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#7053043 The Numbers

Posted by Sleepy on Yesterday, 02:39 PM

DM-era stuff that has remained retained (aah):


Leon von Schroeder's entire Deck of fairy tale references (including Thorn Princess, a card that can never be released, because it's basically "Normal Summon Big Eye")

Vivian Wong's entire Deck (including Dragon Lady, basically Envoy of the Beginning Lite, and Dragons of the Four Winds, a QUADRUPLE FOOLISH FOR DRAGON to boost the ATK of a monster by 1200)

A few random pieces of Amazoness support

A few random pieces of Harpie support

Diamond Head Dragon

A couple luck-based Joey cards (almost said Joey-based luck)

Five of Rafael's cards: Two pieces of direct Guardian support (Backup Gardna and Guardian Formation), Self Sacrifice (My Body as a Shield but better, turning one card you control into a Beelze/Majespecter abomination for a turn for 1K LP), Nightmare Binding (drop a monster's ATK by 1/3 and gain that much LP, will probably just be fixed at 800 like what happened in the show), and Salvation from the Grave (banish any 5 cards from your Graveyard to negate an attack, with no OPT; literally just the best friend of Shiranui/Metaphys)

Aleister's entire Deck, really, bar Overdrive (nothing of note, actually, except a monster that fills your entire field with Tokens on-Summon, and a card that makes 2-4 Token copies of Level 3 or lower Normal Machines)

One-off destruction cards

Power Balance (if your opponent attacks with an even number of cards in their hand, and there are no cards in your hand, they discard half their hand and you draw cards equal to the amount they discarded)

Shadow Balance (Basically Evenly Matched, but it destroys, only counts monsters, and you choose which ones they keep)

Attack negation cards of varying quality, the best being Kaiba's Command Silencer (Quick-Play Spell that negates an attack and draws you a card)

Zombie's Jewel (grabs any Spell from your opponent's Graveyard by letting your opponent draw 1)

Plasma Eel (A Machine Dupe target that can't be destroyed by battle)

Magical Trick Mirror (Activates any Spell Card from the Graveyard in response to an opponent's attack, can occasionally do weird things)

Negative Energy Generator (triples a DARK monster's ATK)

Normal monsters of varying quality

A Quick-Play Spell that makes you discard your hand to excavate the top card of your Deck, and if it's a Spell, its effects are immediately activated (think a faster Diamond Dude- it ignores costs, but not conditions)

Couple random Weevil cards

Some of Noah's nonsense

Some of Dartz's cards

Bakura's burn/mill/stall stuff (eg, Horrible Earthbound, a card that burns your opponent for 500 when an attack is declared, meaning that replay actually does extra damage; Necro Jar, which is unaffected by Spell effects and kills a random Spell from the opponent's Deck when destroyed, etc.)

A Ritual Spell for Five-Headed Dragon, funnily enough

Kuriboh Brothers/Kuribabylon

Random attack boosters

And that's just about everything, not counting movies.


Add Yugi's Grandpa's Ancient Dragon deck that he used against Joey, that spear spell thingy that Yugi used against Bakura to banish Silent Swordsman and bring it back along with some lego-looking chumps Yugi played there, hmmm off the top of my head that's about right.

Oh, and some big 5 monsters, like Ashingray http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ashingray

#7052611 [Written] Sprocket Scientist

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 10:55 PM

After a search:
Dragong (Scale 7) would only reduce the Scale to something unable to Pendulum Summon copies of your card.

Dinomists ( < 3 - 6 > ) Would broaden the low Scale a little but would miss out on the protection effects of Dinomist Scales.

Symphonics (< 1 - 7 > ) would be able to reach Scale 0, which is neat.

Deskbots (< 1 - 10 > ) would also get a neat range of 0-9 fully generic. I don't think Deskbots themselves would benefit much but the possibility of splashing a little engine somewhere is there, if only to Pendulum Summon Levels 1 and 8.


The original Scale is as bad as it can get, so its use is reduced to when you have the combo to go -1 for it, and doesn't do anything else otherwise, so I'm not sure how solid its place is yet.



