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In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

11 October 2018 - 12:05 PM

Here's the colored versions of the sketches I posted earlier, for the Inktober challenge.

Day 1 - Poisonous

Day 2 - Tranquil

Day 3 - Roasted

Day 4 - Spell

Day 5 - Chicken


In Topic: [SAST] Witching Hour

05 October 2018 - 11:53 AM

Heh, I originally skipped reading this card because of the art. I thought "Oh Shiranui support? Next" xD
I also didn't expect it to have a Japanese priestess by the name...


It's neat that unlike Call of the Haunted, it isn't prone to removal that can destroy the revived monster, and it doesn't have to be in Defense Position like most of the Normal Traps that do this we've had. It is also good that it has no costs like the FLIP revival that takes 2000 LP, or some cards that need discards (when involving banished targets). My first thought was "oh so only semi-nomi monsters" but actually it can get Rituals, Fusions, Synchros, Xyzs, and Links too.


However, many of those mechanics don't give you much of a reason to revive them in favor of just Summoning something else properly from the same mechanic and having all uses live. At this point I would expect a card like this to either;

-Revive (up to?) 2 monsters instead of 1.
-Have support that searches and/or recycles it in some way.
-Have a GY banishing bonus effect.

-Be a Normal or Quick Play Spell instead.


Have 2+ of the above wouldn't be too far fetched...

In Topic: [SAST] Sunburn the Flaming Calamity

05 October 2018 - 11:41 AM

It seems a bit outdated. It would have been fun and powerful back in another time.

Right now I just remember again how Gorz and the Token could never stay on the field for the full turn whenever they dropped, and that's a 2700 beater and a Token that often could be 3k+


I like how this is a Trade-In and Rekindling target I could bring out with Firedog, but it we are not in 2011-2012 levels of gameplay anymore. I'd like to have an Extra Rekindling... other than Soul Charge (which Red Resonator helps with the LP cost and fits in all around). I remember the complaint was that Lavals could make Quasars and such too easily, and when they searched it out with Gold Sarcophagus, players were in a 2 turn clock.... Oh god, that somehow sounds a bit underwhelming right now.



Also, am I the only one that thinks of Calamity Ganon? xD

In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

05 October 2018 - 11:27 AM

OMG that crab design is great. I like how 3D it is, and it does nail the appearance of a PS controller.
I remember the written left/right moving crabs too. It's been a while.


- - - -


I've had a bit of a hectic week to say the least, but here's catching up on drawings:

I ended up doing this request from a member of the Duel Portal Discord server.

Mermaid Request

Then there's this concept sketch for a casual Link Monsters archetype I made
Storm riding girl


Then there's sketch ideas that use characters of a mine from a little comic that I'm still working on, and tries to cover the Inktober challenge keywords. I just have the up-to-date pencil though. I'll only think on inking and uploading them on my other social media if/when I finish the 31 arts for them. Last year I could only cover 9 out of 31.





In Topic: [SAST] Hiita the Blazing Fire Charmer

26 September 2018 - 03:55 PM

Is nobody going to bring up the fact that Hiita ditched her fox familiar?



Also, what's up with that new familiar I wonder.


*raises hand*