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#7106532 Grimseers: DARK Psychics with exact LP clauses

Posted by Nekomata on 24 June 2018 - 12:26 PM

Well, Esh, I think you've already heard some of my opinions regarding your cards and if there were massive design flaws I would've already told you.

Anyway, since no one is answering, I feel I could take some time and read them again, even though by using those cards in my story I think I already know them decently well.


Chronicler is probably one of my favorites. We all know SSing from the GY is really, really good, but being Archetype restricted does the trick. Don't have much to say on this one.

Mind of the Grim... oh wait. Allseer only works effectively for the loop, and the only monster you really want to Summon is Jinx, since it can bring back Brough (which you would've discarded the turn before that) and make the LV 6 Oblivion. Oh wait you have to pay to use Jinx's eff. Nvm, this Deck's combos are way too complicated for my tastes.

Jinx is actually the only card that SS from the GY, and I think that's kinda important in a Synchro Deck.

Brough is a bit odd since if you open it you can't search straight away, due to the fact you don't have monsters whose sum ATK/DEF is 7k (wow, imagine that). I think the gaining effect would never be used because you already have lots and lots of LP manipulation, and you don't want to reach high LP values since the Deck works better when you're at 1k.

Anomaly has a typo on the 'add to the hand' eff. As for the card itself, well, it's just a weird searcher, and it'll do the job.

man scrolling through that triple evilswarm is a pain

Wraith doesn't create advantage and can't even be used as a situational beater due to the fact that it can't inflict damage. And the only Synchro you can make with it is LV 6 Oblivion using Allseer, which brings the other main issue with the Deck - not having a LV 8 Synchro. Really. I would've used it well in my story instead of finding a weird way to get to Calamity, since it's a card that requires Flashback and 2 Synchros on the field, while having Jinx/Eon or Wraith will be a pretty common situation.

Eon is just really versatile and good for everything. The GY effect might be redundant, you already have other ways of gaining. Up to you to choose which gain eff to remove.

Library is the only Spell omg why and it supports the Deck perfectly, IMO. Not really strong, but a +0 that controls your LPs. Try not using the last eff against G/Gs.


And now... the Synchros. Incredibly difficult to play, incredibly difficult to understand without playtesting.


Lv 4, Falling Down. I kinda see it as a last resource card, since it slowly sets your LP to 2k which is IMO the best starter point for the Archetype. Not sure why it's a generic since it's way too gimmicky to be splashed into other Decks, and even Grimseers have other monsters to Summon.

Lv 5, Tragic Hero, might actually be end up being overused by the Archetype. It has the most useful effect and it can set your LP back to 4k twice, considering the GY effect.

Lv 6, Mind on Oblivion, could've been used as a semi boss in slower formats. It has protection from destruction and without other forms of removal, the opponent has pretty much already lost.

Lv 12, Perfect Storm is actually way more difficult to Summon than I thought. Using Archetype-only cards, your only way to get it is through Flashback and double Tragic Hero OR LV 4/LV 6 Synchros. The Quick Eff works good on an Accel Synchro, although compared to Quasars is a bit underpowered. It only have one massive weakness, that being if this is the only monster on the field, a simple destruction Spell can actually kill it. The last GY effect is really your anime-like last save, but then you have to consider Grimseer won't have problems recovering Life Points on the next turn.

Flashback is ok as it is. Of course, if Link Tuner is acceptable.


So yeah, as expected, an Archetype really difficult to play where you always have to plan everything ahead. There must be many undiscovered combos. Good luck finding them.

#7078786 [Leaderboard] Dova vs. Dragon Sage (Cards up!)

Posted by Nekomata on 13 February 2018 - 07:49 AM

Ok so here's a quick review.

Card A is an Ancient Gear card, meaning it has to work with the Archetype. Spell recovery is something they need, indeed. Also it has the Ancient Gear clause. The drawing effect looks... a bit overpowered? I mean, considering Ancient Gears usually do piercing damage, Summon big monsters, and prevent the opponent from activating card; consider also this guy has 2600 ATK. Maybe an OPT on the last effect? Or if you don't want this change, you can just say "if another Ancient Gear" and that'll fix it.


Card 2 instead is a generic Psychic boss monster with a high ATK and with a 900+ burn effect. Psychic don't usually swarm the GY, but I guess you could make a Deck around it, or just use this as Psychic Gagaga Cowboy to end the duel. Also 90% of the times you'll be using your own monsters, but I guess having the option of using the opponent's ones in case you're dueling against Psychic is fine (but again, really situational). Also, the Quick Effect lasts until the... end step? It doesn't activate during a battle, so I guess you meant End Phase. If that's the case, this is just broken. Why? Just Summon it, (attack), banish it, draw - this way the EMZ is now free for further plays - wait until the next turn, repeat. A constant drawing effect. You'll never use the last effect because

1) you can just chain/banish/draw if it's about to die

2) it could miss timing

3) why would you even do it, it doesn't have a reward (like drawing) for shuffling them back.

This card has some OCG problems too, the most evident being "Polymerisation"; but since I'm bad at it too, I can't complain much.


I'll vote for the Trebuchet, card A. Even though Card B is more creative for the Summoning condition and versatility of effects, Card A is more balanced.

Still, this is my opinion.

#7068033 [Written/DPR] Feel the connection with your opponent with 3 Divination cards

Posted by Nekomata on 12 January 2018 - 10:04 AM

Here's a series of cards that synergize with each other, but require a bit of luck. They have an effect which doesn't work all of the times, and depends on luck or "connection with the opponent", but they're made so they always do something; also they can search another card if everything works perfectly (spoiler alert: really unlikely to happen.)
They use weird OCG and the "Declare a card type" mechanic, so there will be many mistakes.

