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#7122656 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 11 October 2018 - 12:05 PM

Here's the colored versions of the sketches I posted earlier, for the Inktober challenge.

Day 1 - Poisonous

Day 2 - Tranquil

Day 3 - Roasted

Day 4 - Spell

Day 5 - Chicken


#7121759 [SAST] Sunburn the Flaming Calamity

Posted by Sleepy on 05 October 2018 - 11:41 AM

It seems a bit outdated. It would have been fun and powerful back in another time.

Right now I just remember again how Gorz and the Token could never stay on the field for the full turn whenever they dropped, and that's a 2700 beater and a Token that often could be 3k+


I like how this is a Trade-In and Rekindling target I could bring out with Firedog, but it we are not in 2011-2012 levels of gameplay anymore. I'd like to have an Extra Rekindling... other than Soul Charge (which Red Resonator helps with the LP cost and fits in all around). I remember the complaint was that Lavals could make Quasars and such too easily, and when they searched it out with Gold Sarcophagus, players were in a 2 turn clock.... Oh god, that somehow sounds a bit underwhelming right now.



Also, am I the only one that thinks of Calamity Ganon? xD

#7121756 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 05 October 2018 - 11:27 AM

OMG that crab design is great. I like how 3D it is, and it does nail the appearance of a PS controller.
I remember the written left/right moving crabs too. It's been a while.


- - - -


I've had a bit of a hectic week to say the least, but here's catching up on drawings:

I ended up doing this request from a member of the Duel Portal Discord server.

Mermaid Request

Then there's this concept sketch for a casual Link Monsters archetype I made
Storm riding girl


Then there's sketch ideas that use characters of a mine from a little comic that I'm still working on, and tries to cover the Inktober challenge keywords. I just have the up-to-date pencil though. I'll only think on inking and uploading them on my other social media if/when I finish the 31 arts for them. Last year I could only cover 9 out of 31.





#7120445 [SAST] Hiita the Blazing Fire Charmer

Posted by Sleepy on 26 September 2018 - 11:25 AM

I like how this is Attribute support meant to be viable with mixed Attributes. Charmers themselves being able to use it in case down the line they become usable enough through support.

Guess Attribute searchers were next after the recycle ones, though too bad it is "opponent's effect" there.



Looking forward to the series if they end up doing all 6. Hiita and Aussa have been pretty forlorn.


Also, what's up with that new familiar I wonder.

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#7119455 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 04:50 PM

It has been awhile indeed.


Thank you for your opinions... I'll prioritize on the donkey one sometime later then. XD Currently working on the Heraldic Beast guy digitally.


The paper has dots for guidelines for measurements of area or volume for those who choose to use them. I use them sometimes for more mechanical, boxy, or geometric looking characters... But, otherwise I just ignore them.



I've actually seen Wordgirl on Netflix... But, I never bothered to watch the show. Regardless, never seizes to amaze me how you make these traditional mediums so well. Especially love the detail and patterning on the foliage. How do you apply the extra bit of detail on the grass and bushes? Do you color them a flat color and let them dry first? (Yes, I've no experience with an actual brush pen... So the question maybe a bit on the dull side. XD )


As for the LWA sketch. I love the dynamic angle and gesture. It captures the clumsy nature of the character quite well. My only concern is that the foot in the foreground looks like it is in an angle almost as if she fractured her ankle upwards. I mean I know the intent is the dynamic angles and foreshortening it just looks a tad off is all. Maybe a little more a tilt downward of the foot would remedy that.


For the bushes, yes. I colored them solid with the lighter green (Copic Marker's color code is YG17). The darker green was improvised. Wasn't fully sure what to use.


The straight-forward formal way is to use a marker in the same color family (in this case a YG marker) but at least 2 numbers lower (like 15 or 13 instead of 17). That results in a darker version of the same.... but I often disrespect this rule. I add different kinds of greens or even add red or purple for the shading. It depends. The actual shadow of the bushes I used was G99, which is very unrelated... Just added dots irregularly, more concentrated down and putting less of them as I went up until it looked alright.  It dries pretty quickly so by the time I finished the lighter solid green, some of it had already dried and I started there. No blending for those in particular.

- - - -

For the other one, yeah... That sort of perspective is kind of tricky and one of my weak points. I don't think I've ever tried it before... I mean, I've tried in the past but during the sketching stage it usually ends up changing into a position that doesn't use those foreshortening tricks before the inking takes place xD



I know about WordGirl because PBS Kids still plays the show three years after it ended and I did watch it for a while (not that I cared for it much after a while). But the art is good for what it is.


