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Yay! New player! Make sure you follow the skeleton when making your apps. See you when they're done!

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In Topic: The Eclipse

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"Is that scales and wings?! The hell is going on?!" Aradace over heard Kuria voice his thoughts aloud. "What kind of f***ed up world is this?"

Aradace was prepared to answer, when Raiden chimed in, "If you think that's cool, watch this!"

He ran up towards the mechanical dragon and told Ziro to back off.

"I got this!" He said, naive pride in his voice.

Aradace could only watch in horror as Raiden charged up a blast of electricity. But, before he could finish charging his attack, the beast swung her mighty tail, knocking Kuria off, and sending Raiden flying backwards, the rest of his charged blast firing off into the sky.

Ziro couldn't help but laugh. "Watch what? You screwing up the whole team? Because if that's what you were going for, you did a good job."

Raiden shot him a disdainful look, then gathered himself and ran to the sidelines, defeated.

Draven however, was the opposite. He was doing his best summoning his undead beings and moving out of the way of the mecha dragon's flames. Then, he did something that made the world seem to stop. He had done the same thing he had done before, but this was different. This creature talked!

"What would you like me to do?" The feminine undead spoke.

There was silence on the battlefield. The only noise at all was the sound of Mel screaming for them to finish the fight.

"What. Did. You. DO?!" Ziro screamed at Draven.

"I don't know man. Don't get pissed at me for using my powers in a fight!"

"Draven, you know no Necrofear has ever done this before, right?" Aradace chimed in, trying to calm the situation down a bit.

"I know. Too bad I don't know how I did it..."

"Too bad? You brought a dead person to life, breaking the balance between life and death mind you, somehow made it talk, and the only thing you can think about is 'too bad you can't do it again'? What is wrong with you?" Ziro was furious.

"That's kinda what we do. We have powers, and we are constantly supposed to be learning how to master them more. It's good that he is questioning how he did it" Vitalani arose from the back of the crowd.

"So you are supposed to ignore the fact that you brought forth a sentimental zombie?" Ziro inquired further.

"Not quite. You see, it may break a little balance, but that same balance is how my powers work. I can only bring a certain amount of people back. After a while, I have to put them back to where they belong, in the ground, or else, my powers are rendered useless." Draven explained.

Aradace couldn't help noticing the look of pure confusion on Kuria's face. He looked like he was witnessing a madhouse unleash all of it's inhabitants.

"Oh, I see. Don't think you're off the hook yet. Kuria and I are probably the only ones here who don't know what a 'Necrofear' is. But, believe you me, I will find out." Ziro said menacingly, grabbing Kuria's arm as he walked toward the furious Mel.

Meanwhile, the undead sentiment continued to talk.

"Where am I? Why have you summoned me here?"

The group continued to stare at her, ignoring the battle behind them.

In Topic: From Victory to Oblivion: A Real Life War [OOC Thread] [Started/Conditional Acceptance] [R-16]

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Oddly enough, this wasn't an IMG code. I just clicked insert picture on the options bar, and it worked. Anyway, what are your thoughts? I mean on the concept of course, not the finished product, as it is not finished yet...