Used by Ibuki Uranai in the fanfiction.

Reading Hands, Chiromancy

Spirits from the GY, Necromancy

Cards from the Deck, Cartomancy

EDIT: New Cards
Energy on the Field, Aura of Spirituality

Divination with Coins, I Ching

Entering Minds, Oculomancy

Organizing Arts, Attunement

The Master of Divination

#7047661 The Rain and the Corpse: Rain Corp. s

Posted by Nekomata on 27 October 2017 - 10:11 AM

Ok so, the playstyle looks cool and I have to say it's quite easy to lock the opponent out, unless he makes proper plays. It makes the Duel more interesting because you have to play every card in a specific zone, otherwise you risk getting negated.

Swarm Decks will have a bad time facing this Archetype, while the ones who focus on getting a single big monster may not be affected (but considering you only have 2 Extra Monster Zones, the user of this can prevent that too). Of course, keep testing it.


Rain Corp. Sandman

Same column, effect negated. OPT, negate and bounce a monster in an adjacent coloumn. Does "negate all monster effects in the same coloumn as this card" include Sandman as well? Just add a "other" before "monster effects" to prevent creating a loop of autonegation. Add a (Quick Effect) to let them work the intended way.


Rain Corp. Skeleton

Same but with Spells, so the problem of autonegation isn't an issue anymore. 1800 ATK is a bit high for a Level 3, but it's okay, if you don't want them at all to be Level 4.


Rain Corp. Spectre

Same but with Traps.


Sandman, Skeleton and Spectre are pretty much the same thing but they just work on different types of cards. You're missing the "can" on Sandman and Spectre, right now you're forced to negate and that can be a huge nerf, if they start becoming overpowered. But if you feel after testing that they aren't broken, add that can to let you decide if a card is negated or not. Otherwise the opponent can just bait it.


Rain Corp. Saint

If 3 zones in the same column are occupied, the opponent can activate 1 card from the hand per turn. So this prevents Ogre/Effect Veiler and some effects that say "if this card is in your hand, you can...". Not sure if the OCG is correct. I just hope activating a Spell isn't considered a "activation from the hand".

If 3 zones in the adjacent column to this card are occupied, OPT, you can negate an effect in the hand. So the one he can use, gets negated. Cool. Also, getting 3 zones occupied is gonna be a task, which can be simple with swarm Decks, but it's not gonna be always easy.


Rain Corp. Stork

Same as Saint, with GY effects. I like it. We'll just need to see how often you can get 6 almost specific zones to be occupied to completely negate all GY effects.


Rain Corp. Sprite

Same as Saint, but this time the effects are negated from the field and the opponent can activate 2 of them (one can be negated). Yeah. Activating a Spell from the hand is gonna be blocked by Sprite or by Saint? If Sprite, then it's okay, but if Saint, then, well, you still have to consider the conditions to activate the effects. This looks fine. 1400 ATK isn't much and it's okay for a Level 3 monster.


Rain Corp. Sentience

When the opponent activates an effect in the same column as a Rain Corp, you can move a Rain Corp, draw and discard a card. +100 twice per turn. This is gonna be painful in the Duel Portal. Move, draw, discard, give a boost to all the Rain Corp monsters. Anyway, the first effect is okay, moving Corpses - what - is gonna be very helpful and the recycling effect is cool too. The ATK boost seems, well, bad. +200 each turn isn't much, and it looks like an effect added just because the first one wasn't enough. You can make it "Rain Corp" monsters adjacent to the column of this card gain - idk - 400/500 ATK. This way you'll need to be extra careful on the Zones and it's gonna be less weird when playing.


Rain Corp. Stacking

OPT, excavate the top 4 cards, place up to 2 for each card in the same column, the rest on the top. +200 ATK/DEF for each card in the same column as this card. Okay, I don't really get why you should stack monsters - we're not playing Sylvans. You could make it a semi-searching card: excavate the top 4 cards, add 1 of them to the hand, discard a card. Shuffle the rest back into the Deck. Or something like that. This time the ATK boost is on point, and in a lock-down Deck is needed. Maybe with a Link monster added you can guarantee a +600.


Rain Corp. Style

Discard a Rain Corp, draw a card, Rain Corps can't be removed by the field exept by targeting. This needs an OPT or at least a twice per turn. You can tecnically use it in an Exodia Deck to keep drawing until you run out of Corps, but you would have already used more than half the Deck. The protection is okay, but why doesn't it prevent from targeting? I'd change it to "until the end of the Phase, Rain Corp monsters can't be destroyed or targeted by a card effect. Yeah, that sounds better.

If a Rain Corp is removed from the field, SS a Rain Corp from the GY. This kinda doesn't go well with the first effect, but it's cool anyway. And it needs an OPT. You can just keep Summoning the monster the opponent has just destroyed.


The concept of the Archetype is cool, even though Lockdowns aren't always appreciated.

They don't have a boss monster/some removals to get rid of a wall or a card that has protection. Maybe a Link monster with a lot of Arrows pointing to the opponent's side of the field, locking them? Wow, that can be an idea. 

Just test them to see how annoying they can be, and after that you can make proper adjustments.

#7047445 [DPR/AGM] Synchro Flip Monsters?: Scrap-Iron Archetype

Posted by Nekomata on 26 October 2017 - 12:23 PM

Ok, so


Scrap-Iron Sparrow Crow

Flip: destroy a Scrap-Iron card, SS a Scrap Iron, this can be a Tuner. The "choose if Tuner" effect is unique and useful, I'd say. Basically a free Synchro if you use the Summoning effect, but because of the slow speed, it's more than okay.

If destroyed, SS it face-down. Yeah, I like the Scarecrow reference. You can potentially flip this, destroy this, resummon this, get a Scrap-Iron. Cool effect with cards that can flip this card during the first turn.


