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In Topic: Dance Party!

Yesterday, 10:32 PM


It's hard to groove out when someone's talking over the music kiddo. Most the dancing was interrupted. Never. And I mean never. Let anything interrupt the dance.



I got you fam 


In Topic: Dance Party!

Yesterday, 10:03 PM

Getting old school up in here ( with new age film ) 


In Topic: Advanced/Casual Multiples Review Thread

Yesterday, 08:26 PM


Nah, since the lack of a queue, I'll do one then the other. First gotta get through your New Heroes though :P


Thanks! I'm glad you're also reviewing the Hero updated thread as well :D 


I won't be requesting more than 1 review in the future, I just want to have these reviewed before I go back to making more threads. I wanna make my card making skills better and more innovative than they used to be :D 

In Topic: Advanced/Casual Multiples Review Thread

Yesterday, 01:32 PM

If one of you guys has the time, these were a couple old archetypes I wanted to have reviewed. These are the last 2 I made that I would like reviewed before I start to make new archetypes ( I want to really think more about card design and archetypes before I go making more threads ). 


Cuphead ( Inkwell Ilse Residents Archetype ) :3
Great Sorcerer and Magical Beast Archetype ( New and Improved! ) :3

In Topic: Hero Support Ideas

15 October 2018 - 11:17 AM

bump for edits! 


I've changed a bunch of the cards to have better interactions with the opponent as well as completing the extra deck ( 1 New HERO of each attribute and 2 link monsters ) and giving them a couple new spell cards