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In Topic: R-Genex Turbo + R-Genex Oracle

Today, 09:44 AM

Don't stop there.

Summon R-Genex Turbo, add and Special R-Genex Oracle.

Machine Dupe Oracle, use the Field Spell for Mist Valleys (with Zephyros or Birdman or Harpie Dancer) and you now have 5 monsters.


It sounds like an awkward build, but it has potential to swarm, and vale the monsters just didn't have before.

There's Power Planner too that is Machine Dupe target and searches out Birdman.


IDK, there's potential here for something regardless. The cards almost never come full circle quick enough and that's a main problem. Like, card A searches card B, but B's Levels only search C cards, and then C does stuff with D, and THEN D can go to A if ever xD

In Topic: Gem-knight Phantom Roots

Today, 09:11 AM

Oh so it can restock your Gem-Knight to relive Brilliant Fusion (with people liking using 3 Bri and 1 Gem, that seems to fit in).


It says "Gem-" monsters. Do Gem-Knights have sub-archetypes?

If it didn't have that dash, I'd ask if it includes Gem Beasts (Crystal Beasts)..

So we still getting older Duel Terminal World cards... c,can I have Naturia Support?.....


- - - - - -


I guess if you main more than 1 Gem-Knight vanilla for the Brilliant Fusion, you could draw into it and make this with it and the Fusion as materials... huh... who am I kidding, that's hardly worth splashing into with all other Link 2s we are getting that compete on a generic sense, this is gonna be mainly for Gem-Knight decks. Which is pretty good how it can recycle monsters and Fuse in the process, and doesn't care about them being banished so even a Dark Law play doesn't really ruin them. Cool.

In Topic: Why we will NEVER get any Evil HERO Archetype support (my own conspiracy theory).

Yesterday, 09:35 PM

The entire GX anime to be honest was just really all over the place and I think is the worst Yu-Gi-Oh! series to date (the second worst being ZEXAL).


It was wonky and awkward, but I disagree. I think:
Arc V < ZeXal < GX < Original < 5Ds

In terms of overall points.


Arc V's final episodes, or even final arcs (really anything in the Synchro Dimension and up) has such a bad payoff and crappy pacing. It is such a shame it started out so well.

ZeXal has made some "bottom of the barrel" unforgivable fuckups and I could basically write a book about everything I dislike of these two series. The crappy "monster of the week" esque duels with Gilag's mind control when the characters already needed to move places and get the story going, or the defragmentation of Varian Force into Numeron Force, because despite all the crappy actions Vector did outside of the duel, in terms of in-duel his strategy was a legit one and he did not cheat moves in-game, yet Yuma just went "fuck it" in a way that goes way past any destiny draw/shining draw shenanigans of any characters up to that time. 


GX was a bad slice of life at the beginning, and I confess I hated it back when it was the new thing. But overall I think Jaden, Chazz, Syrus, a bunch of characters had proper development and growth over the course of it. It properly showcased enough old and new themes, really carrying over and not just 100% showing new product. I find myself going back to watch the GX duels a lot more than any other series (it's like DM's duels but actually following up most of the rules of the game, you know? ). Jaden, Chazz, and Bastion are about the characters I enjoy the most out of all series. Some duels were situational and/or archetype-hell levels of heavy, but it was a fun ride. 


Though I think GX is more or less the mid-point. DM is the first truly "above water" kind of deal, where the characters have more to them than the card game. As in, the card game is a facet of them, rather than them being a facet of the card game. They have dreams and goals and futures past it, and overall put on the base from where future series could build up from.

5Ds has its flaws as well but I think it is a "golden age" of Yugioh sort of speak, both for the anime and the card game... The 5Ds finale was about the only spinoff finale where I was still enjoying the ride. No crappy Don Thousand "revive something the writers forgot was banished" moves or "C1000 should have been in Defense Position" plotholes. No "Fuck the lives and dreams of the other Yu boys, it is all about Yuya's and nobody else, and Yuzu counterparts are all useless damsels in distress, including how Ray didn't even have a body to come back to, and so we are fucking up a female lead x5 for a new record within the same series... remember SMILE!!!". No drug-rides of spiritual tyrannosaurs blasting military cannons or darkness incarnate talking about how the universe was created by the card game (which might be breaking the 4th wall now that I think of it), 

VRAINS has been able to build up expectations from my part. If it stays steady or gets better, it can eventually take the throne IMO, but Arc V disappointed me so much after I thought they were going SOOO well.... I probably should have the same amount of faith on it as I do on Ash winning a canon league in Pokemon soon until it concludes and proves itself... =(

I don't particularly enjoy most of the duels, but that's out of my feelings for the current game in general more than anything else, they can't help it. Though I do like the characters more than their games tbh... 


- - - - - -


I just made this so much longer than I wanted it to be..... uh... ups? xD

In Topic: Why we will NEVER get any Evil HERO Archetype support (my own conspiracy theory).

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

It was honestly disappointing how much Jaden's cards have had this treatment.