Scrap-Iron Sea Horse

When a Scrap-Iron effect is activated, destroy a SI card, SS this from the GY. Are you sure you'll have enough resources to keep destroying your own stuff? I mean, the cost is necessary, but.. well, that's why duel testing exists. Does it miss timing because of the When? No, it's a Quick Effect.


Scrap-Iron Star Fish

Flip: Set a SI S/T card, choose if Tuner.

Monster: Scarecrow eff. Yeah, it's like Crow, just without cost and this time it works on Spells/Traps. The Tuner part starts seeming unnecessary - all of the level 3 are Tuners, and the only way you can use it is by Summoning Fish/Level 4 with Crow.


Scrap-Iron Spider Monkey

Destroy it from hand or field, flip a monster. Scarecrow eff. Yeah. Like you said, it's the only way so far to make the Archetype faster. Also, it's a cool card to sacrifice in order to trigger the effects.


Scrap-Iron Stag Beetle

Flip: Scrap Dragon eff, choose if Tuner.

Monster: It lasts one turn, Scarecrow eff. I don't know if you can just remove the targeting part and making it a non targeting effect. I mean. Usually non targeting effects involve destroying all monsters with a specific Type/ATK/Coloumn. It has a cost anyway, and it destroys itself (which is actually better, because you can reuse the effect).


Scrap-Iron Skeleton Gauss

Flip: you can ? 2 S/T. I guess it's destroying. Same as Beetle, it needs targeting to work, IMO.

Monster: Negate an effect that target this in face-down, and flip it. If destroyed, SS a SI in face-up or face-down. So it can revive itself? Cool. Now, I might be wrong, but I don't think a monster's effect can be activated if it's face-down. A face-down monster doesn't even have name/stats/attribute/Type so it shouldn't have an effect either... right? The idea is amazing, but don't know if it's accepted. Anyway, unless you run that Continuous Spell that shuffles the face-down monsters with 300 LP cost - Shifting Shadows?  - the opponent won't target it.


Scrap-Iron Sea Dragon

Flip: Complete destruction of all other face-up monsters. Nice touch with the face-up restriction. Also, it's gonna be incredibly slow, but the opponent won't decide to battle it without proper thinking.

Monster: When SS, Scrap Dragon. If destroyed, same as Skeleton. There's nothing much to say. Except for the resource cost. You've already used 2 monsters to Synchro Summon, will you have a third one? Or will you destroy this card instead to use the Dark Hole effect next turn?


Just realized you commented the exact same thing I said. Well, that means the card is okay according to the opinion of 2 different people. Wow.


Scrap-Iron Scavenging

When activated, destroy 1 card you control and search a SI. If it's activated and a SI is destroyed, Set it. If destroyed, Set a SI S/T from the GY. You've already listed all the possibilities of this card. This sounds a bit op because of the +1 you'll get, but considering the rest of the Archetype is not that broken. The reusage effect is cool. MST negate isn't going to be a real problem. It will happen so rarely it's not even considerable.


Scrap-Iron Cycling

Double use. Activate 1 or both: Book of Moon a SI, change the Battle Position of a monster on the field. If sent to the GY, Set a SI S/T from the hand and it can be activated this turn. You already said there's only one trap, so yeah. Nothing abusable here. Changing Battle Position has always been a cool concept, but never actually well created - ehm, Karakuri - so I like this card. It's basically an in-Archetype Book of Moon that can be used twice. And yes, I think you can Set and Flip the same monster.


Scrap-Iron Recycling

SS a Machine from the GY in face-up or face-down Defense Position. Double usage. Generic Machine support? Okay, it's a Trap, but it revives a Machine twice. I'd make it a Continuous because it can be just resource to destroy, and keep the Set when the opponent SS, then banish stuff. By making a Continuous it's going to be more Archetype related, though, which can be good - it balances itself - but bad, because other Machine Decks might not want to run it.


Okay, an interesting Deck. Even though Synchros are not really my thing.

I think it will need another Continuous Spell/Trap. Maybe just a thing that gives a bit of protecton, maybe an in-Archetype Shifting Shadows so Skeleton will be more viable, and then an effect which triggers when destroyed, maybe adding that to your hand. If it were a Trap, there would be no need to worry.

And yes, going first is necessary. This Archetype is incredibly slow. 

Something like "When this monster is Normal or Flip Summoned, you can Special Summon a "Scrap-Iron" from your hand in face-up or face-down Defense Position" maybe?

#7047418 [DPR] Duelist Port Royal

Posted by Nekomata on 26 October 2017 - 10:43 AM

Some ideas:


Starburst: An Archetype based off the life of a Star, which likes to self destruct. "If a Starburst monster is destroyed, destroy all monsters on the field." The monsters deal damage/activate their effects when destroyed by a card effect, and they're quite fast if you can keep destroying your own monsters; trying to Summon the boss monsters (Tribute monsters that can be Special Summoned by the previous form). 


I think autodestruction is a big thing in YGO and has lots of potential. This Archetype can use Eshai's Overdose on Destruction to get even faster.


Paper Airplane: WIND Psychic Pendulum monsters that can battle once, then they get destroyed. They have effects that return the monsters from the Extra Deck to the hand to keep Summoning each turn. Their boss monsters are rank 4 XYZ monsters that can be Summoned easily due to the swarming abilities of the Archetype. 


Clock: "A Clock monster gains 100 DEF and 1 level for each Time Counter on that card". An XYZ focused Archetype which uses Counters to change the Levels of the monsters. The player must use it correctly to get 2 monsters of equal level, or just use the Time monsters's effects to Summon them more easily and faster.


I already have a few ideas for the monsters/spells for the Archetypes.

