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Random Markiplier Live Stream because why not

25 June 2017 - 09:02 PM



It ends in like 5 hours from the time I'm posting this. Have fun watching them mess around with each other.

Weird Real Life Duel

09 June 2017 - 12:31 AM

Some of you may know I have a bunch of decks, 16 to be exact. This includes two Yugi decks (one of which has Slifer) and two Kaiba decks (one of which has Obelisk). The weirdest thing just happened.

So I decided to do a tournament between my decks. I put each deck face-down in a completely random order, assigning each a number 1-16, then using a randomizer to figure out what the first round would be like. Each Yugi deck ended up against a Kaiba deck. More specifically, the decks with Egyptian Gods ended up against each other in the fourth match, and the other two decks are in the eighth match. I'm already pretty impressed by those odds.

So I go through matches normally, with a standard "best two out of three" rule going. I get to the first Yugi vs. Kaiba match. During the first two Duels, the Yugi deck drew Slifer by random chance halfway through but never got to use it. After the second match, they were tied at one win each. Nothing too special about that. The third Duel, though...omfg.

Not even joking, the Yugi deck started out with Slifer in its hand, and the Kaiba deck had Obelisk in its starting hand. Within 3 turns, both were Summoned on to the field (first Obelisk, then Slifer), with neither deck being able to prevent it. Slifer happened to have exactly 4000 ATK due to the Yugi deck having 4 cards left in its hand. On the Kaiba deck's turn after Slifer came out, it was clear that the best course of action was to trade a god for a god, if you know what I mean.

The Yugi deck won in the end using the new Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior and Beta the Magnet Warrior, oddly enough.

[Finished]Support an Archetype Contest [COMPLETE]

30 April 2017 - 03:59 PM

The theme will be to support a currently-existing archetype. Participants are expected to clearly state what archetype they choose. It must currently be an official archetype, so no series or support for random cards. No two members are allowed to use the same archetype. Try to avoid archetypes that are popularly used in the anime (like HEROes and Performapals).
Think Legacy rules. No Links, Pendulums Monsters have their own special Zones for when they're Spells. You know, Arc-V mechanics.

NO MORE ENTRIES. The contest is over, so of course I won't be grading anything else.


My Judging Criteria




Match The Cards

13 April 2017 - 07:09 PM

The game is simple. We will be using only real Yu-Gi-Oh monsters. No fan-made cards.

The monster you choose has to match the one above it in either Attribute, Type, or Level/Rank.

You can match a Level 4 to a Rank 4 and vise versa if you so choose.

Please either write out the card's information accurately, provide a picture of it, or include a link to its Wikia page.

Please indicate what the comparison is between your card and the one before it.

English only, please.

I'll start.

Number 39: Utopia Beyond


03 April 2017 - 09:02 AM




Level 10

LIGHT Warrior / Synchro / Effect

2900 / 3000

1 Warrior-type Tuner monster + 2 or more LIGHT non-Tuner monsters
Must be Synchro Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. This card cannot be destroyed by battle, except by a LIGHT or DIVINE monster. Once per turn, during your opponent's Main Phase, when they Summon a DARK monster: You can destroy that monster, and if you do, your opponent takes damage equal to half of that monster's original ATK or DEF (whichever is lower, but your choice if tied).


Basically, it's got the effect of Five-Headed Dragon and can act as a pseudo-Trap Hole for your opponent's DARK monsters while dealing some damage.


I made a Fusion Monster earlier with this card in mind.