The monster effect is underwhelming.

I think the card should place itself from your hand on your Extra Deck face-up (readying itself to be Pendulum Summoned but no longer viable for discard costs and whatnot), to activate its effect, and it should allow you to draw the amount of cards you are returning to the Deck as your card discarding itself is already a -1 (and would still hold a minus of sorts by placing itself in the ED face-up). Finally, it'd be neat if you could put the returned machines on the bottom in any order, and drew from the top, as opposed to shuffling into and risking drawing them.


First thing that comes to mind to take advantage of the suggested version is the old Gadgets. You'd do something like Ties of the Brethren, get 3 Stratos-like searches off of 3 monsters, and then turn the 3 cards into potential Solemn Strikes and whatnot drawn. Then you could re-search the cards with a Soul Charge or something. 


I also recall the old-ish Machina Fortress Unions (Gearframe and Peacekeeper)

#7052416 Blessed Carp of the Fish Rain [written]

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 02:06 PM

WATER Level 6 [Fish/Effect] 100/100

If you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). If Summoned this way: You can Special Summon any number of Level 4 or lower Fish Normal Monsters from your hand, Deck or GY in Defense Position, each with different Levels. If you do, you cannot Special Summon for the rest of the turn, except WATER or Fish monsters.


- - - - - - -


^This is inspired by the fish rain phenomenon that has sometimes happened around the world throughout history. It is a Gofu-like card but instead of giving you Tokens, it needs to run Fish vanillas. 7 Colored Fish, Space Mambo, Flying Fish, Crazy Fish, etc.

It also inspired me to see there's more White Aura support coming out.


Cydra for Fishes, Cydra for days. Link 2 for Mistar Boy, and then I guess something else..... IDK because the WATER/Fish restriction does hinder its general abuse (thankfully) to a degree. It is also meant to let you Tribute Summon Coelacanth if needed.


The card was torn between being a Level 5 for Rank 5s like Abyss Splash, or a Level 6 because Transmodify into Coelacanth.

#7052406 X- HERO Wonder Driver

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 01:32 PM

Those are lame pointers. You have to Summon on its arrow to recycle a Fusion card and that means Miracle Fusion just lost a potential plus there, as you'll have to either ladder off of this Link or use the Normal Summoned HERO as material to use up the pointed zone for a Fusion.


The effect wouldn't have been bad to be destroyed "by battle/effect" instead, so you could pop it yourself on Main Phase 1 and kept setting up.

Well, not like a HERO from hand will actually be used for a lot past Shadow Mist or Vyon anyways, but then the "2 HEROs" materials make it not work in a Neos deck.


I guess it still has potential, it is just not what I would have wanted.

Let alone that HERO is THE Fusion deck from back in the day, and I'd rather see them get support that moved the Fusions around to empty the zone without having to resort to new mechanics that are not in theme, but this is still fine I guess.

#7052392 Dead Man's Draw [Written]

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 12:40 PM

There's a wording nitpick: The equipped monster goes off the field first when destroyed, then the equip detects it no longer has a wielder and follows suit. They don't go "at the same time". An equip that needs to be sent to the GY while equipped will (iirc) not trigger if the monster got destroyed and the equip got sent due to not having a monster to equip to anymore.

Or at the very least, that's the rule somebody told me like 10 years ago.


Fairy Tail - Rella ensures your consistency, and if something like Summoner Monk brought her out, you can go Link 2 and immediately get your draw.

Summoner Monk feels clunky though, tbh. Rella on her own feels more consistent.


As for the new version: You should edit the first post of the thread. Not everybody is gonna hunt for a potential update hidden in the comments.


If this face-up card is sent to the GY: Draw 1 card. If the equipped monster is destroyed (by battle or effect) and sent to the GY: Draw 1 card.


^That's all there is to it, both effects can stack together without having to specify further.

"Sent to the GY" disables Pendulums, and disables anything under a Macro-Cosmos esque effect. Not a big issue though.

Dragonic Diagram or Sky Iris can both trigger you consistently. That's a plus.