Not only Evil HERO but they also dropped Neos. One would think the manga would make some sort of alternate version of him, being Jaden's main Ace and all, instead of branching out into a completely different direction.


Evil HERO is a rather outdated mechanic. The materials were ahead of their time for Dark Gaia, but the "only Dark Fusion" bit sucks, and isn't even faithful to the anime where at least one was fused via Super Poly.


Anime HERO monsters actually have 0 Fusions in existence that'd actually benefit from Super Poly, thinking about it.... That's missed potential there.


The anime in general also I think screwed up at not making Evil HERO Fusions ever again, since one of the points of Jaden's development was to embrace and accept the fact he was the Supreme King, and live with it without letting it take over. It wasn't even a question of will, but he was at peace with it iirc. Yet he never used it. He used everything else (Winged Kuriboh, Yubel, Neos, classic anime Elemental HEROes, his self-drawn cards such as Dandylion and Spell Striker,etc.) but no Evil HEROes.


I think lack of further support had more to do with a momentary gimmick they wanted to try which would be easy to leave behind afterwards. That is why they restricted what could fuse them up, had a couple of them require materials that make regular HERO decks go out of their way to include types for them, and received no support from the rest of the HERO archetype, while giving the impression the extra power to the effects actually made them better. Flame Wingman vs Inferno Wing (bigger burn at times, pierce, effect target protection, but Evils had less combinations to play around with the same materials and couldn't use Skyscraper).


Sadly, Neos is also a deck deliberately made with shortcomings. Low stats but Level a little too high to benefit from lightness of small monster support, a double-tribute vanilla that you need to bring out every time you wanna make a play and leaves the field on its own pretty quickly, a field spell that doesn't support the Neo Spacians themselves, and a support archetype that only functions around the field spell and whose only purpose is to bring out regular Neo Spacians (and not even from anywhere).

In Topic: The Numbers

Yesterday, 02:39 PM

DM-era stuff that has remained retained (aah):


Leon von Schroeder's entire Deck of fairy tale references (including Thorn Princess, a card that can never be released, because it's basically "Normal Summon Big Eye")

Vivian Wong's entire Deck (including Dragon Lady, basically Envoy of the Beginning Lite, and Dragons of the Four Winds, a QUADRUPLE FOOLISH FOR DRAGON to boost the ATK of a monster by 1200)

A few random pieces of Amazoness support

A few random pieces of Harpie support

Diamond Head Dragon

A couple luck-based Joey cards (almost said Joey-based luck)

Five of Rafael's cards: Two pieces of direct Guardian support (Backup Gardna and Guardian Formation), Self Sacrifice (My Body as a Shield but better, turning one card you control into a Beelze/Majespecter abomination for a turn for 1K LP), Nightmare Binding (drop a monster's ATK by 1/3 and gain that much LP, will probably just be fixed at 800 like what happened in the show), and Salvation from the Grave (banish any 5 cards from your Graveyard to negate an attack, with no OPT; literally just the best friend of Shiranui/Metaphys)

Aleister's entire Deck, really, bar Overdrive (nothing of note, actually, except a monster that fills your entire field with Tokens on-Summon, and a card that makes 2-4 Token copies of Level 3 or lower Normal Machines)

One-off destruction cards

Power Balance (if your opponent attacks with an even number of cards in their hand, and there are no cards in your hand, they discard half their hand and you draw cards equal to the amount they discarded)

Shadow Balance (Basically Evenly Matched, but it destroys, only counts monsters, and you choose which ones they keep)

Attack negation cards of varying quality, the best being Kaiba's Command Silencer (Quick-Play Spell that negates an attack and draws you a card)

Zombie's Jewel (grabs any Spell from your opponent's Graveyard by letting your opponent draw 1)

Plasma Eel (A Machine Dupe target that can't be destroyed by battle)

Magical Trick Mirror (Activates any Spell Card from the Graveyard in response to an opponent's attack, can occasionally do weird things)

Negative Energy Generator (triples a DARK monster's ATK)

Normal monsters of varying quality

A Quick-Play Spell that makes you discard your hand to excavate the top card of your Deck, and if it's a Spell, its effects are immediately activated (think a faster Diamond Dude- it ignores costs, but not conditions)

Couple random Weevil cards

Some of Noah's nonsense

Some of Dartz's cards

Bakura's burn/mill/stall stuff (eg, Horrible Earthbound, a card that burns your opponent for 500 when an attack is declared, meaning that replay actually does extra damage; Necro Jar, which is unaffected by Spell effects and kills a random Spell from the opponent's Deck when destroyed, etc.)

A Ritual Spell for Five-Headed Dragon, funnily enough

Kuriboh Brothers/Kuribabylon

Random attack boosters

And that's just about everything, not counting movies.


Add Yugi's Grandpa's Ancient Dragon deck that he used against Joey, that spear spell thingy that Yugi used against Bakura to banish Silent Swordsman and bring it back along with some lego-looking chumps Yugi played there, hmmm off the top of my head that's about right.

Oh, and some big 5 monsters, like Ashingray http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ashingray