Any suggestions?

#7045046 [Leaderboard] BatMed vs XOXO

Posted by Nekomata on 19 October 2017 - 01:30 PM

Ok so, I have to say I've never actually liked Fusion monsters, but I've played some Ojamas and faced Red-Eyes. Anyway.


Ojama Princess

Blue + Red. When Fusion Summoned, Raigeki everything that's not a Token. Protection for Ojama Country. Flavour from the original Ojama Archetype: Blue + Red is accurate because the original 3 have already their Fusion and Knight requires generic Ojamas. 2000 DEF is nice too because of it follows the pattern of 3000 - 2500 - 2000 - 1000. It doesn't block a Zone, but the Raigeki effect is really really good, even if it requires 2 specific monsters. Ojamas are usually focused on Field presence by limiting the opponent, while this one is a little different because it has direct impact.



Banish to Fusion Summon an Ojama. Quick Effect, banish from GY: search 2 Ojama S/T cards. They needed their own Poly, and banishing from GY is always appreciated (why not making a King + Knight + Princess = Ojama Emperor, a crazy Fusion?). The GY effect is, well, overpowered? A free +1 - +2, because you're not actually using this but banishing it. If it searched one card, then it would be better.


Flame Swordsman the Red-Eyes Knight

If Fusion Summoned, equip a Level 3 or lower DARK Dragon/Equip Spell from the Deck,. If it would be destroyed, destroy the equipped card instead. OPT, banish a Red-Eyes, negate and destroy a Summon or an activation. I like the idea of combining Flame Swordsman and the Red-Eyes. Equipping a monster doesn't boost its ATK? Okay then... The negation effect is also useful, but overall the card isn't broken in the current meta.


Allies of the Red-Eyes

When activated, SS a vanilla Warrior from Deck or Extra Deck. Protection for targeting for Red Eyes if you control 2 different Types. You can send this card to the GY, Fusion Summon. You can also use a Extra Deck monster as Fusion material if in a disadvantage. Ok, a Field Spell which doesn't act like a Field Spell. I mean, it has a Continuous Effect, but I'd see it more as a Continuous Spell. The swarming, protection and Poly effects are all balanced and useful, too. I like the fact that it's not limited to Flame Swordsman only, and you can use a Main Deck monsters - Red-Eyes love using specific monsters, mostly vanillas.


This is a hard choice.

Before reviewing, I was going to vote for the Ojamas, just because I like them more, but the Red-Eyes cards are more, well, well-made, balanced, interesting because they bring back a Vanilla Fusion from Duel Monsters.

I'm voting for Cards B.

#7044995 [Written/DPR] Shrouding Slumberer Archetype

Posted by Nekomata on 19 October 2017 - 08:55 AM

The concept sounds interesting. It makes me think of those Pokémon moves that can be used only if you're asleep, you know.

Anyway. Let's review this.


Shrouding Slumber Slepton

If it can't attack, OPT, add a Shrouding Slumber, and you can Synchro/Link with both player's monsters. Ok, so it's both a searcher and a playmaker, which is good, and the Super Poly eff is really interesting. Except for the fact that the Link monster requires Slumber monsters, and there's only one Synchro so far. I don't know if getting to level 8 will be that easy.


Shrouding Slumber Naprin

If it can't attack, OPT: SS a Slumber from hand or Deck (cannot conduct Battle Phase) or search a Confliction card. Yeah, there's no need for the second effect to exist - mostly because of Deep Dive. The first one is swarming, and that's needed in a Synchro Deck. Hope you'll make more high Level monsters. Maybe making this a Tuner that can use the opponent's monsters, like Slepton, but it Summons monsters on the opponent's side of the field?


Shrouding Dreamlands

Send the one before this to the GY, activate this card, then search for the next one. Monsters cannot attack. Ok so, the idea is nice, and the attack blocking makes the Archetype work, but it kinda doesn't make much sense. You're just reducing the amount of cards in your Deck to accumulate stuff in the GY to use other effects, and that can be abused by Exodia Decks. Oh, Royal Library would love this. Also, consider that if you draw First Fall first, everything's fine, but if you don't, you'll have a lot of useless cards in the hand. I don't know, the whole concept seems just abusable by other Decks, and not by the Archetype itself.


First Fall

Can't be targeted. Yeah. That's everything it does, if you're not considering the Dreamland formula.


Before Deep Dive

OPT, if you control a Slumber, search a Conflict. Cannot conduct the Battle Phase. Well, preventing from the Battle Phase isn't an issue at all in this Deck. A searched card that searches 2 cards. Well, if you draw First Fall and use this to search Sleeptalk, you'll be able to activate 5 Spells just starting with one. Can't you feel Royal Magical Library here?


Clearful Imagery

-100 each time a Shrouding card is activated. You'll be using this just to get Final Moments, which deals more damage, so the effect is useless. Just a piece of the combo.


Final Moments

Shuffle the 3 Field Spells, draw a card. OPT, SS a Slumber from hand or GY. -300 each time a Shrouding card is activated. So, free +1, swarming and burning. I mean. It's not like you're Leveling Up monsters, so getting the last one is actually difficult, you're activating Spells. If they were Traps, okay, if they were something like the Fairy Tail Field Spells, that can be replaced only during the Draw Phase, then they would be way slower - and balanced. But if you draw Fall, you'll get to Final Moments in the same turn. So this sounds a little overpowered, considering that you've already searched a Conflict. The recycling effect just makes it worse, because you can keep cycling through the Spells using a fast Exodia Deck.


Shrouding Conflict - Nightmarish Sleeptalk

-300 each time a Shrouding/opponent's monster activates its effect. If destroyed, search Sleepwalk. So the concept of this Archetype is basically block the opponent from attacking and then keep burning to death, right? This card looks like it will do its job. I just hope it won't be as annoying as the Trickstar burn Deck. 