Magical Hats can get you draws, so long as the opponent actually attacks into them.... not reliable.


All in all, the card has potential to become an actual engine somewhere.

#7052389 Neo Space Upgrade: Neo Cosmos

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 12:27 PM

I think you could say "Neos" monsters to encompass both Neos and all his Fusions, although it could also potentially support something else. Then again, that wouldn't be an issue either because this card supports so heavily the peculiar playstyle of Neo Spacians anyways.


The new boost is thanked by Common Soul. The no-return or return as only Neos bit is solid. 


I recommend the anti-destruction effect uses "Divine Spark Dragon Stardust Sifr" wording. Where each "Neos" and "Neo Spacian" card cannot be destroyed once per turn. In a way that enhances the protection to "one OPT for each", and also makes it a continuous effect that can protect mid-chain like Maestroke or Zenmaines did for themselves.



It also would be great if this card itself was unaffected by the effect of Neos cards, because Storm Neos and Magma Neos will make a number on it, returning it to the hand/deck. Magma's less so, but this card will still not be around to make the Fusion turn into regular Neos as it exits. Yeah Neos Decks mostly wanna go Grandmole and Air Neos, but for the sake of options xD

#7052371 Spectre Knight

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 11:26 AM

Well huh..... Masked Chameleon can retrieve it, it is an easy Summon, and it can banish other things.

It is rather simple....


I would like to suggest though: Have the banishing bit be part of the effect with "and if you do" instead of the semi-colon. Whatever it can trigger that would normally miss the timing with everything else in the game might be this card's only real edge.... other than being a full on upgrade from Karate-Man.


and Fiends have their own Foolish Burial in Trap form so this card is easy to dump. Maybe have it return to your hand during your next Standby if it gets banished, or something along those lines?


Just throwing these ideas out there.

#7052369 Shade Cupid [Written]

Posted by Sleepy on 14 November 2017 - 11:22 AM

A tiny bit situational looking at how it depends on zones 2 or 4 to be filled on your opponent's side, and it is a commonly avoided one because as tiny as it is, Decode would plus 500 ATK off of it, and it, Firewall, and who knows what other Links, would point there so it is good to leave it available when possible.


"Dies" is not very clear. I guess destroyed by battle/effect. Though it'd be great if it extended itself to "leave the field" so that your laddering could take care of the opponent's card.

Then again, I also don't really wanna suggest that because flavor-wise it would be tragic to hear a monster went up to the hand and plans to come back, and the other killed itself due to that absence. So it'd be better if both would go to the same place. Return 1 to the hand? Bounce the other one. Return 1 to the Deck? Spin the other one. Destroy 1? Destroy the other. Banish 1? Banish the other. Though that'd either make for a very lengthy text or some weird experimental format for the effect.


Another bit to point out is the fact the card can cause you to burn yourself xD
IDK what the application for that would be, but I'm sure it can open up something casually interesting like Rainbow Life, Damage Gate, or setup for Clear Kuriboh, IDK.... I wouldn't really get rid of it, but I just wanted to point it out.


Then the elephant in the room:
It is an absolutely generic Link 2 that points own in any way, shape, or form. That alone makes the card solid IMO. It is a solid card right off the bat.

#7052117 Summon Sorceress

Posted by Sleepy on 13 November 2017 - 11:47 AM

This is pretty amazing IMO. You can use good old battle floaters sent to the opponent's side, and even when negating the effect of the Deck Summon, it is still a generic search many underdog decks will appreciate. Even as a Defense Position vanilla, you'll setup out of this. The worst thing about this card is the fact it is a V-Jump promo, honestly.


Um well, the lack of "can use Scapegoat/Gofu" to make it hurts its generic potential a little bit because archetypical decks won't need this card's search anyways so generic is the focus here, but I mean, so is Decode Talker, and we know that doesn't prevent usage really... the "Same Type" bit we'll have to see.


Make out of 3 Shine Balls or something.

