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Effect: When this card is Summoned; You can add 1 "Level Up!" from your Deck or GY to your Hand.

Sure a simple add and a card not used often now and days plus level up is only on decks gears towards that goal in the first place.

This is okay effect.

During your Main Phase: You can declare a card name, and if you do, this card's text is replaced by the declared card's name until this card leaves the field.

This is not ok.

This is broken effect.

I call out pot of greed, I get two free cards

I call out regeki, I pop monsters on opponent side

I call out out IDK creator god horakhty I win right then and there

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It's over, I have the high ground.........................

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@Darkrai bump

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now where will underwater sponges live? I blame @God Emperor Cow and his soda obsession for this........