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#7087446 [CYHO] Standardization

Posted by Sleepy on 13 March 2018 - 01:42 PM

A slow Normal Trap with no ways to speed things up or get consistently enough yet.

This means the card is casual pack filler. Only slightly better than Leeching the Light in terms of one's ability to use it.... arguably.



That said, I find it hilarous. I'd personally try to boost Sheep Tokens.

I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun to try out.

#7087426 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 13 March 2018 - 12:36 PM


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

#7087355 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 12 March 2018 - 11:44 PM

Here's a progress report~

Different View

#7087116 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 12 March 2018 - 03:26 AM

Hey everybody. This is different from my usual work but it is a medium I was curious about trying out so, here it is.

A small sculpture of mega Ampharos made with air dry clay. Not bad for a first try if I say so myself =3

Angle 1
Angle 2

#7086680 Lazy or genius?

Posted by Sleepy on 10 March 2018 - 09:29 AM

The answer is both.

Lazy in a Genius way..


One of the pandas even has a taco between the paws.

Another has a mustache and a little guitar. Representing a mariachi playing a serenade to his lover up in the balcony.

Oh, and I just noticed the cactus plants in the front. They must have been bamboo at some point, if anything. xD

After all these years I still can't get that used to that in English, all those sorts of desert plants are cactus plants. We call that one in the image "nopal", while the "cactus" is just for the ones that look like that final fantasy boss. Small round ones are "biznaga".... I'm clearly going off trail here lol......

#7086031 RPG Personality Test

Posted by Sleepy on 08 March 2018 - 02:31 AM


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#7085441 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 06 March 2018 - 01:04 AM

This is mostly just a progress report of what I've been up to. No fancy drawings right now xD
Though I've been trying to learn proper photoshop and trying to use my Bamboo tablet. A little bit further down the Wacom page for the program I needed to install and I would have assumed it was flat out discontinued lol.


I suck at digital stuff. Have a basic understanding of layers and can use a brush and an eraser. Not much else. Some job openings that'd require the skill have been opening up in my huh... County/area/zone/city? so I'm basically trying to dream big at the moment with very little ground to stand on.

I doodled up some random chibi kawaii anime girl with shaky grips and no real direction. No color, no layers, just to test if I had finally made brushes + pressure work.


Also this


^The second one is not at the point I left it, but it is at the last saved point that I could achieve without cringe-worthy results. I think my biggest mistake was starting with the face, rather than the head or the body. Don't usually work like that but hey, I don't usually do digital work to begin with.

I'll hopefully get the grip of it soon. 

#7083098 Time for a Journal~

Posted by Sleepy on 26 February 2018 - 01:19 AM

It's turned out to be quite a hectic weekend for me.


Yesterday morning, our pet cat Botas passed away. She had been with my family since 2005, and I still sometimes imagine her next to her usual spots at the backyard. It'll take some time to get used to that.


After digging up the grave, there was a party that had months in the making which my whole family was scheduled to attend. My neighbor's sister turned 15, and I'm not much of a party person, much less under these circumstances. It was a tiring night, and the weather has been rather cold.


I also found out an ex partner of mine just married, and I already knew he was gonna marry and in fact thought he would have already done so at around September. I'm happy for him and all but a little down because he stopped getting online everywhere I know of over half a year ago, leaving some unread message from me from a casual chat I no longer remember, and really seeing how I don't really figure enough to be told about it when I think we were still close friends post-relationship. I guess I just didn't need to know about this one. 


Today an IRL friend had been overdoing it trying to contact me. Calling my phone, my brother's phone, my mom's house phone, all throughout the day. At the same time, my grandma needed to go on a trip and will be back tomorrow night, so I wanted to wait until I had the time and space to attend since my friend tends to make calls long and hard to get out of (with 1 hour being a relatively short time). Delays on schedule caused the call to be finally answered past 4pm. I am quite the hermit IRL so these sorts of things really wear me out and stress me up. 


I came back from washing the dishes at both houses (mom's and grandma's), made some coffee, and sat down on my desk to try to draw something. I've been feeling a little down and not very energetic. One of those days when you can't stay focused and try to do stuff you like but can't. 


Just want to take a moment to say looking around YCM has lifted me up a little bit so, thanks YCM... I should probably go to sleep now since it is past 10pm, but I don't wanna go to sleep without drawing at least a doodle.




And yes, this is just for me to let out this stuff and improve my mood, and focus on the stuff I wanna work on.

On a more positive note, I also discovered a watercolor painter on YouTube that makes super cute children's book illustrations. It is pretty inspiring.

#7082404 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 24 February 2018 - 04:44 PM

A bit out of the loop... But, anywho:


I knew you could work the Jellyfish in that arch theme... Good Job! :D


I love it a lot.