-100xLevel if a monster uses its effect. If destroyed, search Sleepwalk (?). I think you meant "Sleeptalk". I like the never-ending nightmare idea behind the synergy of the Conflicts. Which card will do more damage? I think Sleepwalk. I mean, so far Slumbers are Level 1 (or the Level 8 Synchro) (or without a Level), but since it involves the opponent's monsters too... well it depends if the opponent is using Links or Xyz monsters. Ok, maybe Sleeptalk will do more damage. Btw, having the two Conflicts in the hand means having a dead card, and even if the other one is destroyed, you'll search for another one and you'll still have that problem. Maybe adding some Shrouding card that is basically Magical Mallet which doesn't give you a -1?


Rising Dawn

Negate the effect of Slumbers until the end of the next turn and for each negated card, destroy cards on the field. Cannot Battle this turn. I can't really see why negating your own monsters is beneficial (you lose the ability to use the opponent's monster to Synchro Summon) but it's a nice removal, after all. Negating effects after they have been used, then proceed to Synchro/Link? Yes, that's an idea. Also, the swarming abilities of this Archetype makes me think about if this card is overpowered or not. I don't think it is, but it has the potential to be.


Lucid Nightmares

Negate the effect of a Shrouding card, SS a Shrouding Token with 2500 Def. Cannot Battle this turn. Ok, well, you can just negate a Field Spell which is going to be replaced anyway and you have a free monster to Synchro Summon. Well, there are Spells that say "Special Summon an "Archetype" monster from your Deck" so it's basically the same thing. Good card, and also the only consistent way to Synchro Summon so far.


Nightmarish Horrors

If a monster can't attack, negate the activation of a card and destroy it. GY effect, OPT: shuffle it, add a Conflit card except this one. Nice Counter. It basically stops a card for free, then searches a Conflict. 


Shrouding Slumber Astral Dreamer

If it can't attack, negate all your opponent's monsters, and OPT, you can banish 3 Shrouding cards, -400 for each. Why is it a Tuner? An Accel Synchro coming soon? Also, negating effects so Sleepwalk and Sleeptalk do less damage. I'd change the cost to Shuffling instead of Banishing; this Archetype likes shuffling more (the Fields, Horrors already do that, and you could shuffle Sleeptalk/walk to recycle them). If you have an idea of an another Synchro, that one could discard cards - you'll have many dead cards.


Shrouding Slumber Comaton

If it can't attack, -200 each time a monster is Summoned to a Linked Zone, and OPT during the End Phase, add a Shrouding Spell from GY to hand. Great recovery and burn effect. The Link Arrows are just perfect, and that might be a problem. At least make a Right Arrow.

#7039634 [Written] Reality Rupture Archetype, Linking Ahead and Beyond

Posted by Nekomata on 27 September 2017 - 11:35 AM

The concept is cool, and Psychic DARK is quite unusual, isn't it?


Reality Rupture Dayream

SS if you don't have monsters, Link restriction. If SS from hand, search a monster, then mill a RR card. Basic and fast searcher. Good start. The Link restriction is appreciated too.


Reality Rupture Luciream

When NS, SS a different RR from Deck. If a RR inflicts damage, add a RR from GY to hand. Be careful when you plan on Summoning from the Deck. You can potentially have a super solid Link engine (Dayream searches this that Summons another one), but that's the purpose of a swarming Deck. I'd add a "discard 1 card" just to balance it (you can get that card back if you use the second effect of Luciream anyway).


Reality Rupture Recuream

Quick Effect, send this and a RR to the GY, draw 2 cards. Well, if I were running an Exodia Deck, I wouldn't mind using Luciream to get this, then draw 2 cards. Even splashable in Decks that don't need the NS. It's also a Quick Effect, but I'm not sure how many times you'll actually use its effect on the opponent's turn (dodging?). A way to balance it? Simply add a "reveal 1 Reality card in your hand" to avoid undesired splashing.


Reality Rupture Nighream

SS by adding a RR from the GY to the hand. Balancing restrictions. Continuous effect if you have a RR Link: your opponent can't Summon monsters on the MMZs it points to. The continuous effect is original and I like it a lot (even though there isn't a RR Link that can't blocks 2 zones). The Summoning condition might be too strong, but since the card pretty much doesn't do anything else, it's fine, considering the added card is useless for a turn.


Link Monsters


Reality Rupture Falsream (Up,Down)

When Summoned, you can SS a RR Link from the GY. If used as material for a RR, it gains Up-Down Arrows. This is one of the best Link idea I've ever seen. There should be an Archetype with the "it gains this card's Link Markers" concept. Maybe all Link 2, and the boss monster is a Link 4 that requires 2 Link Monsters, in a way so it will have all the Link Arrows. That's a really interesting idea. Btw, remember Links are so easy to Summon, this might need a hard OPT on the reviving effect. Or better, adding a "Summon a Link to a zone this card points to". That would prevent crazy pla... nope, in a really fast Deck, that would make this card able to point to the other Extra Monster Zone and Extra Linking. This definitely needs a hard OPT.


Reality Rupture Dreahealream (Up,Down-Left)

Linked RR can attack directly. If a RR is sent to the GY, draw 1 card. You missed "ed" in "destroyed". Also, you could either remove the "sent to the GY" so it has to be destroyed, or removing the "destroyed by battle" and adding a hard OPT. Drawing cards is always something that has to be balanced properly, and if you left this on the field while doing more Link plays, you'll end up with a lot of cards in the hand. The attacking directly effect is cool, but kinda situational.


