacking in the trap department if you added some traps that would complete this killer deck. I like the hell fire counter idea do you think that maybe for some of the cards you can change its effect so that as long there is a hell-spawn counter anywhere on the field it won't be destroyed? Maybe that d make them too OP. I'd also like to see more variations of spell cards using hell fire counters,like maybe an equip spell that increases atk and def based on the amount of counters on the field I don't know just a suggestion. Ive gotta say Boyi-the hell spawn conduit is my favorite cuz it makes for great support of the other cards. Anyways thx for reviewing my topic Ill make some of those changes you suggested cant to see more hellspawn cards. 

Thanks man! Yeah i put a lot of thought into them. and you're right they still need traps. I think most of the traps are going to be based on negating attacks and effects at the cost of Hellfire counters. Or bringing back your monsters after paying counters. I like your idea for  equip spell, im gonna work on that as well. Can't wait to see your angels. How funny would it be if they would be kinda like the rivals of the Hellspawn. Can't wait to see them!

#6982316 Hellspawn Archetype

Posted by KingCorrosiv on 18 February 2017 - 11:12 AM

i cant wait for the spells/traps :)

I think I will upload the first spells and the rest of the synchros tomorrow.

#6982305 Hellspawn Archetype

Posted by KingCorrosiv on 18 February 2017 - 10:27 AM


i think these are awesome..i like them i like the dragon the most:)

i like them because i think they great combos with each other, i also think they are balanced and the artworks are genius:)

Well done:) but this is my opinion...

Thanks! I have had these in my mind for a long time now haha. great to hear that you think they are balanced and that you think they would work well together.
All of the spells and traps that i have yet to make are going to focus on moving and adding the counters so that they really work well together.
And yeah i like the dragon too. I really like dragons so this archetype just had to have at least one haha! :P:P:P 

#6982277 Hellspawn Archetype

Posted by KingCorrosiv on 18 February 2017 - 08:58 AM

So I have had this archetype stuck in my head for a while now so I decided to make the cards for it.
The Hellspawn archetype is a counter archetype. They need Hellfire counters to A) Stay on the field and B) To use their effects.
I tried to make them as balanced as possible but if you guys have any ideas or other feedback that helps me improve the archetype, please tell me.
I am planning to make spell and trap cards and some more synchros and will drop them here as well. Also i did not create the art for any of these cards.
Without further ado, here are the cards:

Akali - Hellspawn entity

Gasha - Hellspawn shield

Yemekeri - Hellspawn reaper

Itoni - Hellspawn furnace

Menifesi - Hellspawn spirit

Melimayi - Hellspawn recruiter

Arami - Hellspawn sorcerer

Tila - Hellspawn shade

Resa - Hellspawn corpse

Azazhi - Hellspawn commander

Baleb - Hellspawn beastmaster

Awire - Hellspawn beast

Yewuha - Hellspawn dragon

Nigusi - Hellspawn king

Geta - Hellspawn lord

Amilak - Hellspawn divine

Mech'eresha - Hellspawn apocalypse

Boyi - Hellspawn conduit

Yiferidi - Hellspawn executioner

Zenidon - Hellspawn dragon king


Hellspawn gateway

Hellfire explosion

Hellfire flare

Hope you guys like the archetype and please tell me what you think.