Thanks xD
It wasn't easy. Something I keep since my latest 20-ish marker drawings is the first drawn versions. You can probably see how this initial wacky mess shaped up xD

Jellyfish Sketch


BTW, the copic code at the bottom, ignore it. It was a reminder for myself that I need to buy refill ink for it xD

#7082401 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 24 February 2018 - 04:37 PM

This time a little break and something a little more simple. I'm trying to re-draw one of my OCs but since she's a fairly smaller person than I'm used to drawing, I end up always changing her proportions towards a more teen/young adult like image, instead of the intended elementary aged.


To be fair, I usually re-correct and adjust these things when I am going for a final drawing, so these might not be a lost cause but still, I feel the struggle.


#7081745 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 22 February 2018 - 08:21 PM

It's been a while since I last submitted something so, here's the 6th entry of my latest ongoing theme


#7081613 [Writen] Engineer of Feral-Magics | Gemini Pendulum with twists?

Posted by Sleepy on 22 February 2018 - 07:30 AM

Ok so,

-Pendulum Effect is a 1/1 Scale that cannot be targeted and OPT quick pops 1 card if you have a Gemini on the field or GY.

-Monster Effect is the Gemini Clause but that transfers the Pendulum Effects to its Monster Text Box. So it now cannot be targeted and can OPT quick pop 2 cards (condition no longer matters because this card will count itself as the Gemini).


The idea is interesting, although double quick pop OPT at no cost sounds a tad too good for an untargetable card.

Scale 9s are starting to become a thing, Catalyst Field can bring it out live from the get go. It can be very good very fast. I'm not used to this power level but iirc there was a Spyral card that was a quick play double Scrap Dragon so... maybe this is ok?
At the very least it'd be the new unofficial boss of Chemi-Critters, giving them more targets to Trade-In and good Level 8s (because Hydra is so-so yet fun)

On another note, the anti-target effect does 2 really weird contrasting things in support.

It boosts this card by making it harder to get rid of, and it prevents it from making combos with Pendulum Switch (which is probably a plus since that'd be annoying lol)


#7078539 Aliens

Posted by Sleepy on 12 February 2018 - 12:39 PM



I haven't made one of these since DuelingNetwork was a thing. DB kept telling me to get Flash Player instead of giving me the animation intro. One faithful day I clicked on it instead of leaving the page and it turned out the warning was just BS and it started up just fine.... Soooo new account yay.


Back in the Synchro era, an IRL friend of mine had an Alien Deck that focused on spamming A Counters for the battle benefits, in a way that overdid it. It didn't help much that my deck that season was Royal Magical Library Spell Counter spam based on Endymion (both players combined required almost 100 dice on top of my cards of different colors to separate the types of counters).

Hilarious, but that's the sort of idea of an Alien deck that stuck with me. Combined with the filler support I kept passing through like a Level 5 non-Alien machine that thinks it supports Aliens. Finally somewhere in 2017 I felt like trying them out, and they are a lot more fun than I expected.


Cough* Anyways.... Functions.

I make Gol'Gar and continuously recover Rainbow Kuriboh and Fiendish Chain to keep on negating effects and attacks.

Revive Telepath to get rid of backrow and just hit with everything I can. Simple.

The Alien control-changing Traps are a test too. One of them grabs 3, but the one that grabs just 1 monster allows you to keep it longer. 3 Copies of A Ancient Ruins sounds excessive since it can't revive the Synchro, but haven't really tested this version.


A number of these cards I haven't been able to get IRL. I have the Gol Gars but not the Corals (which are just a test to free up Gol'Gar from the Extra Monster Zone and discard excess S/T I bounced), Alien Kid and Alien Warrior are hard to come by, A Ancient Ruins I own 1 copy of but most people don't even know what it is when I ask.



Here's where I ask for thoughts, comments, suggestions, = )






#7078298 YMBDX Top 8: Sleepy vs. Parenthesis

Posted by Sleepy on 11 February 2018 - 02:04 PM

Tbh she has been doing art like her whole life. The stuff I'm decent at I'm really just a beginner at.


Don't worry about how long you've been doing something vs how long other people have been at it. Everything before my last high school year was pretty wonky and weird. My art teacher helped convince my counselor to allow me into that class, but I think it had more to do with my enthusiasm than anything else.

Besides, I don't think we are comparable since what we do requires different skill sets. I saw some of your photos of Bakugo's arms. You have pretty much a workshop. Cutting wood, looking up the right plastic materials, fabrics. Depending on the task you need to be a carpenter, tailor, or even a welder. 


My stuff is mostly ink on paper, which I'm still pretty proud of and still striving to get better at (not trying to demerit my own art either xD ), but yeah, different stuff...


I think your work is pretty good tbh.

#7078005 YMBDX Top 8: Sleepy vs. Parenthesis

Posted by Sleepy on 10 February 2018 - 12:17 AM

Didn't expect to find no neutral vote option on this one.

Well, Parenthesis gave me his so I'll be a good sport and give him mine in turn.