Reality Rupture Prophetiream (Right,Left,Up-Right)

Once, if co-linked, you can revive a RR Link. OPT, if a RR does damage, target and shuffle a card. The ultimate OPT effect makes it really balanced, IMO. You're probably Link this after Dreahealream, so this can attack directly and shuffle a card. Well, great synergy. The Archetype works.


Reality Rupture Lifeream (Left,Up-Left,Right,Down)

Once, if Extra Linked, you can clear the opponent's side of the field. +400 and unaffected by monster effects. OPT, discard 2 cards, SS a Link 3 or lower from the ED. Well, I knew this was the boss monster, but it's actually really impressive. Clearing the board with just an effect? Amazing. All the effects are quite balanced (discarding 2, has to be Extra Linked) so I can't say it's overpowered or anything. I'm just scared people will figure out a way to get this second turn, and maybe OTK.


Reality Shift

If you Link Summon a RR, draw 1 card. OPT, you can send an opponent's card to the GY, then a RR monster. Each time you Link Summon a RR into a Linked zone, banish a card in your opponent's GY. Smells like broken here. I'm sorry, but drawing a card each time you Link Summon is just stupid. I mean, have you ever seen an actual Link play? They spam Links like crazy. Considering the swarming abilities of Reality Ruptures, I'd put a hard OPT on the drawing effect (The first time ... each turn). The removal effect should be changed too, by switching the order in which cards are sent to the GY. Right now if you don't have monsters, you can still use it, because destroying your monster comes after removing the opponent's one. The third effect is good against some Decks, and it doesn't need changes.


Reality Rupture Haven

Opt, discard 1 card and add the Field Spell or SS a RR from the Deck. I'll change it to "add a RR" instead of Summoning, because they like being Summoned by their own effects or Normal Summoned.


Falling Realities

Each time you Link Summon this turn, send a card from the opponent's ED to the GY. Is it at random or your opponent chooses it? I'd make it "at random". Cool card, and trust me this would be used. Or maybe not. It depends, will you sacrifice consistency to try blocking the opponent? (maybe you get the regular Utopia and you can say goodbye to Lightning).


Paradigm Reality

Urgent Tuning for RR Links, and if it isn't the first Link, discard a card from the opponent's hand. The hard OPT isn't actually necessary here - it's just a slow way to Link Summon. Might be cool to dodge effects, but it isn't anything too strong.


Ok, so, I'm not completely into Links yet, but I guess this would be a good Link Archetype. It swarms the field easily, and it has that big scary boss monster. Of course, some cards need to be balanced but overall there are some interesting Link ideas.

The only way to actually find out if something's overpowered or not is testing it.

I'd love to see what kind of artwork they would get. The Fantasy/Dream idea sounds very cool.

#7038664 [Leaderboard] - Abdelrahman vs D'Sceptyr

Posted by Nekomata on 23 September 2017 - 11:22 AM

Came from the Status.

Even though Pendulum is my favourite mechanic, I've never actually played Odd-Eyes Magicians, so I might not be the best at revewing that kind of cards.

Anyway. Pendulums deserve to be played. (review will be made considering the Link format)


Drowner Magician ATK 100 DEF 1800 Level 4 Water/Spellcaster/Pendulum Scale 1

Pendulum: If a Magician would be destroyed, you can destroy this instead. Ok, this is a good start. I know Magicians like to commit suicide sometimes, and there's the Trap Pendulumgraph that has the incredible non-destructive removal if a card isn't destroyed, so it may see some plays.

NS or SS: destroy 1 card you control, add 1 Magician from ED or GY to hand. I would've put a "then" instead of the "also", but that doesn't matter much. The effect is designed for the Link era, isn't it. The Extra Deck used to be a place where Pendulums just waited until your next turn, but now it's almost a second GY. It can recover if your opponent destroys the Pendulum Scales. I would remove the "Summoned from the hand" part. It is necessary on swarming cards, like Harmonizing, but this one doesn't need it.



Discard a card, place a Zefraath and a Level 6 or lower Zefra from the Deck in the Pendulum Zone. Banish from GY: shuffle 3 cards from different places, draw 2 cards. Ok so. It sets up the Pendulum Scale by just discarding a card (yeah, Pendulum Call does the same thing, I know). It doesn't block the Normal Summon, but it's not that relevant. I'm more worried about the GY effect. Drawing cards is always a good thing, but 2 cards might be too many. You've basically put together Pendulum Call and Yang Zing Path; and the hard OPT doesn't balance this card enough. Also, you can shuffle from the Extra Deck too.


Ok, so I basically have to choose between Magician and Zefra support.

I'm gonna vote for Drowner Magician. It's not because I like WATER monsters (well, not entirely), but because even though I think Zefra Crowning is slightly more creative, it should be divided in 2 cards to be balanced. But I've never seen how Zefras do in the Link format, so I don't know if they need that kind of support.


Make Pendulums great again.

#7038414 I regret nothing [Tapirs are cool, kidds]

Posted by Nekomata on 22 September 2017 - 09:57 AM

I've already noticed that those monsters say "Tapir" with the T capitalized and I'm not sure if Desertapir would be included, kinda like how some cards say "tellarknight" to include Stellarknight too.



Banish this, mill a Tapir, banish a Beast from the GY. If banished, protection from targeting. I see that the whole Archetype is based on Banishing Tapirs to make Desertapir work without missing timing. This can be a free "SS a Beast-Type monster from the GY", and I like the concept.



Banish this, SS a banished Tapir, banish a Beast from the GY. If banished, +500 ATK/DEF. This might require a bit of setup, but it's fine. Beast-Type Decks aren't used a lot these days, so I'd like to see a return of Beasts.



