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In Topic: [Fanfiction] Yu-Gi-Oh! Union Cross DPR

03 July 2018 - 02:38 AM

Bump, Chapter 14 and 15 update.

The Intro Arc has been concluded, so I'll make a new post when I'll start the Second Arc due to the fact that I've had some problems with the formatting. (It was my first time, sorry).


Thanks for your attention!

Hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, even with the poor language and some mistakes on the way.


And remember, the DPR Academy is looking for new members even irl (aka here), so feel free to contact one of us to join :D

In Topic: It's a Match!

02 July 2018 - 11:32 AM

Well, thoughts are welcome.

Just because that card reveals something in the hand doesn't mean it's necessarily a good synergy with this one.

However, if you run a Deck that doesn't use Spells OR doesn't need the NS, then I guess it could be an interesting combo.

In Topic: It's a Match!

30 June 2018 - 12:26 AM

It's a Bump!

In Topic: Grimseers: DARK Psychics with exact LP clauses

24 June 2018 - 12:26 PM

Well, Esh, I think you've already heard some of my opinions regarding your cards and if there were massive design flaws I would've already told you.

Anyway, since no one is answering, I feel I could take some time and read them again, even though by using those cards in my story I think I already know them decently well.


Chronicler is probably one of my favorites. We all know SSing from the GY is really, really good, but being Archetype restricted does the trick. Don't have much to say on this one.

Mind of the Grim... oh wait. Allseer only works effectively for the loop, and the only monster you really want to Summon is Jinx, since it can bring back Brough (which you would've discarded the turn before that) and make the LV 6 Oblivion. Oh wait you have to pay to use Jinx's eff. Nvm, this Deck's combos are way too complicated for my tastes.

Jinx is actually the only card that SS from the GY, and I think that's kinda important in a Synchro Deck.

Brough is a bit odd since if you open it you can't search straight away, due to the fact you don't have monsters whose sum ATK/DEF is 7k (wow, imagine that). I think the gaining effect would never be used because you already have lots and lots of LP manipulation, and you don't want to reach high LP values since the Deck works better when you're at 1k.

Anomaly has a typo on the 'add to the hand' eff. As for the card itself, well, it's just a weird searcher, and it'll do the job.

man scrolling through that triple evilswarm is a pain

Wraith doesn't create advantage and can't even be used as a situational beater due to the fact that it can't inflict damage. And the only Synchro you can make with it is LV 6 Oblivion using Allseer, which brings the other main issue with the Deck - not having a LV 8 Synchro. Really. I would've used it well in my story instead of finding a weird way to get to Calamity, since it's a card that requires Flashback and 2 Synchros on the field, while having Jinx/Eon or Wraith will be a pretty common situation.

Eon is just really versatile and good for everything. The GY effect might be redundant, you already have other ways of gaining. Up to you to choose which gain eff to remove.

Library is the only Spell omg why and it supports the Deck perfectly, IMO. Not really strong, but a +0 that controls your LPs. Try not using the last eff against G/Gs.


And now... the Synchros. Incredibly difficult to play, incredibly difficult to understand without playtesting.


Lv 4, Falling Down. I kinda see it as a last resource card, since it slowly sets your LP to 2k which is IMO the best starter point for the Archetype. Not sure why it's a generic since it's way too gimmicky to be splashed into other Decks, and even Grimseers have other monsters to Summon.

Lv 5, Tragic Hero, might actually be end up being overused by the Archetype. It has the most useful effect and it can set your LP back to 4k twice, considering the GY effect.

Lv 6, Mind on Oblivion, could've been used as a semi boss in slower formats. It has protection from destruction and without other forms of removal, the opponent has pretty much already lost.

Lv 12, Perfect Storm is actually way more difficult to Summon than I thought. Using Archetype-only cards, your only way to get it is through Flashback and double Tragic Hero OR LV 4/LV 6 Synchros. The Quick Eff works good on an Accel Synchro, although compared to Quasars is a bit underpowered. It only have one massive weakness, that being if this is the only monster on the field, a simple destruction Spell can actually kill it. The last GY effect is really your anime-like last save, but then you have to consider Grimseer won't have problems recovering Life Points on the next turn.

Flashback is ok as it is. Of course, if Link Tuner is acceptable.


So yeah, as expected, an Archetype really difficult to play where you always have to plan everything ahead. There must be many undiscovered combos. Good luck finding them.

In Topic: Speeding Up Accel Synchros, here's XL Accelerator

24 June 2018 - 01:26 AM

Quasar Bump