#7051537 Chaos End Ruler - Ruler of the Beginning and the End

Posted by Sleepy on 10 November 2017 - 11:17 AM

I can already smell the age in which this card becomes a thing in the far future we'll probably have a hand trap that makes a turn-long Imperial Iron Wall, and maybe even a hand-trap searcher for hand-traps so that you can hand-trap into your hand-trap, and a hand-trap that turns effect damage into +LP, and the top tier deck of the moment likes being banished because all monsters come back immediately with 3x ATK and their effects become quick effects, and the S/T let you draw cards. and.....


and then the TCG section will be all like:

This card is a pain to setup turn 1. It is a winmoar that is too fragile and flatout not worth the risk. We've got better cards. Just put it in the trashy binder next to Chaos Emperor Dragon.




and above else, I bet that by the time we get this card, the game's environment will be such, that this future TCG post will probably be right to call this bad xD

#7050880 [OCG] Mermail – Abyssaraki

Posted by Sleepy on 07 November 2017 - 12:50 PM

I don't trust her, she's not a real mermaid...

I mean, look at those legs.

Something's fishy.


- - - - -


I'm no expert on Mermails but they don't really need the Extra Deck enough to warrant this from what I got to see over the years.

A shame since this is a Foolish Burial for WATER as a cost so it sounds like a pretty amazing trigger like Prince.

Didn't Mermails already have Mistar Boy? Guess Banisharks could now open up Extra Deck slots [/inb4 Banisharks care even less about Extra Deck]

Something will come up.

Does this card have a real place? I suppose it is kind of a Stratos. That should count for something depending on the board that builds up and if you wanna give it up for this Link..... IDK.

#7050879 Sangan

Posted by Sleepy on 07 November 2017 - 12:43 PM

It is an awkward moment when I realize I can achieve now a play I always wanted to do back in the day: Have both Sangan and Witch on the field by some relatively consistent method (nowadays granted by Pendulum) and fused into Sandwitch so I can reap that marvelous generic DOUBLE SEARCH. Yet..... it feels so useless now....




Well, that goes to show Sangan is over it. Witch left him a long time ago. There almost should be a fanfic about Sangan's story between Witch and Tour Guide.....

#7049328 Firecode Talker Dragon [W]

Posted by Sleepy on 01 November 2017 - 09:39 PM

I am kind of picturing somebody Link Summoning this and then paying max for Soul Charge for a draw 5 or draw 6 effect. Level Eaters and Proxy Dragons can probably do the job pretty easily. I am still surprised there would come a day when "needs 6 materials on the field or laddering with the same value (pretty much)" is very Summonable xD


All in all.... big non-target-able  beater that can recycle your Extra Deck, disrupt your opponent's plays, and draw cards in the process..... It is pretty good.


No idea how the long combos would go though..... Might as well make it 3+ Links for shizz and giggles.

#7049320 Tokencumbrance

Posted by Sleepy on 01 November 2017 - 09:26 PM

It is definitely a meta call side deck card, and I'm not a fan of "you can't play" cards, but the concept is amusing to me. Tokens haven't been as relevant since Goat Control days.

I think there should be a window for the opponent. Something other than card removal to work around this card. Or at the very least, I think the piercing part is going overboard. IMO, let the rest of your deck come up with a way to work around the Tokens rather than giving them all the triumph card in one piece. Maybe only restrict this during the turn the Tokens appear, kind of like Loose 1 Turn. 


Then there's the other bit where you gotta set this turn 1 and go first to really make it work against Grinder Golem plays... Kind of slow unless you are already disrupting things with Ojama Trio and such.


I like the idea behind the card, but again, it seems a little overboard.

#7049319 Lotus Priestess

Posted by Sleepy on 01 November 2017 - 09:18 PM

Moderate revival, Tuner transformation, WATER for Mastar Boy, and needs of Synchros so that it doesn't have the same broadness as Level Eater. 

Not sure what else to say. Great that the Tuner part is optional.


I'd use it. It gets my giraffe seal of approval ;9
It's pretty good IMO.

If I had to pinpoint, the image is a little bit squeezed and blurry, despite the art itself being pretty great. BUT that doesn't really matter xD

Shortest review ever from me, but it really is just solid and generic goodness. White Aura monsters have a toy.