Banish this, recycle 3 banished Beasts, then banish a Beast from the GY. If banished, protection from negation. The more I see Tapirs, the more I think it's gonna be a slow Deck. They all require to be on the field, right? Also, I'm not sure, but this one may be not worth it to run, mostly because Tapirs have to be banished by another Tapir and this doesn't SS another one. Just use a Burial from a Different Dimension.



Banish this, SS a Beast from the GY, then banish 1 Beast from the GY. If banished, protection from card effects. This one is better just because you can get another Tapir to use, or another Beast in general. Maybe too splashable because it can Summon any Beast-Type? No, they need "generic" support.


The idea is really cool and I see you've tried to make Desertapir useful, good job. But they kinda need more swarming abilities, and so far they're just a slow Beast engine that takes your Normal Summon. 

Also, I'm not 100% sure they bypass Rescue Cat. It negates effects, so you can activate a Tapir, it gets banished, but it's negated? Banishing them is a cost, and the effect resolves when they're in the banished zone... eh, it might work. But as I said, I'm not sure.

#7038178 Alkimia archetype, inspired by Sabatiel the Philosopher's Stone

Posted by Nekomata on 21 September 2017 - 09:04 AM

If you wanted to be precise, as far as I know, the story of the word "Alchemy" starts in the Arabic world (Al-kimiya, which means "the art of the Philosopher's Stone), then became "Alchimia" in Medieval Latin, as you said, and the exact same word is used nowadays in Italian. So, Alkimia is basically turning the sound "Ch" to "K", and that's fine for me. Actually, Alkimia sounds like a good name for an Archetype, indeed.


I'm not gonna correct OCG, because I'm quite bad at it; I'm just going to say that "Graveyard" can be shortened by using "GY". Deck, Extra Deck, Spell, Link Summon, Special Summon and many more should be capitalized.




Alkimia the Magic Sprite (aka cute Victini)

Pay 1500 LP (or 750 if they're 3000 or less); mill a Spell and Set this in the S/T Zone as that card. If it's in the GY, banish 2 "Alkimia" from GY, add this to the hand.

I get Setting this instead of a Spell is a reference to Sabatiel, but wouldn't it be easier if it said "Discard this card, Set a Spell card directly from your Deck, but it can't be activated this turn"?

Many Decks love to search Spells; that's why Left Arm Offering is used. I'm thinking of those horrible 60-cards milling Decks, but I'm sure there are more.

The costs and restrictions balance the card, but it's still pretty good.


Alkimia the Summoning Sprit(aka Jirachi)

If your opponent controls more monsters, discard this card, Synchro or Xyz Summon a level/rank 8 or lower. This turn, it negates cards that target that monster.

Ok well, it's a good recycling card - basically Summoning another ED monster by using materials you already used - but I have a question about the XYZ Summon. It says "whose rank equals the combined levels of those targets". That means if I use 2 level 4 monsters, for example, I'm not getting an Utopia, but a 4+4 = rank 8 monster. I'd change it to something like Advanced Heraldry Art:

Special Summon those monsters. Immediately after this effect resolves: Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon a monster by using those monsters as materials.

The card is cool, though. Definitely splashable in a lot of Synchro/Xyz Decks.


Alkimia Scout

Cyber Dragon SS effect. When this inflicts damage, search an Alkimia card. You already said that; those are basic support cards with standard effects. Not sure if this will be as useful as you thought it would be, because it requires battling to search, but still better than Genex Neutron, I guess.


Alkimia Lancer

Gagaga Gardna SS effect. Piercing damage. Yeah, pretty basic. Not sure why it's even an Alkimia card, though. It could at least have a continuous effect that makes all Alkimia monsters deal piercing damage.


Alkimia Paladin

2k ATK, changed to Defense Position if attacks. OPT, shuffle an Alkimia from the GY, target and destroy a monster. That's a good standard card. And I don't have much else to say.


Alkimia Raptor

NS: search a level 2 or higher Alkimia. If destroyed by battle, bounce a card. It doesn't even search the Sprites, that's bad. Also, the "level 2 or higher, except Raptor" makes me think there are more Alkimia cards. If I'm wrong, you can just change it to "a level 4 "Alkimia" monster". The other effect is cool, because you'll be likely to leave a 600 ATK monster alone.


Alkimia Vortex

Search an Alkimia. Well. That's what I call creativity. I've never seen a more bland support card - oh wait, there's E - Emergency. Ok.


I know there are only 7 cards, but I don't see the point of this Archetype. They're really generic cards, and the only way they support each other is by searching.

The idea of the Sprites is cool, but the rest of the Archetype is just.. not interesting.

Also, why is it called Alkimia? It has nothing like "Alkimia Art of Purification", "Alkimia Scientist", "Alkimia Secret Stone", or anything related to alchemy at all (except for Vortex, but that's it) - maybe it's because of the images, I don't know.

#7037080 The Most Splashable Card in the Entire Game?

Posted by Nekomata on 17 September 2017 - 12:30 PM

Bump for Reviews  CONTINUOUS SPELL

While this card is on the field, your opponent must target your Topics and review them. You can only activate one "Bump for Reviews" per turn.


A splashable and abusable card in all forums, especially Casual and Advanced Multiplies. I though it was overpowered, so I gave it a hard OPT. And we all know that you'd look desperate if you activated more Bumps in a turn.


No, ok, all of this is just stupid. I just had this idea.

And we all know the most splashable card is Raigeki (or a few Kaijus. But you don't use Kaijus if you're a decent person.)

#7035236 Bee Buzz Archetype ( Repost )

Posted by Nekomata on 09 September 2017 - 04:08 AM

I love Counters. I don't know why, but there's something special about activating 3 Cloudian Squalls with Cirrostratus and Altus on the field (with Sanctuary in the Sky activated, of course) and waiting for time to pass slowly killing resources. Glad someone tried to make Counters relevant.