(Really wish they'd get a Math boy spinoff or something because math is something people lack ability to perform nowadays, but that's irrelevant to drawing. IDK, maybe potential sketch later.)



As for the LWA art, similar critique about the left leg, but perspective probably does that a bit. 



To be fair, only stuff I'm drawing nowadays is free body diagrams, but that isn't artwork.



I used to bump into it, but over here in Mexico it aired on Discovery Kids. The cuteness of the art caught my eye but the channel it was at and the choppiness of the flash animation, combined to always being accompanied when I bumped into it, always made me a little bit ashamed to sit down and see what it was about xD
I found this DeviantArt page the other day that had a ton of cute fanart of the show and I remembered it existed so I just recently checked it out.

It's clearly for little kids with the word defining segments and how 99% of even the villains aren't really bad. Though I found it entertaining and kind of charming. IDK how to feel about me having liked it haha....

I also recognized the voice of the Ice King and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) in the show. It is a little surreal to hear them argue. 

- - - - -


When you two said LWA, I got a bit confused because I'm so used to that being an abbreviation of "Little Witch Academia". Eventually it dawned on me that you were probably saying "Little Witch's Apprentice" xD

- - - -
- - - -

Here's an update. I now need to figure out the background and it'll be set:

Wee Witch's Apprentice




#7119430 Pivot Civet

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 11:32 AM

It is quite the potent hand trap. You could bounce their Union Hanger when they are Normal Summoning on their turn 1.

Or bounce reviving Traps. I very much like the idea that Call of the Haunted could give another revive and make some work out of floating monsters attached like Heraldic Beast Leo... Of course it's all on the casual end.

If you really wanted to, you could also bounce your Scales. I mean, if you established your board and wanna end things right there, that's a cue for Knightmare discard fodder... though not that they usually need it.


2 things are holding it back a little: It having to target exactly 2 cards, and it not having 300 ATK instead of those 1600 (It'd be searchable by Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue).
Other than that, it's a pretty solid generic card to test.

#7119427 Pot of Integrity

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 11:24 AM

Ideas I have for the card if there would be any potential problems with it, and it WOULD be the best Mulligan in the game, Deck thinning 1, choosing what you put back without fear of re-drawing them (outside copies), and no restrictions other than the hard OPT clause.


Maybe instead of the hard OPT clause, have it so that you cannot activate "Pot of Integrity" while any of the cards returned this way are still face-up on your Deck. That means that regular decks offset their free mulligan with the fact they now gotta keep drawing those cards. While decks dedicated to excavations can pull them out of the way faster via Sylvans, LS milling, Archfiend Oath, Gishiki effects returning Assault Modes, deck floaters (Tengu, Malicious, etc.), etc.


Maybe even give it a clause like "face-up cards placed on the deck this way cannot be drawn by card effects" so your Desires, and etc. cannot speed them up. You gotta search, excavate, or mill to get rid of them.


I was thinking of something else but I forgot what I was gonna say xD

#7119426 Hidden Offering

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 11:12 AM

"Up to twice per turn"


The card is as good as the flipping support can get. Flip Summoning benefits a lot of stuff like Manjus, so now you can play that Book of Eclipse without a problem... Does that let them attack again? lol.


If I had to suggest something else, as an alternative to Darj's hand-trap suggestion:
I'm more of a floating person..... I think it could afford to have a "when it dies" effect or a "from the GY" effect. Something like:

If this card is sent to the GY: You canSpecial Summon 1 Flip Monster from your hand face-down.


Something like that, that is not too good, but it is effective enough.

Would work with Foolish Burial Goods and Magic Planter...

#7119424 Giant Gong Shield

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 11:04 AM

It seems alright, although slightly outdated. It's a variation of "Phantom Knight's Wing" that trades the +500 ATK and potential revival effect for a damage swap.


Suggestion time: Maybe an edge it could have:
-Equipped monster loses, huh... 600 to 800 ATK? aaaaand...
-"Equip to a monster on the field".


^It'd turn a big beater from the opponent into a protected walking Magic Cylinder lite~, because -ATK = they are also not taking as much damage when used that way.

Meanwhile, your monsters could now gain an edge of extra Damage when you use it on them.

