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Well...I wasn't fully expecting that.

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Today, 12:12 PM

Thanks for your wording help! Deeply appreciated.
Well, any thoughts on the use/benefit of this card?

Its effect seems very generalized. You can use it to literally search for any monster or spell in your deck. One idea I can imagine is if you have Blue-Eyes in your hand and use this card to get Blue-Eyes Alternative from your deck, then Summon it with its effect and destroy an opponent's monster. Another possibility is just gathering Fusion Materials and Polymerization so you can Fusion Summon. Those are just a few, though.

Now that I think about it, it's almost too generalized. Maybe you could restrict it to "Guy" Monsters and Spells.

In Topic: VCCR_1: Rival Rumble [JUDGING]

Today, 12:04 PM

I have no issues with it as long as he grades fairly.

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Today, 12:03 PM

Part of the idea behind the card is to allow Melodious the ability to actually string together a combo instead of being force to piece together advantage over the course of a significant amount of turns. However, I recognize that it may be a little much to give access to the Maestras. Perhaps making it limited to Level 5 or lower (thus letting you be able to bring back Elegy, but not the Maestras) would help stem that abusability?

I think that would help make it less flexible, yeah.

A battaglia is a form of renaissance and baroque programme music imitating a battle.The renaissance form is typically in the form of a madrigal for four or more voices where cannons, fanfares, cries, drum rolls, and other noises of a battle are imitated by voices. The baroque form is more often an instrumental depiction of a battle.

I've never heard of it before, but it sounds cool.

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Yesterday, 11:38 PM

Well, I think I might have a wording error back there....

The effect I'm aiming to achieve is to let the player choose whether they decide to skip the battle phase or not (like an option) in order to draw a card....

So this doubles as a Battle Phase Skipper and a searcher

I tried to change the wording but not sure if it's appropriate....

Wording help?

Here's how I would word it. It's not perfect or anything, so you can mess with it all you want to improve it.

Once per turn, at the end of your Main Phase 1: You can skip your Battle Phase, and if you do, add 1 Monster Card or 1 Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.