As for the OCG, I'm not the best at correcting those mistakes, but I think the Attribute and Type have to be capitalized (LIGHT Insect-Type). Graveyard can be reduced to GY, just because this way you have less letters to write. Main Phase, Normal/Special Summon, Counter, Spell/Trap, face-up, Set, Deck... all of these are always capitalized. The proper writing for Counters is: place 2 Honey Counters.



Worker Buzz

When an Insect is Summoned, place 2 Counters on this. OPT, you can remove 4 Counters, SS a level 4 or lower from hand or GY. The LIGHT Insect-Type is really interesting, because I don't think there are a lot of monsters like this (there are 2 Performapals, and the Digital Bugs no one uses, but not much more). The effect is balanced. Maybe it can miss time because of the "When" is Summoned, but that won't be a big issue.


Breeding Buzz

When an Insect uses its effect, place 2 Counters on this. OPT, you can remove 4 Counters, search a LIGHT Insect. So you can search after you already have 2 Insects. I don't feel it's that strong. Maybe add a "When this card is activated: place 2 Honey Counters on this card". That would make this card a little faster. The miss timing here can be real, though. Change it to "If the effect of an Insect-Type is activated".


Fighting Buzz

If an Insect battles, place 2 Honey Counters. +200 for each Counter. After the third battle, protection from battling. This is better with an If preposition. I like the Beatdown style of this card. You just need to add a "on your SIDE OF THE field", because there aren't 2 Fields, but 2 sides of the Field.


Protection Buzz

If a Buzz Spell is activated, place 1 Counter. Remove 1 Counter to prevent destruction of Buzz Spells. The limit to 3 times per turn isn't needed, you won't have lots of Counters anyway. I mean, I'd prefer moving those Counters to Breeding, or Fighting if I want to deal damage. Also, this card misses a "you can remove 1 Honey Counter"; right now you can't choose to protect the card or not. Maybe you've already used all of your Bees, and Breeding becomes useless, so you want it to be destroyed.


Honey Overflow

Revome 2 Counters, draw 2 cards. Nope. Even if with the hard OPT on it, it's way too good. It's almost a free +1, and it seems like the Buzz Spells place 2 Counters at time. You can either nerf it so you draw 1 card; or changing it to "Remove 4 Counters from a card on the field".


Honey Hive

OPT, search a LIGHT Insect. During the SP, place Counters on your cards equal to the amount of face-up cards. Protection from destruction by removing a Counter. Erm, broken. Just the first effect is way too good. I'd change it to "When this card is activated" instead of OPT. The rest of the card is okay, but I'm kinda worried about the amount of Counters this card would be able to offer.


Bee Sting

Tribute 1 monster with at least a Counter. Destroy cards equal to the Counters it had. Ok, is there a way to get Honey Counters on your opponent's monsters? Hive can't. If there's no way an opponent monster would get a Counter, change it to "Tribute 1 monster on your side of the Field"; but if it's possible, then it should be "Target one monster on the field with at least 1 Honey Counter on it. Destroy it, and if you do,...". But if it's possible with your opponent's monsters, this might need a nerf.


Worker Bee

When Summoned, place 2 Counters. Manipulate Counters from this card to face-up cards you control. OPT, remove 2 Counters from this card, search a Buzz card. Basic searcher, it's a good card. The 800 ATK might be low, but for a regular Level 2 Bee it should be fine.


Soldier Bee

SS by removing a Counter from the field, and if you do, place 3 Counters on this. +200 ATK/DEF for each Counter on this card. Protection from destruction. The protection effect and the Summoning effect balance the fact that it's going to be only a 2000 ATK. Being Level 5 is fine, since you're gonna Special Summon it all the times. 


Queen Bee

SS from hand or GY by removing 5 Counters. When Summoned, place 4 on this. Quick Effect, negate everything and shuffle it into the Deck/banish it. Well, it's easily Summonable, and has crazy effects. I'd put a OPT on the negation effect. Overall, it feels broken, but I don't think it is. Except that, knowing the effect of the field Spell, getting 5 Counters on the field isn't that hard. I'd change it to: Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by removing 4 Honey Counters from anywhere on the field. If this card is in your GY: you can remove 6 Honey Counters from anywhere on the field, and if you do, Special Summon this card.


Searching for "Beehive Roles" on Google I found out more ideas for Bee monsters.

It looks like Workers can have different jobs.

There are a few interesting ones:

Cleaners: they're Bees that are 1/2 days old. They could be a Level 1 Bee, that get only 1 Counter when Summoned. They might let you draw a card by discarding or destroying a Buzz Spell (OPT).

Drones: Bees without a father, their only purpose is to mate with the Queen (they die in the process). I feel like this could be a level 3 Searcher for Queen, activated by discarding itself.

Undertakers: they remove dead bees before they become a health treat to the hive. They're usually old - Level 6. They could have low ATK/high DEF, a Special Summon effect similar to Soldier's, and could say: OPT, shuffle 3 LIGHT Insect-Type monsters and/or "Buzz" Spells from your GY to your Deck, then draw 1 card.

Have you already made a Nectar-related card? That would be cool.

#7034771 [Written] Impossible task of the day: making Arcana Force viable

Posted by Nekomata on 07 September 2017 - 01:53 AM

Recently, while reviewing Eshai's Dice World, I thought that, if you want to play some sort of Deck based on luck, there's an Archetype that tosses a coin each time a monster is Summoned. Unluckily, it is extremely inconsistent and there are only 2 or 3 cards that can really be useful in some ways. So, why not making some support for the old Arcana Force? Let's complete the deck of the Tarots adding the remaining Arcana Forces (+ some cards to boost consistency and to even OTK).

Other Arcanas are anime/OCG only.


Spells and Traps