#7119422 [Written] Zushin's Temple

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 10:51 AM

Zushin's Temple

[Field Spell]

Once per turn: You can Special Summon any number of Level 1 Normal Monsters from your hand, and if you do, for each  monster Summoned this way, add 1 "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" from your Deck or GY to your hand and draw 1 card. Monsters Summoned this way cannot be used as materials. When this card is activated OR if this card is sent to the GY: You can target 1 Level 1 Normal Monster; for each Level 1 Normal Monster, "Zushin the Sleeping Giant", and "Zushin's Temple" you show from your hand, field, and GY, the target gains 1 Zushin Counter.



- - - - -


With a little shenanigans, this should be able to put 2 Zushin Sleeping Giants onto the field within a turn and get the other one on your hand with a vanilla on the field for later. Still loses to stuff like Kaijus or Ra Sphere Mode, and it still will never inflict more than 1000 damage at a time, but I think it'd be at least somewhat functional xD


Wanted to add some sort of protection for the vanillas but that'd be a little too many effects for a single card and speeding up the Summon of the boss is probably better anyways.


Time to hear some thoughts on it xP

#7119368 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 20 September 2018 - 01:59 AM

It's been a while. I've been busy with stuff for a big party we had on Sep 15th. Independence day in Mexico, and also my grandma's 89th b-day. We had a yard full of clutter we had to move around to make space for tables, and cleaning, and other accommodations to keep pets in check at another area, cooking, etc. That included me helping getting the house ready for visits so I also had to take some stuff and change rooms xP

It is at such a time that this place gets a new injection of activity haha.

- - - -

That Zombie Donkey is hilarious.
Egrestoc is also pretty nice, but I liked the donkey so much that it steals the show for me xP

I can't wait to see the drawings more advanced, or to bump into them if they are at a further comment xD
The Heraldic Beast is on point IMO. Btw, why does the paper have dots?

- - - - 

Finally, I've actually drawn a few things over the past month or so. Most being sketches of comic pages of a project of mine, that are in such an unfinished and unpolished state that I haven't even scanned them. Though I have 2 entries for the club.

The first being fanart of a cartoon called "WordGirl", that most people around my age probably have never heard of xD
Ever since my Lapis Lazuli drawing, I've been using a different brush pen that has proven harder to control and with longer drying periods, and my drawings have been turning out fiiine, but I kinda like how the older ones turned out more. I'll probably revisit the idea of drawing fanart for this show later on with other tools to see what happens... Down the line.
I'm frankly not all that satisfied with this result this time around ^^"


Then tonight I've been drawing fanart of Wee Witch's Apprentice, currently I only have the sketch though:

#7117254 Happy late Birthday, Sleepy!

Posted by Sleepy on 02 September 2018 - 12:26 PM

I got kicked out of the 27 club :v


Birthday boy like lolis. congrats btw....


The like to this post given by Hina makes me think there must be a hidden joke/commentary/reference or something that is flying over my head.

What's given you the impression that I might be into lolis?


- - - - -

My previous post was on the short end, but I gotta say, this thread made me very happy.

I've been virtually a lurker for almost 3 months now except for my occasional art club post at the far lower corner of the site, so to think people haven't forgotten about me and cared enough to make this congratulatory thread means a lot to me. = )

I'm terrible with dates myself and now I feel kinda bad about that xD

#7115975 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 23 August 2018 - 05:58 AM

Oh wow it's been ages since I've seen that show... Never thought Doug would resurface to me this way. XD


LOL. TBH IDK why I suddenly felt like revisiting the show and drawing something out of it xD


#7115960 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 23 August 2018 - 03:15 AM

Edited my above post with the same compilation of drawings, plus 4 extra ones, for a total of 18.


Also, this is probably really random and out of nowhere, but I just felt like checking out this old show to see how it fairs compared to when I was 5.

I'm posting the sketch for preservation purposes, because some of the soul usually gets lost in the inking xD


#7115866 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Sleepy on 22 August 2018 - 04:40 PM

I've been feeling not the best for the last few weeks in a number of ways thanks to the weather and such, but a couple days ago I finally started feeling better and got back into drawing stuff.
Here's a compilation of small line art of card images. Proxies if you will, of a personal project I've been working on for a long time:



Each of them was hand drawn in roughly the size of a Yugioh card's art box, and I cropped them from the actual cards xD
I have 4 more that are pencil only so I did not scan them with the bunch.