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I have a little technical issue

14 March 2018 - 01:32 PM

You see, this is not something I can specifically show visually but...

I've been getting these weird moments where my screen freezes and everything becomes unresponsive for a little while, but only inside YCM, as I am able to open new tabs and do other pages just fine and minimize the window.


This morning I started seeing a pattern. My scrolling down froze up as I was passing by a post by Winter, on 3 different posts by him so far and with my ability to replicate the effect.


For whatever it might mean, I mostly just wanted to mention it somewhere, in case awareness to this needs to be brought up or any other members experience some sort of alternate form of this.


It is not a deal breaker thing since it lasts a few moments never over a minute or so, and doesn't affect stuff out of its tab.


EDIT: It strangely randomly started functioning normally after the hour or so of weirdness. I'll edit again if I encounter something glitchy-ish again for the sake of keeping record.

Delinquent Duo

06 March 2018 - 12:48 AM



Pay 1000 Life Points. Your opponent selects and discards 1 random card from his/her hand, and thene selects and discards another card from his/her hand.


So I see this card is reprinted in the form of Legendary Collection Kaiba EN101

Of course this is not necessarily an indicative of unbanning, if Ultimate Rare Cyber Jar at Duelist Pack Kaiba was any indication.


Either way I'd like to hear what people think of this card as a whole.
A straight up +1 that goes after the hand, with no hard OPT clause to speak of.

Yet, I could see people arguing Confiscation's value over this card, looking at a player's hand and choosing, instead of not looking and being 1 random and 1 card be the opponent's choice outright.


Just like how MST got powercreeped by options with additional perks (like banishing or turning into a body) or a bigger hit box (Twin Twister), I wonder how soon we are on making this card unbannable for testing.


Back in the day, the hand was supposed to be your safe space for keeping resources (although that didn't stop this being legal during Goat Control days along with Card Destruction and all Jars), and nowadays, you could say it might work against the hand trap heavier environment of the modern game. Not with a ton of precision but yes with some decent range.

You could probably argue that it is not a card that particularly furthers your play and that it might even help the opponent if the discard is unlucky enough, and that this could be the sort of card that nowadays you wanna use in your opening hand when going first to cripple your opponent's play the most, and not as much elsewhere.

The lack of HOPT clause might allow for a combo that'd get close on impact to the Trixtar Reincarnation + Lockbird combo we have sporadically running around, but who knows how abused that'd actually end up being...

Anyways, thoughts/opinions/whatever welcome~

Harpy Gee

03 March 2018 - 04:56 PM




This is a web comic I've been following for the past few years. I'm curious to see if anybody else around here follows it too or even knows about it.

The comic can be found here: http://www.harpygee.com/comic/cover


Though the main reason I'm making this now of all times is because Nickelodeon just released an animated short of it:


Other stuff from the creator I just felt like sharing

Animation for Space Unicorn
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld (CartoonNetwork shorts)


Among other stuff I've been tailing because I'm a fan of the animator xD

Banana Cat

Time for a Journal~

26 February 2018 - 01:19 AM

It's turned out to be quite a hectic weekend for me.


Yesterday morning, our pet cat Botas passed away. She had been with my family since 2005, and I still sometimes imagine her next to her usual spots at the backyard. It'll take some time to get used to that.


After digging up the grave, there was a party that had months in the making which my whole family was scheduled to attend. My neighbor's sister turned 15, and I'm not much of a party person, much less under these circumstances. It was a tiring night, and the weather has been rather cold.


I also found out an ex partner of mine just married, and I already knew he was gonna marry and in fact thought he would have already done so at around September. I'm happy for him and all but a little down because he stopped getting online everywhere I know of over half a year ago, leaving some unread message from me from a casual chat I no longer remember, and really seeing how I don't really figure enough to be told about it when I think we were still close friends post-relationship. I guess I just didn't need to know about this one. 


Today an IRL friend had been overdoing it trying to contact me. Calling my phone, my brother's phone, my mom's house phone, all throughout the day. At the same time, my grandma needed to go on a trip and will be back tomorrow night, so I wanted to wait until I had the time and space to attend since my friend tends to make calls long and hard to get out of (with 1 hour being a relatively short time). Delays on schedule caused the call to be finally answered past 4pm. I am quite the hermit IRL so these sorts of things really wear me out and stress me up. 


I came back from washing the dishes at both houses (mom's and grandma's), made some coffee, and sat down on my desk to try to draw something. I've been feeling a little down and not very energetic. One of those days when you can't stay focused and try to do stuff you like but can't. 


Just want to take a moment to say looking around YCM has lifted me up a little bit so, thanks YCM... I should probably go to sleep now since it is past 10pm, but I don't wanna go to sleep without drawing at least a doodle.




And yes, this is just for me to let out this stuff and improve my mood, and focus on the stuff I wanna work on.

On a more positive note, I also discovered a watercolor painter on YouTube that makes super cute children's book illustrations. It is pretty inspiring.

Peace Enforcer [Written]

22 February 2018 - 08:02 AM

Peace Enforcer

[Quick-Play Spell]


Special Summon 1 monster with 2000 DEF or more to your opponent's field in Defense Position with double its original DEF. It cannot be used as a material for a monster from the Extra Deck during the turn it is Summoned. Also monsters in zones adjacent to it cannot attack and have their effects negated. During next turn's End Phase, the monster returns to the bottom of the Deck.


- - - -


You give the opponent a 4k + DEF wall, negate up to 3 monster effects and potential attacks from the opponent that turn, and get a body to clash into for obscure plays like Rainbow Life (lol).
EDIT: Now it Summons from the Deck instead of GY, making destruction effects make it a sort of Foolish Burial, and offering a bigger array of plays with less setup.