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In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

Today, 01:17 AM

Let's see...


I like:

Lime green, the number 17 (not talking about a card xD ), dolphins, frogs, giraffes. 

Ghostricks, Archfiends, Heraldic Beasts, Dark Scorpions, generic Insects, Gagagas, LV, Aromage. Interesting pack-filler cards with potential for amusing plays or trolling potential.
My favorite individual cards in the game are White Magician Pikeru and D.D. Crazy Beast.


I also like supporting underdog themes if possible, like unusual typing combinations (FIRE Fish, LIGHT Aqua, EARTH Winged Beast, etc.)



I dislike strategies that strive for OTK/FTK, floodgating game mechanics that are highly essential, or reacting so hard that they might as well be a floodgate. If a deck's main goal is tailored among these, it's no good in my book, but if it is a deck that just CAN occasionally do it but is not very often, that's another story.

I'd rather use a deck with no killer plays that has a lot of flexibility than one that has very few key plays that it as super powerful but that it has to keep repeating.



Hmmm could update later if I find anything else....

In Topic: "Pot Of" and "Jar of" Draw Cards

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Pot of Patience sort of one-ups "Ledger of Legerdemain" in the sense that both give you 3 cards in time but Ledger needs waiting every time and no earlier than turn 5 or 6 in a game, while after turn 5, all your pots achieve instant setup even if you didn't have them at your resources earlier. Only point for Ledger is that it dodges Ash Blossom. It'd be run at a deck that strives to not kill or be killed for a number of turns that make up like 80% of what is regularly a duel's length. Stall and alternative win conditions would be the place here. Decks that can use Card of Demise and maybe even Pot of Duality. . . . Ledger is not seeing a ton of play so this would be interesting to see.


Pot of Nightmares has some clever timing there. It's requirement is so generic, yet during the opponent's Standby Phase you won't be able to do neat stuff like banish a Mind Controlled monster for it. I'm sure it's gonna have some place. IIRC there was this Zerato Synchro that came back when banished. Past that dead continuous cards that lost their target or cards that simply combo the banishment (Desertapir, Necroface, D.D. Survivor if anybody remembers back when that card was used). It also encourages waiting like the above card. You just gotta last another turn to use them. I like that sort of design even though it's a bit of an uphill battle to implement it.

Pot of Superiority reminds me of "Ante" but a RotA is a bit more useful than Ante's discard. There's enough control over it depending on the deck it is used in. Skull Servants vs Blue-Eyes will know exactly what extreme they'd want to call for example. There's a bit of a margin of error but not a dealbreaker.

Pot of Postulation sounds a tad weak. It makes me think of Pot of Duality, but even if Duality doesn't let you Special Summon for the turn, it still always gives you a card in exchange for it. Your card is a -1 with a 25% chance you'll have to add the same card you put into the deck. Even if you can excavate something useful out of it, you are still digging from the same cards as Duality (3 when not counting your initial monster) and you don't really get to choose the card anyways so the excavation is almost pointless. Might as well draw 1 card > place the monster from hand on top of the deck > mill 3 and reduce the chance of having a card that just burned you for 1k damage and left you with a -1. Part of me wants to suggest upping the added cards to your hand, but that'd up the possibility of pulling Joker (if you know what I mean).

Maybe place your monster on top, excavate 5, and randomly add 2 of them. That'd be a +0 at least.


Pot of Substitution: I don't think it really has to have the restriction of "different names".  It's not like Monarchs where you can eternally recycle everything and constantly reveal 3 copies of it and proceed to make a power play. Or like Lilith that just grabs any Traps in the game. This card would love to aim for boosting that Jar Turtle strategy a bit, as well as Duality for slower decks that wanna control something. Even then it'll only work the first time if you didn't draw into the intended search members, and after that there's gonna be potential for error anyways. Probably even assuming all these Jar/Pot cards in the thread were to be made. It'd make for a good engine.

Jar of Graceful Charity: Hmm actually, this sounds good to me. It's a +1 with a hard OPT clause that demands you be careful with what's in your hand. Not much more to say.

In Topic: [20th] Utonomatopia

Yesterday, 11:55 AM

I can't picture how all of Yuma's archetypes mesh together IRL. Has anybody tried it?



I know Gagaga and Gogogo can be a deck on their own, and Dododo I had never read in their totality before making this post (only remembered the witch and the Level 8 one). They don't seem threatening but they seem functional enough, and have a draw card. Zubabas have the short end of the stick.



All in all, there's 1 double RotA for these decks if you wanna run 2+ of these archetypes, but I don't see anything else that facilitates the effect of this card like a Salvage. Or anything that would plus at this collecting stage either since the monsters themselves also don't produce advantage once dropped to the field. I'm more curious than anything else.


In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

08 December 2018 - 02:00 AM

Finished my drawing and now using it as my profile header while December lasts xP


In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

06 December 2018 - 10:23 PM

Oh crap, it's been a little too long. 
Was sick around half of November. The other half I was busy with a multitude of things, from visitors from afar, trips I had to do, extra work I had to take care of..... 


Just changed my avatar based on a drawing I've been wanting to get to since the end of November:



At first I was wondering if I should even give it a background (depends on my time and energy) but after I colored them I decided I'll give it a try and also am working on more of my characters in it, which I'm sketching in a separate paper for now: Right now it is mostly a progress report.

I'll update if I don't get into too much trouble for this necrobump.... *looks down and walks away*