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#7054528 (Written) Backlash Archetype

Posted by SK79LinkXyz on 22 November 2017 - 05:04 PM

Firstly, the monsters within the archetype are rather weak, as, considering they mostly do shuffling from the hand into the Deck, they really eat into your hand advantage. Yes, most of them also grant you a simple OPT search, but considering cards like Basher have two effects that eat cards, I don't think its quite enough. You then have to simultaneous increase their searchability, and their archetypal focus in regards to restrictions, as if you don't do the latter, it might make too strong of an engine.

Banisher no longer have 2 effects.

01) banish eff to discard itself for arrival
02) arrival to grab grabber.
03) grabber hand effect to ss releaser
04) releaser effect to ss 1 more backlash

Now you have 1-3 monster(s) that are about the be flipped face-down during your opponent's SP and flip back up to remove cards off the opponent field.

Fiend now allows a draw when synchro summon.


Secondly, the archetype doesn't provide that much protection to your face-down monsters. Your field needs another face-up Backlash card to work, and only works against destruction, Scarecrow only works against destruction as well, and, although you have attack prevention with most of the cards changing battle position, it doesn't handle targeting, banishing, or more blanket means of protections on cards or effects. Also, since you do want them to attack, you don't have battle destruction protection either, meaning your monsters have VERY little staying power.

field spell and continuous now provide better coverage.

the old effect of the monster was "return 1 card you control to the hand" mean you could pick itself or something else. now the effect reads "return 1 other card you control to the hand"

They have high DEF and other cards gives em even more def. forcing the opponent to attack and take battle damage.

Cards that allow you to flip quickly to remove threats help prevent their removal as well.


Thirdly, just points regarding OCG. I would suggest looking at the thread in the Advanced Singles section, but here's some things to look at. For your HOPT, look at "You can only use each effect of this card's name once per turn." rather than repeating "this effect once per turn" for each effect. Also, in some of your costs, you have something like "You can reveal one card in your hand to shuffle 1 card from your hand into your deck to target 1 monster on the field" whereas, instead of all those "to", you would have "then" or "and". You rarely use "to" in card text in this context. Also, look at your colons and semicolons.

Fix a good chunk of the wording and text.


Not a great set, but the idea to play best during your opponent's turn and to work with flipping your opponent's/your own monsters is pretty neat. Just get reworking, and this could turn out great!

Its a punish grinding durdle deck concept, you do not munch while you whittles down the opponent's resources with flipping 2-3 monsters each turn and removing threats leaving the opponent only using top of the deck and etc.

Archetype is designed for great recovery and reducing bricking while giving the player great options through most scenarios they may encounter. Getting 1-2 monster flipping each turn creates a big if not huge disadvantage for the opponent.

#7053321 YO! The Name Is Izumi and I've had a rough time actually getting on t...

Posted by SK79LinkXyz on 17 November 2017 - 03:37 PM

I just join up recently and I also faced similar issues getting on this site?

you no like new people and or money?





#7052252 Which Yu-Gi-Oh! monster would fit in well in Smash Bros. ?

Posted by SK79LinkXyz on 14 November 2017 - 01:02 AM

BEWD. uuuhhhh, similar to browser/metwo/maybe ganondorf

01) Would leap forward or backwards/flight a slight distance while knocking people around
02) laser beam be a powerful attack
03) claws to slash people
04) spin around to do a tail swipe
05) would be slower to some degree in comparison to other characters