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Hellspawn Archetype Revived!

12 June 2018 - 01:05 PM

The Hellspawns are back! and they brought friends!
The Hellspawn/Hellfire archetype consists of monsters that work on/with Hellfire counters.
These counters keep most of the monsters alive. Many Hellspawn monsters are destroyed if they have no counters on them. All Hellspawn monsters need counters to activate their effects. the spells and traps use counters to defend or strenghten the Hellspawn monsters, or give/redistribute the counters.

check them out below!!!

Akali - Hellspawn Entity

Gasha - Hellspawn Shield

Yemekeri - Hellspawn Reaper

Itoni - Hellspawn Furnace

Menifesi - Hellspawn Spirit

Melimayi - Hellspawn Recruiter

Arami - Hellspawn Sorcerer

Resa - Hellspawn corpse

Tila - Hellspawn Shade


Azazhi - Hellspawn Commander

Baleb- Hellspawn Beastmaster

Awire - Hellspawn Beast

Vishapin - Hellspawn Dragon

Yewuha - Hellspawn Dragon

Diragoni - Hellspawn Dragon

Nigusi - Hellspawn King

Geta - Hellspawn Lord

Amilak - Hellspawn Divine

As of now there are two pendulum monsters:

Nigari - Hellspawn Knight

Derawi - Hellspawn Daemon

And now for the Spells:

Hellfire Blade

Hellfire Cloak

Hellfire Manifestation

Hellfire Boost

Hellfire Explosion

Hellfire Flare.

Hellspawn gateway

Hellfire Blast

Hellfire Flux

Rituals of the Tainted


Now for the Traps:

Rage Of The Hellspawn

Baleb's Call

Hellfire Pillar

Hellfire Mirror Force

Rise Of The Hellspawn Dragons

Return of Amilak

Amilak's Vengeance

Hellfire Envelopment

Hellspawn Solace

Hellspawn Dispelling Wave

Hellspawn Condemnation

Hellspawn Redemtion

Time for the Synchro's:

Boyi - Hellspawn Conduit

Yiferidi - Hellspawn Executioner

Mech'eresha - Hellspawn Armageddon

Zenidon - Hellspawn Dragon King

Ritual monsters are next:

Yaros - Hellspawn Shaman

Omiran - Hellspawn Titan

Daeros - Hellspawn Behemoth

As of now there is one Link monster:

Ravasori - Hellspawn Golem

Finally the Fusion monsters:

Cerabi - Hellspawn Cerberus

Torragi - Hellspawn Amalgam

Nagarr - Hellspawn Dragon God

Please tell me what you think down below, if you have any ideas for other cards within this archetype, and if you have any tips to make the cards better! Thank you for checking out the Hellscape archetype!

Hellspawn Archetype

18 February 2017 - 08:58 AM

So I have had this archetype stuck in my head for a while now so I decided to make the cards for it.
The Hellspawn archetype is a counter archetype. They need Hellfire counters to A) Stay on the field and B) To use their effects.
I tried to make them as balanced as possible but if you guys have any ideas or other feedback that helps me improve the archetype, please tell me.
I am planning to make spell and trap cards and some more synchros and will drop them here as well. Also i did not create the art for any of these cards.
Without further ado, here are the cards:

Akali - Hellspawn entity

Gasha - Hellspawn shield

Yemekeri - Hellspawn reaper

Itoni - Hellspawn furnace

Menifesi - Hellspawn spirit

Melimayi - Hellspawn recruiter

Arami - Hellspawn sorcerer

Tila - Hellspawn shade

Resa - Hellspawn corpse

Azazhi - Hellspawn commander

Baleb - Hellspawn beastmaster

Awire - Hellspawn beast

Yewuha - Hellspawn dragon

Nigusi - Hellspawn king

Geta - Hellspawn lord

Amilak - Hellspawn divine

Mech'eresha - Hellspawn apocalypse

Boyi - Hellspawn conduit

Yiferidi - Hellspawn executioner

Zenidon - Hellspawn dragon king


Hellspawn gateway

Hellfire explosion

Hellfire flare

Hope you guys like the archetype and please tell me what you think.