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#7096600 poison type and poison points mechanic

Posted by Benachu666 on 23 April 2018 - 04:29 AM

so came up with a mechanic for the yugioh game and thought also of adding the poison type to  the monster types to be themed off it. 


poison damage mechanic: a player who has more poison points then their life points loses the game. 


some example cards 


smog ball

LV; 2, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 0, DEF; 0

effect: Flip; your opponent gains 500 poison points.


acidic poisonous beast 

LV; 4, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 1800, DEF; 500

effect: when this monster deals battle damage to your opponents life points, they gain poison damage equal to that damage. 


poison elemental 

LV; 4, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 1500, DEF; 1000

effect: When this monster is destroyed by battle, you may search your deck for a level 4 or lower poison type monster and special summon it, your opponent then gains 500 poison points. 


poisonous frog

LV; 1, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 200, DEF; 300

effect: during your standby phase, if this monster is in your graveyard and you control no spell or trap cards, you may special summon this monster and then your opponent gains 500 poison damage. 


toxic titan 

LV; 6, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 2500, DEF; 1000

effect: (1) increase this monsters attack buy 200 for every poison type monster in your graveyard. (2) during each end phase, your opponents gain 200 poison points for each poison type monster you control and for each poison type monster in your graveyard. 


gigantic wyvern 

LV; 7, attribute; dark, type; poison

ATK; 2800, DEF; 2000


effect: (1) increase this monsters attack buy the amount of poison points your opponent has.

(2) when this monster does battle damage to your opponent, they gain poison points equal to the battle damage they took. 


poisonous gas fields


effect: when a non poison type monster is destroyed, the controller of that monster gains poison points equal to that monsters ATK. 


poisonous trap hole


effect: activate this when your opponent summons a monster, your opponent gains poison points equal to half that monsters attack points then switch that monster to defence mode. 


poisonous pain


effect: when a player gains poison points, they lose life points equal to the poison points gained 


poisonous bomb


effect; your opponent takes 1000 life point damage and gains 500 poison points.



spell(quick play)

effect: you remove all poison points you have. 


tell me what you think of the idea( sorry about effect wording). critiques are welcomed on the idea and cards. 

#7038852 Reverse Racism (primarily on social media)

Posted by Benachu666 on 24 September 2017 - 07:00 AM


Reverse racism is a really pointless term which is used by SJW opposition to call out the SJWs when they are being racist. By the origional definition of the word(it is in the link above) belief of you race being superior and hasseling, insulting and characterizing others based on the colour of their skin no matter who it is is racism. I will go further to point out the concept of race is all so stupid. We are the same race. Reason: if i have sex with a fertilized female that is a different ethnicity then me, we still concieve a child. But for some reason we still use the term race to differ skin colour when in reality the only thing differing us is culture, beliefs and opinions. Both BLM and white nationalism are bloody stupid in their belief that ones skin colour makes the person where in reality we all are individuals who differ in personality.

#7037778 Newbie

Posted by Benachu666 on 19 September 2017 - 02:00 PM

Hi I am new. I have a passion for redesign in games but has been a while sense i have done yugioh cards so game grammer might be a bit off but I am caught up with the rules on the game. Also if i was to post an alternative way of playing the game, where would I post that. Plus sorry for spelling or grammer mistakes.